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User Guide

Your Lifeline Vi+ home unit

The Lifeline Vi+ home unit is the heart of the Lifeline at Home system, enabling you to contact our monitoring centre 24 hours a day should you need help. The home unit needs to stay plugged into a power socket and telephone socket at all times to work properly.

Radio Antenna Home/Away Button (Yellow)

Status Light (Red/Green)


Cancel Button (Green)

Alarm Button (Red)


Your MyAmie pendant

The MyAmie pendant works with your home unit.

Pressing the button from anywhere in your home or garden will activate the home unit and alert our monitoring centre. Please try to remember to wear your pendant all the time, either on your wrist or around your neck so that you always have the means to call for help. You can even wear it in the shower.

The pendant has the below features:

Water resistant

Up to 50m radio range (typical)

Auto low battery*

*NOTE: The pendant will automatically tell the monitoring centre when its battery is low, and they will contact you to arrange a replacement.

Using the home unit

Making an alarm call

Press the red button on the home unit or the pendant. The home unit will announce ‘Do not worry your alarm telephone is dialling for assistance’ and you will hear several tones as the unit dials. The call will then be answered by an operator at the monitoring centre, who will talk to you to find out how best to help you. The operator might then contact a family member, keyholder or the emergency services.

Cancelling an alarm call

If you press the red alarm button by accident you can press the green cancel button on the home unit. You may only cancel an alarm

5 seconds after the alarm button has been pressed to prevent accidental cancellation.

You will know your alarm call has been cancelled when the unit announces ‘The alarm call has been cancelled’.

Answering telephone calls

You can use the Lifeline at Home system to answer telephone calls, simply by pressing the button on the pendant when your telephone rings. You can then talk to the caller via the speaker and microphone on the home unit. If you want to carry on your conversation using the telephone at any time simply pick up the telephone handset. You can also answer incoming phone calls by pressing the green cancel button on the home unit, and end them by pressing the cancel button again, or by pressing the button on the pendant.

Accidental alarms

Don’t worry if you accidentally call the monitoring centre at any time.

Our operators are always happy to hear from you – consider it a useful test of the system!

What the warning/status lights on the home unit indicate

The home unit has warning and status lights to clearly indicate its status based on the below.

Home/Away button (yellow)

Yellow light on


Flashing (every 4 seconds)

Home unit status

Away mode

Home mode

Running on battery

(if in away mode)

Status light (green/red)

Green light on

Red light flashing

(every 4 seconds)

Red light flashing

(every second)

Red/Green flashing

Home unit status

Normal mode

Low battery

Telephone line disconnected

Radio blocking detected

Alarm button (red)

Red light on

Flashing (every 4 seconds)

Flashing (every second)

Home unit status

Normal mode

Normal mode running on battery

Alarm call raised

The light on the MyAmie pendant

When the button is pressed on the pendant, it will display a small red light to indicate that the button has been pressed. If this light flashes, it indicates that the pendant’s battery is low. The pendant will automatically notify the monitoring centre who will contact you – you don’t need to do anything.

What is the yellow ‘Home/Away’ button on the Lifeline alarm unit for?

When pressed, the yellow ‘Home/Away’ button on the Lifeline alarm unit tells the Lifeline at Home care team that you aren’t currently at home. You are welcome to ignore this functionality but it will save our staff from trying to contact you should you be on holiday or away somewhere. When you return home you should press the ‘Home/Away’ button again to show that you have returned.

How to respond to announcements


‘Warning – telephone line disconnected’

‘Warning – there is no mains power’

‘Warning – battery low’

‘The mains power is restored’

‘Test reminder – please press personal trigger’

‘Press the green cancel button to complete the test’

What to do

Check the home unit is plugged into a working telephone socket.

Check the home unit is plugged into a working electrical socket.

Check the home unit is plugged into a working electrical socket.

Nothing, power has been reconnected to the home unit.

Press your pendant and follow the next announcement.

Press the cancel button on the home unit, the unit will then announce ‘Test completed’.

If you have any difficulty having followed these instructions, please call the monitoring centre on 0330 123 3303.

Having this support around me means a lot, especially having had 2 new hips and a new knee.

It gives me confidence to get on with my life.

I would thoroughly recommend it!


Help and advice


• Wear your pendant at all times.

• Test your home unit on a regular basis by pressing the red button on the home unit or on the pendant, once a month.

• Keep the home unit connected to the mains power at all times.

• Dust the home unit/pendant with a soft cloth which can be slightly moistened with a gentle detergent if required.


• Expose the home unit to water or other liquids.

• Connect cables other than those supplied with the home unit.

• Move objects close to the home unit that either; create lots of noise, heat, or are made of metal such as a televisions, radios, washing machines, microwaves, WiFi routers, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Battery information

All batteries should be disposed of in accordance with the latest legislation.

Technical Details



Mains power:

Stand-by battery:

Back-up time:

Radio frequency:


External connections:

Radio trigger battery:



572g (939g packaged)

185mm x 122mm x 41mm (WxLxD)

230v ac 13A electrical socket (3 Watts)

1200mAhr capacity (continually internally charged)

40 hours of stand-by operation with one 30 minute alarm call (minimum expected at date of purchase and when fully charged)

869.2125MHz, compliant with the European Social Alarm frequency band


Telephone line cord with type BS6312 plug and 3m cable

DC power adapter with 3m cable

3V Lithium (not changeable) with up to 7 year life


Operating temperature (to perform to full specification) = 0°C to

45°C, storage = -10°C to 50°C

Operating relative humidity (non condensing to perform to full specification) = 0 to 80%, storage relative humidity (non condensing) = 0 to 93%






Social alarm:

EN55022, EN50130-4, EN301 489-1, EN301 489-3


EN300 220-2 Category 1


EN50134-1:2002, EN50134-2:1999 (trigger device)

Design, Manufacture, Installation and Service: ISO9001:2008

Declaration of Conformity

We, Tunstall declare that this social alarm equipment is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC.

If you would like this information in another language, in audio format or Braille or large print please call us on 0330 123 3303.

Our policy of continual development means that product specification and appearance may change without notice. Tunstall does not accept responsibility for any errors and omissions contained within this document.

© 2016 Tunstall Group Ltd. ® TUNSTALL and LIFELINE are registered trademarks.

Lifeline at Home is a trading name of Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd.

Whitley Lodge, Whitley Bridge, Yorkshire, DN14 0HR

Tel: 0330 123 3303* Email: [email protected]

*Calls to 03 numbers will cost the same as other standard fixed line numbers (starting 01 or 02), and are included as part of any inclusive or free minutes allowance.



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