Product Flyer - Paper Machines

Product Flyer - Paper Machines
 AKILES morssont TOLAaMU tra
Heavy-Duty 6 Roller Photo Laminator
with Patented Cooling System
Air Cooling System
Patented internal cooling
system makes the laminator
cool to the touch while in use.
e ) Auto Shutoff
Auto Automatically cools and shuts
down the machine after usage,
Shuto ff to prolong the life of your
User Friendly Control Panel
Large LCD display with many
features & memory settings
make it a very easy-to-use
6 Roller System
4 heated and 2 cold rollers
create a professional, crystal-
# clear, and bubble-free
laminating result.
AKILES ProLamUltra
The Akiles ProLam Ultra possesses superior quality and functionality combined with
commercial grade design. Its 6 Roller Heat System produces professional,
crystal-clear and bubble-free pouches every time.
Removeable Cover
Fasy to remove cover allows
direct access to the rollers and
requires no tools
to remove.
13” Capacity
The large 13" throat allows
the machine to laminate a
wide array of pouch sizes.
Air Cooling System
6 Roller Heat System
4 heated rollers + 2 cold
rollers allow for a professional
crystal-clear and bubble-free
Patented internal cooling
system makes sure the
laminator stays cool
while in use.
LCD Control Panel
Backlit LCD display with
keypad makes it easy to
read and control the many
features and functions.
7 Memory Settings
Preset settings ensure you have
the correct temperature and speed
for different pouch thicknesses.
Throat Capacity: 13" (330mm)
Max Pouch Thickness: 14 Mil
Laminating Speed: 93" /min
Max Laminating Thickness: 1/8" (3 mm)
Rollers: 6 Silicon Rollers (4 Heat / 2 Cold)
Temperature Control: Digital Display & Keypad
Speed Control: 9 Settings
Memory Settings: 7 Presets
Reverse Function: Yes
Weight & Volume: 33 Ibs / 1.2 CuFt
Warranty 1 Year
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