instructions - Community Coffee
Deadline for receiving all Community® product Proofs of Purchase and Proofs of
Purchase Tracking Forms is January 31, 2017.
Visit, click on the Community Cash For Schools® icon, and choose the “Enroll
Online” link. If you do not have internet access, you can enroll by calling 1-800-525-5583.
Save Proofs of Purchase from all Community® products available at the locations listed below:
rocery Stores, Supermarkets & Other Participating Retail Outlets
All coffee products, tea products, creamer, sugar and
coffee filters contain eligible Proofs of Purchase.
Restaurants, Hotels, Offices & Businesses
Boxes of coffee and coffee-related products delivered to
restaurants, hotels and other businesses contain high
value Proofs of Purchase.
1. Download the Tracking Form and bag the Proofs of Purchase as instructed. The Tracking Form can
be found on the Cash for Schools link at
• Complete the Tracking Form.
• Make a copy for your records.
• Include the original Tracking Form with the Proofs of Purchase in your package.
• Incomplete or missing Tracking Forms may result in delays or loss of Proof of Purchase credits.
2. Follow the Proof of Purchase bagging instructions on the Tracking Form. Please use large plastic bags
to bundle all like Proofs of Purchase together.
3. Fill in the return address on the Postage Paid Return Label and affix it to your package.
4. Mail your package through the U.S. Postal Service, and we recommend you purchase the USPS
Package Tracking service for your package.
5. Deadline for receiving all Community® product Proofs of Purchase and Tracking Forms
is January 31, 2017. All shipments received after the deadline will be held for
entry in the following year's Community Cash for Schools® program.
Reminder: The minimum redemption value is $10 (100 Proofs of Purchase).
All totals under the minimum value will be moved to the following school year.
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