192 kHz PCI Digital Audio Interface
Two-channel balanced analog I/O
Mastering-quality 24-bit analog conversion
200 kHz maximum sample rate
AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital I/O with SRC on input
Flexible external clock synchronization
Extremely low jitter sample clock generator
Drivers for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and MacOS
The Lynx L22 is a professional audio interface card intended for use in the most
demanding audio recording, post-production, broadcast, and measurement
applications. Based on LynxTWO technology, the L22 can capture or generate signals
beyond the audio band up to 100 kHz with extreme accuracy.
Using proprietary circuit topologies and custom components in the analog stages
coupled with the latest converter technology, the L22 achieves a 115 dB dynamic range.
Most importantly, advanced noise-rejection design techniques are incorporated to
maintain this performance in real world use from computer to computer.
Glitch-free recording and playback is assured due to the L22's large on-board buffers
and extremely efficient zero-wait state DMA engine. These features provide tolerance to
system latencies and significantly reduce load on the host CPU.
The onboard digital mixer is extremely flexible allowing the L22 to adapt to any studio or
workstation configuration. Each of the mixer's 16 outputs is capable of mixing signals
from 16 physical inputs or 16 playback tracks with 32-bit precision. A choice of dither
algorithms is available on each input to mask low-level artifacts while reducing word
widths to 8, 16, or 20 bits.
The L22 provides I/O expansion via its two LStream™ ports. Combined, these ports allow
16 channels of additional I/O from external ADAT, AES/EBU, or TDIF devices*. The ports
can also be used to route data and synchronize to other L22's or LynxTWO's to create
high channel-count systems.
As with other Lynx products, the L22 provides unprecedented compatibility with a wide
range of platforms and operating systems. Lynx device drivers are developed in-house
to insure quality and robustness.
*Requires LS-ADAT, LS-AES, or LS-TDIF interface module
Lynx Studio Technology Inc.
[email protected] • www.lynxstudio.com
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