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Thank you for purchasing the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser by Levoit. Relax
and remove daily stress with the aroma therapeutic diffusion of scented oils.
Equipped with several light color options, the ultrasonic diffuser brings a
soothing accent to any room. Easy to clean and easy to use, this diffuser will
put you in the perfect state of mind to relax, revive, and rejuvenate.
IMPORTANT: Please read, understand, and comply with all of the instructions
provided in this manual before using the device. Failure to comply with the
instructions given in this manual and/or using the device in ways other than the
ones mentioned in this manual may result in serious injury and/or damage the
Safety Use & Care
Mist effect and aroma coverage may vary depending on room temperature,
water quality and amount of oil added.
This device is designed for gentle aroma diffusion. This device is not meant to
be compared to professional humidifiers.
DO NOT remove the tank lid or refill the diffuser while operating the mist
DO NOT lean or tilt the diffuser if there is any remaining liquid inside.
Keep out of reach of children.
DO NOT cover the unit or block the mist outlet or air inlet.
DO NOT expose to extreme temperatures, vibration or shock.
Keep the diffuser away from dust, dirt, and moisture.
DO NOT soak the diffuser in water or operate in a humid or moist
DO NOT place the diffuser on an unstable surface or move during operation.
DO NOT use as a medical respirator or humidifier. Purposely inhaling mist
could be harmful to your health.
DO NOT disassemble, alter or attempt to repair the inner components of
the diffuser. Doing so will void any warranty.
DO NOT twist, puncture or stretch the power adaptor cord or place under
hot items or heavy pressure that may bend or damage the cord.
DO NOT use the diffuser if the power lead has been damaged or the
socket is loose.
DO NOT keep the diffuser power connected during maintenance or while
adding water.
DO NOT use the diffuser when there is an abnormal odor or noise coming
from the unit or if the unit is overheating abnormally.
Make sure your hands are dry when connecting or disconnecting the AC
adapter to the wall outlet.
Plugging in the diffuser does not turn on the device. To turn on, press the
mist button while the diffuser is properly plugged into a power outlet.
DO NOT use medical thinner benzene-ethanol, chlorine, acidic or enzymebased detergents to clean the diffuser. Only use natural detergents. Doing
so may damage the diffuser. Only use mild, diluted detergent.
If the diffuser is not in use for an extended period of time, drain and
clean out the remaining water and store the diffuser in a cool and dry
DO NOT pick up the diffuser from the tank lid. Always hold the diffuser by
the tank body.
Package Contents
1 x Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
1 x AC / DC Adapter
1 x USB Cable
1 x Water Cup
1 x User Manual
Features & Specifications
Colored Modes:
Color Cycle | Red | Blue | Purple | Green
Yellow | Cyan | White
Touch Key Control:
Light | Mist
Light Modes:
Cycle colors | One color
LED Light:
3 pcs
Water Capacity:
100 ml
High Mist 4W | Low Mist 2.5W
Default Timer:
High Mist 4H | Low Mist 8H
Mist Area:
10 - 15m²
Vibration Frequency:
Power Supply:
DC 5V 1A
USB Power Cable:
~ 150 cm (59 in)
~ 160g (5.6oz) excluding adapter
D98 x 71 mm (H) (D3.85 x 2.8 in.)
Function Diagram
6 7
Tank Lid
Mist Outlet
Main Body
Max Water Level
Color Display Area
Color Display Touch Control
Mist Touch Control
Drain Outlet
DC Socket
Antiskid Silicone Padding
Wire Clamp
Water Cup
Connect the power cord into the DC socket of the diffuser. Run the chord
through the cord clamp for level placement.
2. Place the diffuser on a flat, level surface and remove the lid.
3. Fill the included pouring cup to the 100 ml mark, and carefully pour the
water into the diffuser tank. Make sure the water level never passes the
end of the marked lines, indicating the maximum 100 ml capacity.
Maximum Water Level
DO NOT add water while the MIST is on.
DO NOT use water exceeding 105.8°F.
For best results, please use 100% pure hydrosoluble essential oil. To avoid
damaging the diffuser, do not use water-insoluble oils.
4. Add 1-3 drops of essential oil to the water and place the lid back onto the
5. Connect the USB power supply to a powered USB outlet, or to the included
wall outlet converter to plug into an available socket.
NOTE: Do not pick up the diffuser from the tank lid. Always hold the diffuser by the
tank body.
Color LED Light
Press once
Color cycle mode
Press twice
Pause color cycle
Press and hold
Turn off diffuser light
To select a single color, press the color display button repeatedly until you find
the desired color. The order of color selection is as follows: red, blue, purple,
green, yellow, cyan, white.
Mist Diffuser
Press once
Low Mist
8 hours
One short beep
Press twice
High Mist
4 hours
Two short beeps
Press 3x times
One long beep
NOTE: The diffuser will automatically shut off after a full mist cycle or when the water
tank runs empty.
Care & Maintenance
Clean after every 5 - 6 uses. Make sure the diffuser is completely unplugged
from any power supply when cleaning.
NOTE: To avoid damaging internal components, when pouring water out of the
diffuser tank, pour away from the mist outlet.
Mist outlet
1. Clean with gentle diluted kitchen detergent and a soft cloth.
2. Rinse and dry out the water tank of the diffuser.
3. Use a cotton swab to clean the ultrasonic diffuser located in the center of the
diffuser tank.
4. Fill the tank with 100 ml of water and allow the diffuser to operate for 30
minutes without any essential oil added.
5. When finished, pour out the excess water and dry the water tank with a clean
6. Keep the water tank empty and dry if left unused for an extended period of
The diffuser
does not turn
Check if the DC plug is securely plugged into the DC jack.
Check if the AC plug of AC / DC adapter is securely
connected to the power outlet.
Check if the water level in the water tank is too low or
higher than the max capacity.
The diffuser
won't mist.
Connect the USB to the included AC / DC adapter
instead of direct USB power.
Check to see if the mist outlet is clogged. Tap the outlet
gently if water is blocking mist flow.
Use a cotton swab to clean the ultrasonic diffuser
located in the center of the diffuser tank.
The mister is
weaker than
If the scent is too faint, add more drops of essential oil to
preference. Do not exceed 10 drops.
Make sure the oil you’re using is water-soluble, if not
please change it immediately. The long-term use of oil
soluble essential oil also will damage the device.
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