Technical Data Sheet.
Technical Data Sheet.
Matting Component
MA 100
Permasolid® Matting Component MA 100 gives Permasolid®
HS Automotive Top Coat Series 275 a matt top coat finish
on plastic parts.
For professional use only!
VR Technical Data Sheet No. 0100/12/2009 - GB
1 / 25.02.2010
Suitable substrates:
1) Fully cured, well maintained and lightly sanded original or
old finish.
2) Plastic parts coated with a primer and surfacer
Substrate pretreatment:
For plastic parts, see System Data Sheet "Paint System for
Plastic Parts" (VR Technical Data Sheet No. 903.1).
Clean all substrates carefully with Permaloid® Silicone
Remover 7010 or Permaloid® Silicone Remover 7799.
Sand lightly.
Before further treatment carefully clean substrate with a suitable
cleaning agent to remove dust and residues.
Permasolid® Matting Component MA 100
Permasolid® HS Automotive Top Coat Series 275
Permasolid®VHS Hardener 3225
Permasolid®VHS Hardener 3230 slow
Permasolid® VHS Hardener 3240 extra slow
Matting Table:
Mixing ratio
(% by weight)
MA 100
Series 275
Gloss level (GE)
according to DIN 67530
60° angle
85 - 95 GE*
80 - 90 GE*
75 - 90 GE*
60 - 90 GE*
25 - 65 GE*
Depends on the colour, the gloss level of light colours drops more than the gloss level of dark colours when MA 100 is added.
The gloss level is affected by other factors, as well. See table listing parameters affecting the gloss level.
2 / 25.02.2010
Mixing ratio:
Crosslink the matting mixture:
4:1 by volume with
Permasolid®VHS Hardener 3225
(for small to medium-sized areas at medium temperatures)
Permasolid®VHS Hardener 3230 slow
(for larger areas at medium temperatures)
Permasolid® VHS Hardener 3240 extra slow
(for large areas and high temperatures)
See Technical Data Sheet
Permasolid® VHS Hardeners.
Pot life:
Ready for use 60 - 90 minutes at +20°C.
Permacron® Reducer 3364
Permacron® Reducer 3380
Permacron® Reducer 3365 slow
Permacron®Reducer 3385 slow
Method of application:
Application viscosity
18 - 20 seconds
4 mm, +20°C, DIN 53211:
Reducer at +20°C material
Spray nozzle*:
Spray pressure*:
Atomising pressure*:
Number of coats:
Recommended film thickness:
1.3 - 1.4 mm
1.3 - 1.4 mm
2.0 - 2.5 bar
0.7 bar
2 coats
with intermediate flash-off
50 - 60 µm dry film thickness:
See manufacturer's instructions!
3 / 25.02.2010
Special notes.
1. It is not necessary to add Permasolid®
Elastic Additive 9050.
2. Permasolid® Matting Component MA 100 is not suitable for
matting clear coats.
3. Permasolid® Matting Component MA 100 is thixotropic.
The material becomes liquid after stirring.
4. The actual gloss level achieved is influenced by various
factors aside from the colour.
The following table shows some additional parameters and
their effect on the gloss level.
5. Permasolid® Matting Component MA 100 may influence the
hiding power.
Higher gloss level
Lower gloss level
faster hardener
slower hardener
faster reducer
slower reducer
higher application viscosity
lower application viscosity
higher dry film thickness
lower dry film thickness
shorter flash-off time
longer flash-off time
force drying
air drying
Factors influencing the degree of gloss:
Different hardeners, reducers, methods of application, drying
conditions and film thicknesses lead to different degrees of
gloss (up to 20%)
Air drying
At +20°C ambient temperature:
dust dry:
30 - 50 minutes
dry for assembly:
5 - 6 hours
4 / 25.02.2010
Force drying:
5 - 10 minutes
Flash-off time:
Drying time at +60°C metal temperature:
30-40 minutes
Infrared drying:
5 - 10 minutes
Flash-off time:
short wave:
5 minutes at 50 % power
10 minutes at 100 % power
Viscosity as supplied:
above +23°C
Flash point:
Solids content:
46.0 % by weight
31.2 % by volume
Specific weight:
1.13 g/m³
VOC content:
The EU limit value for this product
(product category IIB.e) in ready to use form
is max. 840 g/litre of VOC.
The VOC content of this product in ready to use form
is max. 600 g/l.
5 / 25.02.2010
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subject at the date of issuance. The Information is given for information purposes only. We are not liable for its correctness, accuracy and
completeness. It is up to the user to check the information with regard to up-to-dateness and suitability for his intended purpose.
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