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Speed Check - Information Display Company
Warning Signs
Speed Check™
PN: SC-15, SC-18
Speeding drivers put others at risk, especially when
pedestrians are present in school zones, neighborhood
streets and work zones. Well-designed radar speed
signs are highly effective in getting drivers to slow down
in these areas.
SpeedCheck™ radar speed signs detect the speed of
oncoming vehicles and display the speed in bright LED
digits. The display is combined with an FHWA MUTCDcompliant YOUR SPEED sign face, making it easy for
drivers to understand the intended message at a
glance--and react to it by slowing down.
Device set-up,
service and
data alerts,
Two-way wireless
Local: Onsite™ Bluetooth®
Remote: InstaNet™
Failure Alerts: OfficeAlert™
Program with ease,
unlimited schedules,
modes, exceptions
Traffic data and
[email protected]
Calming Traffic. Saving Lives.
SpeedCheck™ radar speed signs dramatically outperform any other brand on the market
by incorporating these exceptional features:
Highest contrast UltraClear™ display technology for best viewability in all
weather and lighting conditions
Unique SafetyMask™ driver safety feature to prevent hazardous “rubbernecking”
when drivers take their eyes off the road to look at the sign while passing it
Integrated ViolationAlert™, high-speed cut-off, and optional Slow Down
message at user-defined speed thresholds
Lowest power consumption on the market for cost saving up-front and over time
Most durable construction throughout, using heavy 11-gauge welded aluminum
and stainless steel and brass hardware
Best vandal-resistant design with ability to absorb up to two inches of impact
deflection without damage to internal components
Modular design for easy repair in the field using standard tools
Backed by the best warranty in the business and supported by our highlyacclaimed customer service team
Effective. Versatile. Durable.
Warning Signs
PN: SC-15, SC-18
SpeedCheck™ Specifications
15-inch digits (SC-15)
Seven segment design,
white or amberLED’s
18-inch digits (SC-18)
Seven segment design,
white or amberLED’s
Recommended for use in speed zones 45MPH or lower.
Includes static YOUR SPEED sign (30” x 42”, 36 lbs or 30” x 30”, 33 lbs.)
Recommended for use in speed zones 45MPH or higher
Includes static YOUR SPEED sign (36” x 48”, 45 lbs.)
AC Power
Supports 110-240VAC, 25 watts.
Solar Power
Industry-standard 12VDC. Solar power systems designed for specific geographic location and sign application.
Performance guaranteed 24/7/365.
Conformal-coated electronics. NEMA 3R cabinet, sealed ventilated. Operating temperature: -40°C to +75°C, 40°F to +167°F. 90% RH non-condensing, 5-30Hz 3-axis vibration, ½-sine 3-axis shock, FCC 15.107 and
15.109 Class A radiated and conducted emissions compliance. Radar FCC part 15 low-power device.
Three years on products, five years on white LED panels, 10 years on amber LED panels. Free technical
support for three years.
Sets operation hours by time of day and day of week with unlimited schedules and modes on perpetual
calendar; includes two-year exception list. Schedule times of day for on and off control, view current schedule
and speed settings modes, edit exceptions by date and time, and download pre-configured schedules to any of
our devices.
Output Manager™
Triggers external devices, e.g. flashing beacons or cameras , by speed threshold, schedule, or remotely from
your Traffic Management Center.
Collects date, time and speed for over 200,000 individual target vehicles and provides access to the raw data
via .csv file for further analysis. Program ON or OFF times, download and erase data in device, select stopwhen-full or FIFO data storage. Generate easy pre-defined speed compliance reports; includes advanced
data windowing and statistics.
Alternately displays speed limit and SLOW DOWN message in 6” digits for 15” display, or 7” digits for 18”
display; red or amber LED’s.
Automatic daily time clock synchronization via GPS satellite signal.
Mounting Options
Mounting brackets support poles, posts, portable stands, and lockable QuickChange™ bracket for our
DuraTrailer™ or for moving the sign to different locations.
Enables two-way onsite communication using a laptop with a Bluetooth® wireless link to program, update, and
conduct display diagnostics, and download speed data, from up to 50 feet from front of device equipped with
DeviceController with a Bluetooth® interface. One USB Bluetooth® module per agency included.
Enables two-way remote communication from TMC to program, update, download speed data, conduct
diagnostics via NTCIP, fiber, WAN TCP/IP, cellular modem, radio/RF modem, serial, or Ethernet.
Failure reporting and alert notification via text message or email. Includes failure notification of LED segments,
power monitoring for solar systems, recent high detected speed for speeding problems, and built-in time clock
correction using NIST time servers. Allows separate maintenance, administrative, and enforcement email or
text message contacts. Requires InstaNet.
Information Display Company Products: AdvisorySpeed™; DeviceController™- Flashing Beacon Retrofit , NTCIP;
DuraTrailer™; FlashAlert™; Flashing Beacon Systems; InstaNet™ Two-Way Wireless Remote Communication; OfficeAlert™;
Portables; Rectangular Flashing Beacons (RFB); SlowDown Alert™; SchedulePro™; SpeedCheck™; TollRate™; TimeKeeper™;
TravelTime™; TrafficFlow Manager™; TrafficInfo™; TrafficAnalyzer™; VariableSpeed Limit™
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