Philips FM02SD35B/97 Datasheet

Philips FM02SD35B/97 Datasheet
SD cards
Class 4
Easy to store! Easy to transfer!
The Philips SDHC cards provide plenty of room to capture and store all your photos,
videos, music and datas… safely.
A multi-purpose card
• Store your songs, photos and videos
• Perfect for your computers and cameras
Performance and capacity
• 2GB storage capacity for large data files
• Fast data transfer with high-speed SDHC
SD cards
2GB Class 4
Storage Media
• Built-in Memory Capacity: 2 GB
System Requirements
• PC OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000; Mac OS
9.0 and higher; Linux 2.4.0 and higher
• Warranty: 2 years
Issue date 2014-10-07
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12 NC: 8670 000 87262
EAN: 87 12581 63555 8
SDHC fast data transfer
The SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) format,
allows for larger capacities and faster transfer speeds
than traditional SD format.
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