Intelligent wiring for machine and system building. Build it in.

Intelligent wiring for machine and system building. Build it in.
Intelligent wiring for
machine and system building.
Build it in.
Reducing complexity
for more compact,
cost-optimised machines.
Customer expectations today are focused on increased performance in a
more compact design, shorter delivery times, and the right price. To meet
these requirements, machines need to be built in shorter time frames,
using smaller control cabinets with intelligent, energy-saving devices that
allow a smaller machine footprint.
SmartWire-DT is a unique wiring solution that streamlines connection and
communications inside and outside control panels.
Machine builders globally are finding that SmartWire-DT can be integrated
easily into machines in a smaller control cabinet, reducing the time and
effort for wiring their machines by up to 85%.
2EATON SmartWire-DT
Simplify wiring. Reduce costs.
wiring costs
by 85%
Today, control wires are used to connect devices like switchgear
or pilot devices to PLC I/O-modules. Using SmartWire-DT, these
modules and the control wiring becomes obsolete. All devices are
connected to this intelligent wiring system, reducing engineering
and installation costs for the machine builder, and optimizing
machine maintenance and availability for the customer.
Less complex, more compact machines
Eliminating the PLC I/O and the control wiring means
more compact control panels and machines, and makes
automation structures simple to design and configure.
Simplified connectivity
By replacing conventional, time-consuming control circuit
wiring with one single cable, SmartWire-DT enables the
simple connection of switchgear in control panels, as
well as sensors and actuators outside control panels.
This results in safe and error-free switchgear installations
combined with significantly shorter commissioning times.
Higher flexibility
With industrial fieldbus gateways, SmartWire-DT can be
connected to PLCs from any manufacturer, giving the machine
builder the flexibility to meet customer demand more easily.
More compact machines with Eaton controllers
For small and medium machines, Eaton offers
HMI/PLCs,compact PLC and control relays with integrated
SmartWire-DT communication interface. This offers
machine builders the opportunity to develop simpler,
and even more compact automation solutions.
EATON SmartWire-DT
improves system
Plants need multiple drives, control and pilot devices
to be designed, installed and controlled, along with
distributed sensors and actuators. Automation of
the process environment can be quite challenging,
especially if continuous process availability is required.
SmartWire-DT is an intelligent wiring system that provides
more data on installed devices, central to increased
availability and preventive maintenance.
More data, increased availability
More detailed information enables better process control,
more detailed diagnostics, reduced downtime and increased
availability. SmartWire-DT switchgear devices provide
continuous real-time data information on motor load
conditions that allows an interaction before an overload
situation occurs and the system stops. Monitoring motor
current values also helps with preventive maintenance.
Compliant to industrial fieldbus standards
With industrial fieldbus gateways, SmartWire-DT can
be connected to PLCs from any manufacturer and
existing installations can be easily extended.
Easy expansion
SmartWire-DT makes it easy to add expansions during operation.
New devices are simply connected to the communication
cable inside or outside the control panel. An overall length
of up to 600m simplifies distributed control architectures.
If an additional sensor
or actuator is needed,
a new T-Connector can
easily be implemented.
4EATON SmartWire-DT
Intelligent devices at the heart of Industrie 4.0
Intelligent devices and open communication standards are essential
to solutions true to an Industry 4.0 vision. They have to be able to
communicate with every controller within an open architecture while
also controlling specific distributed processes independently.
With its SmartWire-DT platform and intelligent devices, Eaton brings the
vision of Industry 4.0 to life. These intelligent devices help engineers
to run their businesses on a lean, smart and efficient basis and take
another step toward implementing complete Industry 4.0 solutions.
Compliant to
all industrial
Up to 99
along 600m
Intelligent Motor Control Centre with SmartWire-DT®
With motor control centers, SmartWire-DT replaces all control
wiring in the corresponding withdrawable units. Mounting is
simplified, wiring reduced and space saved. The information the MCC
delivers with SmartWire-DT helps minimise system downtime.
EATON SmartWire-DT
One system,
Control relay
SmartWire-DT enables distributed intelligence that
changes automation. Interface modules installed on
standard switchgear replace the digital and analog I/O
layer on PLCs. Gateways to any industrial fieldbus make it
not just possible, but simple to access the SmartWire-DT
network independent of the PLC system. At the same time,
SmartWire-DT technology is available as an integrated
part of our controllers. The result: easy-to-configure,
linear automation structures with few components.
Compact PLC
Powerful technology
Up to 99 devices can be connected on a single SmartWire-DT
line. The maximum permissible total length is 600m, while the
maximum data volume for cyclic process data is 1,000 bytes. The
SmartWire-DT cable also includes the required power supply for
the SmartWire-DT electronics as well as for installed contactors.
Flexible integration in every automation environment
Fieldbus gateways are used to connect the SmartWireDT communication system to your individual PLC system.
SmartWire-DT can communicate via industrial fieldbus using
standardised mechanisms for configuring and parameter setting.
SmartWire-DT modules
Two different types of SmartWire-DT modules are available.
Special function modules replace the electrical interfaces of
contactors, pushbuttons, pilot devices and auxiliary switches.
Intelligent devices like electronic motor protective devices,
softstarters and drives transmit digital and analog information (e.g.
current, overload..) directly onto the SmartWire-DT network.
Any fieldbus
Inside and outside the cabinet
Smartwire-DT can also be used to directly connect sensors and
actuators in the field. This is done with T-Connectors, available as
digital and analog I/O modules with an IP67 degree of protection.
6EATON SmartWire-DT
Start a motor
Signal tower SL
Variable frequency drive
DC1, DA1
IP20 modules,
Inside the cabinet
Outside the cabinet
Variable speed
starter DE1 / DE11
Control circuit
devices in
surface mounting
IP67 modules, EU1E-SWD-... / EU2E-SWD-...
Control circuit
devices RMQ-Titan
Soft starter
Module for NZM
; 20
10 V
Electronic motor
starter EMS
circuit breaker PKE 65
Miniature circuit
breaker FAZ
Residual current
circuit breaker FRC
Motor starter
with PKE/PKZ
Electrical and Hydraulic
Special dedicated SmartWire-DT modules
can be used to directly control 2/3-position
or proportional hydraulic valves.
EATON SmartWire-DT
Our products
Control and visualization
Compact PLC
control relays
Product description
XV100/300 is a range of products
consisting of HMI devices with
an integrated PLC (HMI/PLC) and
a variety of sizes and equipment
options. These high-performance
devices come with powerful
graphics processing units that allow
for a highly responsive, state-of theart user interface and the integration
of multimedia elements such as
video, PDF, and web contents.
Our XC-152 compact PLC combines
plenty of processing power with
a large number of communication
interfaces. This makes the
device particularly well suited
to standardized automation
solution applications in the field
of modular machine building.
The easy800 control relay, featuring
an integrated SmartWire-DT master,
is able to directly access analog
and digital data from SmartWire-DT
modules. As a result, switching
states, status messages, motor load
currents, and module diagnostic
data can all be easily processed in
the corresponding circuit diagram.
Technical features
and characteristics
• Bright 3.5"–10.4" TFT
displays with high resolution
and 64K color; available in
plastic or metal housings
• 7"–10.1" multi-touch devices
with a toughened, antiglare glass panel
• Interfaces: Ethernet, USB Host
2.0, USB Device, RS232, RS485,
CAN, Profibus, SmartWire-DT
• Programming with CODESYS/
Galileo with CODESYS-2
• Compact PLC with Windows
CE 5.0 operating system
• Interfaces: Ethernet, USB
Host 2.0, USB Device, RS232,
RS485, CANopen/easyNet,
• Integrated web server
• Programmable with
• Galileo remote visualization
Control relays available
in two versions:
• With SmartWire-DT
• Additionally, with easyNet
and 4 fast inputs (2 usable
as fast outputs)
Function via
• Connection of up to 99
SmartWire-DT modules
• Up to 1 kB of cyclical process data
• Connection of up to 99
SmartWire-DT modules
• Up to 1 kB of cyclical process data
• Connection of up to 99
SmartWire-DT modules
• Up to 166 inputs/outputs
8EATON SmartWire-DT
Field bus gateways
RMQ-Titan pilot devices,
SL signal tower
Contactors, PKZ
motor starters
PKE Motor starter,
PKE circuit breakers
Field bus gateways can be used to
connect SmartWire-DT modules
to any industrial field bus system.
Well-established mechanisms, such
as field bus description files, are
used to configure SmartWire-DT
modules in the programming
system's PLC configurator.
RMQ-Titan is a comprehensive
range of pilot devices. The use
of SmartWire-DT communication
modules eliminates the need for
the control wiring traditionally
required for these devices. This
applies to SL signal towers as well.
The two-component motor starter,
made up of a DILM contactor and a
PKZ motor-protective circuit-breaker,
is rated for rated operational
currents of up to 15 A and features
plug-in terminals that make it easy
to replace components. Moreover,
motor starters rated for currents
of up to 32 A can be quickly
assembled without any errors by
using assembly connectors.
The PKE is a motor-protective and
system-protective circuit breaker
with modular trip blocks and
an electronically implemented
overload protection feature. The
two component motor starter, made
up of a DILM contactor and a PKE
motor-protective circuit breaker,
is rated for rated operational
currents of up to 15 A and features
plug-in terminals that make it
easy to replace components.
Gateways for connecting to
industrial field bus protocols:
• Profibus-DP
• CANopen
• Modbus-TCP
• EthernetIP
• Profinet
• Powerlink
• Ethercat
• Automatic addressing of the
connected SmartWire-DT devices
• Separate diagnostics interface
RMQ-Titan actuator
• Switches, pushbuttons, indicator
lights available in various
colors, illuminated pushbutton
actuators, selector switches,
potentiometers, encoders
• Degree of protection IP67
• Performance range:
0.06 - 15 kW with 400 V
• Voltage range 220 - 690 V
• Two independent separate
contact systems in
the motor starter
• 0.06 - 15 kW with 400 V
• Wide-range overload protection
• Variable CLASS setting 5 to 20
• Plug-in trip blocks for motor
and system protection
• Overload relay function (optional)
• Connection of up to 99
SmartWire-DT modules1)
• Up to 1 kB of cyclical
process data1)
• Pushbutton / switch status
• Contact monitoring
• Driving indicator lights
• Driving the lamp modules
in SL signal towers
• Analog value for potentiometers
• Contactor actuation and feedback
• Connection for trip block auxiliary
• On-site operation
• Powering the contactor
• Messages with load currents
• Trip block state
• Detailed trip reasons
(e.g., phase failure),
• Reading back the settings
for overload current
• On-site operation
Depending on the field
bus protocol used
Signal tower:
• 2 sizes: 40, 70 mm
• Up to five modules
can be combined
• Lamp modules (LEDs, filament
lamps) available in six colors
• Acoustic module
• Degree of protection IP66
Switching, protecting and driving motors
Electronic motor
starter EMS
DS7 soft starters
PowerXL DE1 variable
speed starter
PowerXL DC1, DA1
variable frequency drives
This electronic motor starter for
two operating directions, featuring
integrated motor protection, is
suitable for three-phase motors
with a rated output of up to 3 kW
and is perfect as a universal motor
starter for small drive systems in
standard and safety applications.
The soft starter DS7 is ideal for
pumps, fans and small conveyor
applications. It is a fully integral
element in the xStart system.
DS7 units not only replace the
mechanical contactor, but also add
a “soft motor startup” function to it.
Extended service intervals
and reduced operating.
In its role as a variable speed starter,
the new PowerXL™ DE1 closes the
gap between conventional motor
starters and variable frequency
drives by combining the advantages
of both – the ease of use of a motor
starter and the variable motor speed
of a variable frequency drive – at
an affordable price and with an
outstanding level of reliability.
The compact PowerXL™ DC1
variable frequency drive for standard
applications can be configured and
put into operation quickly and easily.
PowerXL™ DA1 variable frequency
drives, designed for machine
building, are available with a wide
variety of communication protocols.
In addition, an integrated function
block editor and a powerful vector
control mode make them perfect
for highly dynamic applications.
• Performance range 0.06 - 3
kW with 400 V
• Voltage range 42 - 500 V
• Compact: 30 mm width
• Hybrid switching technology with
30 million switching operations
• Push-in terminal type
• Integrated reversing
starter function
• Integrated emergency stop
function up to SIL3
• Wide-range overload protection
• Gentle, smooth motor/
pump start, up to 110 kW
• Contactless switching, rapid
and noiseless actuation
• Perfect overload protection
thanks to the PKE motorprotective circuit breaker
• Version with minimum
temperature of -40 °C
• Speed control up to 7.5 kW
• Commissioning without
• No special drives engineering
skills or knowledge
• Can be used to replace
contactors, motor starters,
reversing starters and soft
starters in applications with a
constant frequency below or
above the supply frequency, a
variable motor speed, and an
inrush current with a magnitude
equal to that of the motor's
rated operational current
• Speed control up to 250 kW
• U/f and vector control (SLV, CLV)
• DA1 with 200% torque at 0 rpm
• Integrated EMC filter
• DA1 with integrated
function block editor and
STO (Safe Torque Off)
• CANopen and Modbus
RTU on board
• Degrees of protection: IP20,
IP55 (DA1) and IP66
• Driving the motor
• Messages with motor current,
load status, detailed trip
reasons (e.g., phase failure)
• Reading back the settings
for overload current
• Driving the motor
• Setting parameters
such as ramp times
• Detailed additional information
and fault states
• Powering the soft starter
• Driving the motor
• Setting parameters such as
speed, ramp times, max. motor
current, motor voltage, etc.
• Detailed additional information
and fault states
• Driving the motor
• Setting parameters such as
speed, ramp times, max. motor
current, motor voltage, etc.
• Detailed additional information
and fault states
Circuit Protection
Digital residual current
circuit breakers.
Miniature circuit breakers
NZM circuit breakers
XNH fuse
I/O modules
Miniature circuit breakers and
residual current circuit breakers for
faults and additional protection,
featuring digital functions designed
to improve system availability.
These digital functions include
a warning system that makes
it possible to detect gradual
faults early on. Type A, B, and B+
digital devices are available.
With one single product family,
NZM circuit breakers provide
reliable overload and shortcircuit protection for systems,
generators, transformers, and
motors. Their comprehensive
accessories, global type approvals
and listings, and worldwide
availability make them the ideal
choice for demanding protection
requirements in the machine
and system building industry.
XNH fuse switch-disconnectors
feature a much wider range of
safety functions than that required
by the IEC/EN 60947-3 standard.
Moreover, a large number of
device versions and comprehensive
accessory options ensure that these
units can be used in a broad range of
applications. These characteristics,
combined with outstanding ease
of installation, make it easy to
implement projects safely and
in a cost effective manner.
Digital and analog input/output
modules: Featuring an IP20
degree of protection when used to
integrate conventional actuators
and sensors in a control panel
or an IP67 degree of protection
when directly installed on the
sensors/actuators on a machine.
• Rated operational current:
MCB up to 125 A Digital
RCCB up to 80 A
• Rated operating voltage: MCB
up to 277/480VAC Digital
RCCB up to 240/415 VAC
• Rated frequency: 50 Hz
• Rated tripping current:
Digital RCB up to 300 mA
• Sensitivity: The digital RCCBs are
availbale as Type A, B and B+
• Braking capacity MCB up to 25 kA
• 4 sizes up to 1600 A
• Voltages up to 1000
VAC and 1500 VDC
• Switching capacity from
25 kA up to 150 kA
• Thermal magnetic and
electronic trip blocks
• Available as switch
disconnectors, main switches,
and emergency stop switches
• Basic device with flat
or box terminal
• FCL fuse monitoring with LED
• Electronic FCE fuse monitoring
• Mounting options:
60 mm busbars, mounting
plates, DIN-rails
• Electricity theft protection guard
• Can be locked with a padlock
• Switch cover for maintenance
work in safe holding position
• 1, 2, 3 and 4 pole up to 630 A
• Can be used with NH000, NH00,
NH1, NH2, and NH3 fuse-links.
Module versions with:
• Digital inputs, digital outputs,
digital inputs/outputs
• Analog inputs (0 - 10 V,
0 - 20 mA, temperature), analog
outputs (0 - 10 V, 0 - 20 mA)
• Counter input
• Circuit breaker status
• Trip indication
• Indicating load currents, advance
overload warning, detailed trip
reasons (e.g., ground fault)
• Reading back the settings
for overload current, etc.
• Power meter (S0)
• Connecting a remote switch unit
• Disconnector status (open, closed)
• Fuse tripped
• Providing information on
instantaneous load currents
• Reading and writing digital
and analog values
• Setting parameters
• Diagnostics information
EATON SmartWire-DT
SmartWire-DT® in
system applications.
Putting power into potato-sorting
SmartWire-DT® helps to increase
productivity and uptime and simplify
maintenance for end users, reducing
engineering time and increasing
flexibility when designing, installing
and commissioning plant.
Background: German company Schaltanlagenbau
Gormanns GmbH was responsible for the electrical power
supply and drives in a fully automated potato sorting plant
that was part of an extensive new building project.
Challenge: The plant, designed to process 120 tons of potatoes
per hour, had to be up and running on time for harvesting
season and needed to be simple to operate. The project
required the installation of 250 drives for conveyor belts,
pumps, fans and machines as well as 50 command points.
Solution: Eaton’s SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system meant
project completion in just four months, with wiring reduced to
an eighth of a conventional wiring solution. Cross wiring was
reduced from 1km to 50m, and the cabling required for the
control circuit devices on the machines reduced by around 40%.
“I was sceptical about whether SmartWire-DT could do
what it promised,” says Sebastian Gormanns, Managing
Director at Schaltanlagenbau Gormanns GmbH. “I
have seldom seen anything so simple. Instead of the
two weeks required for commissioning our previous
sorting plant project, we only needed 1.5 days with
this project. And when a problem comes up, we can
explore the system remotely, diagnose and correct it."
12EATON SmartWire-DT
Tapping into efficiency
Background: Acque del Basso Livenza S.p.A. runs one of the
largest purification plants in Italy, serving over 140,000 customers
in nineteen municipalities. The company has always been
committed to offering its customers a high standard of service
efficiency and quality, as well as facing the challenges posed
by recent liberalization of water supply services and the
resulting competition.
Challenge: The plant is entirely automated and operates
in a continuous cycle. So whenever one of the motors or
pumps in a plant malfunctions, off-site technicians need
to be notified of the event and need to be on call 24 hours
a day. Problems reduce overall plant productivity and
involve considerable personnel management costs.
Solution: Using SmartWire-DT, the company can remotely
control each single piece of machinery in the plant. A remote
connection via VNC enables technicians to monitor in real-time
the amount of current absorbed by each motor and, in the event
of overload or a technical stop, immediately re-energise the
motor simply by tapping the screen of a tablet or smartphone.
Breaking new ground
Background: Austrian contractor Keckeis was engaged
to upgrade a crusher and screening plant operating in
harsh conditions that undermined optimal productivity.
Challenge: When starting iced-up elevating conveyors
in cold temperatures, frozen water in the belt pockets
can cause motor currents to overload, shutting
down the conveyor and requiring a restart.
Solution: After upgrading the sand and gravel plant with
SmartWire-DT, the iced up belt can be automated to ‘run warm’
until the operating current has dropped to ‘idle running’, and
only then is material conveying enabled. Accidental material
conveying and excessive warm running are prevented. A far
greater benefit is the controlled operation of the plant close to
its maximum output limit for optimized and safe plant operation.
The new system has radically changed plant
management for the company in terms of efficiency,
productivity and personnel management costs.
“Using SmartWire-DT in combination with Eaton‘s PKE
electronic motor protection has not only paid for itself very
quickly in terms of investment but also in terms in system
availability. As well as the neat and extremely fast wiring
of SmartWire-DT, its space-saving design was ideal for the
limited space available in the control room,” says Manfred
Keckeis, general manager at Keckeis Elektrotechnik.
EATON SmartWire-DT
SmartWire-DT® in
machine applications.
Increased reliability and diagnostics for
tunnel-boring machines
SmartWire-DT® can help to reduce
installation cost by up to 85%, increase
commercial flexibility and machine
availability whilst providing MOEMs
and customers with rich data from
their machines, leading to intelligent
decision-making that maximizes
the potential from Industrie 4.0.
Background: German company mts Perforator develops and
manufactures tunnel-boring machines for trenchless pipe jacking
of supply and disposal tunnels, as deep as 40m below the ground.
Challenge: In remote underground environments, where precision
and reliability of operation are vital, conventional point-to-point
control wiring of components such as switching devices, sensors
and actuators carries the risk of errors and malfunctions.
Solution: Using SmartWire-DT, mts benefits from a considerably
faster assembly, fewer errors and less risk of manipulation,
along with detailed remote diagnostic functions. The
combination of PKE and SmartWire-DT delivers enhanced drive
monitoring, with process-relevant data monitored continuously
and analyzed without costly analog I/O technology.
The company is able to monitor the current states
of the 50 tunnelling machines presently in operation
worldwide. It can quickly carry out remote diagnostics
in the event of a fault, provide a solution and ensure
improved system availability for end customers.
“Eaton‘s smart devices enable us to implement detailed
data access worldwide down to the field level,” says
Norbert Simdon, working in electronic support at mts.
14EATON SmartWire-DT
Cleaner wiring solution
Background: US-based Renegade Parts Washers manufactures
heavy-duty parts washing machines for numerous applications.
Founded in 1996, the company has grown from offering a
single solution to now having the capability to manufacture
customized solutions built to their customers’ specifications.
Challenge: Customers depend on a solution that will quickly and
efficiently clean a high volume of parts and demand the shortest
lead time between production and final end-user installation.
With the increasing complexity of its machines, Renegade
was looking for ways to optimize its production processes.
Solution: A machine control system based on the
SmartWire-DT communication system cut wiring time,
improved flexibility, and supported the implementation of
advanced diagnostic features. This meant simpler machines
at a lower cost and with added functionality. Extension up to
600m outside the control panel also allowed the connection
of sensors and other machine-mounted devices.
Packed with benefits
Background: Macchi SpA is a leading Italian manufacturer of
plastics processing equipment. The company produces plastic
stretch-wrap film widely used for packaging in almost every
industry, typically for wrapping pallets loaded with products.
Challenge: Macchi needed to develop a control
system for the extruders, coil winders and cutters on
a sophisticated new film-manufacturing machine that
helps to cut end user costs and delivers significant
environmental advantages through using less film.
Solution: SmartWire-DT wiring technology brings important
benefits, including a smaller control cabinet, reduced wiring
complexity and easier testing. Significant time savings in the
manufacture, testing and commissioning of the machine were
achieved, and the flexibility of the SmartWire-DT system makes
it easy to incorporate future upgrades and modifications.
“SmartWire-DT has transformed our control systems,”
says Dave Barney, owner of Renegade Parts Washers. “It
has allowed us to cut our wiring times while improving the
flexibility of our systems and adding advanced diagnostic
facilities that are a big selling point when we talk to our
customers. We’ll certainly be using SmartWire-DT on all
of the automated machines we build in the future.”
“The project has been a great success,” says Mauro
Andreoli, Sales Manager at Macchi. “We expect to be
using SmartWire-DT technology again in the very near
future, and consider it to be a big and very important
step forward in control system technology.”
EATON SmartWire-DT
Better solutions for machine builders worldwide
At Eaton, we provide compact and complex machine
and system solutions for the world market.
These solutions are focused on helping end users
to make tangible improvements in productivity
and profitability with machines that are:
• Simpler, more compact and lower cost
• More reliable
• More energy-efficient
We serve the electrical engineering of all parts of a machine.
Our circuit protection solutions help to better protect people and
assets. Our SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system enables users
to connect electrical and hydraulic devices, from controllers to
sensors, reducing costs and increasing uptime. Our ergonomic
human machine interfaces ranging from a reliable push button up
to a innovative multi-touch HMI/PLC offer best in class solutions
to operate and control. Finally our modern motor starter and drive
solution for safer, more reliable and energy-efficient operation.
For more information, visit or
Eaton Industries (Netherlands) B.V.
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T: +31 (0)418 57 02 00
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