Aviation Weighing Systems

Aviation Weighing Systems
ISO 9001:2008 Registered
Aviation Weighing Systems
AC-LP Low-Profile Scales
AC30-60 Series Platform Scales
Aviation Weighing Systems
Fully Electronic, High Accuracy, Platform Scales
Intercomp Platform Scales use high-accuracy, fully electronic, shear beam load cells.
Load cells are certified for accuracy by the National Institute of Standards and
Technology (NIST) and the European Office of Legal Metrology (OIML).
All Scales Feature:
• Temperature Compensation
Eliminates the Need to Warm Up & Correct Readings for Varying Temperatures
• Auto Calibration Correction
Automatically Cross References Calibration
Correction Tables
• Latitude/Altitude Correction
Scales can be used in Any Geographic Location without Having to Correct for the Effects of Gravity
• 1˝ (25mm), Backlit LCD Display
Easy-to-Read Display can be Viewed in a Variety of Lighting Conditions
• Auto Leveling (AC30-60 Only)
Digitally Corrects for Uneven Hangar Floors (Approved by USAF)
• Standard Alkaline Batteries
Last up to 400 Hours
ISO 9001:2008 Registered
AC-LP ™ 15˝x15˝ Low-Profile Aviation Weighing System
Ultra-Portable Scale Weighs Narrow Body Aircraft
Narrow Body, Non-Fixed Wing & UAV’s
Platform Size (L x W)
15˝ x 15˝ (381 x 381mm)
2,500lb (1,250kg)
5,000lb (2,500kg)
10,000lb (5,000kg)
AC-LP ™ 15˝x22˝ Low-Profile Aviation Weighing System
Ultra-Portable Scale Weighs Commercial & Military Aircraft
Narrow Body, Wide Body & Non-Fixed Wing Aircraft
Platform Size (L x W)
15˝ x 22˝ (381 x 558mm)
30,000lb (15,000kg)
40,000lb (20,000kg)
AC30-60 ™ Aviation Weighing System
Universal Scale Weighs All Types of Aircraft
Military, Commercial, Narrow Body & Wide Body
Platform Size (L x W)
24˝ x 30˝ (610 x 762mm)
30,000lb (15,000kg)
60,000lb (30,000kg)
80,000lb (40,000kg)
RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology
Standard in All Intercomp Platform Scales
See Back Cover For More Information.
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intercompcompany.com or call us at 800-328-3336 USA +1 763-476-2531
RFX™ Wireless Weighing Technology
Intercomp’s Rfx™ Wireless Weighing easily and cost-effectively improves the efficiency
and convenience of aircraft weighing. The small, low-power digital radios operate within
commercial, worldwide industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands. Each radio contains
a unique communication protocol and is encrypted for safe and secure signal.
•Rfx™ Wireless Weighing Technology Maintains Integrity & Safety of Data
• Up to 300ft (90m) Line of Sight
• Scales Use Internal Patch Antenna
Indicators which Complement any Aviation Weighing System to Meet a Variety of Applications
RFX™ Wireless Handheld
Weighing Indicator
ACWeigh™ Software
Intercomp’s Rfx™ Wireless Indicator
eliminates the need for cables.
Simplify the Aviation Weighing Process,
with |ntercomp’s All New, Fully Featured
App for iPad .
•Easy-to-Use Indicator Shows Individual
Weight, Total Weight & Center of Gravity
• Alternative Indicator Option for Use
with an Apple® iPad®
• Ideal for Multiple Load Cell Configurations when Monitoring Weight Over a Long Period of Time
• USB Adapter Allows for Easy Data Transfer
• Offers Built-In & Custom Layouts,
including Landing Gear Configurations
• Step-by-Step Menus Ensure Quick &
Accurate Weighing
• Multiple Weight Results per Record
which Can be Viewed Individually or
selected to create an Overall Average
• Programmable with Most Configurations
• Operates up to 6 Scales Simultaneously
• Standard AA Battery Operation
• Calculates Center of Gravity
Easy-to-Use software offers multiple
options to meet your precise requirements.
• Handle Weighing Procedures, Inventory Adjustments, Calibration Data of the Scales, Aircraft Type, Registration, Non-Level Weighings & Rotation of Equipment
• Weights are Automatically Populated
with Module or Can be Manually Entered • Built-In & Custom Layouts
into Records
• Export Data into Excel Spreadsheets
• Save, Review, Export & Email • AWBS 10.0 Interface
Weight Records
• Communicates with up to 22 Scales
40 Hour Battery Life
• AWBS 10.0 Interface
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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Worldwide: +1 763-476-2531
Toll Free: 800-328-3336
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