Lighting Technical Rider for
Technical Rider for
Maya Beiser ~ World To Come ~ 2008/2009
Presenter shall provide:
BLACK MARLEY (type) FLOOR, in good condition, that shall extend 10’ into the
wings on both sides of the stage and from the proscenium to the Cyclorama.
Presenter shall supply a professional crew to hang, circuit, patch, color, and
trouble shoot the artist’s light plot prior to the day of the first concert.
On the morning of the concert (if it is scheduled as an evening concert), the
presenter shall supply a professional crew to focus the lighting, install all video
elements, and install and balance complete audio rig under the direction of the
Artist’s lighting director and Audio Engineer (4 hours). NOTE: this can happen
simultaneous to the setup work for sound and video.
On the afternoon of concert, the artist will rehearse on stage with all technical
elements including lighting, video and sound (4 hours).
This is NOT a YELLOW CARD attraction.
Presenter shall provide accommodations, in a first class hotel, in close proximity
of the venue.
Hotel must have Internet available and the presenter shall assume the cost of
said Internet, for all company members, for the duration of the stay.
Presenter shall supply hospitality for Maya and her technical staff.
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All members of the company are VEGETARIAN, and will not eat meat. Maya
eats fish and Eggs Stephen and Dave eat cheese and eggs. but Vegan is always
the safest.
Should any call begin before 9:00am, a hot breakfast must be provided.
A warm lunch shall be provided between 11:30 and 12:30p the day of technical
Please confirm time with Lighting/Video Director on the Day of the
The presenter shall provide snacks, in the green room area, for production
breaks and prior to the performance.
Suggested items include:
Green tea, herbal tea, (please make sure there is Peppermint tea in the herbal
selection), earl grey tea, coffee (from whole bean), juice, bottled water, fresh fruit,
fresh vegetables, nuts, rice crackers, whole grain crackers, hummus, dried fruit
and nut mixes, cheeses (excluding: American, and Provolone), granola bars.
The presenter shall provide a working headset communication system between
the following people:
Artist’s sound engineer
Artist’s lighting director
Local light board operator (if applicable)
Local stage manager
Stage Left in wing
Stage Right in wing
Local sound operator (if applicable)
Note that hand held walkie talkie type systems are unacceptable for this
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The light plot shall be hung, circuited, patched, trouble shot, colored and ready
for focus upon companies arrival to venue.
22 – 19degree Source 4 Ellipsoidal @ 575 watts
6 – 26degree Source 4 Ellipsoidal @ 575 watts
4 – 10degree Source 4 Ellipsoidal @ 575 watts
15 - Source Four Pars MFL @ 750w
15 - Source Four Pars WFL @ 750w
12 - 1kw 6 foot, 3 circuit MR16 Strip Lights
10 - 1kw 3 cell Cyc Lights
2 - DMX dual-gobo rotators or City Theatrical EFX Plus II
4 – A Size Template holders for Source 4 Ellipsoidal
36 - 2.4kw Dimmers for above equipment
1 – Computer Control Console for above equipment
Artist prefers ETC Expression Line of Equipment for this tour
Color (gel) for the lighting as specified on the artists light plot
Artist will travel with lighting templates
Cable, Jumpers, Control Cable to form a complete and working system according
to the Artists Lighting Plan
5 OVERHEAD Hanging positions for the lighting (four over stage and one ‘front
of house’
2 - Onstage Booms per side
1 or 2 – Box Booms per side
One projector, not less than 5,000 lumens, from FOH.
Position to be determined by Lighting Supervisor upon consultation with
Technical Director of venue.
Lens aspect ration 4:3
One video amplification unit for each video send.
- LCD or DLP technology (absolutely no tube projectors
even if it is an excellent one) for a frontal
projection starting at STAGE LEVEL (meaning that we
should be able to redirect the projector if it is
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usually set for "eye level".
- Projection width, at Cyc, shall be 40’. Width may vary only in the event
that the hall will not allow for a 40’ wide projection.
- No substitutions may be made without Lighting Designers express
A speaker system capable of delivering 100dB(A) of full-range audio to all
seating areas without distortion. Flown or part flown systems are preferable and
also help to avoid audience sightline problems. Preferred brands Meyer, JBL,
VerTec, L-Acoustic, EAW. The system must be completely free of noise as the
show utilizes a very broad dynamic range, which can easily be compromised by
a noisy system.
The console MUST NOT be in any enclosed booth.
A minimum 24ch desk with 4 band fully parametric EQ. Phantom power to be
available and switch-able on each input channel and at least 4 auxiliary sends
individually switch-able pre & post fader.
No Mackie, Behringer or other semi-professional consoles.
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Effects & Outboard processing
31 band graphic EQ inserted on all output busses, including 2-Mon/Aux sends.
1 Lexicon PCM91 or Yamaha SPX-990 or SPX-1000
6 channels compression (preferred: 2 channels-Summit DCL200 inserted on
Cello and Vocal and 4 channels-DBX inserted on DVD channels)
Ms. Beiser will provide her own wireless in-ear monitor system. No on-stage
wedges will be used. Please be prepared to patch 2 auxiliary sends from the
FOH console into a Sennheiser evolution series wireless transmitter accepting
2 – XLR inputs. Location of transmitter will be on stage near the main
microphone input panel.
Microphones and playback gear
Ms. Beiser will supply a DPA 4021 for the cello. The venue will supply one
wireless handheld mic 1st half of show. Ms. Beiser will supply one Countryman
E6 headset mic with Sennheiser wireless system for 2nd half of show.
Ms. Beiser will supply a DVD deck with discrete audio outputs including
appropriate output cables terminating to 1/4” phone plugs to be connected to
FOH console. We will also be projecting video from the same DVD deck (please
see video/lighting rider). The DVD deck will be located at the FOH mix position.
Please provide appropriate video lines for feed to projector.
World To Come Stage plot
Ms. Beiser will be located downstage center (final position to be determined by
crew/artist during setup on day of show). The venue will provide a padded piano
bench. All mic cables will be routed behind piano bench to upstage wall then to
main mic panel to minimize visibility from audience.
Running Times
There will be two sets running approximately 45 minutes each with a 20 minute
Audio Input List
Reverb L
Reverb R
Comp 1
Countryman E6
Comp 2
Wireless Handheld
Line in or DI
Line in or DI
Line in or DI
Line in or DI
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Comp 3
Comp 4
Comp 5
Comp 6
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