Digitus DA-70451
USB 3.0 to VGA Adapter
One computer - up to 6 display devices - no additional video
The DIGITUS USB 3.0 to VGA Adapter extends your
workspace with an additional monitor, TV or
projector via the USB interface. You can use 6 other
graphic adapters simultaneously on the PC and add
or remove a monitor without rebooting the system.
This adapter supports resolutions up to 2048x1152,
video streaming up to 1080p and multiple playback
modes via main or extended display and mirror. The
USB 3.0 to VGA adapter impresses with its elegant
black housing and without additional installation of
graphics cards. Because when the driver is installed,
the USB-attached monitor is activated immediately.
The power supply runs through an USB port, so
there's no additional external power supply needed.
• Extends your desktop workspace (dual display); add-on
monitor, TV or projector via USB
• Compliant with USB specifications 3.0
• Supports multiple display modes on one PC: Primary,
extended, mirror
• User-friendly application: screen rotation, multi-display
management, smart monitor ID detection (EDID)
• Up to 6 graphic adapter simultaneously for PC
• Add or remove monitor without system reboot
• Supports High Resolution up to 2048 x 1152
• Video streaming is supported up to 1080p
• USB bus powered
• Resumes from hibernation and suspend modes
• Supports Windows 7, Vista and XP
• DIGITUS USB 3.0 to VGA Adapter
• Support CD-ROM
• Quick Installation Guide
• USB cable
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