Sony VCT-SP2BP Datasheet

Sony VCT-SP2BP Datasheet
Camcorder Support
Two-way Camcorder Support System
Sony’s new VCT-SP2BP camcorder support is designed to smoothly integrate
with consumer and professional tripod heads. A quick release system allows
camera operators to easily follow the action from tripod to stabilized handheld
shooting and back again.
Preset the shoulder pad to fit your size
Adjust the length of the shoulder pad
and fix it using a screw
Easy transformation from tripod operation
style to shoulder support style
1. Easily detach the
camcorder from tripod
Comes with various adaptors
2. Stretch out the shoulder
pad and put camcorder
on shoulder
* Instant support is available using only the
shoulder pad
3. Lower the chest pad
4. Stretch out the chest pad
Comes with an
accessory adaptor
Comes with VCT-U14 Adaptor
Various accessories can be
Ex. Wireless microphone receiver
5. A three point support is
achieved using the
“shoulder”, “chest” and
“your hand”
Screw the accessory adaptor on to VCT-SP2BP
Perfect Design for Both Shoulder Support and Tripod Usage
Chest pad opening angle
0° ~ 90°
Minimum length (Approx.)
359 mm
Maximum length (Approx.)
470 mm
Shoulder pad preset screw
Chest pad opening
stiffness adjusting dial
Minimum length (Approx.)
249 mm
Chest pad adjust lock
Tripod attachment
Shoulder pad adjust lock
Maximum length (Approx.)
363 mm
Multi-purpose Camcorder Support System
Weight Support for Stable and Comfortable Shooting
VCT-SP1BP is a weight support system for handheld camcorders.
Shoulder and hip weight distribution reduce hand/arm load weight.
Maintain Shooting Mobility
Remote Control Capability
Comfortable and portable, the monopod system provides
mobility to allow flexible shooting styles.
Easy set-up with one action harness connection attach/
detach system.
Remote Commander® unit RM-1BP is supplied with this
system. You can remotely control the basic functions of your
camcorder such as record start/stop, zoom and focus.
This is especially useful for high angle shooting where you
cannot operate your camcorder directly,
Easy setting
One Snap action
Supports Varieties of Shooting Styles
Remote Commander ® unit RM-1BP is supplied
Using the VCT-SP1BP, you have the flexibility to move around
while maintaining a stable shot even in crowded areas.
Three main shooting styles are possible with the VCT-SP1BP.
1. Normal shooting
2. High angle shooting
3. Monopod shooting
Nomal Shooting
High Angle Shooting
Monopod Shooting
Perfect Design as a Camcorder Monopod
Quick shoe plate
Slide bolt
For weight balance
Carbon shaft
Safety lock
Left side
tilt lock lever
1670 mm
Two bolts (removable)
For more stable attach
Quick shoe
Oil fluid head
Counter balance
Rubber foam
Lever type
522 mm
Screw a bolt by fingers
Comparison chart
Need long
time weight
Want to
take high angle
Need a compact system?
Need good weight support?
Want to
Want to
use a
as well?
Dimension (Approx.)
W 14 1/4 x H 2 1/8 x D 5 3/8 inches
(359 x 52 x 134 mm)
Weight (Approx.)
29.6 oz (840 g) Maximum Load
4 kg (Not only camera, but all attached load)
Dimension (Approx.)
Max. Height 65 7/8, Min. Height 20 5/8 inches
(1670, 522 mm)
Weight (Approx.)
2 lb14 oz (1.3 kg)
Maximum Load
5 kg (Not only camera, but all attached load)
Tilting Angle <Down>
60 degrees
Tilting Angle <Up>
45 degrees
Remote Controller
5 3/4 (144)
4 3/4 (120)
Rec. Start / Stop
Variable Zoom
Other functions
Zoom Speed (3steps),
Zoom Direction Switch, Rec Review, Focus
Length of Cord (Approx.)
39 3/8 inches (1000 mm)
3 1/8 (88)
5 3/4 (143)
2 1/8 (52)
9 7/8 (249)
14 1/4 (359)
14 3/8 (363)
18 5/8 (470)
4 1/2 (114)
Rec. Start / Stop
4 7/8 (121)
3 (75)
3 1/2 (89)
5 3/8 (134)
4 1/2
20 5/8 (522)
Unit: inches (mm)
Unit: inches (mm)
©2010 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.
Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
All non-metric weights and measurements are approximate.
Sony, "make.believe" and their respective logos and Remote Commander are trademarks of Sony.
V-2464 (MK10678V1)
Printed in USA (4/10)
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