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Sink Mounting Procedure
Under Counter Sink Mounting Procedure
1. Determine Cutout Size in Top: Measure the inside
dimensions of sink bowl. Normal procedure is to
subtract 1" from the cutout size. (18"x 15" sink
size would then be 17"x 14") Be sure to check
approved drawings as some plans may use other
overhang dimensions.
4. Mounting Sink: Place suitable caulking material
(Hypalon caulk or as recommended by architect)
on top of sink lip. Reposition sink and screw into
place. Install top as recommended by top
2. Cut Opening in Top: After layout, check to be sure
that you have left enough space to allow for sink
installation. A minimum of two (2") inches from
opening for the complete circumference is
desired both above and below countertop.
3. Position Sink & Drill Holes: If possible, turn
countertop over and lay sink in position upside
down in cutout. Place FPJ Mounting Ring on sink
rim so that it is tight to the underside of the sink
lip. After checking position, drill holes through
sink and countertop using the pre-drilled holes
in rim as a guide. Be sure to use all the predrilled holes in rim. Screws should be of type
and style recommended by top material
manufacturer for the sink load anticipated. Be
sure to use anchors in top if recommended by
top manufacturer. If it is not possible to turn
countertop over, follow same procedure but with
top in place.
Under counter installation detail
Flush Rim Mounting Procedure
1. Order Flush Rims by sink number.
2. Use vertical leg of frame to mark cut out.
3. Cut hole in cabinet and/or top, try to have 2"
minimum space from cut out edge to any
obstacles underneath top.
4. Apply caulk to under inside surface of frame top
5. Place frame, topside down on flat surface. Place
sink upside down within the frame and push
insta tabs over lip of sink.
6. Caulk under outside of flange, turn sink and
frame upright and insert into cutout.
Apply lugs to underside at 6"-8" intervals.
Always place two lugs as close as possible to
each corner.
Details of flush mounting procedures accompany
all mounting rims and are available through
Orion’s technical department.
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