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PetPal Canine Coach CC360
Electronic Dog Trainer
Owner’s Manual
According to how you use your
transmitter, the transmitting range
might be much different.
You will have more range if you
use your transmitter apart from
your body as follows:
Maximum Range
Typical Range
Minimum Range
Table of Contents ....................................... 3
Introduction ................................................. 4
Package Contents ...................................... 5
Model Features ........................................... 5
Parts and Functions .................................... 6
Installing/Charging Batteries ....................... 10
Turning ON and OFF .................................. 11
Battery Saving Mode .................................. 12
Testing ........................................................ 13
Reprogramming .......................................... 14
Properly Fitting the Collar ........................... 15
Setting the Intensity Level ........................... 16
Maintenance ............................................... 17
Important Safety Notes ............................... 18
Warranty ..................................................... 19
FCC Compliance ........................................ 19
Contact Information .................................... 20
Congratulations and thank you for purchasing our
PetPal Training SystemsTM Canine Coach
CC360 Remote Dog Trainer. The PetPal CC360
Dog Training Collar is durable, safe and very
humane when used correctly.
This training
system offers Maxx-Range™ technology, the
industry’s only internally woven antenna in the
collar. With a 360 yard range, they are perfect for
general obedience training around the home.
The PetPal CC360 features fifteen levels of
stimulation intensity, with an easy ‘no-look’
clicking intensity selection dial. This model
includes both the Continuous Stimulation and the
Beep function. The collar unit is rechargeable
and features our Quick-charge and SmartLED
light that lets you know when charging is
complete. There is also a Battery Saving Mode to
extend the life of the collar battery. The Collar
Receiver is 100% waterproof and can be worn
even when the dog is submerged. The automatic
safety shut-off feature stops the stimulus from
both the Transmitter and the Collar Receiver to
prevent accidental or prolonged stimulation. We
hope you and your dog both enjoy using your
PetPal CC360. Happy training!
Please read this owner’s manual in its entirety before
operating this unit. Should you have any questions about
our collars or their operation please contact our Customer
Service department (see back page for address and phone
number information).
Transmitter (9 volt battery NOT included)
Collar Receiver
Test Light
Owner’s Manual
Battery Charger
 Digital Technology
 Up to 360 yard range
 Rechargeable Quick-Charge Li-Poly
battery in
Lightweight, compact collar and transmitter
15 adjustable intensity levels of Continuous
Beeping Tone
SmartLED light on Collar Receiver
Battery Saving Mode for collar battery
Completely waterproof collars
Weather resistant transmitter
Built in safety shut-off system
Selection Dial
(in back)
(Red Mark
in back)
Intensity Selection Dial
The intensity selection dial allows you to choose between
15 different levels of stimulation for very precise control.
On the ‘M’ setting, you can choose between regular and
Battery Saving Mode* (see page 12).
Transmitter Antenna
Be sure to check that the antenna is securely fastened to
the transmitter before each use. Hand-tighten only: overtightening can cause damage to the antenna or the
antenna mount.
Magnet Indicator (Red Mark)
The Magnet Indicator marks the location of the magnet in
the Transmitter. The magnet is used to turn the Collar
Receiver ON/OFF and for ID reprogramming.
Transmitter LED Indicator Light
When any of the buttons on the transmitter is pushed,
the LED light will turn on to indicate that the transmitter is
being operated. When the battery is low, the LED light
will flash rapidly.
Remote Training Buttons
Pressing the “Cont.” button sends a Continuous
Stimulation from the Collar Receiver to your dog.
Pressing the “Beep” button emits an audible beep from
the Collar Receiver.
In Battery Saving Mode, there may be a slight delay in the
Collar Receiver’s response to the Transmitter. This feature
was added to prolong battery life (see page 12).
Buckle with
Collar Belt
(Red Mark)
Collar Receiver
Collar SmartLED Indicator Light
When the collar unit is on, the SmartLED will flash green
at 51%-100% charge, and will flash red if it has 21%50% charge. The light will flash rapidly if it requires a recharge. The SmartLED light stays red while plugged into
the charger and turns green once charging is complete.
Contacts deliver the electrical stimulation to the dog’s
Magnetic Switch Indicator (Red Mark)
The Magnetic Switch Indicator is a red dot showing
where the Magnetic Activation Switch is located. You
can use the Magnetic Indicator on the Transmitter or the
Activation Magnet on the Buckle to activate and
deactivate your Collar Receiver (see page 11).
Collar Receiver LED Indicator Light
The LED light on the Collar Receiver will turn on when
Magnet Indicator is held against the Magnetic Switch
Indicator. When the Collar Receiver is ON, the LED light
will flash once every 2 seconds in normal mode and
double-flash every 2 seconds in Battery Saving Mode.
You will also see flashes when applying Continuous
Stimulation or Beep. When the collar battery is low and
needs to be replaced, the LED will flash rapidly (about 3
times every 2 seconds) while the Collar Receiver is ON.
Emits an audible beep when “Beep” button is pushed.
Collar Belt with Embedded Receiver Antenna
The Collar Belt is adjustable to fit a wide range of neck
sizes (see page 15). The embedded collar antenna is
woven into the Collar Belt, and it is about 4 inches long.
You should be able to feel the embedded antenna on the
nylon belt.
Do not cut the part of the Collar Belt that has the embedded
antenna. Doing so will damage the antenna and may result
in severely decreased Collar Receiver range.
Transmitter Battery
1. Open Battery Cap on back of
2. Install new 9V battery with ‘-’ terminal
on left and ‘+’ terminal on right.
3. Slide the Battery Compartment cover
back into place until it clicks.
Battery Charging Procedure
1. Make sure the unit is off.
2. Plug the charger into a standard electrical outlet and
connect charger into collar unit. The SmartLED
should light solid red while charging.*
3. Charging is complete when the SmartLED turns
green (may take up to 5 hours).
4. As soon as charging is complete, disconnect the
battery charging cable from the receptacle, securely
replace the rubber receptacle cover, and test unit.
When the Collar Unit is Charging:
 The SmartLED lights red while the battery is
charging, and green when charging is complete.
 The SmartLED has a long red blink once every other
second when there is a charging error.*
When the Collar Unit is ON:
 Green LED: 51-100%. Charge.
 Red LED: 21% - 50% Charge.
 Quick Flashing Red LED every second: Low Battery.
The Transmitter is always in a permanent sleep state. It is
only ON when a button is being pressed, and it does not
need to be turned OFF by the user.
Turning the Collar Receiver ON
1. Hold the Magnet Indicator (Red Mark)
on the back of the Transmitter directly
on the Magnet Switch Indicator (Red
Mark) on the side of the Collar Receiver.
2. The red LED light (next to the Red Mark) will light up
solid for about 1 second and then will begin to flash.
3. Remove the Transmitter away from the Collar
Receiver as soon as the LED light starts flashing.
4. The Collar Receiver is now ON and the red LED light
should be flashing.
Turning the Collar Receiver OFF
1. Repeat steps 1-3 above.
2. The Collar Receiver is now OFF and the red LED
light should no longer be flashing.
The Activation Magnet on the collar belt buckle
can also be used to turn the Collar Receiver ON/
Rechargeable batteries typically last about 1-3 years on
average depending on use and care. Keep batteries away
from flammable substances. See page 17 for more information on battery maintenance.
The Battery Saving Mode will reduce battery consumption in
the Collar Receiver and increase battery life. In the Battery
Saving Mode, the Collar Receiver battery can last up to
approximately 30% longer.*
*These figures are estimates and vary depending on numerous factors
such as number and length of beeps/stimulations, intensity level setting,
distance, weather, storage, battery brand and age, etc.
Switching from Regular to Battery Saving Mode:
1. Turn ON the Collar Receiver.
2. Select ‘M’ on the Intensity Dial.
3. Press the ‘Beep’ button to activate the
Battery Saving Mode. The LED Light
on the Collar Receiver will start to
4. Press the ‘Cont.’ button to go back to regular mode.
The LED Light on the Collar Receiver will now have a
single flash.
5. After you have selected the desired mode, return the
Intensity Dial to your normal setting (see page 16).
In the Battery Saving Mode, there may be a slight 0.5 to 1
second delay in the Collar Receiver’s response to the
Transmitter. Pressing and releasing the button too quickly
in the Battery Saving Mode may not result in the desired
correction from the Collar Receiver. You may need to
press and hold the ‘Beep’ or ‘Cont.’ button and watch your
dog for a reaction before you release the button. For a
more instantaneous response, use your collar system in the
regular battery mode.
NOTE: Turn the Collar Receiver ON for Testing
To Test the Electronic Stimulation:
1. Place the tester firmly on the contacts of
the Collar Receiver.
2. Set the intensity (note - an intensity level
setting of 4 or less might not be enough to
light the tester).
3. Push the ‘Cont.’ button.
4. The tester light will light repeatedly when the
Continuous Stimulation button is pushed (the test light
will be brighter at higher intensity levels).
To Test the Beep:
1. Press the ‘Beep’ button.
2. An audible beep will be emitted any time the button is
NOTE: If the Collar Receiver is not responding to any signals from the Transmitter, the Collar Receiver may need to
be reprogrammed to the Transmitter (see page 14).
*Charging Error - If the SmartLED has a long blink every
other second while charging, the rechargeable battery pack
will need to be replaced. Contact D.T. Systems if the
problem persists after a few charging sessions.
If your current Collar Receiver is not responding to the
Transmitter, it may need to be reprogrammed to the
1. Hold the Magnet Indicator (Red Mark) on the
Transmitter directly against the Magnetic Switch
Indicator (Red Mark) on the side of the Collar
2. The LED Light inside the Collar Receiver will light
up solid for about 1 second followed by 6 flashes. You
must keep the Transmitter next to the Collar Receiver
during this time.
3. Continue to hold the Transmitter against the Collar
Receiver until the LED Light stays on solid. The Collar
Receiver is now in the Code Running Mode (the LED
light will stay lit for approximately 8 seconds while it is
in this mode).
4. Remove the Transmitter from the Collar Receiver
and press the ’Cont.’ and ’Beep’ buttons
simultaneously while it is in the Code Running Mode.
5. When the LED light blinks 3 times, the Collar ID is
now programmed and the Collar Receiver is now ON.
NOTE – Do not remove the Red Mark on the
Transmitter from the Red Mark on the Collar Receiver
until after the LED light stops flashing and stays on
solid or the Collar Receiver will not go into the Code
Running Mode. You must press the ’Cont.’ and ‘Beep’
buttons simultaneously while the LED light is lit solid.
NOTE: Proper collar tightness and
position are very important to ensure
safe and consistent collar use.
All electronic collars need to be
very snug around the dog’s neck to
work properly. They must be just
tight enough to allow the “contacts”
or electrodes to make good contact
on your dog’s skin. If the collar is too loose, the
stimulation may not work properly because good/
consistent skin contact is not being achieved. This
can directly affect the performance of the collar unit
and whether or not the dog will receive the stimulation.
Always check for good contact to the skin if it appears
that your dog is not responding to the stimulation.
Also, a loose collar can also result in skin irritations
from the contacts moving or rubbing too much against
your dog’s neck while they are running or training. A
proper fit will help prevent this from occurring.
 Place the collar unit high (closer to your dog’s head)
and tight on your dog’s neck with the collar receiver
box centered below the chin. Placing it at the wider
base of the neck can let it travel up to the narrower
part of the neck while your dog is moving, loosening
as it goes.
 The collar should be tight enough to fit two fingers
between the collar belt and your dog’s neck, but not
tight enough to restrict your dog’s breathing.
It is very important to set the correct intensity level on
your PA 300 Training System before beginning your
training sessions to provide the proper level of
stimulation without over-stimulating your dog.
1. Place the Intensity Selection dial so that the system
is set on Level 1.
2. Turn on the Collar Receiver and then fit it properly
around your dog’s neck.
3. Press the ‘Cont.’ button and check for a reaction.
Indications of your dog feeling the stimulation
include outward signs of discomfort or confusion on
it’s face, ears perking up, changes in tail
movements, etc.
4. If there are no signs of your dog feeling the
stimulation, increase the Intensity Level in
increments of one until your dog reacts to the
5. At this point, increase the Intensity Level by one or
two. This should be your dog’s ideal training level.
Some dogs may require more or less stimulation depending
upon their individual temperament and/or size.
It is very important to periodically clean your PetPal
CC360 system for maximum performance. Regular
cleaning will also lengthen the life of your unit.
PetPal CC360 collar box with lukewarm
water and a mild anti-bacterial soap.
 Take care to thoroughly clean the space between
the Contacts and the Collar Belt.
 The belt and buckle should be cleaned with water
and a mild soap and then allowed to dry completely.
 Always allow the entire unit to completely dry before
 Clean the
It is recommended that the collar unit be rinsed with fresh,
clean water after use in wet conditions, especially in salt
To get the maximum performance and life out of your
 Do not store your unit in extremely hot or cold
 Store your unit in a dry environment.
 Remove the batteries when storing your unit for
extended periods of time.
 Before training, your dog should be examined by a
veterinarian to assure that your dog is in good
 Never leave your dog unattended with the unit
on. Since no electronic device is perfect, there is a
very slight possibility that your dog may receive an
unintentional electric stimulation.
 Your CC360 training collar is a very valuable tool if
used correctly. It is extremely important that you
completely understand all the functions of the collar
and how to properly train with it before placing it on
your dog.
 The contacts (electrodes) on this collar are made
with high grade stainless steel to help prevent any
chemical or allergic reactions with your dog’s skin.
 To prevent neck irritations, the collar should
never be worn for more than 12 hours a day.
Changing the collar location on the dog’s neck daily
will also help prevent irritations. It is important to
keep the collar clean.
Clean the electrodes
regularly with a mild anti-bacterial soap.
 If an irritation is found, carefully wash the dog’s neck
with soap and water and then wipe the area with
Hydrogen peroxide. Dry thoroughly and apply an
antibiotic ointment.
All CC360 systems have a one year parts and labor
warranty effective from the original date of purchase. A
copy of the original sales receipt is required to validate the
date of purchase. The CC360 has been made with State of
the Art equipment.
Any fine adjustment should be
performed only by PetPal Training Systems technicians.
Warranty covers manufacturer’s defects only. It does not
cover damage caused by misuse or abuse.
Your PetPal PA 300 Trainer has been manufactured under complete
compliance with Part 15 of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)
rules and Industry Canada (IC) Standard RSS-310. The complex internal
structure of each product has been designed to operate within specific
regulations of FCC specifications. Any changes or modifications not
expressly approved by the manufacturer is a violation of these
specifications and could void the user's authority to operate the equipment.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules subject to the following two conditions:
1. This device may not cause harmful interference
2. This device must accept all interference received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital
device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable
protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses
and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the
instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no
guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause
harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the
equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the
following measures:
- Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
- Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
- Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is
- Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
This Category II radiocommunication device complies with Industry Canada Standard RSS-310.
Ce dispositif de radiocommunication de catégorie II respecte la norme CNR-310 d'Industrie Canada.
PetPal Training SystemsTM
2872 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, Texas 75229
Tel: (214) 350-9446, (888) LUV-U-DOG
Fax: (214) 350-7847
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