Requester - Quick Reference - AIRS

Requester - Quick Reference - AIRS
Requester - Quick Reference
Accessing OK Corral
 From, login with your O-Key Login & Password.
 On the left side of the OK Corral homepage, review the Bulletin Board information for new
announcements or training materials.
The User Profile Menu
1. Click the drop-down to the right of your name located in the top banner. Click View My
Profile then click User Information and Settings.
2. Click the User Profile and Preferences. Review/edit User’s Name, Phone Number,
Email, etc.
3. Click the Email Preferences. Review/edit Email Preferences.
4. Click the Language, Time Zone and Display Settings and review/edit these settings. 
Reminder: Preferred email format is HTML
5. User can access, view, and make updates to My Pending Requisitions, My Recently
Completed Requisitions, and My Recently Completed Purchase Orders.
6. Click the Home Icon or the OK Corral Logo to exit My Profile.
Reviewing Action Items
Action Items are items that require some sort of action from the active user such as a
requisition to approve, carts assigned to me, price file to review, etc. Action items are
accessed from the Action items menu option in the top banner.
Assigned Shopping Carts
 Requesters process assigned shopping carts from shoppers as well as create their own
carts. Shoppers specify one person to be the requester for their cart, and action must be
taken before the cart can be reviewed and routed for Approval as a Requisition.
To process an assigned cart click Action Items  Carts Assigned to Me.
There are four sections,
, My Drafts, Drafts Assigned to Me,
and My Drafts Assigned to Others.
 My Returned Requisitions - lists Requisitions that have been returned to the
Requester by one of the Approvers. Take action by reviewing the comments. The
cart can be edited and the requisitions can be submitted again by clicking the
 My Drafts – lists carts that you are currently working on. The
icon denotes the
active cart the Requester is working on. The
icon denotes an available cart.
Only one cart at a time can be active.
 Drafts Assigned to Me – lists carts that have been assigned to the Requester by
Shoppers or other Requesters. These require action by the Requester.
 My Drafts Assigned to Others – lists carts that you have assigned to others for
review. You may unassign a cart by clicking the Unassign button and the cart will be
returned to your My Drafts carts list.
Click the
icon to make any cart the active cart and will allow you to make edits.
Ways to Shop
 Please refer to the Shopper –Quick Reference guide.
Proceed to Checkout
 Clicking Proceed to Checkout will present the summary
details that will be part of the future Requisition. Typically this level of information will be prepared
by the Requester.
Adding Ship To, Billing Address and Accounting Codes, etc.
 Shoppers can assign a cart without completing this information.
1. Missing information, such as Campus Code, Shipping, Accounting Codes, etc. will appear as an
error at the top of the page.
2. Enter the required fields as needed and click the Save button.
Splitting Distributions across Account Codes
1. On the Requisition  Summary tab, scroll down to the Accounting Codes section.
2. Click the line edit button. Click the Add split link - Select % of price (or other) from drop down
menu button. Enter the split % price.
3. Enter the proper information, then click the Save button.
About Notes and Attachments
Internal Notes and Attachments may be added to the requisition. Attachments remain with
the requisition / purchase order indefinitely, and are visible to all approvers of the requisition.
1. Click Action Items 
To Me in the top banner. Click Shopping Cart
Name to open cart/requisition.
Oklahoma State University and the A&M Systems
OK Corral Helpdesk 405-744-5985
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Requester - Quick Reference
2. Click the Proceed to Checkout button, and then click the Requisition  Summary tab.
3. Scroll down to the Internal Notes and Attachments section.
4. Click the add attachment... link. Add file or URL. Click the
Submit Requisition
 When all edits are complete, click the Submit Requisition button. This starts the
requisition workflow. If Submit Requisition button is not available, click the Final Review
6. Click Remove Line for any line items where goods or services were not received
7. Enter the received Quantity – or – Cost. Click Save Updates, then click Complete.
Requisition and Purchase Order Search
 All requisitions and purchase orders are permanently stored within OK Corral.
1. Select Orders & Documents in the icon tool bar at the left of the home page. Select
Search Documents, enter your search criteria such as a requisition, purchase order
number, or supplier name and select Go.
2. The Quick Search icon
in the top banner will also allow the user to conduct quick
searches. Click Quick Search and select the drop-down menu. Select the category and
Reviewing the Requisition Approval Status
 To check the approval status of a requisition:
1. From the top banner, click User Profile Menu, and then click My Pending Requisitions.
2. Click the requisition number  PR Approvals tab to view the approval status.
3. Click the view approvers link to view the responsible approvers.
Withdrawing a Requisition from Workflow
 Requisitions which are pending (not fully approved) can be withdrawn from approval
 Important Reminder: Once a requisition is withdrawn, it cannot be edited or resubmitted to
1. Click User Profile Menu on the navigation bar. Then click My Pending Requisitions tab.
2. Click the requisition number  PR Approvals tab to view the requisition’s status in
approval workflow.
3. Select Withdraw Entire Requisition in the Available Actions drop-down menu.
4. Click the Go button. Enter the reason for withdrawal. Click the Withdraw Entire
Requisition button.
Creating and Distributing Purchase Orders
 Upon completion of the approval process, the purchase order number is generated and the
purchase order is automatically distributed to the supplier via the supplier’s preferred
distribution method.
 Suppliers are provided with the requesters contact information, as entered in profile, and
will contact the requester directly with questions or concerns.
Receipting Purchase orders will require a receipt to indicate invoice payment approval. An
email notification is sent when a receipt is necessary.
1. Locate the purchase order from Orders & Documents  Search Documents.
2. Click the PO number.
3. Select Create Quantity Receipt – or – Create Cost Receipt and click the Go button.
4. Enter a unique Receipt Name (if needed).
5. Enter the Packing Slip No. and attach a scan of the packing slip (if needed).
Oklahoma State University and the A&M Systems
enter the document number then select search.
3. Click the requisition, purchase order, receipt, or invoice number to view the document
summary, detail, and approval history.
4. You can also filter by Custom Fields appropriate for the document, such as Campus Code,
Contract or Accounting Codes such as Account String or Sub Code.
Deleting Carts
1. Requisitions cannot be deleted; however they can be withdrawn from workflow. Please
see the Withdrawing a Requisition from Workflow section
2. To delete carts, click Carts Assigned to Me My Drafts.
3. Locate the appropriate cart and click the Delete button.
Assigning and Ending Substitute Requesters
1. Click Action Items  Carts Assigned to Me  My Drafts.
2. Click on the Assign Substitute link and search and select the appropriate user name.
3. Choose the selected user.
4. Click the End Substitute link to end the substitution.
Consolidating Shopping Carts (for Hosted Catalogs, Forms or Non-Catalog Items)
When a requester consolidates shopping carts (from a shopper), the shopper loses visibility
of the original shopping carts. You cannot consolidate Punch-out shopping carts.
1. Click Action Items  Carts Assigned To Me on the top banner
2. Click on the name of a shopping cart (you want to combine) to make it your active cart.
3. Select the appropriate line(s) by checking line checkbox () or Select All .
4. Select Move to Another Cart from the dropdown menu.
5. Select the appropriate cart to which the selected line items are to be moved. Click the
Move button to complete the action...
OK Corral Helpdesk 405-744-5985
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