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Cisco Compact Micro Amplifier A93262 Mounting Instructions

(100-240 VAC)


This document provides instructions for mounting the Cisco Compact Micro Amplifier


For complete information on Safety Instructions, Installation and Operation of the amplifier, refer to the Cisco Compact Micro Amplifier Installation and Operation

Guide, part number 4039536.


The following diagram shows the accessible components for configuring the amplifier.

Refer to the I&O Guide listed above for details.



Be aware of the size and weight of the amplifier when mounting. Ensure that the mounting location has a stable flat surface, and can safely support the amplifier’s maximum weight. Please use the appropriate type of screws and screwdrivers, depending on the mounting method.

Mounting Material: The amplifier’s housing with its compact dimensions is designed for wall/cabinet mounting. It is mounted vertically and cables are routed through the bottom of the housing to allow natural ventilation and to secure the best possible operation conditions. The amplifier can be mounted on the wall of concrete, brick, wood, metal, etc., or in the cabinet.

Cisco Compact Micro Amplifier A93262 Mounting Instructions

(100-240 VAC)

Mounting Steps:

1. Use two mounting screws to mount the amplifier. The screw size is M5 and the distance between two mounting screws is 141 mm.

2. Tighten the two mounting screws. Make sure the amplifier is fixed steadily.

See the following diagram for instructions:

Figure 1: Mounting Instructions

Power Supply

100 - 240 V Mains Supply

The amplifier has factory mounted mains cable and plugs, which according to approval provisions may not be altered. The power unit is double insulated and supplies only a single amplifier. When the LED lights from the light guide in the power unit, the power unit is supplying correct DC voltage.

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