HP CZ208A Datasheet
Reinforce security
Reduce costs
Restore control
HP Access Control USB Proximity Reader
Control printer access easily, with HP Access Control USB Proximity Reader. Employees
simply scan their corporate proximity badge for instant authentication and access to device
functions on HP printers and MFPs—no need to type logins or passwords.
Authenticate instantly
Enroll independently
HP Access Control USB Proximity Reader is
a sophisticated device that reads corporate
proximity badges. Badge access allows the
close control of device functions, without the
hassle of typing in logins and passwords.
The reader’s unique self-enrollment function
makes it easy for users to enroll their badge or
remove it from the system without IT support.
Control access to print jobs
When combined with the HP Access Control
Secure Printing module, users can reclaim print
jobs stored on the printer, MFP disk or remote
servers, simply by swiping their badge.
Control access for MFPs
Include up to a million users
Each MFP can recognize up to one million
users. The list of badges and users can either
be instantly validated against LDAP or Active
Directory, or stored securely on your MFP
hard drive.
Supported proximity badges
Save time on everyday functions
The HP Access Control USB Proximity Reader
simultaneously supports both HID Prox and HID
iCLASS cards by default. The reader can also
be programmed to read a combination of any
two proximity card protocols from the available
28, including Mifare, Indala, and more. Please
contact your HP account manager for other types
of badges.
Pre-populate email address fields and more, with
the information gathered during badge validation.
Alternate authentication
Administrators define which MFP applications
require badge access. Once a badge is
validated and the MFP receives user-specific
information, the user is granted access to
applications according to his or her access level.
Alternate PIN or LDAP authentication is available
for users without badges.
Touch here to set the number
Use this dial to adjust the control panel
of copies.
contrast if screen is too light/dark at your
Nothing is printed, copied,
height. or faxed until the employee authenticates with his or her proximity badge.
Use the contextual help
icon to view a list of help
topics for any function you
are currently using.
RESET to log you
to previously adm
defined defaults.
STOP to list canc
print, copy, e-ma
The GLOBE icon (if enabled)
Easy installation
allows keyboard and display lan-
guage to be temporarily switched
The reader to
directly to HP LaserJet
your preferences.
printers or MFPs or select Canon MFDs, making
installation simple. HP Access Control USB
Proximity Reader works with software that runs
inside the printer to validate user identity and
level of access for optimal security.
Supported devices
Supports most HP LaserJet printers, MFPs and
digital senders as well as select Canon MFDs.
Please contact your HP sales rep for more details.
Package includes:
Use the up/down arrows
and fax jobs whe
scroll if needed:
A torequired
status light is gree
CE and FCC certified WEEE
to access
ENROLL ME icon to
self-enroll badges.
Supported clients and/or servers
is selected in the
performs a simpl
Windows® Vista Server 2000/XP/2003/2008,
x32 and x64 bit support, TCP/IP between printers
and server MS SQL Server for roaming printing
Note: A Windows server is required for the server application
to support printing from non-Windows operating systems.
For more information on HP Access Control
solutions, contact your local HP representative
or visit www.hp.com/go/gsc.
HP proximity reader, firmware module, cabling,
HP HIP pocket covers, routing adhesive brackets,
and a user and administrator guide
HP three-part approach
HP works with you to assess, deploy and manage an imaging and printing environment tailored to meet your business needs, while reducing costs,
conserving resources and simplifying document-intensive processes with our three-part approach:
Optimize infrastructure
HP can help you achieve a balance between
your total cost of printing and your needs for
user convenience and productivity.
Manage environment
Working together, HP can help you maintain
your optimized infrastructure while improving
business efficiency and tightening security.
Improve workflow
By streamlining your document-intensive
processes, HP can help you deliver a
more efficient environment for capturing,
managing and sharing information.
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