Canon 6227B009, 6228B004, 6228B009 Datasheet

Canon 6227B009, 6228B004, 6228B009 Datasheet
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Professional Photo Printers
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© Jeff Ascough. Canon Ambassador
With the new powerful software, the sleek design of the new
PRO-10 and PRO-100 printers and the flagship PRO-1, the PIXMA
PRO series range has an A3+ photo printer to perfectly match
your passion for exceptional photography.
The last step in a photograph’s journey is as important as the first
The professional’s choice
Gallery-quality colour and mono images
Vibrant and exciting
With its ultimate print quality and commercial-scale productivity,
the PRO-1 delivers stunning professional, saleable images up to
A3+ in less than 3 minutes. Canon’s state-of-the-art 12-ink
system, with large capacity ink tanks, includes Chroma Optimizer
for uniform glossiness and dense, smooth blacks. Professional
pigment inks and a wide choice of media support mean that the
PRO-1 will ensure flawless images that precisely match your
creative vision.
The 10-ink pigment-based system with 3 monochrome inks
produces exceptional, saleable, gallery-quality colour and mono
prints up to A3+. With Chroma Optimizer’s clear ink providing
amazing colour gamut and deep blacks, the PRO-10 offers
flexible media choice, enhanced connectivity and professional
print plug-in for outstanding workflow.
For professional prints at home, the PRO-100 is feature-rich
with wide media choice and connectivity that will deliver
exhibition-quality prints for years to come. The 8-ink
dye-based system with 3 monochrome inks produces
stunning quality, vibrant prints in colour and monochrome
up to A3+.
The printer your images deserve
The new styling and features of the PIXMA PRO series has been
designed to meet the demands of every photographer: from
advanced amateurs to top professionals, consistently delivering
the results your images deserve.
The professional’s choice
The PIXMA PRO-1 is the ultimate in professional
quality desktop photo-printing that will inspire
your creativity and give you unrivalled artistic
control over your entire workflow. Setting the
benchmark for A3+ photo printers, its unique
12-ink system - where all inks are available for
use - allows you to produce flawless, archival
prints with outstanding image permanence that
you can sell or exhibit with confidence.
A Chroma Optimizer enhances black density
to deliver striking prints with perfect, smooth
blacks. It also regulates surface reflection,
to ensure uniform glossiness and keep print
colours natural, as well as expand the colour
gamut. The Optimum Image Generating (OIG)
system analyses the photo colour and precisely
calculates the optimum ink combination and
volume of ink droplets, which are then accurately
placed on the paper by Canon’s FINE print head
with 12,288 nozzles.
A super-fast print speed means PIXMA PRO-1
can print a gallery-quality A3+ photo in less
than 3 minutes to increase your productivity
as well as your profits. Versatile media support
for up to 14" wide paper, including an expanded
range of ICC profiles for well-known Fine Art
papers, means you can use whichever one is
right for your artistic vision. Ambient Light
Correction automatically corrects the print colour
tones for optimum viewing under various
lighting conditions.
With Ethernet connection, the unrivalled
capabilities of your PIXMA PRO-1 can be
accessed by multiple computers and users. With
great hardware durability you can be sure your
creativity and your business are in safe hands.
See the PRO-1 video featuring
Jeff Ascough on Canon website
• Ultimate quality prints up to A3+
with commercial scale productivity
• Unique 12-ink system with
exceptional colour gamut
• Chroma Optimizer for uniform
glossiness and crisp, sharp blacks
• Optimum Image Generating
system to enhance colour
• Stunning black and white prints
with 5 monochrome inks
• LUCIA inks for outstanding photo
permanence and colour stability
• High capacity individual ink tanks
with easy to change cartridges
• Ethernet connectivity allowing
easy sharing amongst multiple
• Photo discs can be personalised
with Direct Disk Print
© Jeff Ascough. Canon Ambassador
Gallery-quality colour and mono images
Delivering stunning, gallery-quality colour and
monochrome A3+ prints for the image-conscious
professional looking to create and sell galleryquality photos. The PIXMA PRO-10’s exceptional
10-ink system with professional LUCIA pigment
inks, including Chroma Optimizer, delivers
images with stable, accurate colours, uniform
glossiness and crisp, sharp blacks.
The PIXMA PRO-10’s image processing
technologies and colour enhancement system
(Optimum Image Generating system) ensure
outstanding screen-to-print colour matching.
The three dedicated monochrome inks create
beautiful black and white photos in matte and
gloss which gives smooth tonal gradations
and reduce graininess.
Advanced workflow management software
is included and is compatible with all major
photo applications, making the production
of professional prints easy and efficient.
Impressive media handling includes support
for a range of paper types and sizes as well as
Canon ICC profiles for many popular papers
from well-known manufacturers. Coupled
with Wi-Fi / Ethernet connectivity, this makes
the PRO-10 a true creative business ally you
can rely on.
resolution. It can produce an A3+ photolab
quality colour print in approx. 1 min 30 sec
or approx. 2 min 55 sec for black and white.
workflow management and colour
enhancement technologies.
Vibrant and exciting
When it comes to producing exhibition quality
images at home, the PRO-100 is the perfect
choice. The 8-ink dye-based system delivers truly
vibrant colour prints with unrivalled glossiness.
With three monochrome inks you can create
beautiful, classic black and white photographs
with smooth tonal gradations.
Print great looking photographs fast with the
PIXMA PRO-100, which has a FINE Print head
with 3pl droplets, delivering up to 4800dpi print
The ChromaLife100+ system inks produce
quality prints for years to come. Individually
replaceable ink tanks for each of the eight
colours minimise waste and reduce printing
costs. Produce vibrant colour photos efficiently
with accurate screen-to-print colour matching
using the PRO-100’s advanced applications,
Supporting a wide range of media from Canon
and other well-known paper manufacturers,
the PRO-100 has Ethernet and Wi-Fi
connectivity enabling multiple users to print
from anywhere in your network. A great printer
for the serious home-based photographer
wanting to produce photos from 10 x 15cm
up to A3+.
Delivering stunning, gallery-quality colour
and monochrome A3+ photo prints
• Professional A3+ photo printer
• 10-ink pigment-based system
with Chroma Optimizer
• Gallery quality, saleable
colour and mono prints
• Uniform, quality gloss
and deep blacks
• Versatile media support
and Direct Disc Print
• Stunning quality A3+
photo printer
• Fast print: A3+
colour in 1 min 30 sec
• Rich colours with 8-ink
dye-based system
• Wide range of
media support
• 3 mono inks for quality
grayscale photos
Print, share, create, organise…
...and a whole lot more. PIXMA’s powerful and intuitive software has been developed to
fit seamlessly into your workflow, enhance your creativity and increase your productivity.
ICC profiles
Print Studio PRO
Color Management Tool PRO
Get Creative
Canon provides a large set of ICC profiles for
each of the PIXMA PRO series printers to use
with Canon papers, as well as with a number
of compatible high quality photo and Fine Art
papers from other manufacturers. These are
downloadable from the Canon Software
Download Centre. Additionally, select well-known
media providers such as Hahnemühle, Ilford and
Canson provide an even wider range of profiles
for their papers. Please see their websites for
more information.
Canon’s new print plug-in provides the perfect
workflow link between your image and the
finished printed product. This unique software
is designed specifically for PIXMA PRO printers
and lets you achieve professional quality photo
prints with ease. Print Studio PRO integrates
seamlessly with software from the Adobe
Photoshop® family (CS, Lightroom, Elements)
as well as the Canon Digital Photo Professional
application which comes with Canon’s EOS
digital SLR cameras.
Minimise colour variance among different printers
or media types by using your spectrometer &
Canon’s Color Management Tool PRO software.
It allows you to create custom ICC profiles that are
optimised for your printer, paper and unique work
environment - helping to deliver the high colour
quality and accuracy that you demand. It features
an easy-to-follow wizard, which prints
measurement charts that can be scanned with a
range of X-Rite calibrating devices (Eye-One PRO,
Color Munki) so you can create your unique ICC
profiles quickly and easily.
Bring memories back to life using the photo
organising capabilities of My Image Garden
software, which includes face recognition and the
ability to combine photographs in creative ways
for printing. Create amazing collages,
personalised cards and calendars, or even design
labels for your photo discs and print them directly
onto the printable disc surface with your PIXMA
PRO series printer. With the Print Your Days app
you can print yours and your friends’ photos
directly from Facebook.
With PRO Mode you
can achieve outstanding
screen-to-print colour
matching without using
ICC profiles.
Amongst its many features, Print Studio PRO
lets you:
Bring all your print settings into one location
with an easy to navigate menu
Save your frequent print setting profile for even
faster printing
When used with PIXMA PRO-1 and PIXMA
PRO-10, it also lets you fine-tune the printer to the
specific working environment or even synchronise
colours between multiple printers.
This intuitive software is available to download
for free from the Canon Download Centre.
dd custom text (i.e. Copyright) on a selected
part of the photo
Print Studio Pro
My Image Garden
Print Your Days
© Brent Stirton, Canon Ambassador
Media flexibility at your fingertips
Exceptional choice of print media, up to 356mm (14") wide, and unique ink
technologies make the PIXMA PRO range of photo printers your perfect creative partner.
Extensive media range
Putting ink to paper
Stunning high quality prints can be achieved
with Canon’s own extensive range of media,
which includes all types of papers from
Platinum, Gloss and Semi-gloss through to
Matte and Lustre. Combined with LUCIA or
ChromaLife100+ inks, their professional finish
and texture vividly capture the spirit of your
photography in flawless prints that will inspire
for generations to come.
The breath-taking quality of the images created
using the PIXMA range of PRO photo printers is
a perfect combination of your passion and our
technology. Canon have invested years in FINE
print head technology systems and refining inks
to give you the results that you can enjoy today.
With a choice of professional, pigment-based
12-ink and 10-ink system and specialist
dye-based 8-ink system, the PIXMA PRO range
helps creative and business users alike to
achieve outstanding quality prints in the most
cost effective and efficient way possible.
Media versatility
To add to your creative options, you can also
load PIXMA PRO printers with a wide variety of
specialist medias – such as Baryta, Fine Art and
numerous other professional medias from
leading manufacturers including Canson, Ilford
and Hahnemühle.
Canon papers: Luster (LU-101), PRO Glossy II
(PP-201), PRO Platinum (PT-101), Semi-gloss (SG-201)
Black and white prints
With dedicated 3 or 5 monochrome inks and
‘Print Black and White Photo’ driver setting,
coupled with features like a Chroma Optimizer to
ensure uniform glossiness and enhanced black
density, the PIXMA PRO range offers a new level
of quality in professional monochrome printing.
ChromaLife100+ Inks
Perfect Black and White
Black and White
The professional pigmentbased inks available in 12-ink
and 10-ink configuration,
including Chroma Optimizer
clear ink, deliver high density,
rich colours with excellent
gamut and stable quality.
LUCIA inks have outstanding
image permanence, allowing
you to sell your prints with
confidence. With the PIXMA
PRO range, all inks are
always available to print
so there is no need to swap
between Matt Black and
Photo Black ink.
The dye-based inks are
absorbed deeper in the paper
preserving the natural finish
of the media to offer rich,
vibrant colours, unrivalled
glossiness and fast print
speeds. With 3 monochrome
inks, the PRO-100 8-ink
system offers richer colours
in dark areas and quality
monochrome printing with
smooth gradation. Each
individual colour’s ink tank
can be easily replaced to
reduce wastage.
Stunning high quality prints can be achieved with Canon’s
own extensive range of media with glossy, semi-gloss and
lustre finish as well as Fine Art and other specialist media
from leading paper manufacturers.
© Jeff Ascough. Canon Ambassador
PIXMA PRO Series Step-up Chart
Print Resolution
Up to 4800 x 2400 dpi
Up to 4800* x 2400 dpi
Up to 4800* x 2400 dpi
Ink system
Inkjet, dye-based 8-ink system
Inkjet, pigment-based 10-ink
system with Chroma Optimizer
Inkjet, pigment-based 12-ink
system with Chroma Optimizer
8 individual ink tanks:
CLI-42BK, CLI-42C, CLI-42M,
CLI-42Y, CLI-42PC, CLI-42PM,
10 individual ink tanks:
PGI-72C, PGI-72M, PGI-72Y,
PGI-72PC, PGI-72PM, PGI-72R,
12 individual ink tanks:
PGI-29Y, PGI-29M, PGI-29C,
PGI-29R, PGI-29PM, PGI-29PC,
Ink Tank Capacity
8 x 13ml
10 x 14ml
12 x 36ml
Colour A3+ photo speed**
Approx. 1 min. 30 sec.
Approx. 3 min. 35 sec.
Approx. 2 min. 55 sec.
Print Longevity (Approx.)
Album life: 200 years
Gas Fastness: 10 years
(PT-101, SG-201, LU-101)
Album life: 200 years
Gas Fastness: 50 years
(PT-101, SG-201, LU-201)
Album life: 200 years
Gas Fastness: 50 years
(PT-101, SG-201)
Paper Input
Sheet Feeder: Max. 150 sheets
Manual Feeder: 1 sheet
Sheet Feeder: Max. 150 sheets
Manual Feeder: 1 sheet
Sheet Feeder: Max. 150 sheets
Manual Feeder: 1 sheet
Blu-ray/DVD/CD Printing
Available as standard
Available as standard
Available as standard
Paper size
From 10 x 15cm to A3+
356mm (14") wide
From 10 x 15cm to A3+
356mm (14") wide
From 10 x 15cm to A3+
356mm (14") wide
USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet,
PictBridge, AirPrint
USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet,
PictBridge, AirPrint
USB, Ethernet, PictBridge
Dimensions (W x D x H)
689 x 385 x 215mm
689 x 385 x 215mm
695 x 462 x 239mm
Approx. 19.7kg
Approx. 20.0kg
Approx. 27.7kg
Ink Tanks
Step-up features
* Ink droplets can be placed with a pitch of 1/4800 inch at minimum.
** 11"x14" image printed with borders onto A3+ SG-201 media using default settings
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