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Samsung PN60E8000GF
60" Ultra Slim Plasma TV
•Smart TV with Smart Interaction
•Samsung Smart TV with Full Web Browser
•High-performance picture quality with Real Black Pro Panel
•Immersive Full HD 1080p 3D picture performance
•Ultra Slim Design with built-in webcam
Samsung’s most revolutionary Plasma TV,
for the true entertainment connoisseur.
Samsung’s incredible PN60E8000 Plasma 3D
TV brings the most innovative features and
technologies together, in a gorgeous modern
design. Effortlessly navigate through the world
of Samsung’s Smart TV with Smart Interaction,
thanks to Voice Navigation, Gesture Control
and Face Recognition. You’ll discover a webconnected treasure trove of content. For
enhanced entertainment, the Full Web Browser
with Dual Core Processing lets you enjoy
streaming movies, shows and content, along
with built-in WiFi connectivity and cloud storage
capacity. Samsung’s new Real Black Pro Panel
with nano carbon technology delivers the deepest,
darkest black levels, high contrast, and the
boldest hues. Add the stunning Ultra Slim panel
look, and you’ve got the ultimate Plasma TV.
60" Class (59.9" Diagonal) PDP HDTV with 1080p Resolution
• Smart TV with Smart Interaction
- Voice Navigation
- Gesture Control
- Face Recognition
• Smart Content with Signature Services
- Family Story
- Fitness
- Kids Story
• Apps built for TV
• Web Browser & Search All
• Smart Hub
• WiFi built-in
• AllShare™ Play
• Dual Core Processor
• Full HD 2D or 3D with 3D HyperReal™ Engine
• Built-in camera for Skype™ and Signature Services
• ConnectShare™ Movie
• Your Video (movie recommendations)
• Ultra Slim Design
• Eco Sensor
• Real Black Pro Panel
• 600Hz Subfield Motion
• Cinema Smooth™
• Wide Color Enhancer Plus
• Clear Image Panel
• 10W x 2
• Dolby® Digital Plus/Dolby® Pulse
• DNSe™
• HDMI®: 3
• Anynet+™ (HDMI-CEC)
• USB: 3
• Ethernet: 1
• Component in: 1
• Composite in: 1 AV
• Digital audio output: 1 optical
• DVI audio in: (3.5mm mini-jack)
PN60E8000 60" Class (59.9" Diagonal) PDP HDTV with 1080p Resolution
Smart TV: Never miss a moment with Samsung
Smart TV. Watch your favorite movies while you
browse the web or explore the Smart Hub. Find
more content you love by searching for shows,
movies, and videos across vudu,™ Hulu Plus,™
YouTube™ and other digital content providers.
Movies are handpicked for you through
recommendations based on your viewing history
and ratings. Access all your apps and download
new ones, such as Netflix, Facebook,® YouTube,™
Hulu Plus,™ and Twitter™! Browse the web while
you watch movies and TV shows, and enjoy TV
while you chat with friends and family online, all
on one screen. With Samsung Social TV, you can
use Twitter,™ Facebook® and Google Talk™ to make
comments, crack jokes and share all the fun.
Smart Interaction: The latest technology
advancement in television is the TV that “gets
you.” With Gesture Control and Voice Navigation
capabilities, your TV can now be controlled
remote-free. Log onto your Samsung Apps account
through Face Recognition, control volume and
scroll through channels with your hands, as
well as navigate through the world of Samsung
Smart TV with a wave of your hand.
Voice Navigation: Responds to the sound of your
voice so you can perform tasks such as turning
on the TV, changing channels and accessing apps
without having to press a button. You can speak
your commands directly to the TV or into the
remote's built-in microphone.
Gesture Control: This amazing new function
reacts to movements made by your hands to
perform tasks such as changing channels, selecting
an app or navigating through web pages.
Face Recognition: Enjoy the convenience of
logging onto your Samsung Apps automatically.
With the built-in TV camera, this unique feature is
able to automatically recognize your face so you
don’t have to type in your ID and password on the
remote control.
Smart Content: With the introduction of the
new Smart TV features, you can now enjoy a
more fun and entertaining experience at home.
The Smart TV offers an entire suite of easy-touse, innovative features that entertain your
family while instilling a healthy lifestyle. The
features are designed to make learning fun
again or to enjoy precious family moments by
sharing photos and videos.
Signature Services
Family Story: Share your most precious family
moments with Family Story on your new Samsung
Smart TV. Family Story provides a quick way to
upload photos to a gallery, even from your
mobile device. You can also chat in real time,
post messages and share important family
events so everyone is kept up to date.
Fitness: Now you can maintain a healthy lifestyle
with Samsung Smart TV’s Fitness. Exercise at
home through the video-on-demand service and
manage your workout history. You can also track
your progress by downloading the Exercise App
onto your mobile device.
Kids Story: Combine home entertainment
and education with Samsung’s new Smart TV.
Through this TV, we can recommend a variety
of child- friendly programming so you can watch
your child enjoy the pleasures of learning. The fun
and exciting games will entertain your child and
family for hours.
Apps built for TV: Download a wide range of apps
for your Smart TV through the world’s first
TV app store. Samsung Apps has thousands
of world-renowned apps, such as YouTube™ and
Facebook,® and popular local ones available for
downloading. Now you can enjoy your favorite
apps from the comfort of your couch.
Web Browser: Easily stream your favorite movies
and TV shows, download apps, shop online, browse
the web, update your status on Facebook® and
Twitter,™ and enjoy all of the benefits of full web
browsing right on the big screen.
Search All: Quickly search for web content related
to the program you’re watching or access other
features like VOD, apps and social networking
services. You can even search USB drives or other
external hard drives connected to your TV with
Smart Hub: Samsung Smart TV has retooled its
Smart Hub feature to further expand its access
to a world of online entertainment. Smart Hub
enables multitasking and delivers an optimized
viewing experience with single point access to
the content that’s the most important to you. It
also allows you to search through hundreds of
apps and use the fully optimized Web Browser
for a seamless user experience.
WiFi built-in: With a wireless LAN built right into
the TV, it is easier than ever to browse the web
right on the big screen.
AllShare™ Play: Enables your TV to wirelessly
access and stream content from any compatible
device, like a PC. That means you can share
movies, photos and music all through a single
device — your TV. Now with the benefits of cloud
technology, you can access and even share
content when you’re away from home.
Dual Core Processor: Your Samsung Smart TV
and web browsing experience will run better
than ever. With faster processing and multitasking
capabilities, now you can pause a show, stream a
movie or open apps, and return to your movie
without missing a beat!
Built-in camera for Skype™: With a camera built
right in the top of the TV, enjoy Skyping with friends
and family all over the world on the big screen.
ConnectShare™ Movie: Have movies and pictures
on a USB drive? Now easily view that content right
on the TV. Just plug the drive into the USB port
and you are ready for a big screen experience.
Your Video (movie recommendations): Through a
customized recommendation service for video
and other content, Your Video allows you to watch
and preview movie trailers and TV programs. You
can even read a brief synopsis and user ratings
before purchasing a movie.
Ultra Slim Design: Slim cabinet for an ultra-sleek,
contemporary look.
Eco Sensor: Samsung Plasma TV’s Eco Sensor
measures the intensity of the light in the room
and automatically adjusts the brightness of the
image on the TV. By controlling the amount of
light used to create images, the TV adjusts its
use of energy.
Real Black Pro Panel: An advancement within the
panel structure of the plasma and a software
improvement that depicts blacker blacks, bolder
color, higher contrast and exceptional picture
quality. This technological improvement provides
the most cinematic viewing experience available.
600Hz Subfield Motion: Using the latest in Subfield
Motion technology, Samsung Plasma TV flashes a
single image up to 600 times a second. The result
is smoother images with unprecedented picture
quality, no matter how fast the images are moving.
Cinema Smooth™: A refined playback process
of 24p movies from Blu-Ray™ and satellite TV
sources optimized for a seamlessly smooth
viewing experience.
Wide Color Enhancer Plus: Allows you to see
picture color the way the director originally
intended, brought to life on your screen to
bring you exceptionally vibrant, yet naturallooking images and depicts subtle details
and tones.
Clear Image Panel: The Samsung Plasma TV
uses a new filter and panel structure to eliminate
layered images and produce clear images from
almost every angle. This also eliminates the
production of dual images and blurring typically
found with glass filters.
Full HD 2D or 3D: Enjoy stunning Full HD 1080p
in both 2D and 3D modes. With Samsung's 3D
HyperReal™ Engine, easily convert 2D viewing
into 3D for an amazing cinematic experience.
PN60E8000 60" Class (59.9" Diagonal) PDP HDTV with 1080p Resolution
10 watts x 2 channel stereo sound
3D Active Glasses: 2 pairs
Dolby® Digital Plus/Dolby® Pulse: An advanced
surround sound audio processing feature
designed to optimize the TV’s sound quality
when viewing and listening to Internet movies,
Internet music and other content played back
from wired or wireless mobile phones, PCs
and tablet devices.
Smart Touch Remote Control: Navigate your
Interactive Smart TV with the Smart Touch Remote
Control. The convenient touchpad lets viewers
intuitively navigate through Smart Hub and the
Full Web Browser. Easy access to key functions
are readily located at the top along with a mic
for Voice Navigation.
1-year parts and 1-year labor warranty
(90-days parts and labor for commercial use)
with in-home service, backed by Samsung
toll-free support.
DNSe™ (Digital Natural Sound engine): Sound
enhancement system that combines different
equalizer settings and signal processing to
create various user-centric presets to suit the
most common listening scenarios. DNSe™ is
designed to optimize the sound of the compact
Ultra Slim Design, flat-panel TVs. The user’s
settings are memorized, and the TV’s menu
includes a custom setting for each of the TV’s
inputs for a simulated surround sound experience.
HDMI®: 3
HDMI® (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
is a convenient, high-quality single cable digital
audio/video interface for connecting the TV to
a digital cable box, satellite box, DVD/Blu-ray
Disc® Player, PC computers, PC portable devices,
new generation tablets and devices featuring
the HDMI® output.
TV without stand: 54.9" x 32.8" x 1.9"
TV without stand weight: 61.7 lbs
TV with stand: 54.9" x 36.3" x 13.8"
TV with stand weight: 68.8 lbs
Dimensions: 59.1" x 38.0" x 16.9"
Weight: 90.8 lbs
©2012 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. All rights reserved.
Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. HDMI,
the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are
trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.
ConnectShare, AllShare, Samsung Smart TV, DNSe, HyperReal,
Cinema Smooth and Anynet+ are trademarks of Samsung
Electronics Co., Ltd. YouTube and the YouTube logo are
trademarks of Google Inc.
All other product and brand names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective owners.
Screen images are simulated.
Anynet+™ (HDMI-CEC): Samsung’s expanded
control permits seamless functionality between
Samsung branded TVs and Samsung devices such
as Blu-ray™ and HTiB systems.
USB: 3
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard
for connecting a variety of computer, audio and
video devices to the TV. USB movie capability
allows the streaming of video from storage
devices, cameras, camcorders and USB drives.
Ethernet: 1
Component in: 1
Composite in: 1 AV
Digital audio output: 1 optical
DVI audio in: (3.5mm mini-jack)
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