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Model 7600M/7602M
Wideband Power Amplifiers
Output Power: 17 Watts/34Watts
Output Voltage: 141V/282V rms
Frequency Range: DC to 1MHz
Coupling: AC or DC
Gain: up to 42dB
Distortion: <0.01%
DC Offset: ±200V
Load Impedance: Reactive and Resistive
The Krohn-Hite Models 7600M and 7602M are 17 and 34 watt,
wideband power amplifiers that offer extended output power and
voltage capabilities, low distortion, versatility and the latest in
hybrid CMOS power operational amplifier technology with
performance features not available in other power amplifiers.
The Model 7602M provides the same performance as the Model
7600M with a differential output and is able to deliver 34 watts of
continuous power (68 watts at dc) and 282V rms (800Vp-p). It can
also provide plus and minus dc voltages simultaneously.
The Models 7600M provide 17 watts of continuous power (34
watts at dc) and 141V rms from dc to 500kHz. The frequency
response of the 7600 is ±0.1dB to 10kHz, and the distortion
contributed by the amplifier is <0.01% to 5kHz and <0.3% to
100kHz. The voltage gain can be either inverting or non-inverting
and has selectable ranges from 0dB-14dB, 0dB-28dB and
0dB-42dB, and is continuously variable between ranges.
Other features include: modes of A, A–B and –B, common mode
rejection of 80dB, input coupling of ac or dc, dc offset control that
is variable from 0V to ±200V; an optional meter package that
provides a meter for displaying the heat sink temperature in °C,
output peak voltage and average output current.
The Models 7600M and 7602M are two of the only amplifiers on
the market today that offer a combination of power, performance
and versatility over the range of dc to 1MHz.
With the ability to drive either resistive or reactive loads, together
with its power and voltage capability, low distortion, and flat
response make the Models 7600M and 7602M ideally suited for
applications such as driving piezo electric transducers, ion beam
deflection, vacuum tube driver, meter calibration, ink jet testing
and design; and with the dc coupling and variable dc offset control
each amplifier can function as a bipolar high voltage power
Krohn-Hite Corporation, 15 Jonathan Drive, Unit 4, Brockton, MA 02301
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Wideband Power Amplifier
Model 7600M/7602M
DC Level Stability:
OUTPUT (All rms values are for sinewave signals)
Vs. Line: <1mV for a 10% change in line voltage.
For the Model 7602M, specifications apply to each output
to ground.
Vs. Temperature: <0.01%/°C or 2mV/°C whichever is
Frequency Range: dc to 1MHz.
1k Ohm Load: 17W rms, 34W dc and peak, dc to
500kHz; 5W rms to 1MHz.
600 Ohm Load: 10W rms, 100Hz to 1MHz; 5W rms,
10W dc and peak, dc to 100Hz.
No Load: ±200V dc and peak, 141V rms.
1k Ohm Load: ±184V dc and peak, 130V rms, dc to
500kHz; ±113V peak, 80V rms at 1MHz.
600 Ohm Load: ±113V peak, 80V rms, 100Hz to
1MHz; ±78V dc and peak, 55V rms, dc to 100Hz.
Internal Impedance: <0.5 ohm, dc to 10kHz; 5 ohms at
100kHz; 20 ohms at 1MHz.
Output Protection: Protected from overloads with a
unique foldback limiter which keeps the output current
within safe operating regions. Kickback diodes clamp
kickback voltages to the supply.
Modes: A, A–B, –B.
Maximum Voltage (without damage): ±200V dc referred
to ground.
Maximum Common Mode: 0dB to 14dB range, ±200V
peak; 14dB to 28dB range, ±40V peak; 28dB to 42dB
range, ±8V peak.
Current: 910 ohm load, ±200mA peak, 141mA rms, dc to
Common Mode Rejection: 80dB, dc to 200Hz; 60dB to
1kHz; 40dB to 10kHz; rising to 20dB at 1MHz.
Frequency Response: ±0.1dB, dc to 10kHz; ±0.25dB to
200kHz; ±0.5dB to 500kHz, 0-130V rms; ±0.5dB to 1MHz
0-80V rms.
Sensitivity: ±1.6V peak.
Harmonic Distortion: <0.01% to 5kHz and 175V peak
output, <0.05% 200V peak output; <0.3% to 100kHz.
Impedance: 1M ohm in parallel with 30pF with front inputs
only; 65pF with front and optional rear inputs, independent
of input gain setting.
Voltage Gain: 0dB to 42dB in three ranges; 0dB to 14dB,
14dB to 28dB, 28dB to 42dB; continuously variable
between ranges.
Step Accuracy: ±0.1dB plus frequency response
specification. Gain steps are 14dB or a voltage gain of 5.
Stability: <0.001dB change for a 10% change in line
Dynamic Range: >80dB.
Hum and Noise (2MHz bandwidth): Referred to output,
<10mV rms; <20mV rms on the 28dB to 42dB gain range.
Phase Shift: A input 0° ±1°, B input, 180° ±1° dc to 10kHz
increasing linearly 60° lagging at 1MHz. Model 7602:
(Inverted output relative to non-inverted) 180°, –0.3° at
10kHz; 180°, –3° at 100kHz; 180°, –20° at 1MHz.
Squarewave Response:
Rise/Fall Times: 120ns to 50Vp-p.
Slew Rate: >600V/us, 400Vp-p.
Aberrations: <5%.
Regulation: <0.1%, No load to 1k ohm load from dc to
10kHz; rising to 2% at 1MHz.
Coupling: Direct (dc) or capacitive (ac) with low frequency
cutoff of approximately 1Hz.
7600M/7602M: Metering
Heat Sink Temp °C: Measures the heat sink
temperature in the vicinity of the output power
amplifier IC
Used as an indicator of operating conditions and air
flow to the unit.
Output Peak Voltage: Measures the largest peak
voltage independent of polarity with a 1 second time
constant. Accuracy (at 1kHz): ±0.5V.
Frequency Response: ±2%, 10Hz to 100kHz; 5% to
Average Output Current: Measures average dc
supply current delivered to the output amplifier as an
indicator of output amplifier load. Quiescent current is
nulled out. Can be used to find resonances in a load.
Front Panel Warning LED Indicators: Over TEMP.,
output H.V. (high voltage).
DC Level: Nominal zero volts; vs. temperature, 2mV/°C.
Load Impedance: Capable of driving any resistive load
within the current and voltage limitations of the amplifiers
foldback limiter. Capable of driving reactive loads within
voltage and current limitations.
DC Offset Control (no load): 0V to ±200V.
Temperature Range: 0°C to 45°C.
Coupling: DC.
Krohn-Hite Corporation, 15 Jonathan Drive, Unit 4, Brockton, MA 02301
Tel: 508-580-1660; Fax: 508-583-8989;; email:
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Wideband Power Amplifier
Controls, Terminals and Indicators:
Front panel: Power switch, 5-position input MODE
switch, 2-position INPUT COUPLING switch,
GAIN control switch, variable GAIN dB potentiometer,
10-turn variable DC OFFSET potentiometer,
Model 7600M/7602M
003: Rear panel input and output connectors.
015: Remote Gain Control, VC Input ±10Vdc, gain is
proportional to the VC input setting.
Accuracy: ±5%, ±1 digit.
3-position offset RANGE switch, output
Rack Mounting Kit: Part No. RK-37, permits installation
of the Models 7600/7602 into a standard 19" rack spacing.
Rear Panel: CHASSIS/FLOAT GROUND switch.
Extended 1 Year Warranty: Part No. (7600) EW7600,
(7600M) EW7600M, (7602) EW7602, (7602M) EW7602M.
Front Panel Warning LED Indicator: CLIPPING.
Terminals: BNC A input, BNC B input, binding post
Rear Panel: Power receptacle, optional BNC input
and binding post output.
Power Requirements: 90-132/198-264 volts,
50Hz-400Hz, 200 watts.
CAB-005: Cable, Two Conductor Shielded Balance Line
CAB-018: Cable, Multi-stacking Double Banana plug
CAB-023: Cable Set, Low Thermal EMF Retractable
CAB-024: Cable Set, Low Thermal EMF Spade Lug
Dimensions and Weights: 3.5" (9cm) high, 8.5" (21.8cm)
wide, 18" (46.2cm) deep; 12 lbs (5.4kg) net, 14 lbs (6.3kg)
CAB-025: Cable, BNC, 3ft, Low Noise
Accessories: 3-terminal line cord, operating manual.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Model 7602M Rear Panel
Krohn-Hite Corporation, 15 Jonathan Drive, Unit 4, Brockton, MA 02301
Tel: 508-580-1660; Fax: 508-583-8989;; email:
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Krohn-Hite Corporation, 15 Jonathan Drive, Unit 4, Brockton, MA 02301
Tel: 508-580-1660; Fax: 508-583-8989;; email:
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