g Street WAY - Chris Alston`s Chassisworks

g Street WAY - Chris Alston`s Chassisworks
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gStreet Ultimate Pro-Touring Chassis System
Ultimate Pro-Touring State
g Street
•‘67-81 Camaro/Firebird
•‘64-73 Mustang/Cougar
•Project inquiries welcome
"...saving hours of fabrication
time and effort, while significantly
shortening the timeframe to deliver
a top-tier performance vehicle."
The ultimate bumper-to-bumper chassis solution for high-horsepower, bigtire, pro-touring projects is now available as an off-the-shelf item. Builders
can take advantage of Chassisworks robust engineering and manufacturing
capabilities, saving hours of fabrication time and effort, while significantly
shortening the timeframe to deliver a top-tier performance vehicle.
The complete system consists of the following: Chassisworks’ fabricated
front subframe with modified engine position and drivetrain angle;
replacement double-walled rockers; 3 x 2” subframe connectors; choice of
4 x 2” canted-4-link or torque arm with watts link rear frame; fabricated
transmission-tunnel and lowered seat-mount assembly; complete interior
tin kit, including front and rear floor, wheel tubs, trunk floor, and rear
firewall. The exact-fit roll bar or roll cage with forward support struts can be
added to create an extremely rigid performance platform suitable for 1,000
horsepower engine combinations, with room for large enough tires to put
that much power to good use.
Tire Sizes (‘67-69 Camaro): The front subframe accommodates tires up
to a 12.25” section width with 26.3” overall height (305/30-19) with a
full 30-degree turning angle. The rear has ample room for 14.25” sectionwidth tires with 28.2” overall height. The prefabricated wheel tubs allow
room for even larger tires when they become available.
• Fully-optioned system engineered
to support over 1,000 hp in
performance handling applications
• Double-A-arm front suspension
with rack-and-pinion steering
• Highly adjustable geometry canted-4-link or torque arm with
watts link rear suspension
• Available in full-frame,
firewall-back, and back-half
• Front Tires (Camaro): Fits 305/30-19 (12.25” section
width, 26.3” overall diameter)
• Rear Tires (Camaro): Fits 345/30-20 (14.25” section
width, 28.2” overall); larger tires
when they become available
gStreet Ultimate Pro-Touring Frame System (‘67-69 Camaro shown)
Ultimate Pro-Touring State
g Street
Relocated Engine
Mounts (improves
weight distribution)
Mounts for
OEM Bumper
Billet Control Arm
Mounting Bosses
Gemini Connector for
Forward Support Strut
Fits 305/30-19 Tires
(12.25” section width)
(26.3” overall diameter)
Mounts for
Anti-Roll Bar
Body Mounts
4x2” Suspension
3x2" Subframe
4 x 2 x .120”-wall
3-Position Boxed
Lower-Link Mount
4 x 2 x .120”-wall
CNC MandrelBent Frame Rails
Fits 345/30-20 Tires
(14.25” section width)
(28.2” overall diameter)
3-Position ShockMount Crossmember
3 x 2 x .120”-wall
Frame Connectors
Exhaust Ports
1 x 2 x .120”-wall
Driveshaft Oval
Folded Upper-Link
Anti-Roll Bar
Mounting Sleeve
2 x 2 x .120”-wall
Trunk Floor Outriggers
(Supports roll cage,
batteries, and additional
Front Subframe System
Similar in construction to Chassisworks existing double-Aarm Camaro subframe, the enhanced gStreet subframe
features redesigned frame rails to increase
maximum tire section width from 285 to larger
305-wide (12.25”) tires. Engine mounts are
repositioned rearward to improve weight distribution
and leveled to provide bellhousing, transmission and
exhaust clearance necessary for the significantly lower ride
height of the complete frame system.
One-Piece 4 x 2” g-Machine Crossmember
Bent-tube, billet-component crossmembers are a
completely closed, rigid structure with greater strength
and resistance to bending and twisting than other
designs. Formed from a single piece of 4 x 2 x .120”
steel tubing, large-radius mandrel bends are placed
at each end to distribute loads throughout the
crossmember, eliminating fatigue points at critical
areas. Slots for the billet-mount tabs are machined in
a large horizontal machining center with dedicated
fixturing to guarantee correct component geometry,
ensuring the suspension moves as designed.
Locating features are machined into each crossmember to
enable self-positioning of billet components.
Interlocking-Slot-Tab Technology
Self-fixturing female slots used with machined male
tabs provide an interlocking assembly method that
enables A-arm, rack and pinion, and shock mounts to
be accurately positioned in all axes. This guarantees
the suspension will perform as designed. Noninterlocking designs are not nearly as accurate after
welding. Superior spray-arc welding process produces
the best weld penetration with excellent appearance.
Billet-Aluminum Body Bushings
Billet rack-and-pinion mount inserts into machined
crossmember slot.
’67-81 Camaro/Firebird and
’68-74 Nova (set of 6)
Billet Side Motor Mounts
Part Number
Chevrolet LS Series (long), Anodized Aluminum
Chevrolet SB, BB, V6, Bare Aluminum
Chevrolet SB, BB, V6, Anodized Aluminum
Chevrolet SB, BB, V6, Polished Aluminum
Pontiac V8, Billet Steel and Welded Construction
Small-Block, Big-Block, V6
Replacement Double-Wall Rockers
A significant amount of chassis strength and rigidity is gained by installing the optional prefabricated doublewall rocker sections. The inside shell of the OEM rocker is removed, revealing the empty outer-body wall,
and replaced with the heavier-walled Chassisworks’ rocker with boxed interior structure. Seat belt mounts
and wiring access channels are built into the rockers to simplify final vehicle assembly. The improved rocker
provides a far superior structure on which to mount the rear-frame crossmember and roll bar or roll cage.
Main hoop and cage side reinforcement plates, such as those used on OEM sheet metal, are not required
with the Chassisworks’ rockers.
Firewall Rocker End (left):
The new rocker extends through
the firewall and features a large
support gusset.
Stainless Caps (left/right):
Access holes at each end of the
rocker allow wiring or plumbing
to be safely routed through each
rocker structure. Removable
stainless steel caps are provided
for easier installation of
bulkheads or grommets.
Back-Half Rear Frame
Chassisworks’ canted 4-bar Camaro rear frame system is a truly
versatile high-performance suspension solution, suitable for highpower, big-tire, pro-touring projects that require more strength and
stiffness than systems mounted to the OEM sheet metal can provide.
Achieving a very low rocker ground-clearance height of 4” with
massive rear tires was one of the system goals. We are proud to
state that nearly all of the normally ‘one off’ chassis and sheet metal
fabrication that is required to tuck extremely large tires, drivetrain,
and exhaust into your Camaro is expertly built into a neatly packaged
‘off the shelf’ system. To ensure perfect geometry and fit with
minimal effort while saving considerable installation time, rear frames
including front crossmember ship as a factory-welded subassembly
with unattached 2 x 2” trunk outriggers and 3 x 2” front subframe
connectors for easier installation. The 4 x 2 x .120”-wall rear frame is
designed with minimal rise over the rearend housing and maximum
clearance above the driveshaft and third-member to allow more room
in the rear seat and trunk areas without sacrificing suspension travel.
•Fits 345/30-20 rear tires
(13.5” section width)
(28.2” overall diameter)
•Highly adjustable triangulated
4-link rear suspension
•4 x 2 x .120”-wall boxed tubing
frame rails stronger than OEM
•Supported trunk floor for NoFab
battery mount and fuel tank
•Ships as factory-welded assembly
•Complete line of NoFab accessory
components to complete build
Frame Manufacturing
All components are professionally spray-arc-welded
by Chassisworks’ welding staff in a controlled
environment using computer-designed fixtures and
production-quality equipment.
Tall driveshaft loop allows body to sit lower over the
drivetrain without risk of driveshaft contact. Crossmember
features factory-welded, dual 4”‑ID exhaust ports.
Multiple mounting points for each of the
suspension components, including shocks, control
arms, and anti-roll bar, enable highly adjustable
suspension geometry that can be fine-tuned to
match the performance requirements and weight
distribution of your specific vehicle. Suspension
component options include tubular-steel or billetaluminum suspension links with pivot-ball ends,
factory-welded FAB9™ housing, ball-end anti-roll
bar, and VariShock coil-over or air-spring shocks.
3-Position Upper Control Arm Mount
3-Position Lower Control Arm Mount
3-Position Upper Shock Mount
3-Position ShockMount Crossmember
Anti-Roll Bar
Mounting Sleeve
2 x 2 x .120”-wall Battery Mount Loops
2 x 2 x .120”-wall
Rear Crossmember
Upper-Link Crossmember
3-Position Boxed
Lower-Link Mount
Exhaust Ports
1 x 2 x .120”-wall
Driveshaft Oval
Upper-Link Hardware Access Hole
Raised Crossmember
Driveshaft Clearance
3 x 2 x .120”-wall
Frame Connectors
4 x 2 x .120”-wall
4 x 2 x .120”-wall
Frame Rails
Factory-Welded Seat Mount Assembly
The seat mount area can be an extremely timeconsuming area of the chassis to manually
fabricate. Seating position, overall rigidity of
the area, strength of the mounting bosses,
and adequate drivetrain clearance are all
extremely important for safety and comfort.
Chassisworks addresses these issues with a
prefabricated, factory-welded assembly (shown
below) that simply drops into place for final
welded installation.
To improve driver comfort, the seating position
is lowered 1” to provide additional headroom
and increase visibility below the windshield
brace. The front crossmember is specially
fabricated to cleanly transition from the
tunnel’s sharper bends over the transmission
to the larger U-bent panel between the front
seats. The rear of the hump features a layered
inset to perfectly position the adjacent hump
panel. Rear tubular supports are notched to
achieve the lower seating position and straddle
the subframe connector. All seat and safety
harness mounting locations are integrated into
the factory-welded assembly.
Installed lowered-seat-mount assembly shown with prefabricated
front floor, transmission tunnel, driveshaft tunnel, and rear floor.
Prefabricated Floor and Wheel Tub Kit
The Camaro prefabricated floor kit replaces ALL floor and drivetrain-tunnel sheet metal from the base of
the firewall to the rear tail lamp panel. Large sheet metal spans are bead-rolled to strengthen each panel,
significantly reducing flex and vibration. To facilitate clean, rapid, and accurate installation, folded lips, inset
lap joints, and plug-weld holes are designed into each component.
To accommodate the significantly lowered ride
height of the frame system, the transmission
and tunnel have been moved upward. The
drivetrain tunnel provides adequate clearance
for the larger T-56 transmission and dual
3”-diameter exhaust.
The rear floor panels feature contoured flares
for exhaust clearance; note the intricate fit of
the tunnel, floor, and rear seat pan. The height
of the driveshaft tunnel section and wheel tubs
also hint at the position of the rearend housing
in relation to the vehicle floor. The seat pan
and rear firewall show the pre-drilled plugweld holes, a simple but timesaving feature.
The rear seat pan follows the top edge of
the frame rails and continues into the trunk.
This installation shows the optional remote
shock reservoir mount insert. The wheel
tubs, fuel tank, and side panels close out the
trunk floor. An optional billet battery mount
is also available.
The optional stainless steel fuel tank really
completes the look of the trunk. Sending unit
and trunkfill gas cap are shown. A remote-fill
hardware set is also available.
gStreet Exact-Fit Roll Cage
High-clearance cage sides, windshield brace, and
rear struts makes our Exact-Fit roll cage an excellent
choice for pro-touring performance applications to
add a level of protection and increase chassis rigidity. Cages are mandrel bent in a variety of steel tubing
types, including 1-5/8 x .134" mild-steel, 1-5/8 x
.083" 4130, 1-3/4 x .134” mild-steel, and SCCAcompliant 1-3/4 x .125” DOM. The removable back
brace with billet clevis ends comes standard. Door
bars are included and can be installed at a ‘street
style’, hip-height position for
easier entry and exit
from the vehicle,
or positioned
at a higher
‘race style’ position
◾◾'67-69 Camaro/Firebird
for increased
◾◾'67-70 Mustang
driver protection.
Optionally available
hardware permits
removal of door bars when greater access is required.
Spring-loaded faspins are standard removable bar
hardware, with push-button L-handle locking pins
and polished-stainless spud bolts offered as an
upgrade option.
◾◾Cages Available In...
◾◾1-5/8" x .134" Mild Steel
◾◾1-5/8" x .083" 4130
◾◾1-3/4" x .134" Mild Steel
◾◾1-3/4" x .125" DOM
• Significantly increases chassis rigidity
• Maximizes interior space using
multiple CNC compound bend angles
• Expert cage fabrication quality and fit
with off-the-shelf convenience and
• Removable back brace included
• Optionally, door bars can be
converted to removable
• Removable Hardware Styles: standard
Faspins, quick-release L-handle pins,
or polished-stainless spud bolts
Swing-Out Clevis Sets
Dual-purpose design makes a roll-cage side
bar or back brace fully removable — or,
simply swing it out for easy entry! In gStreet
applications, clevis sets are provided for the
driver's and passenger's cage-side bars, and for the
main-hoop back brace. Clevis tube adapters match the
specific ID and OD the selected cage or roll bar. Swingout side bars are NHRA-accepted.
Safety Notes – gStreet Roll Cage/BarFor
safety purposes, roll-cage padding must be applied
along any areas of the cage that occupants may come
into contact with. Due to the additional cage-side
and rear-strut bends, and removable door bars and
back brace the g-Machine cages are not intended for
competitive motorsports. Our competition series rollcages are designed for ultimate strength and safety, and
are better suited for serious competitive applications.
gStreet Exact-Fit Roll Cage
Side Bar Mounting Options
Street Style - Lower hip-height bars provide greater vehicle
access and can be made removable with optional faspins,
quick-release L-handle pins, or spud bolts.
Race Style - Higher mounted bars provide greater protection
and can be made removable with optional faspins, quickrelease L-handle pins, or spud bolts.
Removable Hardware Options
Standard Faspins with
spring-loaded ball lock.
Polished Spud Bolt shown at lower side
bar clevis.
Prices - Exact-Fit Roll Cages
'67-69 Camaro, 1-5/8 X .134", ERW Mild Steel
'67-69 Camaro,1-5/8 X .083", 4130 Steel
'67-69 Camaro, 1-3/4 X .134", ERW Mild Steel
'67-69 Camaro, 1-3/4 X .125", DOM Mild Steel
'67-68 Mustang, 1-5/8 X .134", ERW Mild Steel
'67-68 Mustang, 1-5/8 X .083", 4130 Steel
'67-68 Mustang, 1-3/4 X .134", ERW Mild Steel
'67-68 Mustang, 1-3/4 X .125", DOM Mild Steel
'69-70 Mustang, 1-5/8 X .134", ERW Mild Steel
'69-70 Mustang, 1-5/8 X .083", 4130 Steel
'69-70 Mustang, 1-3/4 X .134", ERW Mild Steel
'69-70 Mustang, 1-3/4 X .125", DOM Mild Steel
*introductory pricing for Mustang chassis
Quick-Release L-Handle Pins side bar and
back brace clevis.
Options - Exact-Fit Roll Cages
In Front of Dashboard
Through Dashboard
Weld-In Side Bars
Removable Side Bars Swingout
Removable Side Bars, Quick Lock L-Handle
Removable Side Bars with Stainless Spuds
Attaches to gStreet Frame
Attaches to OEM Trunk Floor
Attaches to DSE 4-Link Coil-Over Crossmember
Standard Bolt-In Attachment
Push Button Quick Lock L-Handle
Stainless Spuds
gStreet Exact-Fit Roll Bar
Featuring 1-3/4 x .134", mild-steel construction and
high-clearance rear struts, our Exact-Fit roll bar is
an excellent street-car-friendly choice. A removable
back brace is included for easier access to the rear
seat area. The low hip-height, weld-in side bars allow
easy access as well as increase rigidity of the Camaro
unibody structure. Optionally available hardware
permits easy
◾◾'67-69 Camaro/Firebird
removal of the side
◾◾'67-70 Mustang
bars. Removable
hardware options
include: spring-loaded faspins, quick-release ball-lock
L-handle pins, or polished stainless-steel spud bolts.
Roll Bar (no side bars)
• Back Brace Hardware Options
• Standard Hex Bolts
• Quick Lock L-Handles
• Stainless Spuds
• Rear Strut Options
• For gStreet Frame
• For OEM Trunk Floor
• For DSE 4-Link Shock Crossmember
Roll Bar with side bars
• Back Brace Options (see above)
• Rear Strut Options (see above)
• Side Bar Options
• Weld-In Bars
• Standard Hex Bolts, Removable
• Quick Lock L-Handles, Removable
• Stainless Spuds, Removable
gStreet Exact-Fit Roll Bar
Removable Hardware Upgrades
Quick-Release L-Handle Pin - Pushbutton ball-lock pin available for quick
removal of door bar and back brace.
Polished Spud Bolt - Stainless-steel
male and female custom fasteners
with no snag beveled head.
Gemini Connector - OPTION
The optional removable side
bar system uses our in-houseengineered Gemini connector
to securely fasten the door
bar strut to the subframe
with no decrease in
available room for
the driver’s feet. The
Gemini connector is
an easy-to-assemble,
precision slip-fit joint that is substantially
stronger than a welded joint.
gStreet Exact-Fit Roll Bar (no side bars)
Includes mild steel, 1-3/4 x .134"-wall main hoop, back brace,
rear struts, and floor plates
'67-69 Camaro
'67-68 Mustang
'69-70 Mustang
Standard hex Bolt hardware
Push Button L-Handle Hardware
polished stainless spud Hardware
Rear strut
For gStreet Frame
For OEM Trunk Floor
For DSE 4-Link Shock Crossmember
gStreet Exact-Fit Roll Bar with Side Bars
Includes mild steel, 1-3/4 x .134"-wall main hoop, Side Bars,
back brace, rear struts, and floor plates
'67-69 Camaro
'67-68 Mustang
'69-70 Mustang
Side Bar Options
Weld-In Side Bars, non-removable
bolt-in, removable Bars
Push Button L-Handle, Removable Bars
Polished Stainless Spud, Removable Bars
Standard hex Bolt hardware
Push Button L-Handle Hardware
polished stainless spud Hardware
Rear strut
For gStreet Frame
For OEM Trunk Floor
For DSE 4-Link Shock Crossmember
Front Suspension Package
Suspension Kit:
• g-Machine adjustable upper control
arms with polymer pivot bushings
• g-Machine 1-1/4” crossbraced lower
control arms with polymer pivot
• Billet-aluminum upright
• Infinitely adjustable bump-steer kit
VariShock Shock Absorber Options:
• 4-Way adjustable remote reservoir shocks
• Double-adjustable coil-over shocks
• Single-adjustable coil-over shocks
• VariSpring coil springs with choice of rate
Anti-Roll Bar:
• Adjustable-rate, billet steel arms
• Lightweight gun-drilled bar
• Billet-aluminum mounts with low-friction
polymer bearings
• Adjustable-length spherical-bearing endlinks
Front Suspension Package
Rack & Pinion:
• Power Rack and
Pinion with billetaluminum mounts
• Left- or right-hand
drive versions
Brake Options:
• 15 x 1.25”-wide, cross-drilled
rotors with black E-coat finish
• 14 x 1.25”-wide, cross-drilled
rotors with black E-coat finish
• Wilwood Aero6 6-piston, radialmount calipers (black, red, or
nickel with Thermlock® pistons)
• Baer 6S 6-piston, forgedmonoblock calipers (black, red, or
silver powder-coat finish)
Rear Suspension Package
Suspension Links
• g-Link Upper Arms
• Billet alloy steel with low-friction, pivotball ends
• Double-adjustable link with increased
pinion angle adjustment range
• g-Link Lower Arms
• Tubular 4130 steel with pivot-ball ends
• Adjustable length for proper alignment
Anti-Roll Bar
• Ball-End Anti-Roll Bar with
billet-aluminum arms
• Low-friction polymer pivot
• Eliminates bulky mounts; fits
tight to underbody
Rear Suspension Package
VariShock Shock Absorbers
• 4-Way Adjustable Remote Reservoir
• Double-Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks
• Single-Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks
• VariSpring Coil Springs with choice
of rate
Billet Shock Mounts
• 3-1/2” ride-height adjustment
range to accommodate different
tire diameters
• Billet-aluminum construction
• Double-shear mounted
FAB9 Rearend Housing
• Fabricated mild-steel or 4130 sheet
metal construction
• Multiple suspension mounts to
adjust geometry
gStreet Ultimate Pro-Touring Chassis System
Ultimate Pro-Touring State
g Street
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gStreet Chassis Kits - Prices and Options
gStreet Chassis Kits - Prices and Options
◾◾gStreet Full-Frame Package
gStreet Chassis 67-69 Camaro & Firebird Contains: Welded A-Arm & 4-Link/Torque Arm Frame, Engine and
Transmission Chassis Mounts, Inner Rocker Panels, Roll Bar, Seat Platform Tunnel Transition, Complete Floor
Behind Firewall with Transmission & Driveshaft Tunnels, Wheel Tubs & Package Tray Bulkhead, Accepts g-Machine
or Pro-Billet Upright Front Suspension, 4-Link or Torque-Arm With Splined Antiroll Bar Rear Suspension
◾◾gStreet Suspension Packages
gStreet Chassis Steel Spindle A-Arm Front Suspension Includes Steel Front Spindles, g-Machine Upper and Lower
Control Arms, Power Rack and Pinion with Bumpsteer Adjustable Tierods, Splined Antiroll Bar, Varishock CoilOvers with Springs. Optional Disc Brakes
gStreet Chassis Billet Upright A-Arm Front Suspension Includes Billet Aluminum Front Spindles, Wide-Trac Billet
Upright Upper and Lower Control Arms, Power Rack and Pinion with Bumpsteer Adjustable Tierods, Splined
Antiroll Bar, Varishock Coil-Overs with Springs. Optional Disc Brakes
gStreet Chassis 4-Link Suspension Includes Canted Tubular 4-Link Suspension, Splined Antiroll Bars, Varishock
Coil-Overs, Springs & Billet Shock Mounts. Optional Disc Brakes
gStreet Chassis Torque-Arm Suspension Includes Torque Arm with Tubular Lower Control Arms, Watts Link,
Splined Antiroll Bar, Varishock Coil-Overs, Springs & Billet Shock Mounts.
Optional Disc Brakes
Gas Tank
Roll Bar/
Roll Cage
Fuel Tank Trunk Fill with Billet aluminum Aircraft Cap, without Key (5921-F10-T)
Fuel Tank Remote Fill with Taillight Panel Mounted Billet Aluminum Aircraft Cap, with Key (5921-F10-R)
Single-Adjustable VariShock Coil-Overs (pair)
Double-Adjustable VariShock Coil-Overs (pair)
4-Way Adjustable Remote-Reservoir VariShock Coil-Overs with Reservoir Mounts (pair)
FAB9 Direct Bolt-In Housing with Late-Big-Ford Ends (84F10-F01)
FAB9 Direct Bolt-In Floater Housing with Axles and Unit-Hub Floater (84F10-F0B)
Extra Strength Housings are available with 4130 Steel Construction
14” 6-Piston Front Billet Upright Red or Black Calipers (8377)
15” 6-Piston Front Billet Upright Red or Black Calipers (8378)
14” Disc Rear Floater (8380)
15” Disc Rear Floater (8381)
Parking Brake Upgrade
Thermlock® Piston Calipers with Nickel Finish (pair)
Removable Forward Struts, Mild Steel (pair) (7060-F1-M)
Removable Forward Struts, 4130 (pair) (7060-F1-A)
Roll Cage Upgrade from Roll Bar
Removable Side Door Bars (pair)
Stainless Spud Hardware for Side Door Bars and Backbrace
All prices subject to change. Current pricing available at www.cachassisworks.com.
Chris Alston’s Chassisworks, Inc.
8661 Younger Creek Drive
Sacramento, CA 95828
Order: 800-722-2269
Tech: 916-388-0288
Fax: 916-388-0295
[email protected]
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Rev. 04/12/2016
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