Philips GC019/00 Datasheet

Philips GC019/00 Datasheet
Philips WardrobeCare
Anti-calc cartridges
Anti-calc cartridges for all WardrobeCare models
Keep your WardrobeCare calc-free
The Philips WardrobeCare ironing system is equipped with a unique Dual Protect Anticalc system, which keeps the appliance 99% calc-free. The special anti-calc cartridges
demineralize the water, keeping it 99% calc-free.
Easy to replace
• DualProtect Anti-calc system will alert to change cartridge
• Easy to replace the cartridge
• One package of anti-calc cartridges contains two cartridges
Keep your WardrobeCare at top performance
• Anti-calc cartridges keep your appliance 99% calc-free
• Suitable for all WardrobeCare models
Anti-calc cartridges
Calc management
• Suitable for tap water
• Calc clean solution: DualProtect Anti-calc system
Changes color
• Changes color: From blue to brown when used
• Suitable for WardrobeCare: GC9920*, GC9940,
99% calc-free
Anti-calc cartridges keep your appliance 99% calcfree
DualProtect Anti-calc system
The newer versions of the WardrobeCare have the
DualProtect Anti-calc system, which will alert you
when the cartridge needs to be replaced to ensure
your appliance is 99% calc-free.
For all WardrobeCare models
Suitable for all WardrobeCare models: GC9920*,
GC9940, GC9955 *- Requires new watertank with
calc compartment - Kindly contact Philips Consumer
Care representative for details
Two cartridges in one pack
One package of anti-calc cartridges contains two
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