Effective audio quality is now more important than ever for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Electronic
Field Production (EFP) applications because, even with high-quality video, lacklustre audio performance will
result in a mediocre production. The DMX-P01 Digital Portable Mixer is the Sony answer to these high-quality
audio requirements. Not only does the DMX-P01 offer outstanding audio quality, it is also one of the most
user-friendly mixers in the ENG and EFP markets.
With full 24-bit processing and a sampling rate of either 48 kHz or 96 kHz, the DMX-P01 provides sound
quality comparable to high-end production mixers. Its front panel is designed to allow fast, easy and
accurate setting adjustments – essential when working in the field. It also includes other useful features
such as panel-lock and parameter-lock functions, selectable meter scales, camera-audio return-level check,
memory function, digital cascade capability and digital outputs.
All of this functionality and versatility is packaged into one sleek, compact and lightweight body that can be
used effortlessly in any field production.
Excellent Sound Quality/
Full Digital Processing
Full Parameter Controls
from the Front Panel
In order to provide outstanding sound quality for
ENG and EFP applications, the DMX-P01 offers
full digital-audio processing. Its 24-bit A/D and
D/A converters provide a high level of linearity for
analogue inputs and outputs. Internally, the unit
utilises 32-bit digital processing for maximum
throughput. In addition, the DMX-P01 has a
sampling rate that is selectable from either 48 kHz
or 96 kHz.
The DMX-P01 puts all of its controls at your
fingertips, with a cleanly organised and logical
layout on the unit’s front panel. The DMX-P01
processes audio digitally, so parameters that are
used less frequently are stored internally and
accessed only when needed. Using the front-panel
controls and easy-to-read LCD allows full control
of every parameter without the need to remove the
unit from its audio-organiser case. The LCD panel
is also equipped with a backlight, so the unit can
be used in low-light conditions too.
High-Quality Digital Limiters/
By using digital limiters and compressors,
the DMX-P01 can provide extremely high-quality
sound in one small package. Limiters are available
at the input, and both limiters and compressors
are available at the output for maximum flexibility.
Link/M-S Operation
Oscillator/Talkback (selectable)
• 4 microphone/line inputs with XLR
type balanced connectors
• +48 V power for each microphone input
• Digital cascade input with phono connector
• Microphone/line gain-level control
• Level control knobs with stereo-link facility
• Selectable sampling rate (48 kHz
or 96 kHz) for A/D converters
• Links input levels, LCFs, and PAN controls
for channels 1/2 and 3/4
• Links output levels for master left/right
• Decodes M-S microphone inputs,
and links the input levels of channels
1/2 and 3/4
• Phase reverse on channels 2 and
4 (M-S decode)
• Oscillator: 1 kHz pilot-tone signal
into all outputs
• Talkback: slate into all outputs
• Momentary and alternative modes
for both oscillator and talkback
• 2 balanced outputs with XLR-type
• Digital AES/EBU output (stereo)
with XLR-type connector
• Coaxial output connector for mix-bus output
(for cascade) or S/PDIF digital output
• Stereo tape output with unbalanced
3.5 mm TRS jack
• Switchable output mode: stereo or monaural
• Selectable output-level control for
L/R master outputs and camera send
• Selectable sampling rate (48 kHz
or 96 kHz) for D/A converters
• Variable pan controls
Low Cut Filters
• Adjustable cut-off frequencies for
2 user settings (A/B)
• Quick parameter-recall switch
with OFF/A/B positions
• Digital limiters on both inputs and outputs
• Digital compressors on outputs
• Precise parameter control on threshold
and ratio value, attack and release time
• Link function (ON/OFF switchable)
• LED indicators for output limiter/
compressor operation
LCD Panel
• Various level-meter displays: VU, PPM1
(BBC-type), PPM2 (DIN-type), PPM3
(NORDIC-type), PPM4 (IEC-type1), dBFS
• Displays setup menus and allows various
parameter settings
• Ten user-scene memory settings
(each including level meter, LCF,
limiter/compressor and link status)
• Six scale sheets supplied for different
level-meter calibrations
• Back light
• Heated LCD* for low-temperature conditions
• 2 outputs: 1/4-inch phone jack and
3.5-mm mini jack
• Six monitoring modes: left output, right
output, stereo output, left/right-mixed
monaural, M/S decode and camera return
• Level-control knob
Camera-Audio Send/
Return-Level Control
• Stereo return from a camcorder via
12-pin balanced connector
• Precise level control on LCD with
auto-evaluation function for return level
• Monitoring capability with headphones
• External DC 10 to 15 V input with
4-pin XLR connector
• External DC 10 to 15 V input with
jack connector
• DC 10 to 15 V output* with 4-pin Hirose
connector for a wireless microphone receiver
• 8 internal AA-size (LR6) batteries for
approximately 5 hours of continuous
• Spare battery-compartment for quick
battery change
* When operated on alkaline batteries, power is
not supplied to the wireless microphone receiver
nor is the LCD panel heated.
Panel-Lock and Parameter-Lock
One major concern for audio engineers in the
field is the accidental bumping of controls, which
can inadvertently change the sound settings.
The DMX-P01 safeguards against this with its
Panel-Lock feature, which can be set to secure
all of the control settings, or selected individual
control settings. With the lock engaged,
physical contact with the controls will not alter
their settings. In addition, a Parameter-Lock
feature also avoids inadvertent parameter
Left panel
Flexible Meter Scales
Because the DMX-P01 is a digital mixer, the
meter calibrations can easily be changed from
one type to another without the need to replace
the entire meter. Six easy-to-change meter
scale sheets are supplied: VU, PPM1 (BBC-type),
PPM2 (DIN-type), PPM3 (NORDIC-type), PPM4
(IEC-type1) and dBFS. Simply insert the desired
scale sheet and select the appropriate meter type
from the setup menu. The DMX-P01 will display
the audio level according to the scale selected.
Right panel
Camera-Audio Return-Level Check
The DMX-P01 enables users to visually verify that
the mixer’s audio level matches the level
recorded to the camcorder tape. This is done
using the Camera Return-Level mode, available
in the setup menu. Simply send a reference tone
signal to the camcorder and the level difference
between the mixer output and camcorder return
signal will be displayed. Then adjust the marker
to the central position, and the level adjustment is
Camera Return Check with Camcorders
Memory Function
The DMX-P01 processes audio digitally, so users
can effortlessly store and recall parameters from
the setup menu. There are two memory functions:
“Power-On Memory Recall” and “Scene Memory
• Power-On Memory Recall - When the DMX-P01
is powered on, the system is capable of
recalling parameters in three different ways:
with the default factory settings, with the same
settings as the last time the unit was used, or
with the parameters of one specific scene
• Scene Memory Recall - This feature allows
users to recall up to ten different user-defined
parameter settings or the factory default
settings. In situations where a single unit is
required to serve multiple users or multiple
shooting scenarios, these features can prove
Camera Return Check: +4 dB
Output level is set +4 dB
Since Camera Return Level is -10 dB,
the DMX-P01 LCD indicates a position
of -10 dB for the Camera Return Level.
Digital Cascade
For applications requiring additional inputs,
DMX-P01 mixers can be cascaded using a digital
connection between mixers. The benefit of
cascading mixers digitally is that sound quality is
not degraded, as it would be when cascading
analogue mixers.
Digital Output
The DMX-P01 is equipped with a digital output,
which can be used to send audio to digital
peripheral equipment such as DAT recorders.
AES/EBU and S/PDIF (IEC 60958) coaxial
interfaces are available for master outputs.
Camera Return Check: Not available
Monitoring of return signal is possible.
1 Scene Change
2 Operator-Sharing
(Scene 1)
Scene 1 = User 1
Scene 2 = User 2
Scene 3 = User 3
Low Cut Filter Frequency
Input Limiter
Output Compressor/Limiter
Stereo Link or M-S Mic
Default Recall
Sound Engineer 1
Scene 1 = My setting
Sound Engineer 2
Scene 2 = My setting
Scene Recall
(Scene 1)
3 Rental Company
4 Avoid Inadvertent Operation
• Each user needs different meter scale type
• Audio engineers never compromise subtle difference of the filters
This will be a scoop.
Never miss it !
BBC Scale
Nordic Scale
• The controls will not alter the settings with
Panel-Lock function, e.g. input volume
controllable, the other functions are locked.
• Meter scales are selectable with one unit
• Parameter can be set by user
• Parameter can be easily turned back to default
Application 1
Bodypack TX
Portable DAT
(Back Up)
Portable RX
Application 2
Portable DAT
(Back Up)
Bodypack TX
Portable RX
Application 3
Bodypack TX
Portable RX
Bodypack TX
Portable DAT
(Back Up)
Portable RX
Bodypack TX
Application 4
Bodypack TX
Bodypack TX
Portable RX
Portable RX
Portable DAT
(Back Up)
Bodypack TX
Application 5 (EFP)
Stereo Boom
Mic with CCXA-53
Video Recorder
Portable RX
MD Recorder
Bodypack TX
Portable RX
Portable DAT
(Back Up)
(TCD-D10 Pro II)
HD Recorder
Channel inputs (analogue) 4 ch, XLR-3-31 (x 4), electrically balanced,
microphone power; +48 V (on/off)
Mic level; -70 to -30 dBu (max. -10 dBu), 2.2 kΩ or more
Line level; -30 to +10 dBu (max. +30 dBu), 10 kΩ or more
Cascade input (digital)
2 busses (L/R), coaxial, 75 Ω
Master outputs (analogue) 2 ch (L/R), -60/-20/+4 dBu (max. +24 dBu), XLR-3-32 (x 2),
balanced, 600 Ω load or more
Master outputs (digital) 2 ch (L/R), AES/EBU, XLR-3-32 (x 1), 110 Ω load
2 ch (L/R), IEC 60958 coaxial (x l), 75 Ω load
Tape outputs (analogue) 2 ch (L/R), -10 dBu (max. +10 dBu), 3.5 mm dia. TRS jack,
unbalanced, 10 kΩ load or more
Camera send/return
2 ch (L/R), 12-pin, female, balanced,
Send level: -60/-20/+4 dBu (max. +24 dBu), 600 Ω load or more
Return level: 0 dBu (max. +20 dBu), 10 kΩ
A/D converter
24 bits
D/A converter
24 bits
Sampling frequency
48 kHz or 96 kHz
Signal processing
32 bits
Low cut filter
70 to 400 Hz (at 96 kHz sampling frequency), 12 dB/octave
50 to 400 Hz (at 48 kHz sampling frequency), 12 dB/octave
Input/output limiter
Threshold: 0 to +20 dB
Output compressor
Threshold: -20 to +10 dB (2 dB steps)
Ratio: 2:1, 4:1, 6:1, or 10:1
Attack time: 0.5 ms, 10 ms, or 100 ms
Release time: 0.1 s, 1.0 s, or 2.0 s
Frequency response
20 Hz to 40 kHz +0.5/-3.0 dB (at 96 kHz sampling frequency)
20 Hz to 20 kHz +0.5/-1.0 dB (at 48 kHz sampling frequency)
Total harmonic distortion
0.05% or less
Equivalent input noise
-130 dBu, 150 Ω terminated, IHF-A (typical)
-90 dB (1 kHz) or less
Delay time
1 ms or less at 96 kHz sampling frequency, including A/D D/A
2 ms or less at 48 kHz sampling frequency, including A/D D/A
Level meter calibration
VU, BBC-type DIN-type, NORDIC-type, IEC-type1,
dBSF (selectable)
1/4-inch TRS jack (x 1) and 3.5-mm dia. TRS jack (x 1)
with level control
Operating voltage
DC 12 V (eight AA-size (LR6) alkaline batteries)
DC 10 to 15 V via XLR 4-pin connector and DC jack
Battery life
Approximately 5 hours
(with Sony AA-size alkaline (when the sampling frequency is 48 kHz and the LCD backlight
batteries (LR6MG) at 25 º
and +48 V microphone power are not used.)
Power supply
DC 10 to 15 V via 4-pin Hirose connector, female
(to wireless microphone)
Operating temperature
0 to +45 ºC (+32 to +113 ºF)
Storage temperature
-30 to +70 ºC (-22 to +158 ºF)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
266 x 68 x 206 mm (10 1/2 x 2 3/4 x 8 1/8 inches)
Approx. 2.2 kg (4 Ib 13 oz)
Supplied accessories
Spare battery-compartment (x 1), 12-pin male connector (x 1),
meter scale sheets ( x 1 set), operating instructions (x 1)
rubber foot (x 1 set)
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