Plextor PlexEasy PX-650US Datasheet

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Plextor PlexEasy PX-650US Datasheet | Manualzz

Versatile DVD/CD Burner


With the new PlexEasy external DVD burner, backing up photos and other media is easier than ever before.

PlexEasy eliminates the need to use a computer to copy photos or video to a disc. Simply connect your iPhone, camera, or tablet to PlexEasy and directly burn media to a DVD or CD, without ever requiring a PC.

Eliminate the hassle of syncing with computers and using complex applications to burn your photos to DVDs.

With PlexEasy, you just connect your iPhone to the burner using the USB cable, hit a button, and you’re done.

It works just as simply with a camera or a camcorder. In fact, you can connect almost any device that uses the USB interface to the new PlexEasy, from MP3 players to external hard disks. And, for your complete convenience, PlexEasy features a built-in SD card reader.

PlexEasy is much more than a DVD burner. Without ever touching your computer, you can burn data from SD cards or USB sticks, move files between SD and USD, or make copies of discs. Its intuitive interface makes it simple to burn your vacation videos to disc or copy iPhone photos to a flash drive. If you’re a professional you will appreciate PlexEasy’s ability to save time, provide backup on the go, and how this compact drive means the end of carrying heavy notebooks..

The new standalone PlexEasy connects to all your devices giving you the most reliable and convenient way to back up your digital world.

Standalone Unit for Complete Mobility

No PC connection required to function.

Easy to carry, thanks to the lightweight design and slim form factor.

The wide range of supported media and USB connections ensures that you don’t need to carry other devices.

Back-up Data Easily

Easily back-up files to disc, directly from your smartphone, tablet, camera, or other device.

Protect precious data by copying discs to storage devices such as Flash drives or HDDs.

Quickly prepare discs of special events or performances, containing videos, music, and photos.

Duplicate discs without connecting to a computer.

Intuitive and Convenient

Built with simplicity and accessibility in mind.

One-button disc copying and data backup.

Simple menu navigation and function selection through the

LCD screen.

Works with All Your Devices

• USB 2.0 connectivity for high-speed data transfer and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

• PlexEasy can connect to almost any device that uses an USB interface, no PC required.

• The built-in SD/MMC reader provides convenient access to media stored on SD, SDHC (class 2, 4, 6) and MMC cards.

• Full support for smartphones, tablets, cameras (DSLR and point-and-shoot), and other consumer electronics.

• Works with mass-storage devices, including Flash drives, external hard drives, and MP3 players.

• Numerous formats recognized: ISO9660, UDF, FAT16,

FAT32, and NTFS.

Reliable Disc Drive Operation

• Supports all types of CDs and DVDs: CD-R, CD-RW,

DVD±RW, DVD±R, DVD±R Double Layer, and DVD-RAM.

Connects to PCs via high-speed USB 2.0 connection.

Offers the full functionality of an internal unit in a standalone

8X multi-DVD burner.

• Incorporates Plextor’s leading optical drive technology, recognized worldwide for its reliability and quality.



System Requirements


Memory (RAM)


Operating System

Hard Disk Drive


Intel Pentium


166 MHz or equivalent or higher

128 MB, 512 MB Windows Vista




Microsoft Windows


XP / Vista or later

650 MB free space for copying CD to CD image 5GB to

9GB free space for DVD anthoring

Internet connection recommended for update User's Manual

Front Panel

Eject Button

LED Light

Eject or retract disc tray

Activity indicator

Manually eject disc tray Emergency Eject

Rear Panel

Power Connector

DATA Connector

Side Panel

Card Reader Slot

DC 5V, 2A max; AC 100V~240V, 0.3A max

Mini B USB 2.0 port (for PC mode)

USB Port (USB Type A)

Power Switch

DC-IN Jack

Support memory cards including SD (Secure Digital),

SDHC (SD High Capacity), or MMC (Multi-media Card) cards.

Connect USB devices

Turn the drive on or off

Connect the AC/DC adapters or DC2USB cable

Note: For DC2USB cable connection, use only an external 5V/2A DC power source

Top Panel

LCD Display

Scroll Button

OK Button

Display on-screen display message or OSD menu

Press to scroll through the menu options

Press to confirm the selection or enter the submenu

Exit Button

Dimensions and Weight

Press to exit the current menu

Dimensions (W/H/D)


5.39 x 0.86 x 5.39 inch / 142 x 21 x 182 mm

0.84 lbs / 0.385kg

Package Contents



PX-650US External Versatile DVD/CD Burner

DVD-RW drive, AC/DC adapter,

USB cable Power cable (DC2USB)


Transfer Rate

DVD Media (Read/Write)







CD Media (Read/Write)




File System Supported

Media Information

Supported DVD Format

8X Maximum by PCAV

6X Maximum by ZCLV

8X Maximum by ZCLV

6X Maximum by ZCLV

5X Maximum by PCAV

8X Maximum by CAV

24X Maximum by PCAV

24X Maximum by ZCLV

24X Maximum by CAV


DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, Multi-border,


Supported DVD Write Method Disc-at-Once, Incremental Recording, (DVD-RW)

Restricted Overwrite, (DVD+RW/DVD-RAM) Random

Access Write, (DVD-R DL) Layer Jump

Supported DVD Size: 12cm or 8cm Diameter

Supported CD Format CD-DA, CD-Extra, CD-ROM Mode-1, CD-ROM Mode-2,

CD-ROM XA, CD-Extra, Photo-CD, Video-CD,

Multi-session, CD TEXT, CD-I (FMV)

Supported CD Writing Method Disc-at-Once, Track-at-Once, Session-at-Once, Fixed

Packet, Variable Packet

Supported CD Size: 12cm or 8cm Diameter



Internal USB 2.0

USB Host 2.0


Device Type

Slim DVDRW Optical Disc Drive

USB Mass Storage class devices,

Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) devices

SD, SDHC class 2, 4, 6, MMC

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Plextor Logo are registered trademark of Shinano Kabushiki Kaisha

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