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Warranty for Engines and Original Spare Parts –
Warranty Process
Industrial Warranty Procedures Engines
Fiat Powertrain Technologies Limited Warranty Terms
Effective date November 1st, 2004
Revision August 21, 2007
Terms and Conditions General warranty statement:
2 year limited warranty coverage; the warranty applies to new engines sold to customers
anywhere in the world where Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) approved service is available.
The FPT warranty covers the supply of parts that can not be used on the account of a factory
defect in material or workmanship subject to guarantee prior ascertainment of the cause of said
defects. The simple cost of labor for replacing the part or parts is the liability of the engine
manufacture, FPT. The customer or owner of the engine is responsible for the removal and
replacement of the engine if need be for parts replacement. (Amendment to Annex F)
1st Year Full Engine Coverage, unlimited hours total coverage for components supplied by
FPT. Plus the parts and repair labor time.
2nd year Limited Coverage Select components only listed below. Plus the repair labor time.
Engine block
Timing gears
Oil pump
Exhaust manifold
Connecting rods
Cylinder head
Bosch ECU
The starter and alternator are covered up to 3000 total original hours or 24 months which
ever comes first.
Irrigation program application only: 24 months or 3000 hours full engine coverage which
ever comes first; the first 12 months is unlimited hours.
Fiat Powertrain Technologies of North America, Inc
Attn: Product Support Department
245 E. North Ave.
Carol Stream, IL 60188
Email: [email protected]
Applicability of the guarantee
The guarantee is not applicable in the following cases:
¾ If the engine has been used in any way that does not conform with the indications
provided by FPT (handling errors, overloading, use of unsuitable fuels or lubricants, poor
quality coolant and not just limited to these conditions).
¾ In the event of the unfulfilled observance of maintenance standards, including periods
during which the engines are not being used the guarantee will be voided.
¾ If the failure is the outcome of an installation procedure that does not conform within
specifications or if the engines have been modified and/or repaired without following the
conditions or repair procedures represented in the FPT application or manuals.
The purchaser explicitly and specifically accepts the guarantee rules contained here and,
consequently, may not insist on annulment of the contract or claims for damages.
Warranty Registration Certificate
The purpose of the warranty registration certificate is to register each engine with FPT.
The certificate information must provide the shipping date to the customer, with engine serial
number and model; submitted to email to [email protected] 10 days of delivery to
validate the warranty or by mail. (Amendment to Annex F)
The Warranty start date will begin on the date of delivery to the customer. If the Revalidation of
Guarantee for the long term stored engines has been followed.
Revalidation of Guarantee for the long term stored engines
In the event in which it is not possible to sell an engine to be placed into service within 12
months from the date of dispatch from the factory. The engine must be re-treated every 12
months after delivery from Italy according to the following procedures:
1. Carefully check all drive belts and the v-groove in the pulley for corrosion.
2. Drain all existing oil in the sump and in the injection pump.
3. Replace the lub, oil filter and fill the sump and pump regulator house with protective oil
MIL-L-2160 B type 2 or equivalent product.
4. Connect the fuel feeding line at pump side with a supply of CFB oil (ISO 4131).
5. Filling the cooling system with inhibited coolant.
6. With the stop control in the “stop position” turn the engine on the starter motor until oil
pressure is built up.
7. Run the engine for 15 minutes at 500-800 rpm; and at the end, using syringe, slowly (1
minute) introduce in the inlet manifold the following quantity of MIL-L-2160 type 2 or
equivalent product:
3-4 cylinder engines and bank of 8 cylinder engines.
60 gr.
6 cylinder engines.
120 gr.
12 cylinder engines per bank.
80 gr.
8. Stop the engine and drain the inhibition oil. The oil can be used to inhibit 2 other
9. Remove the fuel supply and re-connect the line.
10. If coolant is left in the system, the raw water must have adequate Paraflu’ 11 additions to
prevent the possibility of future frost damages otherwise drain the ensuing that no water
remains in the engine and in the coolers.
11. Loosen the belts and ensure that all open apertures (air intakes, exhaust manifold, etc.)
are securely sealed.
12. Store the engines under shelter in an area not subject to extreme variations in
temperature and humidity and label them with “no oil” notices.
13. When this procedure is completed, register this with FPT in order to have reinstatement
of the shelf-life warranty of up to a total period of 24 months.
The purchaser is liable for:
1. Out of pocket travel expenses.
2. Labor expenses deriving from dismantling, replacement and transport of the
engine to and from the user’s premises,
3. Expense derived from the use of cranes or other equipment needed to remove
and/or re-install the engine and working needed to make the engine accessible
for all the various operations.
4. Taxes and all other sums due and not foreseen by the guarantee.
Handling of Failed Warranty Parts
¾ All parts must tagged and cleaned (unless cleaning destroys the evidence), plus stored
in a protect place from the elements.
¾ Service parts are required to be held until your company receives reimbursement
for the warranty claim. When your company receives reimbursement the part or parts
can be scrapped.
¾ Failed part or parts photos maybe required. FPT kindly ask your company to make use
of digital cameras when necessary.
¾ FPT will be responsible for all freight charges regarding returned parts for warranty
North American Service Reimbursements Rates
Shop posted labor will be paid. Rate must be on file at FPT. If posted shop labor is not on file,
the authorized repair center will be paid $50.00 per hour for warranty reimbursement until a
labor request form has been submitted to FPT.
Repair times:
Labor will be paid in line with times published in the FPT compact repair times (CRT) manual;
any time in excess must be clearly expressed on the relevant warranty claim form.
Travel time:
The travel time rate will be paid at a value of 80% of the posted shop labor rate on file with FPT
for reasonable travel times.
Should be calculated at .55 per mile for the round trip.1 round time. A
Maximum of 300 miles will be reimbursed, but not limited to this range.
Service Parts:
The total reimbursement for the Service part or parts used in the warranty repairs is calculated
as follows:
Total parts credit = Distributor Net Price + Parts Profit [Dist. net price for part x 20%].
Outside expenses:
When reasonable and justified; invoices are required.
Warranty Claim Procedure
¾ All Claims must be filled out properly and be legible; they can be either typed or hand
written in black ink.
¾ The claim must include delivery date with model, serial number and hours of
¾ One failure per claim is allowed unless this claim is regarding a catastrophic failure.
¾ In order to process the claim in a reasonable amount of time, the claim must be
submitted with 30 days of the repair completion.
¾ All additional miscellaneous expense must have appropriate invoices attached to claim
or the process will be delayed unless those receipts have been received by the Product
Support Department.
¾ The failure must have a clear, understandable and decisive explanation on the claim.
“Defective” is not a sufficient description.
¾ All claims must have a signature from the authorized service center manager.
Fiat Powertrain Technologies of North America, Inc
Attn: Product Support Department
245 E. North Ave.
Carol Stream, IL 60188
Email [email protected]
The Annex F applies for all other conditions; Warranty for Engines and Original Spare PartsWarranty Process.
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