Setting up an Intercom Intercom lets you do a

Setting up an Intercom Intercom lets you do a
Setting up an Intercom
Intercom lets you do a 'Page' – you dial the Paging Extension number, and all the phones in the
group pick up automatically, go into hands free, and play through their speaker what the caller
is saying. This is very useful in a small office environment ("Pizza is at receptions desk!").
1. Login to your PBX through the Admin Portal
i. Example = your unique ID for you account
2. Select Setup  Paging and Intercom
3. Select “Add Paging Group”
4. Choose a “Paging Extension” Number
a. Paging Extension number is what users will
dial to page this group. Example = 4500
5. Provided a “Group Description”
A Group Description is a descriptive title
for this Page Group. Example = Sales
6. Device List: Choose which extension(s) you would
like to include in this Paging Group.
7. Other feature options:
a. Force if busy: If selected, will not check if the
device is in use before paging it. This means
conversations can be interrupted by a page.
b. Duplex: Paging is typically one way for
announcements only. Checking this will make the
paging duplex, allowing all phones in the paging
group to be able to talk and be heard by all.
8. Click “Submit Changes”
9. Click “Apply Configuration Changes”
10. Click “Continue with Reload”
Note: To use the Paging and Intercom
feature, dial the paging extension number
from any phone on the local network.
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