Media-tech | MT2607 | Datasheet | Media-Tech MT2607 equipment cleansing kit

AIR DUSTER MT2607 is a compressed air in a container with a capacity
of 400 ml.
The main advantages of AIR DUSTER MT2607:
- intensive blower to remove dust and dirt from the most inaccessible
- perfect for all the surfaces, especially those where you cannot use
wet or chemical cleaning
- Ideal for computers, office equipment, printers, accessories,
photographic, precision mechanics, electronics, etc.
• AIR DUSTER 400 ml: for blowing dust and debris from inaccessible
areas of electronic equipment (computer keyboards, printers, CDROM/disk drives, copiers, fax machines, etc.). Danger of short circuits
therefore minimized.
• Variable spray intensity. Environment-friendly. 100% ozone friendly
gas. Contains no CFC or HCFC. Pressurized container.
• Includes tube for easy cleaning
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