Philips AC4181/00 Datasheet

Philips AC4181/00 Datasheet
Multi-care filter
Healthy air always
Multi-care filter for pure air
The Philips multi-care filter combined with hi-grade HEPA filter, which effectively filters
out bacteria, dust, allergens and ultrafine particles larger than 20 nanometers including
some viruses*.
Healthy Air
• Filters out ultrafine particles >20 nanometers*
• Filters out dust and bacteria
• Healthy air protect alert warns you when to replace filter
• Healthy air protect lock ensures healthy air always
• Easy-to-install filter
Multi-care filter
Design specifications
• Color(s): dark purple (surface)
Logistic data
• EAN F-box: 69 2341070052 7
• 12 NC (China): 883 4181 00710
• Country of origin: Korea
Weight and dimensions
• Product weight: 0.08 kg
• F-box weight (incl. product): 0.352 kg
• Product dimensions (W x D x H): 372 x 10 x
422 mm
• F-box dimensions (W x D x H): 380 x 20 x 435 mm
• For Philips air purifier(s): AC4090
Filters out ultrafine particle
*In combination with the HEPA filter, the multi-care
filter filters out ultrafine particles >20 nanometers
including bacteria, dust, allergens and some viruses.
According to publications of World Health
Organization, the avian influenza, human influenza
viruses and Legionella bacterium are larger than 20
Healthy air protect alert
Healthy air protect alert gives you a timely warning
when to replace the filter. When the filter is not
replaced in time, the appliance stops functioning to
avoid running with no effect since filter is full. It is
your assurance of healthy air always.
Healthy air protect lock
Healthy air protect lock function ensures you
healthy air always. It shuts off the purifier when
healthy air can no longer be guaranteed. When one
of the filters is almost full and has to be cleaned or
replaced, the Healthy air protect alert warns you to
replace or clean filter. When users do not replace
concerned filter, the appliance stops operating and
the appliance is locked.
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