Gallagher Access Control Products and Solutions

Gallagher Access Control Products and Solutions
Access Control
Product Overview
Flexible, integrated access
control solutions
The Gallagher difference
Our innovation is driven by the desire to solve problems,
meet your needs and provide real business value.
We create and deliver access management solutions
designed to protect what’s important to you.
Access Control Solutions
Secure site management, control and access
Complete Site Management
Gallagher Command Centre
Gallagher Command Centre Mobile App
Features and Integrations
Gallagher Controllers
Interface between Gallagher Command Centre and other
security hardware
Gallagher Reader Modules
Secure connectivity to external devices
Gallagher HBUS I/O Devices
Expand the capability of Gallagher Controllers
Gallagher Card Readers
Contactless card readers for access control
System Architecture
The Gallagher security system overview
Access Control Solutions
Complete Site Management
Gallagher Command Centre is a powerful operator-friendly security
management system that enables you to:
Manage cardholders, including their access, cards and photo identification
Monitor alarms and control all system aspects
Retrieve and report on stored system information
Interface to and exchange information with third party systems
Configure the site and all system components
Extended Control Capacity
Gallagher controller devices can greatly expand the control capabilities
of a security system:
Remove the risk of one compromized connection taking down all downstream devices
Monitor and report the state of balanced inputs
Enforce decisions to switch output relays
Manage multiple access points efficiently
Secure Access Control
Gallagher’s reader range provides contactless proximity card readers for access control
management delivering:
Rapid and secure access decision responses
Support for multiple card technologies
A diverse selection of reader mounting and protection accessories
Complete Site Management
Management Control
Gallagher Command Centre
Gallagher Command Centre is the central
site management platform for the Gallagher
security system. Utilizing a client server
architecture, the software provides a powerful
and versatile feature set, enabling system
operators to configure, monitor, and control the
security system.
For more information refer to datasheet:
Gallagher Command Centre
Gallagher Command Centre can be fully customized to suit
your business needs, providing:
•Site hardware and system components, including: access,
intruder alarm and perimeter security fencing
•Schedules to automate access and alarm state changes.
Doors may be configured as requiring card only, card plus PIN,
dual access (two unique cards), free access etc
•Entry and exit delays for intruder alarm zones
•Individually programmed responses for a cardholder or all
members of an access group
•System division and assigned privileges to manage operators
• Communication with Gallagher Controllers with peer-to-peer
communication independent of the server. This allows data to
be automatically distributed to areas of the system where it is
•Dial-up support for remote sites or off-site alarm monitoring
•Communication between Gallagher Command Centre and
Gallagher Controllers using up to 256 bit AES encryption; a
recognized industry leading level of data protection
• Configuration, live operation and reporting of on-site
guard tours
Gallagher Mobile Solutions
The Gallagher range of mobile solutions is comprehensive, and combines the power of Command Centre with the flexibility of mobile
devices. Available for both iOS and Android, the apps are downloadable from Apple App and Google Play stores.
Mobile Connect App
Command Centre Mobile App
Our Mobile Connect App securely transforms your mobile device
into an access card, using Bluetooth® wireless technology.
The Gallagher Command Centre Mobile App enables you to
extend your security and access control and provides you with
the ability to manage your security from your mobile device.
Optional two-factor authentication with fingerprint or PIN lets you
add an additional security step, and ensures that the person at
the door, is exactly who they say they are.
Access can be set up remotely (great for temporary visitors) and
the easy set-up with two-step provisioning takes no time at all.
Access is made more convenient, and with FIDO open-standards
powered by Nok Nok, you are secured by a globally recognized
method of authentication.
For more information, refer to the datasheet:
Gallagher Mobile Connect App
The App interfaces directly
with Gallagher Command
Centre, providing a secure
link directly to the site
management capabilities
that already bring security
and business efficiency to
your site.
For more information, refer to the datasheet:
Command Centre Mobile App
Features and Integrations
Management Control
The power of Gallagher Command Centre allows extensive
integration with other systems, helping businesses to comply
with a wide range of regulation standards, save money and
create safe and well managed workplaces*.
Visitor Management Web
Service C12671
Impress your visitors and give them a
professional greeting with Gallagher’s visitor
management system. The Visitor Management
Web Service supports pre-registration, saving
time by ensuring smooth processing upon
arrival at reception.
Cardholder Display C12599
Understand why cardholders are denied
access, on the spot. Arm your people with the
information they need to proactively manage
their access on site by using the display to
communicate any upcoming card or
competency expiries.
Video Integrations
Integrate and monitor third party video
surveillance systems through Command Centre.
Equip your operators with a single system in
the control room, increasing efficiencies and
reducing costs.
Elevator Integrations
Use Command Centre and Gallagher’s
elevator High Level Interfaces (HLI) to control
access to building floors from elevator cars.
For more information on our integrations visit:
Building Automation
and Control C12689
The Gallagher BACnet interface allows
you to run your lighting and heating only
when people are in the room. Monitor and
control your HVAC (heating, ventilation
and air conditioning) and other business
management systems through
Command Centre.
*More information on other third party integrations is available from Some integrations require optional licenses.
Gallagher Controllers
Management Control
Controller 6000 C300100
The Gallagher Controller 6000 enforces business rules, monitors the environment, communicates with other integrated systems,
and makes offline access decisions.
The Gallagher Controller 6000 (C6000) is the interface between the Gallagher Command Centre Server and distributed field
hardware. The C6000 is capable of processing, storing, and communicating data in real time when the Gallagher Command Centre
Server is offline. The Controller 6000’s straight forward system architecture provides powerful and flexible configuration options.
• Sends and receives events from third party systems within the C6000 using the Gallagher Controller Application Programming Interface (API)
• Supports high level interfaces for elevator access control
• Supports the Gallagher T20 Terminal for management and operation of intruder alarm functions and Gallagher Perimeter Security Fence Controllers for integrated perimeter security.
• Has two RS485 connections, which may be individually configured to support HBUS, GBUS, SensorBUS or AperioTM communications
• Provides connectivity to the 4H & 8H HBUS device modules as well as 4R & 8R reader modules
• Supports alarm management and remote alarms transmission via multiple mediums:
• LAN/WAN networks using TCP/IP protocol
• Cellular networks, via cellular modem
• PSTN Alarms, via Gallagher Dialer
• Stores up to 500,000 (standard) or 50000 (Mobile Connect)
• Communicates directly with other Gallagher Controllers over a credentials, and 80,000 events
LAN/WAN using TCP/IP for the purposes of monitoring, back-
• Controls up to 10 monitored doors
up, and control without requiring the Gallagher Command Centre • Enables operation of integrated perimeter security, with the
server to be online
Gallagher T20 Terminal and Gallagher Perimeter Security Fence
• Provides I/O functionality via the HBUS and Reader Modules and Controllers.
other I/O expansion options
• Supports on-board controller logic with no server connection • Communicates via the 4H or 8H Modules with Gallagher readers required.
using the high speed HBUS RS-485 protocol
• Supports automated software upgrades for all downstream • Provides onboard front and rear tamper monitoring
connected HBUS devices.
• Provides a cost-effective approach to engineering a Gallagher system through its modular design
For more information, refer to the datasheet:
• Includes a USB port as an alternative to the network connection Gallagher Controller 6000
for securely loading software into the Controller
Controller 6000 HS (High Spec) C300101
The Controller 6000 High Spec retains all of the functionality of the standard C6000
while providing additional features such as:
• Automated high and low temperature shutdown in extreme temperatures
• Dual ethernet ports for ethernet link redundancy
• Support for 10MB/100MB/1GB Ethernet network communications
• Dedicated encryption chip for ultra-secure encryption key storage
• Hardware watchdog relay for additional Controller system responsiveness
Controller 6000 PIV (Personal Identity Verification) C305101
The Controller 6000 PIV meets and complies with Federal Information Processing
Standard (FIPS) 201-2.
While offering all of the benefits of the Controller 6000 High Spec, the Controller 6000 PIV
is also capable of performing contactless PIV smart card authentication checks. It natively
enforces the revocation status of PIV smart card certificates, and performs cardholder
specific access control decisions without the need for constant server connectivity.
Gallagher Reader Modules
Management Control
Gallagher modules support star-wiring of
other control devices, and I/O connectivity
for door and equipment monitoring.
8H Module C300182
4H Module C300142
HBUS Modules
Data protection
The 4H and 8H modules utilize the HBUS protocol which runs
at speeds up to 1Mb/s - substantially faster than most other
RS-485 based communication protocols. This increased
communication speed improves the response time of other
Gallagher HBUS devices.
All communication between the Controller 6000 and its
connected HBUS devices are secured using industry leading
authentication and encryption techniques. All HBUS devices
maintain a heartbeat to alert the system should any device be
taken offline, and to protect against a wide range of potential
attack methods.
Gallagher 8H and 4H modules allow HBUS devices to be starwired back to a secure controller cabinet. Star-wiring removes
the risk of one faulty connection taking down all downstream
devices as on a daisy-chained run, and each HBUS port can also
support multiple HBUS devices. Gallagher 8H and 4H modules
monitor and report the state of balanced inputs, and enforce
decisions to switch output relays, if required.
Easy retrofit
HBUS Modules are designed to run on all Controller 6000s,
allowing an easy retrofit of previous expansion modules.
For more information, refer to the datasheet:
Gallagher HBUS Modules.
4R and 8R Modules
Gallagher 4R or 8R modules accept connectivity via the
Wiegand protocol (AND Cardax IV) from devices
communicating with this protocol. The 8R reader module
clips into the Controller 6000 to provide connectivity for:
• Up to 8 Gallagher readers (Cardax IV), or up to
4 Wiegand readers
• Monitoring of 24 inputs
• 8 relay outputs
4R Module C300141
8R Module C300181
Gallagher HBUS I/O Devices
Management Control
Gallagher HBUS I/O Devices provide flexible, cost effective, secure input and output
expansion options, and shared cabling with other HBUS devices.
High speed communication
Features and benefits
The HBUS communication protocol is based on the RS485
standard and allows each HBUS I/O Device to communicate with
the Gallagher C6000 Controller over a distance of up to 500m
(1640 ft.) at a speed of 1Mb/s.
• Unique identities for all field devices
HBUS Device software is automatically available with Controller
6000 software upgrades; no operator intervention is required.
• IT grade authentication and encryption levels to prevent
data tampering
• Variable end-of-line resistance
16 In 16 Out
• 16 inputs
• Extends the connectivity of the Gallagher C6000 via HBUS
• Automated device software upgrades
8 In 2 Out Door
Module C300660
8 Port Hub
• 8 inputs
• 8 downstream
• 2 outputs
• 16 outputs
• 4 HBUS readers or
HBUS terminals
8 In Board
8 In 4 Out Board
• 8 inputs
• 8 inputs
For more information,
refer to the datasheet:
Gallagher HBUS I/O Device.
• 4 outputs
Gallagher Cabinets
Two Gallagher Cabinets are available to accommodate the
Gallagher controllers and the Gallagher HBUS Module. A range
of colors and power supply options are available.
For more information, refer to the datasheet:
Gallagher Cabinets.
Single Cabinet
Dual Cabinet
Gallagher Card Readers
Management Control
The Gallagher T-Series Reader and Terminal range provides contactless card readers for
access control management as part of the Gallagher site management platform.
Secure, high speed access readers
• High speed RS485 protocol, HBUS, offers an access decision response time of 200 milliseconds
• Unparalleled reader security through IT grade authentication and encryption between the reader and controller with HBUS
• Support for multiple card technologies including: MIFARE®, MIFARE DESFire EV1® and MIFARE DESFire EV2®, MIFARE Plus®
and MIFARE Classic ®*, as well as 125 kHz proximity and Bluetooth® wireless technology (T11,T12, T15 and T20 multi technology
readers only)
• Unrivaled reader durability and water/dust protection
• Environmentally friendly - RoHS compliant and designed for minimal power consumption
• Backwards compatibility - the readers are compatible with Cardax IV enabled Gallagher Controllers and GBUS URI hardware
• Support for custom site encryption keys
• Heartbeat monitoring to ensure reader status can be monitored in real time
• Extensive range of reader mounting and protection accessories.
*MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESfire EV1 and MIFARE DESfire EV2 are registered trademarks of NXP B.V.
T20 Terminal C300450
• Contemporary and intuitive user interface, with a 3.5” color
LED screen and large backlit keys
• Maintain system integrity with
scheduled or manual tests
• IP66 rated environmental protection, and IK08 rated impact
• Extensive perimeter management
• Card Only and Card + PIN access modes (including duress
access support, and dual cardholder authentication)
• Multiple language support
• Cardholder compliance message display
• Custom background images when
in idle mode
• Control Outputs to manage building facilities
• Arm and disarm up to 50 alarm zones distributed across any
system controllers, with optional automated input isolation, and
automated alarms acknowledgment
• Display up to 200 unacknowledged alarms and 100
acknowledged alarms, and manage up to 100 inputs.
An alarms only variant is available (The T20 AT - C300463)
when reader capability is not required
• Integrated rear tamper
• Fully configurable Mimic Panel
• Software upgradeable in situ.
For more information, refer
to the datasheet:
Gallagher T-Series Readers.
T-Series Reader range
• Contemporary design - classic black and white, with both
mullion or flushbox mounting variants
• IP68 environmental protection and IK07 for impact protection
• Configurable illumination and sound; where visual or audible
indications may cause distraction
• Limited Lifetime Warranty.
For more information, refer to the datasheet:
Gallagher T-Series Readers.
T12 Reader T11 Reader T10 Reader T15 Reader
C300440 C300430 C300400 C300480
System Architecture
Gallagher delivers a complete access control platform with a product architecture
that extends from powerful software to robust and reliable hardware. Connected via
information networks, all components synergize to provide any site with a scalable
security solution that is consistently effective.
Gallagher System Architecture
Multi Server
Multi Server
SMS on
Badge Gallagher
Printer Encoder
IP Alarms Transmission
Badge Gallagher Morpho
Printer Encoder Enrolment
Card Gallagher Morpho
Printer Encoder Enrolment
Command Centre
Command Centre
4H or 8H
16 IN 16 OUT 8 IN 4 OUT
8 IN
Control Unit
Salto Wired
Salto XS4 &
A Element Reader
3rd Party
Card Reader
4R or 8R
I/0 Boards
Disturbance Sensor
3rd Party
Card Reader
Sensor BUS
TCP / IP Network
Aperio BUS
8 in 2 out
Door Module
Tension Sensor
Aperio Comms Hub
T Series Readers
Nedap UPass
or Transit Readers
T20 Alarms
8 Port Hub
End of Line Module
Fence Controller
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Video Management
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