iWap Ultimate Universal Multi-tasks Power Transfer Battery Charger

iWap Ultimate Universal Multi-tasks Power Transfer Battery Charger
Model No. LC-04C
User Manual
This manual contains important safety and operating instructions. Please read the entire manual before
using this product.
I. Product features
1. Charge ALL lithium batteries (3.6/3.7V & 7.2/7.4V) for personal portable devices such as Cell phones,
Digital Cameras, Camcorders, MP3/4 players, PDAs, GPS system, Blue tooth devices, iPod/ iPhone via 5V
USB port and AA/AAA Ni-MH batteries.
2. Automatic Polarity Detection. Fast/trickle charge and maintain in full charge.
3. Built-in safety protection features to avoid “over voltage”, “short circuit”, and “over-charge”.
II. Important Safety Instructions
4. Do not expose charger to moisture, water, rain, or snow.
5. Avoid using extension cord unless absolutely necessary. Use of improper extension cord may result in
risk of fire and electric shock.
6. Do not disassemble charger, or the warranty is voided. Incorrect reassembly may result in risk of fire or
electrical shock.
III. To charge Lithium Battery in the tray
• Do Not make contact with © or “T” terminal, if any, on the battery. It will damage the battery.
7. Place the battery in the charger tray.
8. Make contact with “+” and “-“charging terminals on the battery by adjusting the charging pins. With
“Intelligent polarity detection” feature, the charger will automatically switch to correct polarities and start
9. Connect the charger to the AC power outlet, the first LED will light up and start charging.
10. Depending on the remaining power in the battery, the second LED will start flashing, followed by the third
and the fourth. The battery is fully charged when all LEDs are solid.
11. If charging in vehicle, now you can plug in the 12V Car charging cord to start charging.
If the battery is correctly connected but not charging, it’s an indication of the battery being either in dormant
status or exhausted.
IV. Charging Ni-MH Batteries
12. Simply place the NiMH batteries in correct polarity and start charging.
V. To charge devices via USB port
13. Simply connect the device to the USB port.
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