Philips Avance Collection Table grill HD6360/20

Philips Avance Collection Table grill HD6360/20
Philips Avance Collection
Table grill
Grill with the ultimate taste infusion
Taste Infusion
Smoky wood, herbs, spices or wine flavours
2000 W
Taste infusion grilling is designed to enrich the taste of grilled food with natural flavours
of wood smoke, spices, herbs or wine. With the glass lid and infuser filled with water,
steam will be generated to make your meat more tender.
Brings the barbecue experience indoors
• Enjoy the smoky barbecue flavour
• Enjoy the aroma with natural flavours
• Heating up fast with high power
Provides tastier grilled food
• Enjoy grilled food that's more tender
• Non-stick plate for grilling without adding any oil
Enables preparing a large variety of dishes
• Ribbed-and-smooth top allows for stir-frying, grilling and more
• Adjustable thermostat ensures perfect results for every food
• A recipe book is included offering inspirational recipes
Makes grilling indoors an enjoyable experience
• Sloped grill to drain excess fat away
• Detachable dishwasher-safe plate for easy cleaning
Table grill
Taste Infusion 2000 W
Non-stick grilling plate
Non-stick surfaces allow you to cook without
any added oil, so you only taste the flavour of
the food
Sloped grill body
Aroma infuser
Aroma infuser to enrich the taste of food with
natural flavours of herbs or wine
Hot steam grilling
Sloped grill makes the excess fat flow into the
grease tray, therefore decreasing the smell and
Dishwasher-safe grilling plate
Dishwasher-safe plate, which is detachable,
enables easy cleaning
Grilling with hot steam to enjoy grilled food
that's more tender
Constant heat
Recipe book included
A recipe book with more than 30 tasty,
inspiring recipes and with expert tips is
Ribbed-and-smooth grill plate
The versatile grill plate gives you the choice of
cooking with either a ribbed or smooth grilling
surface, so you can enjoy your food the way
you like it. The smooth area is suitable for stirfrying and grilling small pieces of food. The
ribbed surface creates that irresistible flamegrilled effect.
Smoke infuser
Adjustable thermostat
High power for heating up fast and keeping a
constant heat
Wide temperature range (70°C to 230°C) so
you can choose the ideal temperature for each
ingredient, ensuring perfect results for all food
Smoke infuser to enjoy the smoky barbecue
taste at home
Table grill
Taste Infusion 2000 W
General specifications
Non-slip feet
Grease tray storage
Integrated on/off switch
Power-on light
290 mm
Technical specifications
• Power: 2000 W
• Voltage: 220-240 V
Weight and dimensions
• Weight of the appliance: 4.9 kg
• Product dimensions (W x H x D): 435 x 138 x
Design and finishing
• Materials: Plastic, metal and glass
• Colour(s): Black
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