viber x2 - Benchmark PDM

viber x2 - Benchmark PDM
Vibration Measurement Instrument
Complete delivery is
Rechargeable batteries
VIBER X2™ is designed for maintenance/repairer and operators
personnel that needs a reliable, fast and easy to use tool for basic
condition monitoring checks in rough conditions.
Accurate measurements for 4 selectable frequency ranges.
Real-time measurement of the total vibration level and the Bearing Condition (BC), shown
Measurement units and measurement presentation may be selected by the user from the
following list, note that also Imperial units are available:
o g (RMS, Peak or P-P)
o mm/sec (RMS, Peak or P-P)
o μm (RMS, Peak or P-P)
o inch/sec (RMS, Peak or P-P)
o mils (RMS, Peak or P-P)
Bearing Condition measurements in a wide frequency range (0, 5 - 30 kHz
Bar indicator shows measurement stability.
Fast and easy fault analysis displaying the highest peak frequency in CPM or Hz.
Large dynamic range of the vibration signal.
Low power consumption and Lithium batteries gives a long user time.
High performance accelerometer.
Clear vibration and danger alarms by red and yellow colour LED’s.
Alarm and warning for easy inspection.
Advanced technology with DSP processor.
Display with backlight.
Several languages.
Adjustable Auto-shut off for energy saving.
Dust and waterproof, for rough use (IP 65).
ver. 1.7 Eng
Technical data
Input amplitude range
+/- 25 g RMS
Bearing condition
5 gBC
2 - 400 Hz
4 – 1600 Hz
6 – 3200 Hz
10 -1000 Hz
Bearing condition
0.5 to 30 kHz
Frequency range
Depending on
+/- 250 g
Note 1
Note 2
Vibration units
g, mm/s, μm, in/s, mils
Note 3
presentation of amplitude
RMS, Peak, Peak-Peak
Note 3
Frequency range
Highest peak range
2 – 1600 Hz
4 Hz – 1 KHz
4 – 3200 Hz
8 Hz – 1 KHz
10 -1000 Hz
10 Hz – 1 KHz
Bearing condition
± 3%
± 0.5 Hz
Standard 100 mV/g± 5%
Frequency of the highest peak
Vibration transducer
Note 4
Battery operating time
LCD display
34 hours continually measuring for a full charged battery pack.
Note 6
B&W 64 X 100 pixels with background light
Power consumption
Enclosure protection
100 mA (average)
Sleep mode
Less than 20μA
IP 65
Operating temp. Range
Note 5a
Note 5b
0 to 80 °C
Note 7
480 g
Note 8
Note 1. User selectable
Note 2. Hardware high pass filter with -3dB attenuation
at 475Hz.
Note 3. User selectable
Note 4. User selectable unit between Hz and CPM.
Note 5a. Full scale is 50g for acceleration, 200 mm/s for velocity
and 3000μm for displacement.
Less than -3dB attenuation for lower frequencies.
Note 5b. Over 0.03 gBC
Note 6. Battery life depends on backlight.
Backlight adds about 40mA
Note 7. Storage temperature from -20°C to 90°C.
Note 8. Instrument including battery and transducer.
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