Conicalspermanent Hyparsail Lightshelveslightcovers Carshelters

Conicalspermanent Hyparsail Lightshelveslightcovers Carshelters
Membrane Structures, a company that is well known for supplying high-quality tension
membrane structures, now offers architectural lightweight structures in a range of
cladding materials such as wire mesh, glass, metal and timber. These structures can be
used for either internal or external shade systems, awnings, screens and facades.
Cable grid structures with stainless steel mesh and perforated screens are available.
Membrane Structures welcomes the challenge of assisting with designing lightweight
structures that are sustainable, unique and architecturally striking.
Membrane Structures can provide internal or external shade systems, textile
facades, textile interiors, awnings and screens.
The company can design and install tensioned acoustic ceilings and wall panels;
fabric light covers and screens and light wells that can provide light translucency,
climate control and shading.
We can create vertical or free-form facades using materials such as mesh and
translucent fabrics, digitally printed if required, and perforated metal panels on cable
grid structures. Designs can be incorporated into Green Star building projects.
Membrane Structures welcomes the challenge of assisting with
creating an artwork or designing an architectural feature that
may be somewhere between the realm of art and architecture.
Or possibly be the same thing?
Our company have the creative personnel that can visualise,
then design and create (or construct), art installations in fabric
and other materials. Fabric sculptures and ‘free-form’ shapes
may be produced using the translucency, colours and shapes
that membrane structure technology can offer. There are
limitless possibilities in a wide range of materials including Lycra,
architectural fabrics, stainless steel mesh, perforated metal
sheeting, steel, glass and timber.
Also internal and external shade systems and structures can
be produced that are both functional and at the same time be,
arguably, works of art.
Design, fabrication and installation of high quality
> architectural membranes
> textile facades and interiors
> architectural lightweight structures
> art installations and sculptures
> carshelter systems
> ETFE-foils and structures
Membrane Structures Pty Limited can provide just about anything
in textiles and architectural fabrics. From stadium roofs to
architectural light covers. Even membrane sculptures!
The company offers a full range of services from schematic design
through to manufacture and installation. Membranes may be
produced in fabrics from Lycra, for interior installations, to TiO2
coated PTFE fibreglass and ETFE foils for permanent external
Membrane Structures regularly work with architects, interior
designers and project engineers to develop innovative designs
with a view to enhance the architectural qualities of the built
Membrane Structures Pty Limited ACN 098 310 340
Tel ( free call ): 1 800 119 999 Email: [email protected] Website:
Geelong Office : 2/19 Smithton Grove, Ocean Grove VIC 3226 Tel: 1 800 119 999 Fax: (+61 3) 5256 3465
Sydney: Tel: (+61 2) 9519 5300 Fax: (+61 2) 9517 9396
The company aims to provide best practice sustainability and
designs can be incorporated into Green Star building projects.
Light shelves control light entering through windows so that light may be reflected to
the ceiling and then back down to the centre of rooms, particularly in office buildings.
Light is spread more efficiently thus reducing electricity costs and providing a ‘greener’
environment. Light shelves also act as internal shades that reduce the glaring effects
of direct sunlight, particularly on computer workstations. Internal temperatures are
also controlled.
Translucent or opaque membranes are used so that not only could light be reflected
to the ceiling but light could pass through the membrane, to create a desirable diffuse
light underneath and not shadowed light. Membranes are tensioned in order to
become more efficient in reflecting and transmitting light and also look lightweight
and architecturally appealing.
Membrane Structures provides one-off architecturally
designed structures to suit specific client requirements,
and, alternatively, a range of standard designs that
are cost effective and durable.
These permanent installations include architectural
sails, arch-supported structures, conicals, inverted
conicals and other structures custom designed and
built for a particular application. Membranes may be
fabricated in PVDF (fluorined polymer), ETFE and
PTFE (teflon) coated fabrics if full weather block-out is required. High strength mesh fabrics are also available. New fabric technologies
are emerging to provide improved, cleaner and greener membrane solutions. Designs are fully engineered and certified by registered
professional engineers (ISO 9000 QA certified).
Light covers can be produced in varying architectural configurations, even
sculptural shapes, using fire retardant and translucent fibreglass fabrics.
ETFE ( ethyl tetra fluoro ethylene) is an interesting and relatively new material
that has enormous potential as a superior alternative product in the field of
transparent architecture. Through installations such as the cladding material
used in the Beijing National Stadium ( Bird’s Nest) and the WaterCube
during the 2008 Olympics, this foil material has proven itself as technically
reliable and an economically acceptable roofing material. A major and ideal
use of these foils is for permanent multi-layered roof structures. In particular,
pneumatic cushions supported by low pressure air ( that provides insulation),
as an alternative to glass. It has an anti-adhesive surface that will not allow
dirt to accumulate. ETFE may be printed for shading and has a life expectancy
of at least 25 up to 35 years.
Membrane Structures produce conical structures. We design
and construct one-off multi-apex conicals and inverted conical
A standard range of W42 (150 km/hr design wind rated)
permanent architectural umbrellas, sized from 5.15m square
up to 12.0m square, is available.
The HyparSail system is pre-assembled yet is
permanent, fully engineered tension membrane
structure. The system is architecturally striking and
will enhance any setting, whether it is incorporated
into traditional architecture or modern. It is a
weatherproof structure for complete UV protection
and shelter.
Single or 4-columned designs are also available. Larger, taller
and linkable (interconnected) structures can be produced with
an option of even higher design wind ratings, if required.
HyparSails are relatively economic on per square
metre basis compared to one-off structures because
of its pre engineering. A striking alternative to
With practicality and comfort in mind, increasing numbers
of commercial businesses have realised the advantages in
supplying undercover car parking facilities for customers and
Membrane Structures designs and installs carshelter (or
carshade) structures that are robust, functional and aesthetically
pleasing. Hail-resistant mesh or waterproof membranes are used.
The company can provide carshelters in six standard modular designs (for single and double
row parking) or one-off designs to best suit the surrounding architecture. Alternatively,
large-span full shelter structures (using fixed column or ‘tension-type’ hypar systems) can
be produced.
Membrane Structures design
commercial fabric awnings
and walkway structures to
suit a range of achitectural
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