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AG BAG Polska Sp. z o.o.
AG BAG Grain Bagger
AG BAG Grain Bagger machine is designed for bagging and storage of dry and wet grain
(including food grains) and various wet food industry by-products. The technology ensures
inexpensive and flexible storage of valuable crops without high capital investment into
silos or warehousing facilities.
AG BAGGER CT8 machine is designed for composting organic matter, although,
alternatively, it can be used for packaging, for instance, whole sugar beet to plastic
sleeves. Sugar beet is one of most effective substrates for biogas production on condition
that it can be safely stored throughout the year. AG BAG technology ensures packaging
and year-round storage of the valuable substrate in plastic sleeves. The machine can be
driven by a tractor or it can be equipped with its own drive motor.
Krampe’s Bandit
Krampe’s BANDIT farm trailer has a rubber bidirectional moving floor. Therefore, the load
can be safely, easily and carefully loaded and unloaded without hydraulic cylinders and
pushers. The rubber floor is driven by two motors located at the front and the back of the
machine. The unit has significantly lower kerb weight, which translates into savings of 1.2
to 1.9 ton. Thus, it can be used for transporting heavier materials, such as soil or sludge.
AGCO Sp. z o.o.
Valtra S-series
The new line of large Valtra S-series tractors includes five models with power ranging
from 270 to 370 HP. The base and heart of the new S-Series is AGCO Sisu Power engine
(known as Sisu Diesel so far) 8,4CTA-4V and AGCO Variable Transmission (AVT). AGCO
variable transmission (AVT) is a proven technology that lets tractor operators improve
work in many ways. The S-series introduces advanced selective catalytic reduction (ACR)
engine technology to farm machinery engines.
Valtra N-Series and T-Series extended with Direct and Versu versions
Valtra N-Series and T-Series tractors have been extended with versions with new Direct
transmission systems equipped with variable transmission, and Versu with multi-ratio
Powershift transmission.
Specific Powershift gears in the five-ratio system is switched using three buttons
ergonomically situated in the operator’s armrest. In the variable transmission tractors the
driver selects the range using a lever, controls the speed with the accelerator pedal and
the direction with a left hand operated shuttle. The new models of Versu and Direct TSeries and N-Series can be easily recognized by new engine bonnet and rear mudguards.
Versu and Direct tractors are extremely easy to operate. All the new tractors are equipped
with Load-Sensing hydraulics and have many optional accessories to choose from.
Challenger 680B
The new 680B model is a combination of innovativeness and proven in every respect
rotary harvester technology. The proven unloading system, large header and high-power
engine ensure increasing the machine’s efficiency. Owing to its 12.5 l Caterpillar® C13
ACERTTM engine with enormous 459 HP, the harvester is more flexible and efficient and
consumes less fuel. The enormous tank can hold as many as 12,300 liters of grain, which
improves performance by extending continuous harvesting periods with fewer crop
unloading breaks. The machine is equipped with the largest header in the sector: it is 3.55
m long and 800 mm wide, which significantly increases the harvesting performance. The
new 680B model is maximum efficiency with lower cost per ton.
FL 720
FL 720 is a combination of machines we already know: receiving hopper, sorting table and
store loader. It was presented for the first time at this year’s Agri Technika. The field
station ensures very good reception of the product, its efficient sorting, separating good
crop by workers and gentle loading onto transport vehicles. It gives you clean product that
can be sent to the client without further sorting or any other handling operations.
Agri Con Sp. z o.o.
Trimble AgFmx parallel driving system terminal
The latest Trimble AgFmx parallel driving system terminal with a double receiver
communicating with GPS and GLONAS satellites and an RTK system radio modem
control operation of automated steering systems: EZ-Steer and Autopilot.
AgriPort Data Port
Internet platform for storing any GIS data related to farming operations of every farm, such
as field areas and outlines, registry data, soil maps, agricultural usability maps, elevation
maps, satellite and photographs, register of agricultural procedures, and other.
Growth Regulator Module for Yara N-Sensor system
The module lets you precisely regulate growth regulators depending on field diversification
by measuring biomass. It can ensure savings of 10 to 20 percent on the cost of chemical
treatment and evenness of the crop field.
Indoor sprinkler arm
Indoor sprinkler arm is equipped with a fast drive engine and a complete set of drive rails,
fasteners, hoses and power cables, including fasteners for fastening rails to the facility’s
structure. The watering nozzles are made of high-grade stainless steel. The nozzle slit
has a flange protecting the nozzle against mechanical damage. Dosatron Di 16
proportional feeder installed on the arm is connected to water mains and its only driving
force comes from the pressure of water: it makes the feeder suck in concentrated
preparation, doses it and mixes with water.
Outdoor sprinkler arm
Sprinkler arms for field production ensure very high accuracy of watering, which translates
into economical water handling. It is an ideal solution for all types of crops.
The arm’s structure is made of zinc-plated steel. A system of strain lines ensures proper
balancing of the whole sprinkling machine. The arm has a drive and transmission system
that can move the machine at 1.5 to 25 m/min. The drive trolley is equipped with special
deflectors ensuring proper positioning of the hose and power line during operation.
Agrotech Baryczka
The new line of Thaler loaders is not only a new design but also reflection of loader users’
concepts: their suggestions were taken into consideration when designing the machines.
Thaler is equipped with a new Bosch-Rexroth steering hydraulic system, Bucher hydraulic
distributors and Comer axles. All the machines are slightly longer and lowering the center
of gravity add even more stability and considerably increased capacity parameters. The
turning angle (60 degrees) ensures incredible manoeuvrability even with the greater
overall dimensions. Lowered by 12 cm, the operator seat is comfortable and gives the
feeling of stability. The machines are the only loaders with hydraulic and pneumatic
absorbers further increasing work comfort, and an automated system for cleaning dry air
Briquetting machine for sawdust, straw and other organic matter
Fully automated briquetting machines for pressing sawdust, straw and other organic
matter. All the mechanical operations are performed hydraulically and are controlled by a
system of electronic sensors with a Siemens computer. What is new in our offer is a
briquetting machine with capacity of up to 150 kg/h with 5.5 kW nominal power, which
considerably reduces the overall operating cost because the actual energy consumption
at 150 kg/h capacity is as low as 3.5 kW/h.
Alpego Sp. z o.o.
Chisel is a tool for penetrating deeper subsoil layers, breaking compacted soil and airing
it. Chiseling prevents forming of water pools and lets rainwater freely seep deep into
subsoil. Through the loosened soil, moisture will easily get to the surface layers, watering
the thirsty roots. The tine penetration angle has been optimized and the needed tractor
power is relatively low. Chisel width can be double of the plow width the tractor usually
Rotary harrow with TWIN FORCE system
The rotary harrow is equipped with special tines for low power consumption and
preventing blocking by soil, and TWIN FORCE system with rotors mounted on cone
bearings. The casing is reinforced for better protection against wear and tear and damage
caused by stones. Owing to its unique construction, the harrow can be used for greater
Pneumatic drill AS 3
Air Speed 3 pneumatic drill is equipped with an innovative system for transporting seeds
from a front container to an intermediate container in the back of the tractor, and then to
the distributor. AS 3 drill combines advantages of traditional seeders with containers only
in the front and drills with containers in the back.
Aqua-Rol Sp. z o.o.
Hose-reel sprinkler machines OCMIS VR
Vario Rain (VR) sprinkler machines are high-tech products. The reel drum is mounted
directly on the chassis and the special wheel positioning ensures easy manoeuvring of the
large machine even when the space is limited. The toothed wheels and rims are made of
top-grade, hard and durable steel. Construction of the sprinkler machine ensures
continuous operation for thousands of hours. The hose guide assembly has a roller with a
large diameter. The machines have a new turbine, even more efficient and resistant to
wear and tear, and a 4-gear, fully synchronized transmission. Another improvement is the
semi-automatic transmission and reel interlocking system. The used reel drive system
minimizes energy losses. This line includes 48 models of large machines in 5 categories.
Mounted on a wheeled trailer, BIOMASSER® MOBILE is a machine for briquetting straw
and hay. BIOMASSER® MOBILE line is designed for pressing straw, hay and other grass
plants using BIOMASSER® technology and makes up a complete production line mounted
on a wheeled trailer. The solution makes it easy to move the briquetting plant to where the
material is stored, for instance to a stack of straw bales at the field or a barn, and start
pressing briquettes right there.
Avant Polska
Avant 420
The latest model of Avant 400 Series is a multi-purpose loader, our response to clients’
needs. It is a compact, economical, universal loader driven by a Diesel engine with
enough power to efficiently operate all year round. Avant 420 combines efficiency,
versatility, manoeuvrability, ergonomics and safety of work.
AD-AC set, AVI 80 and TVI are ALBUZ ceramic sprayers mounted on spraying machines
to be used in orchards. They are designed for best penetration of high tree crowns and
environmental protection during crop spraying.
The 6-nozzle ceramic ESI sprayers by ALBUZ are mounted on double enclosures of
adjustable application hoses and ensure precise RSM dosing. Using this application
system, you’ll be sure that the fertilizer gets exactly where it is needed: in the plant root
system. The angle between the two sprayers is adjustable, which, given the various row
spacing and the risk of overdosing the fertilizer, is very important.
Brinkman Polska Sp. z o.o.
Transplanters are robots used for the automatic transplanting of seedlings from multicell
plug trays into bigger plug trays or pots. With its fingers, the robot draws out a seedling
from a tray cell and puts it into a pot fed by the potting machine. The robot can be
equipped with a few or few dozen fingers. On request, we can produce machines
equipped with a maximum of 48 transplanting heads. Every head has its own drive unit for
vertical and horizontal movement.
Visser seeder
Visser precise seeders are suitable for all kinds of variously shaped seeds including
coated and very small ones. Parameters can be set up to sow a few (3 or 4) seeds into
one cell of the plug tray. The seeders can be used for various types of plastic and
styrofoam plug trays, non-standard trays such as very deep styrofoam plug trays for the
production of forestry seedlings.
Bury Maszyny Rolnicze
KBT PLUS Disc Harrow
Semi-suspended compact KBT PLUS 8.0 m disc harrow is a farming machine suitable for
crops spaced 4, 5, 6 and 7 meters. KBT PLUS disc harrows have unique technical
solutions and solid construction. They are designed mainly for post-harvesting crops and
plow-free agriculture. Other uses include covering aftercrops, mixing fertilizers and
manure with soil and loosening very compacted soil. The main advantage of the harrow is
the working assembly consisting of toothed discs suspended on individual springs. It
greatly improves penetration of soil, even dry, and, at the same time, protects the discs
against damage. KBT PLUS semi-suspended compact disc harrows are hydraulically
retracted, which facilitates driving on public roads.
Compact loader 3507H JLG®
3507H JLG® is the first model of a new line of JLG compact loaders. The curved engine
bonnet, reducing failure frequency related to blocking and dust getting inside during
operation, covers Tier III Deutz engine with 102 HP. 3507H model also ensures
comfortable work environment: the cabin has been elevated, which considerably improved
visibility, and the curved bonnet gave the operator a good view of the right side. The rear
wheels have power steering, so adjusting geometry is really easy.
Claas Polska Sp. z o.o.
Features and dimensions of CLAAS ARION 400 tractor line position it between ARION
500 and AXOS. The new ARION 400 line combines advantages of many tractor classes,
such as manoeuvrability, limited height, lifting capacity of up to 6.5 tons and maximum
authorized total mass 8.8 t (an extraordinary feature for 4-cylinder compact tractors). With
total height of 2.74 m and length of 444 cm, ARION 400 is a really compact unit. The new
ARION 400 is also very comfortable. Let’s start with a lot of space in the soundproof
cabin. There is enough space for a passenger seat. The large windows ensure good view
in any direction and the glazed sunroof (optional) lets the operator watch the front loader
when lifted. Gears are comfortably shifted with buttons, so the operator does not have to
take the hands off the controls.
AVERO 240, the new Claas harvester, is a compact machine positioned precisely
between Dominator 150 and TUCANO 320. The harvester is designed for all the farms
that want to build an own machine park. The key element of AVERO 240 is a completely
new design of the thresher and separator assembly based on 4 straw walkers combined
with Accelerated Pre Separation assembly (APS). A lot of comfort hard to find in the class
is added in the new AVERO 240 by its high-tech cabin. Very spacious, air-conditioned
VISTA CAB is equipped with a passenger seat and adjustable three-position steering
column. It features a cooled compartment, a radio with a CD player supporting MP3
format, Bluetooth hands-free system, a USB port, and a SD card slot. Up to eight side
floodlights ensure perfect visibility at dusk and during night time.
Tucano with CLAAS HYBRID system
The new TUCANO HYBRID is an upper medium class harvester. TUCANO 470 with 326
HP Mercedes Benz engine and TUCANO 480 with 365 HP Caterpillar unit have been
designed as pilot machines in Hybrid technology. Their potential significantly exceeds the
one of TUCANO 450. The performance boosting hybrid system, so far restricted to
LEXION class, now is used in TUCANO 470 and TUCANO 480. The difference compared
to LEXION is that instead of two rotors, TUCANO has one but with a greater diameter.
The HYBRID SYSTEM offers proven features. The number of rotations per minute of the
APS thresher can be set independently of the rpm rate of the ROTO PLUS separator.
Therefore, the whole process can be individually adjusted to the variable harvesting
environment and work conditions throughout the day. It guarantees smooth threshing with
very high throughput. The new VISTA CAB with pneumatically cushioned driver seat and
fully-equipped passenger seat let the operator continue harvesting long summer days.
Case IH
Puma CVX
Puma CVX is an extension of the well-known and appreciated line of Puma tractors
equipped with variable transmission and a new armrest concept. Owing to the ergonomic
positioning of controls in the armrest and indicators placed on the right pillar, Puma CVX
tractors are extremely user friendly. For greater comfort of operation, control of opening
times and throughput adjustment of all 9 pairs of hydraulic outputs is performed using only
one dial, while the 150 l/min hydraulic pump ensures enough output for even most
demanding uses. The heavy duty engines very favourably impact work performance. The
power management system additionally supplies up to 44 HP for particularly demanding
tasks. An automatic 4-wheel drive lock and differential gear as well as active shock
absorption of the front axle guarantee safety and comfort.
Crystal Tractor
Crystal ORION
Tractors from ORION line are modern units built on proven subassemblies of renowned
German suppliers used by such tractor manufacturers as Same, Deutz Fahr, Fendt, Case,
Lamborghini, Valtra. The new line has been designed for clients looking for average and
high power tractors characterized by simple and easy operation but ensuring reliability
and high performance parameters. The latest ORION units are equipped with Common
Rail engines characterized by very low emission of exhaust gasses, meeting the
requirements of EURO III standard, low fuel consumption and very high durability and
reliability. Owing to the electronic injection control, the engine has high torque at low rpm,
which offers a lot of flexibility and power boost.
Rolnet Classic
Raschel net consisting of 50 specially weaved warp chains with expanding properties
(EXTEND), made of standard triangular elements. The net expands after being pulled
from the roll. It has a broad range of applications in crop harvesting, particularly when
stored bales are protected from precipitation.
Rolnet Powerful
Raschel net consisting of 50 specially weaved warp chains with expanding properties
(EXTEND), made of mixed triangular and trapezoidal elements. Selected central sections
of the material include triangular and trapezoidal elements, which makes the weave
thicker and thus increases the resistance of the net in the central zone. The net is
designed for harvesting heavy materials or when bales are stored in the open for a longer
time. The reinforced thicker, more compressed section of the net prevents breaking when
the harvested material is moist due to precipitation and swells in the central part of the
Raschel net consisting of 50 specially weaved warp chains with expanding properties
(EXTEND), with symmetrical triangular weave and its mirror reflection. Edge sections of
the net are provided with an extra warp thread. As a result, bale edges are better
protected, while the symmetrical net weave ensures an excellent spread on the rolls of the
baling machine. If allowed by machine design, edge sections of the net overlap bale rims,
smoothing out any sharp stalks with additionally thickened edge segments. As a result,
the net can be successfully applied to harvesting crops for silaging.
Rolnet S
Raschel net consisting of 50 specially weaved warp chains with expanding properties
(EXTEND), made of standard triangular elements. Edge sections of the net are reinforced
with an extra warp thread.
Goliat is a disc harrow compact in construction and easy to operate. Its versatility ensures
good mixing of post-harvesting remains and stubble. It is available in the following working
widths: 3.0, 4.0, 4.8, and 5.6 m. The work assembly consists of two rows of misaligned
discs whose position ensures aggressive cutting of soil in one pass. Aggressiveness of
the discs changes with the working depth (regulated using the tractor’s hydraulic system).
Owing to adjustable tine spacing of the front frame in relation to the rear frame of the
cultivator, soil flows more smoothly, even when it is very cloddy. It is designed for
cultivation of soil before sowing and loosening surface layers of soil, breaking and
crushing clods of dry soil, and compacting it for better capillary ascent of ground water.
Farmer F4-6258 and F4-7258
The tractors are equipped with economical 4-cylinder, 2.5 l John Deere engines. Their
main advantage is driven front axle with high load. So, the machines have four wheel
drive and the assembly’s compact and durable construction allows mounting a front loader
with high capacity: even up to 1600 kg. The model has a modern transmission system
(with a shuttle) with 8 gears for forward driving and 8 gears for reverse, sufficient for using
a power take off shaft (PTO) with two work modes (coupled and independent) and two
work rpm speeds. A comfortable and safe cabin has been designed for the new models,
improving performance and appearance of the tractor.
Farmtrac 7100 DT
Farmtrac 7100 DT is equipped with Perkins 1104D-44T, a 4-cylinder, 72 kW/98 HP drive
unit, meeting the requirements of Euro IIIA standard. ZF’s drive system has transmission
with 32+16R gears (powershift, inching gears) and the tractor can drive at 40 km/h. The
machine’s front axle is made by Carraro and the loader’s capacity is 4900 kg. Bosch’s
EHR is its standard feature. The tractor has a comfortable operator cabin. Optionally, it
can be equipped with air conditioning and a front PTO and 3-point suspension system.
Farmtrac 690 DT
Farmtrac 690 DT has a 4-cylinder, 64.5 kW/ 87.8 HP Perkins 1104D-44T drive unit
meeting the requirements of Euro IIIA standard. The drive system by Carraro has
transmission with 24+24R gears that ensures driving at 40 km/h. The loader’s capacity is
3100/3500 kg. The comfortable and spacious cabin can be optionally equipped with air
conditioning. Other options include a front PTO and 3-point suspension.
Farmtrac 685 DT
Farmtrac 685 has a 4-cylinder, 60.5 kW/ 82.3 HP Perkins 1104D-44T drive unit meeting
the requirements of Euro IIIA standard. The drive system by Carraro has transmission
with 24+28R gears that ensures driving at 40 km/h. The loader’s capacity is 3100/3500
kg. The comfortable cabin can be, at the client’s request, equipped with an airconditioning system. Other options include a front PTO and 3-point suspension.
FarmTrade Dom Handlowy
Jean de Bru-Moliner X disc harrow
It is a cultivation tool for loosening and breaking up compacted soil. Its transport width is
2.5 m, while the working width is 4.4-8.1 m. The machine is horizontally folded. Disc
diameters are: 610, 660 and 710 mm. It has an articulated hitch with lower strands,
turning in all the directions. The harrow can be used with finishing rollers. Its power
demand is 150-420 HP.
Projet suspended field spraying machine
Field spraying machines by Projet are made of top quality polyethylene. Their working
widths range from 20 to 28 m. The tank can hold 1000-1500 l. The boom is hydraulically
folded; they have height adjustment, a suction filter with an automated cut-off valve, a 30-l
mixer with a spring for working with mobile machines. Quick coupling for one-side
operation Traktor Control, a flush system with return valve, a tank for washing hands.
Venus NSH 3+1 reversible plow by Goizin
Venus NSH 3+1 reversible plow has many advantages making it a very efficient machine.
Dimensions of the frame are 150 x 100 x 8, while the plow body spacing is 90 cm. The
plow working width is 1.43-1.63 m. It requires 90-130 HP of power. Other advantages
include hydraulic safeguards and skim coulters. The total weight is 1177 kg.
Jean de Bru TERRAPACK cultivation roller
TERRAPACK cultivation rollers are hydraulically folded for transport to 2.5 m. Their
working width is 4.2-12.4 m, while power needs range from 70 to 210 HP. Roll force: 650
kg per m2.
Faska Sp. z o.o.
Mobile molasses feeder
The mobile molasses feeder doses solution of molasses for nutritive fodders in feeding
passages. It increases fodder consumption and limits the amount of leftovers. The unit
heats up water to 35-40°C, solubilizes molasses and pours it to a perforated basket in the
container, and dozes the solution through nozzles installed on special arms of adjustable
height and length. Dosing molasses, the pump also mixes the solution in the container,
maintaining the concentration and temperature of the content.
Hermes F1
A new, late-maturing variety (140 days of vegetation) suitable for long storage. It produces
very attractive, smooth, cylindrical roots without the tendency for the head to turn green.
Strong leaves and good break resistance make it appropriate for mechanical harvesting
and washing. It can be used for the production of slices.
Koros F1
One of the earliest varieties in the market (55-65 days from planting) recommended for
spring planting (also under covers) and for the autumn cycle. It has uniform, dark green
tight flower heads without a tendency for the formation of voids in the stalk, weighing 500700 g. Being very compact, the plants are easy to harvest. Recommended plant density:
35-40 thousand/ha. Perfect for the supermarkets.
Octopus F1
A new variety suitable for autumn production. The plants are vigorous and healthy, and
demonstrate excellent foliage protection. They form tightly packed and long-lasting snowwhite curds. Grown for the vegetable processing industry, it produces curds of the highest
quality. Recommended plant density: 22-26 thousand/ha.
Fuchs Oil
Agrifarm Stou 10W-40 MC PRO
Agrifarm Stou 10W-40 MC PRO is a multi-purpose SHPD (STOU/MFO) oil of the latest
generation based on high-tech MC technology and special additives. It is designed for
engines, transmission gear, wet brakes, hydraulic systems in tractors, combineharvesters, and differential systems with gear interlocking in farming machinery. The
product is certified by manufacturers of farming machinery. It can be used for machines
made by the largest global manufacturers.
Agrifarm MOT 15W-40
Agrifarm MOT 15W-40 is a modern, year-round, heavy duty engine oil of SAE 15W-40
class manufactured according to a new formula. It has been designed for modern Diesel
engines used in farming machines and tractors that require high standards of engine
cleanliness and maintenance intervals. Therefore, AGRIFARM MOT 15W40 is
recommended especially for engines with turbochargers and without them.
Górnicze Zakłady Dolomitowe S.A.
Agricultural lime
Agricultural lime containing magnesium carbonate. The lime very good chemical qualities.
It is suitable for a broad range of applications in agriculture and horticulture as a fertiliser
helping to deacidify the soil and enriching it with calcium and magnesium. The lime
improves the chemical and physical structure of the soil, and the quality traits of crops,
thus enhancing health benefits of plant products consumed by humans and animals. The
agricultural lime is available in bulk, in 500 kg big bags or in plastic “Dolomit CM”
packages of 5, 10 or 20 kg.
Hodowla Roślin Smolice Sp. z o.o. Grupa IHAR
Opoka is a mid-early three-line (TC) hybrid variety of fodder maize with the FAO 240
number, recommended primarily for silage. It can be grown all over Poland, with the
exception of northern parts of the 3rd maize cultivation area. The main utility value of the
variety is its high silage crop of good quality, stable over the years. Very good digestibility
parameters of the silage were confirmed in COBORU (Research Centre for Cultivar
Testing) registration tests in which Opoka achieved 103.7% of the crop yield standard in
fresh weight and 101.1% in the total dry weight crop yield. This ensures high yields
expressed in feed units per ha (by an average of 110 units above the standard) and highenergy silage. Opoka is highly valued by Polish farmers: in the third year after registration,
it was the fourth most popular maize variety in Poland. It is also reproduced for other
European Union markets by an Austrian company.
Muza is the newest fodder pea variety, registered in 2009, and the first and only one
combining a very high yield potential, abundance and rigidity. A distinct feature of the
variety is that it produces tall plants with high green mass productivity, which are not liable
to lodging and leave the growing site in an excellent condition. The traits are particularly
important for eco-farms. The variety gives high and stable yields. It is recommended for
cultivation all over Poland, both as a sole crop and in mixtures with cereal crops.
Milwa is a very high-yielding fodder-type pea variety. Plants, reaching the height of 75-80
cm, with very rigid stalks, practically non-lodging, mature early and very uniformly. The
variety can be cultivated in all regions of the country. It has a low sensitivity to downy
mildew and high resistance to grey mildew. Thanks to its benefits, it is becoming
increasingly popular, enjoying the greatest seed distribution of all seed pea varieties.
Express 3 TD Pronto
Express 3 TD is a compact, suspended cultivation machine and drill for farms that are
smaller, have fragmented acreage, or whenever use of hitched Pronto DC and Sprinter
drills is limited. Express TD is a multipurpose tool (after plowing, in mulch and in direct
drilling). The drill has all the Pronto DC elements required for cultivation, consolidation,
sowing and pressing of seeds in one pass. Owing to its mobility (up to 15 cm), Turbo Disc
coulter has a duplication option, ensuring regular and precise sowing of all the seeding
material at the desired depth.
J. A. Gąska
Replacement parts for engines and tractors
New and extended portfolio of replacement parts for engines and tractors of western
Replacement parts for combine-harvesters
New and extended portfolio of parts for combine-harvesters by Claas, New Holland, John
Deere and other western brands.
Farming presses
New, special farming presses designed for extreme working environments.
John Deere Polska
John Deere 1470/1570
The new line of harvesters John Deere 1470/1570 is a successor of the second line of
1450/1550 models. Compared to their predecessors, many changes have been
introduced, improving reliability, durability and facilitating daily maintenance of the
harvesters. The crop elevator has been completely redesigned for even smoother
collection of crops from the header. The new hydraulic system ensures faster reaction and
greater load capacity of the header and greater speeds of the reel. The changes
introduced to steering and electric systems, sieves and chopper drives, improve work
conditions for the operator and boost the machine’s functionality. The new headlights
ensure better lighting, which translates into better visibility when working at night. The new
harvester line 1470/1570 can be equipped with AutoTrac Universal 200, a satellite guiding
system that, after the harvesting season, can be easily moved to other farming machinery.
John Deere 5E-Series
5E-Series of tractors without a cabin (5055E, 5065E and 5075E) are designed for casual
farming and specialized farms. The machines have 3-cylinder engines meeting the
requirements of Tier III standard and power from 55 to 75 HP. The transmission system in
5E series has 9 forward gears and 3 reverse. The last gear is synchronized. The
transmission has a parking lock. The tractors suit particularly well specialized farms,
where machines must have limited dimensions, especially height. Comfortable and
intuitive operation improves work performance, while the single-piece bonnet facilitates
access to the engine during everyday maintenance operations.
John Deere 5M-Series
John Deere tractors of the new 5M series have John Deere PowerTech M, 4.5 l Diesel
engines (meeting the requirements of IIIA exhaust emission standard) of rated power from
70 to 100 HP (as in 97/68 EC). Depending on the order, 5M tractors can be equipped with
various transmissions. Owing to the compact dimensions, the tractors are a perfect
solution for small and medium-size breeding farms. They are best suited for moving
animal fodder, works with a front loader, mowing, baling, transporting and fertilizing. An
important feature of 5M-Series tractors is the chassis that takes over the load from the
engine and allows mounting of John Deere front loaders and front lifting equipment with
not involvement of the engine block. Besides the excellent visibility and unmatched
operator comfort, cabins of the 5M-Series tractors are characterized by light interior,
completely redesigned dashboards, ergonomic controls, including tilted steering column,
and various seat and lighting options.
John Deere 8R-Series
John Deere has announced new models: wheeled tractor 8R and crawler tractor 8RT.
According to the company’s new coding, the new tractors replace the current 8030-series
models. All the 8R and 8RT tractors are equipped with John Deere 9 liter, 4-valve Diesel
engines with Common Rail PowerTech Plus with power ranging from 245 to 345 HP. The
new CommandView II cabin improves performance by extending operator’s work day.
John Deere tractors from 8R and 8RT lines have an intelligent total equipment control
system (iTEC). Additionally, all the 8R models support AutoTrac satellite guiding system
and, optionally, can be equipped with iTEC Pro system for automated driving on U-turns.
John Deere balers and baler-wrappers
New John Deere presses: fixed chamber balers of 600 series and variable chamber
balers of 800 series as well as baler-wrappers of 700 series have been equipped with a
new press freeing mechanism ensuring faster restoration of the machine’s functionality
with no crop losses. The bale forming arm has a new design that ensures increasing the
density by 15%. During Polagra PREMIERY we will present new products with increased
standards, such as baler-wrappers with data exchange, ISOBUS and automated
operation option, 864 Premium press equipped with automated press-tractor
communication. The model has won a gold medal at Agritechnica 2009 fair in Hannover.
Joskin Polska Sp. z o.o.
Joskin Ferti-CAP
Joskin Fert-CAP line of manure spreaders are designed mainly for farmers looking for
simple, efficient and versatile machinery. The line includes units of 7 to 14 ton capacity.
The shell body is made in whole from profiled metal sheet of steel with high elasticity limit
(HLE), which gives it exceptional durability. Vertical rollers of Ferti-CAP allow spreading
over 8-12 meter wide strips, depending on the type of the spread material. Ferti-CAP
spreaders are equipped with spring-suspended drawbars which ensure high comfort of
Joskin Siroko
Joskin Siroko is a small manure spreader designed for farms that have tractors with power
from 60 to 150 HP and is an extension of TORNADO 2 spreader line. Siroko has narrow
load platform and large wheels. The platform has been narrowed in order to reduce loads
when moving the manure to the back of the spreader. The spreading assembly consists of
two vertical, slightly tilted rollers. They have teeth made of special Hardox steel that dig
into the manure mass (slightly loosened), across the whole layer, and cast it away. In
result, the manure is spread in a uniform manner on a wide strip of land (7-8 m), so the
operation is very efficient.
Joskin Tetra Cap
Joskin Tetra Cap tipper truck has a self-supporting chassis and 3-way tipping option. The
machine, besides high comfort of road driving and safe tipping, is characterized by a
narrow chassis allowing use of broad wheels that do not cause ruts on fields. The special
design of the chassis manufactured by JOSKIN gives the machine the lowest center of
gravity in the category. The chassis is made of zinc-coated (hot dip process) beams with
large cross sections, which effectively protects it against corrosion. Additional options
include a tarpaulin cover with front extension, racks for transporting hay bales or
extensions for green fodder.
Dragon ZL 10
1.5 m wide articulated loader Dragon ZL 10 with 1 t lifting capacity and 36 HP engine is
equipped with hydrostatic drive, has two travel speeds forward and backward, and is
controlled using a joystick and a hydraulic shuttle option.
KFMR Krukowiak
Goliat Plus 5000/30/PHB
Goliat Plus 5000/30/PHB is a hitched farm spraying machine with a 5000 l tank and a 30
m field boom, independently extended and retracted. Its improvements include the
capacity (so far 4400 l) and a new design of the boom.
Goliat Plus 3500/24/PHB
Goliat Plus 3500/24/PHB is a hitched farm spraying machine with a 4400 l tank and a 24
m field boom, independently extended and retracted. Its new feature is the new boom
Heros 1500/21/PHH
Heros 1500/21/PHH is a suspended farm spraying machine with a 1500 l tank and a 21 m
wide hydraulic boom. Its new feature is the tank capacity (1200 l so far).
Booms for PHX spraying machines
New widths of booms for PHX field spraying machines. Manufactured so far only up to 15
m, they are currently available as 16 and 18 m options.
ECO potato digger
ECO potato digger: new single-belt, single-row digger for the smallest potato farms.
Attractive price below 5000 PLN gross. Launched in 2009 but not yet presented in
Korbanek Sp. z o.o.
Gregoire-Besson RWY8
RWY8 Gregoire-Besson is a 6-furrow suspended plow with hydraulic adjustment of
working width (Vario system), a centering cylinder for plow turning, hydraulic lateral
leveling and body protectors against stones. Key elements of the plow type are two
support and transport boogie wheels that perfectly set and stabilize plowing depth and
shock absorption of the upper, third point. The upper connector of the tractor is attached
to the plow through a hydraulic cylinder (with freely adjustable pressure) that absorbs and
limits lateral swinging of the machine during U-turns (no rigid connection, as used so far).
The patented solution allows attaching 6 share plows to a tractor with 180 HP.
Fendt 1290 N square baler
Fendt square balers are characterized by stability, durability, and perfect technology
based on many years of experience of the brand owned by AGCO Corporation. The
baling presses are designed for large farms and service companies. High performance
and simplicity of construction are key attributes of Fendt square balers. The effective 2.26
m wide pick-up device ensures thorough gathering of the material. The preliminary baling
chamber is filled continuously. Then the material is moved to the main chamber where it is
rammed by a plunger moving at 47 strokes per minute. The wrapping devices with double
knotting option ensure perfect wrapping of tightly pressed bales. Durability of the wrapping
devices is ensured by automated lubrication and cleaning with air. Optionally, Fendt
square balers can be equipped with a cutting device, which is very useful when preparing
hay and green fodder.
SULKYBUREL, a French manufacturer, launches a new fertilizer spreader model: DPX
28. The two-disc, suspended fertilizer spreader has a standard tank of 1500 liters
(optional installation of an extension to 2100 l) and a DPX spreading system (with
adjustable fertilizer pellet drop point in regard to the spreading disc’s center). DPX 28
model can spread fertilizer in the range from 12 m to as many as 28 meters. Standard
options of the machine include road lights, spreading calibration test kit and transverse
spreading uniformity test kit (proper working width). The spreaders are factory-equipped
with mechanical (optionally, with hydraulic) opening of discharge chutes, a tarpaulin, and
a Vision DPB computer maintaining the set fertilizer doze irrespectively of the driving
speed (communicating with the GPS system).
Massey Farguson MF 8670
The newly designed line of MF 8600 tractors follows the innovative heritage of Massey
Ferguson based on analyzing client needs. The 8600 series includes 5 models with power
ranging from 270 to 370 HP. The tractors can be equipped with a Selective Catalytic
Reduction system (SCR) ensuring fuel consumption reduction. The models have many
new solutions improving operator’s work comfort not to be found in other farming tractors.
The very spacious, modern, 4-pillar cabin with a new shock absorption system, air vents
in the lower part, and a new operator seat with multi-purpose armrest ensure long hours of
operation in comfortable conditions.
Fendt 200 Vario series
Tractors of the new 200 Vario series are compact units with maximum power from 70 to
110 HP (as specified in ECE R24). 200 Vario tractors are driven by 3-cylinder Sisu Power
engines equipped with a turbocharger, intercooler, Common Rail and AGRex exhaust gas
recirculation system. Driving power in 200 tractors is transmitted using Vario gearbox
popular and appreciated in larger tractor models. It allows to drive the tractor at 0.02 to 40
km/h. The machine also has a TMS system for shared control of both engine and
transmission operation, so as the fuel consumption is as low as possible. The rear
hydraulic lifting device with 4200 kg capacity and optional an 2490 kg front lift will prove
very versatile and useful at any farm. The tractors have a comfortable, air-conditioned
cabin with flat floor, and the ergonomic positioning of controls makes operating the
machine simple and easy.
Fendt 800 Vario series
Tractors from the new 800 Vario line have maximum power ranging from 200 to 280 HP
(as specified in ECE R24 standard). The drive unit of 800 Vario is a 4-valve version of a
six cylinder Deutz Hightech engine. It has a modern Common Rail fuel injection system
and AGRex, external exhaust gas recirculation, as well as AdBlue technology, which
ensure meeting the new Tier 4 exhaust gas emission standards and make it more
environment-friendly. The tractors are equipped with 505 l fuel tanks. Drive is transmitted
using renowned Vario systems designed especially for the new 800 series. The allow
driving at 0.02 to 60 km/h. The tractor is factory-equipped with TMS system controlling
operation of the engine and transmission, so as fuel consumption is as low as possible.
The new X5 cabin, so far know from 900-series tractors, is a modern, spacious, and
comfortable work place. For better comfort, it has been fitted with modern shock
absorption solutions, automatic air-conditioning, and pneumatic cushioning of the operator
seat. For special municipal or forestry applications, the 800 series can have reverse
driving system installed.
Fendt 9460 X
9460 X is the latest Fendt combine-harvester. It is the first machine of a new X-series line.
The hybrid system is a combination of a conventional threshing assembly with
transversely positioned drum and separation rotors parallel to the harvester’s body. The
rotors replace traditional straw walkers. The harvester’s threshing system has another
important element: a rear beater 376 mm in diameter and a rotor feeder that also
distributes the load into individual rotors. The harvester is equipped with more efficient
cleaning equipment. We also need to mention the new 7-cylinder AGCO SISU POWER
engine with AdBlue technology, 9.8 l capacity and maximum power of 496 HP (including
Power BOOT). Comfort of operation has been improved by equipping the cabin with: airconditioning, pneumatic seat cushioning, adjustable steering wheel, and Datavision
onboard computer known from earlier harvester versions.
Massey Ferguson ACTIVA
Massey Ferguson combine-harvesters of ACTIVA series are excellent machines equipped
with 5 or 6 straw walkers. Their engine power ranges from 176 to 275 HP and the tank
can hold from 5200 to 8800 liters of grain. The threshing system consists of a large, 600mm drum, rear beater drum and, in S versions, a centrifugal separator with detachable
concave option. Activa S also has an additional roller at the crop elevator. It ensures even
feeding of the material to the threshing system. Activa harvesters are also characterized
by large separation and cleaning surfaces. One of major advantages of ACTIVA
harvesters is galvanization. 80% of metal sheet elements in the machine are zinc-coated.
That ensures significantly greater durability. Other standard features include a straw
chopper that very effectively cuts and spreads the straw. MF Activa harvesters have also
a very comfortable cabin (air-conditioned, heated) ensuring excellent work conditions. The
controls are arranged in an ergonomic manner, increasing ease and intuitiveness of
operation. All the Activa harvesters have hydrostatic drive that makes work easier and
more effective.
Fendt 9460 R
Fendt 9460 combine-harvester of R series is a heavy duty machine designed for large
farms and farming service providers. It is driven by a powerful 459 HP engine. The secret
of the harvester’s success is the largest on the market threshing and separating rotor,
efficient cleaning system, spacious grain tank holding 12,334 liters of crop and grain
unloading system that can feed 159 l of grain per second to a height of 4.34 m. The
machine is equipped with a 9.2 m wide spreader with PowerFlow system, which means
precise cutting and perfect feeding of the crop for threshing. An additional advantage of
PowerFlow headers is their suitability for harvesting rape. The heavy duty 8-row chopper
guarantees fine cutting of straw and spreading the material at the whole width of the
header. Large windows in the cabin improve visibility and maximize the operator’s view.
The multi-purpose terminal allows quick and precise control of machine settings and
displays all the main subassembly parameters during operation.
Vector tiller
Vector tiller has a working width of 4.6 to 8 m. Its advantages include hydraulic setting of
working depth from 0 to 35 cm, even spreading and mixing of straw, no clogging, rigid
tines with TOPMIX shares, and low cost of operation. It is a versatile machine for plowfree cultivation, pre-sowing cultivation, and post-harvesting works. Fields cultivated with
VECTOR grubbers are characterized by very high water absorption and storage in soil. It
facilitates humification of organic matter and ensures favorable biological conditions in
Kuhn Maszyny Rolnicze Sp. z o.o.
RAUCH AXIS 50.1W fertilizer spreader with a weighting system
The new model of RAUCH AXIS 50.1W fertilizer spreader is factory-equipped with a
weighting system and a tank of 3000-4000 l capacity. The working widths of AXIS 50.1W
range from 12 to 50 m! AXIS 50.1W is yet another step toward precise farming. The
machine’s key advantages are: an electronic weighting and data processing system and
ease of operation. Similarly to other spreaders of the line, AXIS 50.1W is equipped with
CDA® system, combining exceptional comfort of operation with protection of fertilizer
granules, which translates into precision of spreading.
Suspended GF carousel hay tedders of 102 series
The 3 new models of GF hay tedders with a 3-point suspension of 102 GF 422, GF 502
and GF 642 series with working widths 4.2 m (4 carousels), 5.0 m (4 carousels) and 6.4 m
(6 carousels) are our answer to the needs of those farmers who seek modern and reliable
solutions at affordable prices. The carousels are driven through DIGIDRIVE® system
renowned for its reliability and minimized operation and maintenance needs. Another
advantage of the system is folding of the machine to very small transport and storage
dimension. GF tedders of 102 series can be mounted at an angle for turning swaths at
meadow edges without throwing of hay onto, for instance, a road.
KUHN RW 1400M wrapper
The hitched round bale wrapper RW 1400 is suitable for using with smaller tractors. The
hydraulically controlled loading arm is located on the right side of the machine and can
load bales up to 1 ton in weight and 1.2 to 1.5 m in diameter. The supporting frame is
equipped with an adjustable-span wheel that ensures changing the machine’s transport
settings into working settings within a few seconds and safe moving of heavy bales
without using counterweights. The wheels are positioned behind the table, which allowed
us to lower the table: a very important feature when unloading bales. The solution
facilitates gentle lowering of wrapped bales onto the ground and minimizes the risk of
damaging the wrapping foil. The machine is controlled manually (M) using 3 levers
connected with the valve block using cables.
VB 2190 Opticut variable chamber round baler
VB 2190 variable chamber round balers with ISOBUS system and 1.85 m maximum bale
diameter are equipped with an INTEGRAL ROTOR feeding system in which augers
located on both sides of the rotor pick up the swath and feed it to the middle part with
scrapers and 14 knives. The design ensures smooth feeding and precise cutting of the
swath, irrespectively of its weight and dampness. All the KUHN VB variable chamber
balers have Progressive Density, gradual tension increasing system. VB 2190 OC14 baler
is equipped with a net and twine wrapping system, torsional gauge wheels of the press,
automated chain lubrication system, bale ejector and proportional valve regulating the
bale core’s density level, and PowerPush hydraulic reversible rotor drive preventing
clogging with the swath.
Suspended PREMIA® 3000 / PREMIA® 4000 drills for solo sowing
PREMIA® 3000 and PREMIA® 4000 are characterized by large wheels. Easy access to
coulters truly facilitates spreading calibration test and cleaning the tank. The bottom of the
tank has angled compartments ensuring precise sowing of fine material. The machine has
been equipped with vertically folded markers with a protecting mechanism for approaching
obstacles, a firmer, and a lighting system. The two wheels ensure reliable driving of the
groove feed coulters. Opening of the coulters is regulated with a micrometer screw.
Performing a spreading calibration test is simple and easy.
The new model of hitched SPEEDLINER C drill has been designed for medium-size and
large farms. ‘C’ symbol means a machine with special optional equipment and at a special
price. Its key advantages include compact construction, high performance, comfort of
operation and precise spreading of seeds in soil. Speedliner is a versatile drill and its
design is suitable for any farming technology, both involving plowing, and in simple
PROFILE is a series of compact fodder carts with vertical augers, for the first time
presented in Poland at Polagra PREMIERY 2010. The new generation of fodder carts with
2 vertical augers has been designed for those farms, where use of machinery for
preparing and foraging fodder has so far been limited due to small dimensions of buildings
and gates.
Suspended, invertible Kverneland 150 B plow
The new suspended, invertible Kverneland 150 B plow is available in 3 to 5 plow
assembly options with assembly spacing of 100 cm and frame clearance 80 cm. The
model has cutting bolts (screws) protecting against stones. The plow is equipped with a
new 130 head type (for tractors with maximum power 130 HP) and stepwise plow
assembly adjustment: 35, 40, 45 or 50 cm. The tool is characterized by a completely new
design of plow frog based on a rectangular pipe 80x40 mm manufactured using special
heat treatment technology. It ensures the model’s light weight and low demand for lifting
Access passive tiller
The new suspended passive tiller Access is available in working widths of 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0
m and with 2 or 3 rows of reinforced 45x10 mm tines. The model is characterized by a
strong, durable frame and a completely redesigned head that makes the cultivator suitable
for combining with large, heavy drills, both Kverneland Accord, and models made by other
manufacturers. The working depth is controlled through a rear tilling shaft, while a simple
bolt is used for regulating the operation. Suspended on a parallelogram, side skids
smoothly follow the ground profile. We offer a wide variety of tilling shafts: 550 mm pipe,
500 or 585 solid, 585 mm “Flexline” or 560 mm “Actipack” rubber-protected.
TS EVO coulter drill
The suspended coulter drill for conventional and simple sowing with a pneumatic coulter
system. It is available in the following working widths: 4.0, 4.8, 5.0, 5.6 or 6.0 m. The
machine is equipped with 5 rows of coulters of fixed 50 kg pressure spaced 12.5 or 15.0
cm. Optionally, a front, hydraulically regulated pulverizing harrow of ‘Crossboard’ type is
available. The hopper’s capacity can be 1200, 1700 or 2200 l, which ensures high
efficiency. The increased distance between coulter rows and placing the gauge wheels in
the central part of the machine ensure optimized copying of the ground and depositing
seeds at the desired depth. Its strong and durable tines that, at the same time, cultivate
the soil and sow seeds are always spring-protected against stones. The machine is
characterized by a simple working depth adjustment system set in 4 points with no tools
Starguide II
Starguide II is an automated system for controlling Kverneland Rau spraying machine
sections. The machine uses GPS positioning and records the sprayed area to
automatically switch off individual spraying machine sections that overlay areas already
sprayed. The overlay reduction system cuts down production spending, saves time and
operator’s nerves, as well as reduces the plant stress.
Vicon T-Rex 400-450-500-550 bulk trailers
Vicon bulk trailers are fast unloading, high capacity by weight and volume machines. Their
use facilitates the process of collecting and storing crops from fields. Vicon T-Rex 400,
450, 500, 550 models with 40, 45, 50, 55 m3 capacity and load 22, 24, 24 or 34 tons,
respectively, are perfectly suited for transport of corn or grass. The machine’s design is
very compact and the side boards are mounted to very durable side stanchions. Owing to
the double chain and slat conveyor and the wide rear hatch unloading is fast and efficient.
Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a hydraulic cylinder adjusting the load of the
tractor’s front axle, which ensures increasing the towing capacity needed in transport.
Lemken Polska Sp. z o.o.
Kristall is a new generation of cultivators that was presented for the first time at
Agritechnika 2009. It combines the advantages of a compact two-bar grubber with the
performance of grubbers with three or more bars. The two-bar Kristall is considerably
shorter and more compact than multi-bar cultivators. It ensures reducing the demand for
lifting capacity, so smaller tractors can work with greater working widths. The new stubble
field grubbers significantly limit the cost of cultivation. The number of tines is optimized for
reducing the cost of working elements’ replacement and maintenance time.
Compact Solitair
The new Compact Solitair is a fast, compact drill of up to 6 m working width. The
pneumatic cultivator drill is a versatile, economical solution for the farms where traditional
cultivation and mulch sowing is used. The two rows of notched convex discs of the
Compact-Solitair’s cultivating assembly guarantee thorough mixing and clogging-free
operation, also when there is a lot of organic matter. The hopper of Compact-Solitair
holding 4500 liters of grain that can be filled with Big Bags, a front loader or a platform
auger, ensures enormous acreage performance.
Zirkon 8
The new model of Zirkon 8 rotary harrow will replace the current Zirkon 7 machines.
Available working widths ranging from 2.5 to 4 m, 4 rotors per meter, and tines mutually
positioned at 90 degrees ensure stable operation of the machine. During operation, the
tines pass one another, so power is transmitted uniformly, even in most demanding
conditions. The tub with toothed wheels is manufactured in whole from one piece of thick
metal sheet. The new Zirkon 8 has been equipped with a gear box that allows changing
the rotor speed. The rotary harrow can be combined with various drills, both mechanical
and pneumatic.
Sirius suspended spraying machine is available in two versions: as Sirius 7 and as Sirius
9. The hopper size ranges from 1600 to 1900 liters. The whole structure has been
designed so as the center of gravity is in the most ergonomic spot. Forces in Sirius are
optimally distributed, so as both axles of the tractor are perfectly loaded. It makes it
possible to use the machine in any field conditions.
VariTansanit is a hybrid plow combining the advantages of a suspended and semisuspended plows, with 105 cm plow assembly spacing and 85 cm frame clearance. The
adjustable middle connector transfers load from the supporting wheel of the plow to the
tractor’s rear axle, which increases the tractor’s pulling power and minimizes wheel
skidding. VariTansanit can be used with tractors that normally would not have enough
power to pull semi-suspended plows with the same number of plow assemblies.
Łuczak Maszyny Rolnicze
PU-4 universal weeder
Designed for mechanical control of weeds in crop fields, especially vegetables. PU-4 is
the first weeder removing weeds not only in rows but also between plants, which
eliminates the use of weed sprayers and manual hoeing. The weeder loosens and aerates
the soil, creating an insulating barrier effectively limiting the evaporation of water during
periods of drought. The machine can also be used for spreading chemical and ecological
fertilisers, especially those containing microelements.
Maschio Gaspardo Poland
Maschio-Gaspardo DAMA cultivator drill
The new DAMA cultivator drill by Maschio-Gaspardo is a combination of a mechanical drill
and an active harrow. The drill is mounted on an active Maschio harrow. The machine is
characterized by particularly strong structure. Each of the harrows is reinforced and
protected against stones. The reinforcement consists in doubling the bottom and walls of
the tub housing the gear driving the rotors. The rotors, or tine holders, to be precise, are
round, so their durability is greater. The harrows are protected against stones by steel
blocks fastened with bolts: they prevent stones getting between the tines and the tub’s
bottom. Drills are connected to the harrow using a quick couple, so whenever only harrow
is needed, uncoupling the drill is not a problem.
Cultivator rippers
Maschio-Gaspardo tiller rippers have tines equipped with quick-replacement fasteners.
They are reversible, which significantly increases lifetime of a single fastener. The tine
roller has tines made of hardened forgings, which considerably extends their durability.
LARA 850T hydraulic boom
The wide variety of Maschio-Gaspardo ditch and road shoulder mowers features a line of
hydraulic arms, i.e. mowers with the mowing head on a boom. The largest offered model
is LARA 850 T. It is equipped with a 1.30 m mowing head and its horizontal work range is
as much as 8.10 m. The machine’s boom has a hydropneumatic shock absorption
system, which ensures good terrain copying. Besides, the system supports turning the
boom aside when meeting obstacles. Depending on the needs, the working elements can
be blades or hammers.
Meprozet Kościan S.A.
Liquid manure furrow applicator
The 3 m wide liquid manure furrow applicator is equipped with two rows of disc coulters.
Mixed liquid manure is poured through hoses to furrows made by the first row of coulters.
The second row of coulters covers the furrows with soil, preventing oxidization of the
manure. Deep application ensures soil fertilization that reduces losses of nitric
Waste removal trailer line
Meprozet Kościan S.A. portfolio includes a new line of products: waste removal trailers.
The capacity can be 14000 liters (with a 3-m disc applicator), 5000 liters (with a 2-m disc
applicator) or 6000 liters (in a much cheaper, economy version).
Pumps for Bertolini sprayers
Bertolini pumps stand out for the quality of applied materials and innovative solutions.
Other renowned manufacturers use stainless steel for the pump construction but Bertolini
uses acid-resistant steel. To protect pump head against corrosion Bertolini developed the
double injection method to replace the technologically simple head plastification. When
the aluminum head core is ready it is coated with the layer of plastic during the second
injection. Thus protected, the head is resistant to impact and very durable.
Guardian Air spray nozzles from Lurmark-Hypro
Ejector and swirl type Lurmark Guardian Air nozzles for sprays against fungal disease
have been specially designed for strong wind spraying. The nozzles produce aerated
droplets which are more resistant to the wind drift. They are much smaller than those
formed by the conventional ejectors and ensure better plant coverage. The deflection of
the stream causes the formation of a whirl which supports the plant penetration at every
level. Guardian Air spray nozzles are excellent for pest and fungus prevention spraying of
such hard to protect plants as potatoes, beets or rape.
Bale platform 11,5T T-009/1
T703 Hera Trailer
The trailer with up to 3.5 t capacity has been equipped with a triangle chassis frame made
of closed sections, a rigid drawbar to connect it with the bottom tractor hitches, a singlecircuit pneumatic brake system and a lighting system.
Z 593 front loader
P113/9 – 10 Mounted field sprayer 1000 l
The 1000 l mounted field sprayer with 12 m or 15 m long spray beam, is an up-to-date
machine equipped with numerous subassemblies delivered by renowned manufacturers.
A suitably shaped, smooth wall tank holds an integrated 100 litre clean water vessel for
equipment rinsing. The efficient 130 or 160 l/min pump feeds 24 or 30 Lechler spray
nozzles mounted in the multi-position rotary heads. The optional equipment includes a
constant pressure valve which can be also electrically controlled (opening, closing,
pressure control), controls, hydraulic beam unfolding, forced beam stabilization or full
hydraulic system, a dewaterer for chemicals (Polish or Italian), different kinds of Lechler
spray nozzles and spreading hoses.
U811/6–7 semi-mounted combined tilling and sowing machine
This semi-mounted combined tilling and sowing machine is designed for secondary tillage
after ploughing or no-tillage treatment made by means of scrapers or active machines.
Depending on the kind of soil, the combined tilling and sowing machines can be equipped
with different crushing-leveling-compacting rollers such as rod rollers, tubular rollers,
string rollers, Crosskill rollers or packers. The machine can be coupled with a drill to allow
simultaneous seed sowing.
NDS Grzegorz Michałek
Smartrain 63-150 / 63-125 / 55-170
Smartrain is a new line of hose-reel sprinkler units manufactured by Bauer, Austria. The
models currently available (63-150, 63-125, 55-170) are designed for irrigating crops,
nursery stock, gardens, grasslands, parks, sports facilities, etc.
Pump systems
Design and production of pump systems based on electric pumps.
Solutions for agricultural biogas plants – biomass tanks, fermenting tanks, lagoons,
sanitary systems, protection systems, electrical systems including control units to
integrate individual components into a comprehensive, functional solution; equipment for
water separation after the biogas process.
New Holland
New Holland T6090
The newest and most powerful tractor in the T6000 line. Powered by a 6-cylinder
Common Rail engine with a capacity of 6.7 litres and a power output of 201 HP with the
EPM system (165 HP rated power). The 19x6 Power Command transmission allows to
switch gears under full load, without using the clutch. The tractor is fitted as standard with
4 pairs of electrohydraulic remote valves, and the IntelliView III colour touch screen
mounted on the new SideWinder II armrest. Its light weight combined with large R42 tyres
offers unique versatility and the lowest levels of ground compaction.
New Holland T6070 Elite
This model marks the expansion of the T6000 Elite line of agricultural tractors, now to
include 6-cylinder/6.7 litre Common Rail engines with 117-141 HP rated power. The
maximum lifting capacity of the rear loader reaches almost 8 tonnes. These tractors are
fitted as standard with 16x16 Power Shift transmission to enable clutch-free shifting of four
gears under full load. Elite tractors are also supplied with 4 pairs of hydraulic remote
valves, as well as a fully suspended, air-conditioned cab. Optional accessories include:
automatic air conditioning system, sharp-turning SuperSteer axle, integrated front threepoint hitch, along with a front three-point hitch and PTO.
New Holland Boomer 8N
Comprising 11 models with rated power from 20 HP to 60 HP, New Holland's Boomer line
of compact tractors is ideally suited for green area maintenance (parks, sports fields, golf
courses), also being the ultimate choice for hobby farmers. Drawing on the legendary feel
of the extremely popular 1947 tractor, Boomer 8N combines original vintage design with
innovative solutions borrowed from comfortable cars. It sports a 4-cylinder/50 HP engine,
4-wheel drive, and the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) – the automatic, singlepedal system which removes the need to switch gears or use a clutch. The tractor
features comfortable control switches and linkages enabling the attachment of various
implements, such as a front loader, utility backhoe, etc.
Orlen Oil
Platinum Multi UTTO 10W-30
Representing a new generation of high quality, universal hydraulic and gear oils, the
multipurpose Platinum Multi UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil) is characterised
by excellent lubrication, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties, which are essential during
heavy-duty use of modern gears and hydraulic systems. The product offers: perfect
compatibility with various sealing materials, resistance to oxydation, superb lowtemperature performance, as well as effective shock absorption to the entire system. Its
high viscosity grade ensures optimum viscosity-temperature behaviour. Platinum Multi
UTTO is designed for lubricating a wide range of gears used in agricultural, construction
and industrial equipment (gearboxes, final drives, steering gears, differential gears) as
well as heavy duty hydraulic systems. The oil can be used in tractors where the manual
gear, driving axles, hydraulic fittings and "wet brakes" are lubricated by one oil system.
PICHON B4 and B41 Slurry Mixer
B4 and B41 slurry mixers have been designed for a variety of heavy duty applications.
They offer simple operation and unparalleled durability thanks to the hot dip galvanised
body. Two mixing blades and counter blades ensure excellent shredding of straw,
producing more homogenous slurry. The large diameter of the propeller shaft guarantees
extended product life. The mixer is supplied with a hydraulic actuator and a PTO shaft
with shear bolt protection. Total length: 5m (B4), 7m (B41). Weight: 420-620 kg.
ROPS-FOPS approved enclosed driver's cab for PICHON Loader
BP2 Bi-Directional Autofiller (Right/Left Model)
Machine for single-phase harvesting of common osier
The machine is designed for cutting and shredding osier twigs into chips. Shredded
material is transported via a pneumatic conveyor into transport trailers drawn next to the
cutting unit.
Pol-Mot Warfama S.A.
AM 765 Mini-Loader
Agromatic 765 loader offers articulated frame-steering and a 3-cylinder/28 HP Diesel
engine or a 4-cylinder/37 HP engine. It prides itself on a maximum lifting capacity of 1800
kg and a maximum loading height of 2.7 metres. This compact weightlifting champion
sports a higher suspension and large diameter wheels to ensure optimum traction even in
extreme working situations, regardless of ground conditions. Agromatic 765 is fitted as
standard with a set of parallel levers, enabling load lifting and handling in a horizontal
N-265 and N-266 Manure Spreaders
The design of the new spreaders is based on the best tried and tested solutions. They can
be used for spreading manure, peat and compost, or for transporting agricultural products.
The spreaders are compatible with tractors fitted with a standard rear hitch. Being
equipped with pneumatic brakes and an electrical system, they are fully suitable for
transporting loads on public roads.
T-670 and T-610 Trailers
Two-axle, 10-tonne agricultural dropside trailers with rear and side unload. They are
characterised by lightweight body, sprung suspension, and centrally locked sides. Another
trailer can be attached to each of the two models.
Z-555/1 Wrapper
The stationary Z-555/1 bale wrapping machine is a simple-to-use solution, controlled
hydraulically from the tractor's cab. It is designed for wrapping single bales of half-dried
hay from grass and legume plants, with ca. 60% moisture content, collected using a roll
baler. The wrapper is compatible with tractors with the engine power of at least 30 kW (40
HP), fitted with a three-point hitch. The wrapping machine features an electronic wrap
counter. The bale is unloaded as the lower arms of the three-point hitch are lifted.
Pol-Mot Foton 824 / 904
Foton makes an excellent choice for farmers looking for comfort, low running costs, and
superb performance in all conditions. The comfortable and spacious cab is heated and airconditioned, offering unrestricted access to ergonomically placed controls. The tractors
are fitted with economical engines with direct fuel injection. Optimally stepped
transmission makes Foton an irreplaceable partner for both farming and transportation.
Front axle drive and hydrostatic steering ensure easier manoeuvring and a more efficient
use of engine power, thus enhancing the overall working performance.
PRP Technologies Polska
PRP SOL is a product designed for improving the soil vital functions. Available in the form
of granules, PRP SOL is made of calcium and magnesium carbonate, and minerals
unique to the PRP technology. The product is bound together with a soluble plant-based
binding agent: lignin sulphonate. Auxiliary process additives used in the MIP method, such
as sodium, iron, zinc or boron, are selected and added according to strictly defined
requirements (proportions between different elements, degree of oxidation and reduction,
PRP EBV is a mineral solution stimulating physiological processes, used for plant
spraying. PRP EBV is absorbed into the plant through its above-ground parts. Plant
fertilisation with mineral substances improves the functioning of plant cells. Increasing the
redox state of the plant thanks to the supply of mineral compounds from PRP EBV makes
it possible to reduce oxidative stresses. As a result, crops have a more regular growth
cycle, maintaining the optimum production potential.
PRP FIX is a mixture of mineral components designed for the management of animal
production waste. PRP FIX affects microbiological processes and modifies the
fermentation of organic substances in the desired direction. Animal waste is a by-product
of livestock production which can be used as a fertiliser or soil amendment. The quality of
the substance affects the climate of livestock facilities, the management of animal waste
and its fertilisation value. PRP FIX is available the form of chippings, which facilitates
mixing with liquid manure and application on the bedding, also in the presence of animals.
McCormick's T105 Line
Manufactured in Italy, McCormick's T105 line is the replacement for the popular DT-75
caterpillar tractor.
McCormick's G-Max Line
The new G-Max line of 117-157 HP tractors makes an attractive offer for farmers with
modest requirements. The four-wheel G-Max tractors (125, 135, 145 and 165) are almost
completely free from electronic systems – which are often omnipresent in this power
segment – as well as excessively complex transmission and hydraulic systems.
Rotary Tedders
2 new types of rotary tedders (4 and 6 rotors with working widths of 5.3 m and 6.5 m
respectively) have been thoroughly upgraded, being supplied with more powerful
transmission systems, modernised suspension, new rotor arms, and several other
SAME Deutz-Fahr
Agrotron TTV 630
Agrotron TTV 630 offers even more power and comfort, now with lower fuel consumption.
The main highlight of the new DEUTZ tractor is its 6-cylinder DCR (Deutz Common Rail)
turbodiesel engine with DPC (Deutz Power Control) system, power rating of 224 HP (164
kW) and a maximum torque of 851 Nm. The new innovative 4-valve technology comprises
DEUTZ common rail fuel injection system, and a patented proprietary external Exhaust
Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, which translates into an impressive reduction in both
fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions, as the cooled exhaust gas is reintroduced
into the combustion chamber. Argotron TTV 630 prides itself on improved noise insulation
inside the driver's cab, which results in class-leading low noise levels. The new tractor is
also extremely user-friendly, offering up to 16 different control functions that can be saved
during work or transport, and easily recalled using the same lever.
Scharmüller GmbH & Co KG
Ball hitch programmes
Ball hitch systems find application in the equipment of agricultural machines. Thanks to
the clearance-free construction, bigger towing power, and the increased angle of
inclination as compared with conventional pin hitches, ball couplings gain more and more
recognition among their users.
Axle twist control system
Axle twist control system for tandem and tridem tractors. Thanks to the innovative solution
based on modular construction, the system makes full use of its potential, providing better
control over the vehicle being driven.
Ball hitch for truck-tractors
The ball hitch for truck-tractors is an up-to-date solution that increases the strength of
coupling elements and improves the safety and comfort of driving.
Variable chamber baling press Z-599
A new Z-599 variable chamber baling press is designed to pick up straw, hay and soilage
for hay-silage. It is equipped with an on-board computer to monitor the operation of the
troublesome components and control the uniformity of chamber filling. The baling
chamber consists of five seamless belts which can make bales from 0.8 m to 1.8 m in
diameter. A wide pick-up attachment and rotary feeder considerably improve the capacity
of material handling and increase the machine efficiency.
MAJA Z-583 bale wrappping machine
MAJA Z-583 bale wrapping machine is intended for wrapping bales made from semi-dry
grass or papilionaceous plants of 40-50% dry matter content. The front-rear technological
system enables machine operation in the same direction as a baler (along the field), not
crosswise. It ensures quick bale loading and wrapping during travel to the next bale as
well as high efficiency. The electronic control panel handles the machine functions and
gives the user basic operating parameters. The user’s function is limited to picking up
bales and pressing the button.
T40S cultivating drill machine
T40S cultivating drill machine (4.0 m) is used for tillage in all types of soils to drill cereals
and vegetables. It is suitable for opening the soil after winter ploughing, cultivating
stubbles, etc. The machine is also adapted for work with a drill. The working depth is
controlled by means of a back roller. The machine is typically equipped with a tubular
U170J plough
The U170J plough has been built as a module system construction, with optimum
functionality, easy servicing, limited weight against high durability and high efficiency. The
plough has step adjustment of the body width: 28, 32, 36, 40 cm, which allows adapting it
to various applications and field conditions. It is suitable for deep ploughing of light and
medium soils. The machine has been equipped with the system of mechanical protections
– M16 bolts.
TL3021 is the 3000 l field trailed sprayer with a hydraulically folded spraying boom. The
working width of the selected model is 21 m. It is equipped with the Muller computer and
the hydraulic system for four-time beam folding. The advantage is that each side of the
beam can be separately folded and unfolded two times. The perfect machine for medium
and large farms.
TL412 is a mounted field sprayer of 400 l capacity with 12 m long beam, manually folded.
The perfect machine for work in small farms.
Tama Polska Sp. z o.o.
Tama Marathon 4200 m
Tama Marathon 4200 m is a new-generation agricultural net suitable for all types of
balers. The unique technology makes it possible to achieve maximum length and
resistance, while maintaining optimum roll weight.
KX 3000 rotary cultivator
New KX 3000 rotary cultivator for tractors with maximum capacity up to 190 KM is well
proven technological solution taken over from the family of KG cultivators.
UG 3000 sprayer
New UG 3000 Super sprayer provides higher efficiency owing to the use of a pump with
delivery rate of 370 l/min.
UX 6200 Super sprayer
New UX 6200 Super sprayer is the biggest model in the UX family. The main tank
capacity is 6200 l.
Cenius stubble cultivator
New mounted Cenius stubble cultivator has got 3D tooth protection system that has been
already proven in Centaur cultivators.
Cayena seeder
New Cayena drill is particularly suitable for sowing into very dry and stony soils.
Heat recovery dryer
Heat recovery HR dryers ensure energy savings of up to 30% as compared to
conventional dryers. New heat recovery dryers can be supplied with the dust removal
system that reduces dust emission into the atmosphere.
Unia Group
The latest technology developments applied in the POLONEZ seeder make it possible to
take full advantage of the properties of traditional mechanical drills. The increased spacing
of disc coulters enables seed sowing into the soil with post-harvest residues. The central
hydraulic hold-down system and the central coulter depth control enable precise coulter
positioning in all soil conditions. Alternating double-disc coulters have special holders to
mount combined packer and depth wheel units. A new, simple and ergonomic mechanism
has been applied to make seeder adjustment tests. It can quickly set up the required
quantity of seeds. A large and easily readable scale used to set up the rate of seeding is
especially helpful when sowing small quantities of small seeds.
The newest mounted tilling and sowing equipment with the centre of gravity moved
towards the tractor, reduces the force needed to lift the machine. Depending on the soil
conditions the attachment can be equipped with one of three aggregates: spring-loaded
passive unit (FOCUS), disc mounted passive unit (FOCUS T) and active unit (FOCUS
active). The fan powered by the hydraulic motor ensures precise operation of the
pneumatic sowing system. Alternating double-disc coulters with the combined packer and
depth wheel units make sure that seeds are placed uniformly at the same depth and
pressed down to ensure contact with the moist soil. A multistage pressure control and a
wide operating range of coulters facilitate sowing in hilly areas.
A new design for the precise single seeder to sow seeds of beetroots, maize, sunflowers,
etc. The pneumatic sowing system operating under partial vacuum ensures great sowing
accuracy. OMEGA II can be equipped with discs having different number and diameter of
holes depending on the size of seeds to be sown. A new sowing body has two easily
adjustable seed scrapers. Simple scraper control has an effect on the sowing accuracy in
case of various seed sizes. A special body design facilitates emptying of the seed
chamber from the seed residues. Bigger diameter packer wheels are specially profiled. A
new coulter is more tear resistant and its shape enables precise seed placement at the
required depth. The OMEGA II variant for sowing maize can be equipped with the fully
plastic DELTA fertilizer applicator to spread start-up doses of fertilizers.
CROSS combined machine
CROSS zero-tillage combined machine can be equipped with various work tools. It is
used both for stubble shallow tilling and for work at the depth up to 25 cm where intensive
mixing of crop residues takes place. Working elements of the CROSS L variant include
the combination of a triple-row tooth section, overload spring protected, suitable for fast
tillage at the depth up to 25 cm and a disc section with 460 mm diameter discs, mounted
to the machine body and used for intensive cutting of crop residues and mixing them with
the shallow soil.
KOS T breaking unit
KOS breaking units are distinguished by their strong frame with big clearance. The frame
design ensures suitable cornering load and stability of the machine. Fuse protection or
more work-suitable non-stop type spring protection provides very good operation under
various working conditions. KOS T is our new product where double-row cutting and
covering disc section with 460 mm diameter discs has been applied. The disc section is
overload protected by means of rubber dampers. The working depth of the machine is
spot controlled on the frame of the soil packing roller.
IBIS LH 3+1 plough
IBIS LH mounted reversible plough is non-stop type spring protected, fuse protected and
hydraulically protected. Operating parameters are controlled by the change of pressure in
the hydraulic system, to adapt it to the working conditions. Every plough body is equipped
with a hydraulic cylinder instead of a fuse or a suspension spring. All cylinders are
connected with gas charged hydraulic accumulator responsible for maintaining the defined
release force set up by means of a valve.
IBIS reversible plough with rear support and transport wheel + TERRA H
This new solution combines a hydraulically controlled secondary-tillage roller with the IBIS
XL reversible plough and the rear support and transport wheel. In case of obstacles in the
field that have to be ploughed around (posts, stones, trees, etc.) or ploughing at the field
border, one cylinder picks up the arm with the work tool whereas the other sets up its
toolbar in a position parallel to the plough frame. After passing the obstacle the operator
lowers the toolbar which returns to its previous operating position. All changes in this
subassembly setting during ploughing are controlled from the tractor cab. TERRA H is
available with a working width of 2.0 and 2.5 m.
PLUS sprayers
A new series of PLUS sprayers has been equipped with new polyester tanks. The
sprayers will replace currently produced 2,000 and 2,500 l capacity machines with
polyethylene tanks. The change has been also made to the sprayer fluid system. The
main tank has been equipped with rotating washers. The 2000 l version will be equipped
with the new wheel system. Stepless controlled wheelbase within the range of 1.5-1.8 m
and 9.5 x 44” wheels guarantee bigger clearance under the sprayer.
EUROPA II sprayers
The biggest PILMET field sprayers are suitable for professional protection. They are
equipped with polyester tanks of 4000 l maximum capacity. They will be provided with a
new tracking drawbar system to allow the trailed sprayer wheels to follow in the track of
the tractor. The system will be manually operated from the control desk or automatically
controlled. The Europa II series sprayers have rich standard equipment. In all models it is
possible to add a GPS system, automatic control of spraying sections and spray boom
height to the control computer.
TYTAN 7 premium
TYTAN 7 premium spreader of 5.5 ton capacity has been equipped with a universal
vertical twin-roller adapter with discs. The spreader can be used for spreading lime,
poultry dung, peat or compost. A robust, modern design and rich standard equipment
allow operators to make optimum use of the machine advantages. The applied tandem
driving system enables stable spreader operation under heavy field conditions. Quick
motion of the drawbar from the top to bottom position makes it easy to select proper
drawbar position to match the tractor.
APOLLO 8 spreader, just like other spreaders from this series (APOLLO 11, APOLLO 14),
has been equipped with the large wheeled, single axle driving system. Such a system
guarantees lower rolling friction and provides good load capacity and manoeuvrability. It
also strongly facilitates motion in difficult conditions. The APOLLO 8 spreader is equipped
with a universal double roller wide spreading worm adapter as a standard. Two
aggressive spreading rollers quickly process manure or other material brought by the floor
bars. Large discs with four suitably shaped, wear resistant paddles allow to reach the
spread width of even several meters and maintain very good uniformity.
TYTAN 24 is a spreader of 18 ton load capacity. Wide tyres and the shock absorbed axle
provide proper operating stability in heavy conditions. If a need arises, the spreader can
be equipped with a universal double-roller vertical adapter to spread manure and other
fine materials or with the disc-type horizontal adapter to spread lime, compost or peat.
Alka XL low-drive mower
Alka XL low-drive, rear mounted, disc mower with forage conditioner is suitable for
mowing all kinds of green crops used for direct feeding, hay or further processing. It is
characterized by large working width, high efficiency and low power demand. The mower
can be equipped with a forage conditioner or a forage crusher. The machine has solid and
durable suspension, a levelling hydraulic cylinder to facilitate coupling of the machine to
the tractor, and the unique centrally mounted working bar system.
Alka XLC low-drive front mower with the forage conditioner
ALKA XLC front mowers are modern professional machines suitable for mowing all green
crops used for direct feeding, for hay or further processing. They can be equipped with a
forage conditioner or crusher. Massive, durable suspension as well as innovative centrally
mounted working bar system allow the machine to work even in difficult terrain conditions.
df1,9z baling press
The df1,9z baling press is the variable-chamber belt type baler of 2.1 m gathering width.
The bale diameter can be adjusted suitably to the needs within the range from 0.8 to 1.87
m. Thanks to the belt design of the pressing chamber the bale is strongly pressed right
from the beginning of its forming. The squeezing force is hydraulically and infinitely
variable controlled until the maximum value of 200 bar is achieved. The efficient, spiral
rotor ensures above average capacity of the feeding system. The df1,9zd version is
equipped with a mulcher to obtain high-energy haylage.
VertiCropTM – Vertical farming systems
VertiCropTM is based on state-of-the-art solutions in science and technology relating to
effective vegetable and plant production. Vertical farming systems make it possible to
achieve a 20-fold increase in annual yields with a simultaneous 90% reduction of water
consumption. A fully controlled environment ensures fast and safe plant growth without
the need to use pesticides. Plants are grown in specially designed trays arranged in
several tiers in a rotating conveyor system supplying each tray with water and nutrients.
VertiCropTM can be adapted for each climatic region, supplying the local market with fresh
fruit and vegetables 365 days a year.
PD – 3.3 disc plough
PD – 3.3 disc plough is intended for tillage of soils for grain and industrial crops.
Vogel & Noot Polska
Terra Dig
Terra Dig is a new machine combining the properties of a grubber and a loosener. It is
suitable for deep restoration and maintenance of soil structure. The bottom part loosens
the soil without mixing its layers. Wings mounted on the working mechanisms make it
possible to use no-tillage practices. The hydraulically controlled double hook roller
efficiently mixes the loosened soil. The machine is available in sizes from 2.5 to 5 m, with
working depth from 55 to 70 cm and with 5 to 11 working teeth secured hydraulically or
with a retainer pin.
Mixer 2500 kg
Sometimes the need arises to use the feed mixer as a tank for the ready-made feed. To
meet this requirement we have constructed a mixer of 2,500 kg load capacity. The unit
can be used as an independent machine or it can operate with a shredder in a process
line. The strengths of the mixer are its optimum parameters: height – 3.5 m, diameter –
1.80 m, installed motor power: 5.5 kW, mixing accuracy: 1:10000. It is possible to install
the top or bottom filtration system for dust removal.
Grain mills 30 kW
A new type of the suction and force grain mill powered by the 30 KW motor makes it
possible to obtain the capacity of 3 tons per hour. Some working components have been
made from more wear-resistant materials to prolong the life of spare parts
Multi-way distributor for suction and force mill
The multi-way distributor helps the suction and force grain mill to pick up the grain from
many places (from many grain piles, silos, etc.) without loss of crushed grain capacity.
From two- to eight-way variants can be available.
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