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If you made it to NAMM from the
snow and cold sweeping the nation, forget the
“polar vortex”—it’s going to be sunny and 75 degrees here in Anaheim today, perfect weather to
heat up the The NAMM Show 2014. If you’re
up early, head over to the Hilton to check out
Breakfast of Champions hosted by Joe Lamond,
NAMM president and CEO. It features great insights and special surprise guests.
Get there early for breakfast, and the session
starts at 8:30 a.m.
In the meantime, here are a few exhibitors
UpBeat found already turning up the temperature on the show floor!
1. Lewitt’s Roman Perschon (left) and Steffen Grachegg with the LCT 550, which the company touts as
the first large-diaphragm microphone to achieve 0 dB
(A) self-noise. “The microphones are available for testing throughout the show,” said Grachegg. “So come
and don’t hear the noise.” 2. Larry Fishman shows off
the new Fishman Fluence Multi-Voice Pickups at the
booth yesterday. See story on page 48. 3. InMusic’s
Jack O’Donnell (left) and J.C. Sutherland with the
just-launched M-Audio Trigger Finger drum pad control surface. “This is the world’s first fully integrated
rhythm control solution,” said Sutherland, M-Audio
product manager. 4. Danica Levy of Levy’s Leathers
shows off the new Danica-approved line of straps at
her booth on Tuesday. 5. GoPro’s Neil Dana (left) and
Will Hoover jam out on the show floor yesterday and
video their performance on a series of GoPro Hero3+
Black Edition cameras. This photo was also taken with
the Hero3+. 6. Doug Webber and Tracy Hoeft from Big
Fish Music Brands show off the new Sabian Stick Flip
drumstick bag, one of the many new products in Sabian’s Performance Accessories line.
breakfast of champions
Join NAMM President and
CEO Joe Lamond as he hosts
a conversation with industry
leaders in the Hilton Anaheim Pacific Ballroom. Free
breakfast begins at 8 a.m.
Breakfast of Champions
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Blackstar Expands ID:Series
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Recording King Banjos Sparkle
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Graph Tech Picks with Tone
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Gator Aluminum Pedal Boards
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UBD January 23, 2014
namm show news
Welcome to The 2014 NAMM Show!
Whether you’ve come from across town or across the globe, you
have joined with tens of thousands of your friends and peers to create
a sense of community that only happens at The NAMM Show ... our
annual family reunion.
Your NAMM team, the Board of Directors and the literally thousands of members and other professionals who help put The NAMM
Show together are here to assist in making the next few days as productive as possible for you. Download The NAMM Show app and
use it to guide you to all the exhibits, educational sessions and special
events that have been created to help you be more successful in the
year ahead.
Perhaps we are biased, but we believe our industry is different
than most. This gathering unites the global thinkers who join together
in creativity and common bond, united by our collective love and passion for music. We believe that what music brings to our communities
and to society makes the world a better place. Some have called our
industry just a bunch of musicians who were lucky enough to get a
day job. To that we say, yes, we are very fortunate to be in an industry
that we love!
And The NAMM Show is different in another way too — our Circle of Benefits business model reinvests the show’s profits into promoting music and music education all year long and all around the
globe, increasing the number of people who value and support music
making. This fulfills our vision in which making music is a precious
element of daily living for everyone.
From all of us at NAMM, have a great show!
Larry Morton, NAMM Chairman
Joe Lamond, NAMM President and CEO
Yamaha Acquires Line 6
Yamaha and Line 6 have announced a
definitive agreement for Yamaha to acquire
Line 6.
Under the terms of the agreement, Yamaha will operate Line 6 as a wholly owned
subsidiary to fully realize the compelling opportunities for the two brands with Line 6’s
operations continuing as before and its management team remaining in place.
“I am very happy that Line 6, which
has been creating innovative products and
creating new market opportunities consistently over its history, will become a member
of the Yamaha group,” said Takuya Nakata,
president of Yamaha Corporation. “We look
forward to accelerating our growth strategy
by pursuing the beneficial effects from both
companies and by utilizing Line 6’s core
brand power centered on guitarists worldwide as well as its unique technology, planning and development capabilities.”
Allen & Heath
Adds Qu-24
Digital Mixers Taylor Guitars Reimagines 800
Allen & Heath has introduced the 30inch, 24-out Qu-24 to its Qu series of compact digital mixers.
The Qu-24 features a total recall of settings (including 25 motorized faders and
digitally controlled preamps), an intuitive
touch screen, a Qu-Drive integrated multitrack recorder, dSnake for remote I/O and
personal monitoring, multi-channel USB
streaming to Mac, Qu-Pad control app, and
iLive’s FX library.
The unit also includes a dedicated fader
per mic input channel, 24 mic/line inputs,
three stereo inputs, four FX engines with
four dedicated sends and stereo returns and
20 mix outputs, including two stereo matrix
mix outputs and two stereo groups with full
The Qu-24 is also packed with processing capability. High-speed dual core DSPs
provide comprehensive channel and FX
$ Allen & Heath (allen-heath.com)
Yamaha (yamaha.com)
Series, Includes New Bracing Design
Taylor Guitars’ co-founder Bob Taylor
and master luthier Andy Powers have redesigned the rosewood/spruce 800 series.
“Andy’s got an incredible knack for
knowing exactly what to change to bring out
a certain tonal nuance,” Taylor said. “He’s like
the guitar-making equivalent of a brilliant
Some of the more notable design modifications made to the new 800 series line
—comprised of the Grand Concert, Grand
Auditorium, Grand Symphony, Dreadnought and Grand Orchestra — include
a new bracing design to bring out greater
midrange, protein glues and a thinner finish. Three uniquely positioned and individually calibrated pickup sensors are installed
behind the saddle and through the bridge.
The new 800 series also have an updated
look with new binding and purfling, fretboard inlays, rosette and backstrip, along
with a rosewood pickguard and marbled
ebony fretboards.
$ Taylor Guitars (taylorguitars.com/dealers)
Roland’s FA-06 and FA-08 Music Workstations are two new keyboard instruments
designed for intuitive operation and expressive freedom in any musical environment.
Featuring a large selection of Roland’s
best sounds, a 16-track sequencer, seamless
DAW integration, an easy-to-use sampler
and more, the new FA series reimagines the
music workstation for real-time power, ultrafast workflow and maximum versatility.
The FA-06 includes a 61-note, velocity-sensitive keyboard, while the FA-08 is
equipped with an 88-note, Ivory Feel-G
Keyboard that offers weighted-action performance derived from Roland’s high-end pianos. Beyond their keyboard types, the FA-06
and FA-08 offer identical feature sets.
Simple yet powerful, the 16-track sequencer in the FA series has been designed
for capturing ideas and creating songs
quickly. It’s easy to build songs and full arrangements with the workstation’s array of
sounds, and continuous recording in loop
mode lets users fill up all 16 tracks without
stopping the sequencer. Song tracks can be
edited, mixed and bounced to an SDHC card
as a stereo audio file, and it’s also possible to
export tracks as individual .WAV audio files
or MIDI data for further development in a
computer-based DAW.
$ Roland (rolandconnect.com)
PRS Guitars Adds
P24 Trem Model
PRS Guitars has added the P24 Trem,
a 24-fret piezo-equipped solid-body electric guitar that achieves classic humbucker tones and authentic
acoustic sounds in one
The P24 Trem has two
output jacks, letting guitarists plug into their favorite electric or acoustic guitar amp or DI into
a soundboard. By using
the separate blend control, the tone of the P24
Trem’s pickups can also
be combined with acoustic sounds through a single output.
With a wide range of
tones as well as the added
versatility and reliability
or PRS’s proprietary tremolo bridge, the P24 Trem
is a perfect “go-to” guitar
for players in all styles.
The P24 Trem features a carved figured
flame or quilted maple top with mahogany
back, a mahogany 25-inch scale pattern regular 24-fret neck and East Indian rosewood
fingerboard with bird inlays.
$ PRS Guitars (prsguitars.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Kala Solid Spruce
Series Offers
Rich Tone
Kala Brand Music has combined
stunning visual aesthetics with rich
tone in its new
Ovangkol ukulele series. The
solid spruce top
projects a clear and
bright sound that works
in perfect harmony with the solid and resonant Ovangkol body.
$ Kala (kalabrand.com)
Riverside Acquires
DPA Microphones
DPA Microphones has been acquired by
The Riverside Co., a private equity firm that
focuses on purchasing growing businesses.
Riverside’s investment in DPA is geared to
help the company expand more quickly.
“DPA is already a very successful and
profitable company, which has been experiencing a 15 percent increase in sales, year after year, for the last five years,” said Christian
Hoff, CFO of DPA Microphones. “With Riverside involved, we anticipate even stronger
sales growth in the next five years.”
i DPA Microphones
Premier Builders Guild
Debuts Troubadour ST
Premier Builders Guild has launched
the Troubadour ST from Koll Guitars. The
Troubadour ST features three custom TV
Jones single-coil pickups.
“The Troubadour ST marks the continued expansion of the successful Koll
Troubadour series,” said Brian Swerdfeger, president of PBG. “The ST captures
the spirit and delivers the sound of
Southern California in another classic Saul Koll design.”
The Troubadour was embraced
by players who want an elegant,
grab-and-go guitar.
$ Premier Builders Guild
Remo to Sell Outside
Traditional Music
Beginning this year, Remo will begin selling products designed for specific applications outside the traditional music products
industry through a network of select music
product dealers, facilitators and therapists
with established sales programs as well as
commissioned independent sales associates.
As an example, select products, such
as “NSL Drum Tables” and “Gong
Drums” will be
handled on a dropshipment basis to organizations
and individuals in the care giving industry.
i Remo (remo.com)
Kaltman Creates Wireless Command Center
Kaltman Creations has delivered the Invisible Waves X RF Command Center, its latest RF analyzer designed to help identify unwanted audio interference.
In developing the Command Center,
company reps sat down with a focus group
of professional audio engineers and AV integrators to help overcome the current and
impending crunch for wireless space.
They told of the exponential wireless use
on the performance stage and also how, from
an integration standpoint, they were expanding into new markets including wireless
remote control, intercom, lighting control,
wireless CCTV, wireless security, in-building
cellular repeaters, wireless clock systems, assisted listening, wireless amplifier and speaker steering control, etc.
With the continued reduction in available UHF spectrum, Kaltman created the
Command Center to address rogue interference, RF signal dropouts and ease of live RF
monitoring. The company is now introducing two Command Center models — the
iWxLive and iWxAV.
The new generation of the analyzer forms
a true RF Command Center with an arsenal
of features designed to let users take control
of their RF world.
For pre-setup and baseline readings, the
RF Congestion Scale gauges the severity of
local RF, allowing you to determine just how
much attention and detail will be required in
transmitter frequency spacing and product
selection. And scanning with the RF Coordinator identifies usable open RF space as you
set the parameters and then view both the
Lynn Harris, Mark Kaltman and Ike Zimbel of Kaltman
Creations at their booth on Wednesday.
on-screen graphics and/or the hard data for
potential, usable open RF Space.
Setting up your wireless equipment utilizes the Adaptive Sweep to increase sweep
speeds in an ‘accelerated’ mode. CTL (Click
to Listen) helps identify transmitters or
potential interference, “listening in,” and
world has known.”
Qian Ni, a classically trained flute player, studied at the School of Music at Boston
University before founding Eastman Strings
in 1992 as a small U.S. distributor for international violin-makers.
i Eastman Guitars (EastmanGuitars.com)
Breedlove’s Auditorium
Rosewood Skips the Bulk
Breedlove’s Premier Series
Auditorium Rosewood offers
the benefits of larger-bodied
guitars without the bulk. The
comfortable body shape
is complimented by
East Indian rosewood
back and sides for
tonal balance with
slightly expanded
The Breedlove
Auditorium is the
cataloged signal. The RF Level Alert warns
when any cataloged signal levels fall below
assigned thresholds. Also, custom-named,
color-coded signal Marker Points can be positioned and resized as desired.
$ Kaltman Creations
Blackstar ID:Core
Amps Deliver Big
Practice Tone
Decade of Growth
Eastman Guitars kicks off its 10th anniversary during The NAMM Show.
Headquartered in Pomona, Calif., the violin and cello maker debuted its inaugural
production of archtop guitars in 2004. Today, the company manufactures its “Thinline” hollow-body electrics, golden-era inspired flattop acoustics and handcrafted
traditional mandolins.
“I am truly humbled by the success of
Eastman Guitars in reaching this momentous landmark,” said Qian Ni, company
founder. “The growth and impact that we
have made in 10 years serves as a testament
to the dedication and commitment our designers, craftsmen and employees have had
in following the creative vision and inspiration we had when we conceived our next
steps. I have long admired the guitar for its
aesthetic beauty, the complex simplicity of its
mechanics, and its immensely influential role
in the canon of musical history. We’re excited
for what the future holds as we continue one
of the most fascinating musical traditions the
demodulates any analog signal, i.e., FM radio stations, most VHF and UHF wireless
microphones, wireless intercom, 2-way radio, etc. Once tuned into a transmission,
place it into the Master Status Display as a
sonic mid-point between Breedlove’s concert and jumbo body shapes. The Auditorium casts a nod into dreadnought territory
while also accommodating alternate tunings,
fingerstyle and bold strumming. Its features
include a Sapele neck with a bolt on neck
joint, Ebony fretboard and Breedlove nickel
The Breedlove Bridge Truss relieves stress
on the top, allowing use of a thinner, graduated top that provides for greater sustain and
balance and greater structural integrity.
$ Breedlove Guitars (breedlovemusic.com)
Blackstar Amplification has introduced
the affordable ID:Core amplifier series,
which feature the core attributes of Blackstar’s original ID:Series.
The programmable, wide-stereo guitar
amps are small in size but are designed to
deliver big tone. Well-suited for personal
practicing or bedroom jamming along with
an MP3 player or CD, the compact ID:Core
amplifiers are available in 10-, 20- and 40watt configurations.
All ID:Core models provide high-quality
sound performance and take advantage of
Blackstar’s patented ISF control, which lets
users go from U.S. to U.K. tones in seconds.
There are six onboard voices in all: Warm
Clean; Bright Clean; Crunch; Super Crunch;
OD1; OD2. Each includes power amplifier
modeling, a staple in the Blackstar ID:Series
family. The effects section delivers studioquality modulation, delay and reverb effects
simultaneously that can be stored along with
user-created sounds.
$ Blackstar Amps (blackstaramps.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Belcat Celebrates With
Merit-10 Amp
Belcat celebrates
its 25th anniversary
with the introduction of
the Merit-10 Amplifier.
The Merit-10 maintains strong performance
with various drive functions
and 10watt output through a 6.5-inch custom driver.
Featuring an SD card and USB link, the
Merit-10 amplifier gives users the freedom to
use universal MP3 and recording systems.
All this is found in a compact housing
with AC/DC power.
Belcat is known worldwide as a manufacturer of preamplifier and pickups. A variety of
special anniversary products will on display
at the Belcat booth.
$ Belcat (belcat.com)
DrumLite Expands
Product Offerings
Drumlite has added a triggered controller
and a variety of retail-ready packaging to its
product offerings.
“We launched some huge product improvements a few months ago,” said Jeff
Sevaldson, DrumLite co-founder. “We had
gotten a lot of feedback from people over the
years, and we were able to launch our best
product yet earlier this year.”
The new DrumLite systems include better 3M adhesive, detachable snake cables,
brighter LEDs, and daisy-chain cables for
multiple drums to cut down on excess wires.
$ Drum Lite (iwdrumlite.com)
Hohner Launches
Rocket Harmonica
Hohner’s The Rocket harmonica features
an ergonomic design that eliminates all
sharp edges on the comb and cover
plate, maximizing player comfort.
“The Rocket represents the culmination of many years worth
of effort that we’ve put forth in
pursuit of improving and perfecting the design of the harmonica,”
said Drew Lewis, product manager.
“The development of this new instrument was organically stimulated, being based on input from players and customers around the world.”
MSRP: $99.
$ Hohner (us.playhohner.com)
Kyser Enters Guitar
String Market
Kyser Musical Instruments has entered
the guitar string market. The American-made
strings feature easy-to-read packaging that
leaves the guesswork out of determining
gauge or details. Large lettering and metallic
numbers indicate precisely what’s inside.
The strings come in three acoustic gauges — A10, A11 and A12 — as well as two
electric gauges — E9 and E10.
The company will guarantee these phosphor bronze acoustic strings and nickel
plated electric strings arrive fresh. They are
packaged in corrosion resistant shrink-wrap.
$ Kyser Musical Instruments (kysermusical.com)
Mackie Expands Studio Monitors Line
With Full-Range Monitor, Subwoofer
Mackie’s redesigned line of affordable
powered studio monitors —
the MRmk3 Powered Studio Monitors — fully replaces the previous generation
of monitors and expands
the range with the 6.5inch MR6mk3 fullrange monitor and
MR10Smk3 studio
A newly designed minimumdiffraction waveguide
seamless transition
from highs to lows
and also creates a wider
sweet spot and an open feel. The power amplifiers and transducers are custom-matched
for increased performance and all MRmk3
cabinets are rear ported, providing added
punch and bass extension and are packed
with acoustic absorption material
for the tight sound. There
are also customizable acoustic controls. Low frequencies
can be boosted by up to 4 dB
while the highs can be cut
and boosted.
The MRmk3 series also includes the
MR10Smk3 Powered
Subwoofer which provides powerful, deep
low end needed for
genres like hip-hop and
EDM. Optimizing features include an adjustable crossover plus a polarity switch to
make sure a mix is always in phase. MSRP:
MR5mk3, $199.99; MR6mk3, $259.99;
MR8mk3, $329.99; MR10Smk3, $499.99.
$ Mackie (mackie.com)
Tycoon Percussion’s DOHC Cajon
Has Two Separate Chambers
Tycoon Percussion has added Dual Overhead Chamber “DOHC” Cajon to its line. The
cajon features two separate chambers and
sound holes and the snare-less base chamber produces clean and traditional deep bass
tones while the top chamber, equipped with
a double set of snare wires, offers crisp and
tight snare slaps. It’s constructed from 100
percent environmentally friendly Siam Oak
wood that has been sustainably harvested
from raw rubber plantations.
“The separation of the snare and bass areas really is key. Players are able to get the
snare sound when they want something that
is really going to cut through the music, as
well as being able to produce nice bass tones
that actually sound the way a bass drum
does,” said Ivan Martinez, Tycoon’s business
development associate.
$ Tycoon Percussion (tycoonpercussion.com)
Martin Guitar
Revisits its
C. F. Martin & Co. revisited its roots by
further enhancing stylistic and technical innovations from some of the company’s mostloved vintage model guitars.
Two newly expanded series include the
Retro and Authentics. In the Authentics series, Martin will present two new additions:
the D-28 Authentic 1937 and the 000-28K
Authentic 1921.
In the Retro series, Martin brings in two
new editions, the 000-18E and the D-35E,
which offer guitarists with the intersection of
historical detail and technology.
Martin has also added two models to
the company’s Road series: The DRSGT
and 000RSGT. Both feature 14-fret neck-tobody construction with polished gloss Sitka
spruce tops.
Martin is also introducing a new take on
its Martin Retro Strings. Crafted from monel, a long-lasting, nickel-based alloy blend,
this formula mellows quickly to a warm, vintage tone that brings out the natural, woody
sounds in an acoustic guitar.
$ C. F. Martin & Co. (martinguitar.com)
To-Do List: 11 Must-See NAMM Features
The NAMM Show 2014 is filled with
helpful new ways to ensure you make the
most of the best show on earth.
The 2014 NAMM Show Mobile App––
This free, interactive app helps attendees navigate the floor and organize appointments,
education sessions, performances and artist
appearances. Plus, it shows detailed product
information from exhibitors. Simply download it from your mobile device’s app store.
NAMM’s First-Look Showcase––Some
of the hottest finds are displayed in cases
throughout the lobby. Check out the booth
numbers of the gear that interests you and
then stop by there to learn more.
NAMM Member Center––Drop by the
NAMM Member Center in Lobby B/C to
meet with vendors or take a break. Get information about member benefits, learn more
about NAMM’s Top 100 Dealer Awards and
meet with NAMM-endorsed business service
Say why you belong to NAMM to get
some free NAMM member swag and be entered to win a one-year membership.
Museum of Making Music Display––
Located at the back of Hall D near the Loft
Restaurant and Lounge, NAMM’s industry
museum celebrates music product innovations from the first half of the 20th century.
Neighborhoods of Great Gear in Music Metro––Hall E’s Music Metro has been
divided into suburbs of new products to explore, including guitars in Acoustic Court
and Electric Avenue, a variety of new brands
in Innovation Alley, plus the latest apps and
tech tools in Wireless Way.
The Venue and Venue Stage––Lighting, touring and sound solutions take center
stage inside The Venue in the Arena. This is a
must-see for buyers in the venue, entertainment, leisure attraction and house of worship markets. Also, see pro audio, lighting
and sound products in action on The Venue
Stage presented by Pioneer DJ.
NAMM U Breakfast Sessions, NAMM
Idea Center, H.O.T. Zone—Improve sales
numbers, find out about new gear, demystify
social media or learn pro-audio techniques.
Check the app for the full listing of sessions.
The 2014 NAMM TEC Awards––
NAMM is proud to present Friday night’s
NAMM Technology Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards, the most prestigious
awards event in the professional audio and
sound production industry. Get tickets at the
NAMM TEC Awards booth in Lobby B/C.
Lounge 88—This area on Level 3 is devoted to all things piano. Join dealers from
around the globe and get your hands on
some of the world’s finest keys.
SupportMusic Webcast—Join the SupportMusic Coalition Webcast, tomorrow at 2
p.m. in the California A & B Ballrooms on
Level 2 of the Hilton. Come together with
industry leaders, music educators, arts advocates and celebrities to help keep music education strong in communities everywhere.
The Loft Restaurant and Lounge––
Enjoy great food and drinks, including craft
beer from Stone Brewery, in a relaxed setting.
The new home to the MI publication
bins, The Loft Restaurant and Lounge at the
back of Hall D provides plenty of room to sit,
relax and catch up.
UBD January 23, 2014
Prophet 12 Module Based on Flagship Polysynth Keyboard
Dave Smith Instruments’ Prophet 12
module is now shipping. The Prophet 12 is a
tabletop, rack-ready reworking of the Prophet 12 keyboard, a 12-voice hybrid digital/analog synthesizer.
“We have had many requests from
professional musicians for a small, easily portable version of the Prophet 12 keyboard, with all the same features and incredible sound,” Smith said. “The new Prophet
12 module is just that: It has all the power of the Prophet 12 keyboard — in fact, it
has the exact same voice
board — and it fits into
a backpack.”
Prophet 12 module
parameters are easily editable via a front panel.
“People like small
these days,” Smith said.
“Many musicians also
have more than enough
keyboards, or simply
don’t use keyboards.
The Prophet 12 module offers a sleek design
that still gives you easy and incredibly fast
and intuitive control over all parameters.”
Like its Prophet 12 keyboard counterpart, the Prophet 12 module not only boasts
the greatest number of voices of any instrument from the designer to date, but each of
those voices features four oscillators capable of generating classic and complex waveforms, a sub-oscillator (sub-octave), resonant low-pass filter and high-pass filter, and
analog voltage-controlled amplifier.
Additional features include a tuned feedback path, a four-tap stereo delay per voice, expanded arpeggiator functionality, deep modulation capabilities and bi-timbral operation.
$ Dave Smith Instruments
GearLode Helps
Retailers Rent
Instruments Online
Newly launched in 2014, GearLode.com
is an online instrument and equipment rental website developed for music retailers to
generate new income. With an easy-to-use
interface, dealers can make profits renting
new and used inventory without the hassle
and expense of a dedicated in-store rental
department. GearLode’s retail-friendly interface completely reimagines the rental model to reach customers on their smartphones,
tablets and computers, while dramatically
expanding local markets.
“In this challenging economy, GearLode
is a creative, yet low-risk way to generate new
income,” said Mike Dawson, GearLode cofounder. “Dealers can start or expand a rental program without having to do anything
but list their items. Write a description, set
rental rates, add a picture and you’re done.
It’s that simple. Our low fees only apply to
completed transactions, so there is zero upfront cost and payments are secure. You can
rent as little or as much as you want, with
no need for dedicated inventory. Categories
cover combo, sound, studio, dj, tech, band
and orchestra, and more. As a new income
opportunity, GearLode is virtually limitless.”
i GearLode (GearLode.com)
The Official
Show Publication
Vol. 61 No. 1 | The NAMM Show | Thursday, January 23, 2014
Kevin Maher
Frank Alkyer
David Zivan
Katie Kailus
Kathleen Costanza, Ed Enright,
Davis Inman, Bobby Reed
John Cahill
Tom Burns, Ritche Deraney
Žaneta Cuntová, LoriAnne Nelson
Sue Mahal, Evelyn Oakes
Margaret Stevens
Address all correspondence to:
102 N. Haven Road, Elmhurst, IL 60126
630-941-2030 | f: 630-941-3210
Maher Publications: DownBeat, Music Inc., UpBeat Daily.
UpBeat Daily is the official NAMM show publication, published four times annually for The NAMM Show and three
times annually for Summer NAMM. Music Inc., the business magazine for progressive music product retailers, is
published 11 times annually.
UBD January 23, 2014
Zoom North
America Distributes
Entire Zoom Line
Lewitt’s DGT 650
Mic, Recording
Solution in One
Zoom North America is the exclusive
U.S. distributor for the entire line of Zoom
Zoom North
H6 Handy Recorder last July. Legacy products now
distributed by the
company include
the H4n, H2n and
H1 Handy Recorders; the Q2HD
Handy Video Recorder; the R8,
R16 and R24 Recorders; the RT-223 RhythmTrak; the MS50G, MS-60B, MS-70CDR and MS-100BT
MultiStomp pedals; among others.
New Zoom products being launched
at The NAMM Show will include the Q4
Handy Video Recorder, the G1on and G1Xon guitar effects/amp simulator pedals, the
iQ5 iOS microphone and the TAC-2 Thunderbolt Audio Interface.
“We’re looking forward to working closely with our customers to enhance their experience with the entire Zoom line,” said Scott
Goodman, Zoom North America CEO, pictured. “Our new introductions for 2014 will
make this an exciting year.”
Lewitt Audio’s DGT series combines traditional analog technology with the advantages of a digital microphone. It turns the
microphone into a portable, all-in-one recording solution.
The DGT 650 aims to establish a new class
in the USB microphone market by being compatible with multiple operating systems and
also easily combined with mobile devices.
To maximize its mobile abilities, the DGT
650 can be powered by a built-in lithiumion battery. It also helps that the DGT 650
is packed with functions
that can be set using
a push-wheel embedded in the mic’s illuminated front plate.
features include an
analog preamp,
high-pass filter (80 Hz/160
Hz), two preattenuation
settings (-10/-20
dB), a gain control
and a total of four recording modes.
In stereo mode, the two high-quality
condenser capsules provide a 90-degree XY
stereo signal for situations like live concerts.
Mono mode offers a cardioid pattern for recording speech or singing.
$ Zoom North America (zoom-na.com)
Tanglewood Brings Exotic Java
Series Guitars to North America
Tanglewood has introduced the Java
range of guitars to North America.
The instruments feature solid cedar tops
and an exotic timber combination used on
the backs and sides to bring high craftsmanship to mid-priced guitars. The three-piece
backs consist of matching outer pieces of
amara wood with a vibrant grain pattern and
rich color, centered by a wedge of golden
spalted mango.
The series consists of an orchestra model
and a parlor model (with slotted headstock).
Both are available with or without Fishman
Sonitone electronics.
MSRP: $519–$599.
$ Tanglewood Guitar Co. (musiquip.com)
Gibraltar Adds to G-Class With Double
Pedal, Bass Drum Pedal Beaters
Gibraltar has expanded its line of GClass bass drum pedals with a new double
pedal and two
new add-on bass
drum beaters.
GClass pedal is
made with a
sculpted singlepillar frame design, G-Drive
dual-adjustment cam drive,
beaters, a helix
mounting system
and independent
adjusters for both footboard height and beater
The G-Class Variable Weight
beater introduces a magnetic
counterweight system that adds
mass without adding weight.
Mass can be added to the beater
head by inserting the three included magnetic cylinder weights
into the head.
$ Gibraltar (gibraltarhardware.com)
$ Lewitt Audio (lewitt-audio.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Reverend Showcases Four New Models at NAMM
Reverend Guitars has announced three
new signature models at NAMM, including the Reverend Bob Balch Signature, the
Reverend Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship
Signature Bass, and the Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1 C. Also new for NAMM is the
Reverend Warhawk RT.
For Bob Balch of Fu Manchu and Sun
+ Sail Club, Reverend added body bevels,
routed a tone chamber under the pickguard,
and loaded it with Railhammers. The Bob
Balch Signature Railhammer Pickup is in the
The Reverend Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship Bass is available in Satin Black with
a reverse headstock based on the Reverend
Thundergun with a set-neck and a raised
center ridge for better sustain. It features the
new P-Blade pickup, which extends the low
end with excellent clarity. The controls are
stacked into one knob for volume and tone.
The Fellowship comes in Satin Black with a
$ Reverend Guitars (reverendguitars.com)
Cort Enhances a Classic Rocker
Bourgeois Guitars Offers
Aged Tone Upgrade
The CR230 is the latest addition to the
Classic Rock single-cut series from Cort Guitars. Capitalizing on the success of the CR
line, the CR230 has been modernized for
more appeal.
The single-cut mahogany body features a black finish outfitted with EMG HZ
SRO OC1 pickups, two coil taps operated by the two push/pull tone controls, two
separate volumes, a traditional Tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece, nickel hardware and vintage cream-colored pickguard
and bezels. The mahogany set-in neck is
Bourgeois Guitars has announced that
the Aged Tone Sound Upgrade is now available on most of the company’s models.
The package includes several features
from the company’s Aged Tone series of guitars: proprietary thin finish, hide glue, Bourgeois bracing and Torrified tops.
This opens possibilities for new sounds
from the Bourgeois line, ranging from parlor guitars to dreadnoughts. Now players can
order their dream guitars with the Aged Tone
$ Bourgeois Guitars (pantheonguitars.com)
B.C. Rich Mockingbird Plus FR Breaks Into Song
B.C. Rich has debuted the Mockingbird Plus FR.
Inspired by the Mockingbird ST,
the new Mockingbird Plus FR delivers the features that attracted ST players at nearly half the price.
A growing demand for a Mockingbird with a Floyd Rose bridge fueled the release of the Mockingbird
Plus FR.
The new model features
a mahogany body with a
black vapor finish to highlight
and detail the figured-maple
Complementing the 25
5/8-inch maple set-neck
is a 24-fret ebony fretboard
rosewood fretboard and a reverse headstock.
New to the Reverend PA-1 series is the
Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1 HB Custom.
Like the other PA-1 models, this model also
has the classic hollowbody look and feedback-controlling Uni-Brace system. The
PA-1 HB Custom is loaded with Reverend’s
Special HAL Humbuckers for a clean and
smooth vintage tone. An Art Deco-style trapeze tailpiece completes the refined look and
feel. The PA-1 HB Custom is available in Satin Tobacco Burst and Satin Violin Brown.
The Reverend Warhawk RT boasts a
raised center ridge increasing body mass,
while the thinner wings increase resonance
for a combination of sustain and harmonics. The Warhawk RT comes in Metallic
Copper Fire, Metallic Alpine Green and
Reverend’s 3-Tone Burst. Each color comes
equipped with a rosewood neck and a
with a 12-inch radius, diamond inlays and
the traditional B.C. Rich three-on-three
It features a contour delivering the sonic
advantages of a set-neck design with a comfortable neck joint normally only seen on
neck-through designs.
Additional highlights include the traditional Mockingbird electronics configuration
of dual humbuckers with a master volume
control, a master tone control and a three-way
toggle switch for maximum tone versatility.
The Floyd Rose bridge, control knobs, strap
buttons, locking nut and die-cast tuners are
all finished in a high-gloss black to complement the black vapor finish.
MSRP: $640.
$ B.C. Rich (bcrich.com)
topped with a rosewood
fretboard and offers a 24.75-inch scale
length for a classic feel with modern tones.
MSRP: $565.
$ Cort Guitars (cortguitars.com)
Fender Celebrates Anniversary of the Stratocaster
Guitar With Four New Models
Fender is honoring the 60th
anniversary of its Stratocaster by
releasing the limited edition 60th
Anniversary American Vintage
1954 Stratocaster. The two-piece
ash body features a side seam and
a flash-coat lacquer finish in the
original two-color sunburst. The
one-piece maple neck has
a 1954 profile and date
stamp just below the truss
rod adjustment nut.
Fender’s 60th Anniversary
Commemorative Stratocaster features an ash body with
a comfortably contoured heel, three 1954
single-coil Strat pickups, a compound-radius fingerboard, gold hardware, custom-engraved neck plate and headstock ingot, and
a two-color Sunburst gloss finish.
The 60th Anniversary Classic Player ’50s
Stratocaster features a classic ’50s-era combination of a Desert Sand gloss nitrocellulose
lacquer finish with gold hardware and a gold
anodized aluminum pickguard.
The Squier 60th Anniversary Classic Vibe
’50s Stratocaster guitar features an Aztec
Gold gloss finish and gold hardware. Other
features include a maple neck with a comfortable modern ‘C’ profile.
$ Fender (fender.com)
Lâg Guitars Brings T80 Series to U.S. Market
Lâg Guitars
is now offering the
T80 dreadnought acoustic and Tramontane T80DCE acoustic/electric guitars in the
United States. The guitars are distinguished by
their use of fine woods and finishes, proprietary preamp/pickup systems and a detailed rosette design.
The new, richly appointed T80 series offers a solid spruce top with mahogany back
and sides as well as a black radial edge binding. The neck is made of mahogany and
features a satin finish, while the bridge and
fingerboard are made from Indonesian rosewood. The compensated saddle and nut are
both black graphite.
A new preamp configuration — the DirectLâg Plus — is featured in the series, consisting of Lâg’s proprietary DirectLâg preamp plus a built-in tuner. Body style options
include dreadnought, dreadnought CE, auditorium and auditorium CE.
MSRP: $249–$349.
$ Lâg (lagguitars.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
A-T Remasters M-Series
Audio-Technica has remastered its M-Series line of professional monitor headphones:
the ATH-M20x, ATH-M30x, ATH-M40x and
Taking cues from the sound and proprietary design of A-T’s ATH-M50 professional
monitor headphones, the new ATH-M20x,
ATH-M30x and ATH-M40x deliver accurate
audio and outstanding comfort, ideal for long
sessions in the studio and on-the-go.
The ATH-M20x, ATH-M30x and ATHM40x all feature 40-mm drivers with rare
earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum
voice coils as well as a circumaural design
that contours around the ears for excellent
sound isolation in loud environments. The
ATH-M50x has the same sonic signature as
the original ATH-M50 and adds refined ear
pads and three detachable cables.
$ Audio-Technica (audio-technica.com)
Ashly Adds 12 Medium-Output Amps to nX Family
Ashly has expanded its nX family of twoand four-channel power amplifiers with the
addition of 12 new 800-watt and 400-watt
These medium-output amplifiers are
intended to complement the high-output
3,000-watt and 1,500-watt nX models.
All nX series amplifiers feature Ashly’s
programmable outputs on each individual
channel using rear-panel DIP switches to
select low-Z (down to 2 ohms) or high-Z (70
volts or 100 volts) constant-voltage outputs.
The nX8004 has four channels rated at
800 watts per channel across all programmable outputs. The nX8002 is the two-channel
version. The nX4004 offers four channels at
400 watts per channel, while the nX4002 is
the two-channel model.
Ashly offers three nX amplifier feature
sets. The nX series is the base-level amplifier
with Ashly’s Energy Management System, a
defeatable sleep mode that draws less than 1
watt of current when engaged. The nX series
also has an optional security lockout feature
for the front-panel controls.
$ Ashly Audio (ashly.com)
CAD Audio Debuts 1600 Series UHF Wireless System
CAD Audio has introduced the high-performance StagePass 1600 UHF wireless system.
A versatile addition to the StagePass
line, the new 1600 series system provides
100-channel frequency-agile UHF operation
for maximum operating range along with CAD
ScanLink technology to scan, select and link to
the optimum channel in any RF environment.
Other features include true diversity operation to minimize multipath interference
along with CADLock automatic tone encoded
squelch that eliminates unauthorized transmissions in the signal path.
StagePass TX1600 handheld and
TX1610 bodypack transmitters have softtouch multi-function on-off/mute/low battery/
ScanLink status switches with multi-color
LED indicators. Alkaline AA batteries can
provide more than 15 hours of battery life.
$ CAD Audio (cadaudio.com)
Fostex PX-5, PX-6 Monitors Reproduce Sound
Accurately, Deliver Sonic Performance
The new PX-5 Professional Monitor
Speaker from Fostex consists of a new 5.2inch LF driver and 1-inch HF tweeters. The
company’s new PX-6 consists of a 6.5-inch
LF driver and 1-inch HF tweeters.
The digital FIR filters in both monitors allow accurate sound reproduction and
deliver high sonic performance. Digital signal processing is programmable via a backpanel knob and memory system.
The PX-5 and PX-6 represent a new category in performance and price point for Fostex.
$ American Music and Sound
New Sony Recorder Ideal
for Variety of Applications
Sony’s PCM-D100 audio recorder is designed to deliver the highest sound quality in
a variety of audio applications, including live
music, theatrical performances and electronic
news gathering. The recorder supports the
latest high-resolution codecs and formats, including 192 kHz/24-bit PCM and DSD.
The recorder’s compatibility with the DSD
format enables the recording of source sounds
using digital signals, but in a format that
closely resembles analog waveforms. Compatible with recording and playback in 192
kHz/24-bit linear PCM, the unit can reproduce
ultra-high range, delicate music components
from low to high range. The individual left
and right adjustable REC volume enables
fine adjustments to the left and right channels. Users can check recording levels on the
recorder’s illuminated level meter.
$ Sony (sony.com/proaudio)
Neumann TLM 107 Mic
Ideal for Percussion
The new TLM 107 large-diaphragm microphone from Neumann is a universal microphone with multiple polar patterns for studio,
broadcasting and home recording applications.
All of the microphone switch functions are
controlled through a wear-resistant navigation
switch. The TLM 107 is particularly suitable for
percussion and the finest overtones of stringed
instruments. It delivers balanced sound for all
five directional characteristics: omnidirectional,
cardioid and figure-8, with the intermediate
patterns wide-angle cardioid and hypercardioid.
For all polar patterns, up to 8 kHz the sound
reproduction is almost linear, while a slight
high frequency boost lends brilliance and freshness to recordings.
$ Neumann (tlm107.neumann.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
DigiTech Ships Element XP, Element Multi-Effects
DigiTech has shipped its Element XP and
Element guitar multi-effects pedals.
The DigiTech Element XP features an ex-
pression pedal and offers 38 effects, while
the Element provides 34 effects. Both units
deliver state-of-the-art effects processing
with six classic overdrive and distortion
stompboxes, 12 amps and cabinets, and 28
pedals. The Element XP and Element feature
a pedalboard-style control layout that is simple to use and lets players quickly adjust and
save their settings to fit their personal styles.
The Element XP and Element offer
stompboxes inspired by the Ibanez TS-9
Tube Screamer, DOD 250 Preamp/Overdrive, Boss DS-1 Distortion, DigiTech
Grunge, DigiTech Death Metal and ElectroHarmonix Big Muff Pi. The amplifiers include many of the classics that defined the
sound of rock ’n’ roll, such as the ’57 Fender
Tweed Deluxe, ’65 Fender “Blackface” Twin
Reverb, ’68 Marshall Super Lead “Plexi” with
slant Celestion “Greenback” 4 x 12 cabinet,
’83 Marshall JCM800, ’63 Vox AC 30 Top
Boost with “Blue Back” speakers, and the ’01
Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier.
The Element XP and Element provide an
array of effects: compressor, three-band EQ,
flanger, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, chorus,
rotary simulator, envelope filter, step filter,
spring reverb, room reverb, noise gate, an
acoustic guitar simulator and others. The Element XP adds four expression pedal-based
effects including the Dunlop Cry Baby wah,
Vox Clyde McCoy wah, a full-range wah and
a volume pedal.
Guitarists can choose from 100 factory
presets that encompass a host of musical
genres, and create and save 100 more custom preset sounds. Forty-five drum tracks
are available to jam and practice along with.
$ DigiTech (digitech.com)
Ibanez Goes
Exotic With
New Models
Continuing its use of exotic tonewoods, Ibanez has
introduced three new Exotic
Wood models.
Merging craftsmanship with exotic tonewoods, these instruments feature a grand
auditorium-style body with a Florentine
cutaway. The Fishman Sonicore pickup and
Ibanez AEQ-SP2 preamp deliver reproduction and control of tonal characteristics.
The AEW23MVNT, also known as the
Movingui Metro, builds on a sculpted body
of Movingui, a West African wood that responds with the tonal qualities of Mahogany. The Metro features multi-Rosewood
binding on the body and headstock and an
Art Deco inspired Movingui rosette. Other
models include the AEW22CDNT featuring
Cordia back and sides and the AEW21VKNT
with Ovangkol back and sides.
$ Hoshino USA (hoshinousa.com)
Asterope Plans
to Expand
Into Pro Audio
Asterope has announced a strategic initiative to expand into professional audio, focusing
on professional and home
recording studios.
To support its pro
audio expansion, Asterope has launched
its next-generation artist campaign. The new
campaign features interviews with leading players, producers and engineers, giving the artists
an opportunity to share
the stories of their careers and why they choose Asterope.
The marketing campaign features video
and portraits. The images in the new campaign feature a series of high-energy, upbeat
portraits depicting the excitement and inspiration musicians feel when using Asterope.
The campaign launches with a series of ads
at Winter NAMM, on the company’s Facebook page and on its YouTube channel, AsteropeTV (youtube.com/asteropetv).
i Asterope (asterope.com)
Levy’s Leathers Turns
Back the
Turn back the clock to
the roaring ’20s with speakeasies, blind pigs, big bands,
dolls and swells, with Levy’s
Art Deco guitar straps.
With three art deco
designs to choose from,
these 2-inch wide rayon
and carving leather guitar straps make a fashion
statement that will work
from old time hoedowns to
bars and ballrooms.
$ Levy’s Leathers
UBD January 23, 2014
MG Series
Yamaha has
rolled out the new
generation of MG
mixers. The redesigned series provides compact,
cost-effective solutions for install,
recording or live
Ten models
incorporate technologies
originally developed for high-end professional
mixers, including studio-quality preamps,
powerful digital signal processing and rugged, reliable construction. All MG models
come with Yamaha’s discrete Class-A
With varying input/output and processing capabilities, the new MG series includes
four XU models that feature an upgraded
version of the Yamaha SPX effects processor,
including a comprehensive suite of 24 effects
that add professional polish to any mix.
New XU models offer digital connectivity
and software that streamlines the recording
process. All models in the XU line are compatible with Apple’s Camera Connection Kit
or Lighting-to-USB Camera Adapter for recording and playback of digital audio content to and from an iPad or iPhone.
$ Yamaha (usa.yamaha.com)
Aphex Powers Two 500 Series Modules
Ashdown Boosts
Wattage, Connectivity of AAA Range
Ashdown Engineering has expanded its
Access All Area (AAA) range of affordably
priced combo amplifiers with new models
that feature increased wattage and the integration of convenient AppTek connectivity.
Ideal for students, schools, private teaching facilities or simply as a dedicated practice
amplifier, AAA combo amps offer high-quality sound and solid construction.
With the addition of Ashdown’s proprietary AppTek software integration circuit,
players can expand their palette of available
tones and features by accessing any music
apps they’ve downloaded to a tablet or mobile device. For example, when using the Agile Partners iOS app containing a model of
the Ashdown ABM900, players can use all of
the ABM 900’s pro features.
The Ashdown AAA range consists of five
combos and one stand-alone head: the After 8, a 30-watt combo with 8-inch speaker; the Perfect 10, a 60-watt combo with 10inch speaker; the new Vintage 12, a 75-watt
combo with 12-inch speaker; the Five 15, a
125-watt combo with 15-inch speaker; the
new Five 15, a 180-watt head with effects
loop and line in; and, the new Five 15 BB
(Big Boy), a 220-watt version of the Five 15.
$ Ashdown Engineering
Aphex has launched two new additions
to its 500 series module line: the CX 500 and
Project 500.
Aphex’s CX 500 is based on its CX-1
compressor/gate unit — one of the first
500 series modules from the early ’80s.
The CX 500 features the company’s patented EasyRider compressor and logic-assisted gate, a Jensen output transformer, and
multi-function meter for gain reduction,
gating and output level.
The Project 500 is a 500 Series modulesized version of Aphex’s Project Channel
rack unit. A full channel strip, it includes
a Class A mic preamp, optical compressor,
and dual-band semi parametric EQ. This
full-featured channel strip will be priced to
be part of complete solutions with 500 Series racks.
$ Aphex (aphex.com)
New DAS Line-Array System Event-ful
D.A.S. has launched a new series of line
array systems called the Event series aimed
at small- to medium-level sound reinforcement requirements. Ideal for permanent installations as well as in mobile systems, the
new series comprises three models, two line
arrays and a companion bass system.
The Event line array models include the
Event 208A and the Event 210A. Both are
three-way powered line arrays in double
8-inch and double 10-inch configurations respectively.
The D.A.S. loudspeaker units have
been teamed up with a single M-75 compression driver and injected aluminum,
high-frequency waveguide.
Both Event line arrays are powered by
a 3-channel Class D amplifier, which provides 360 Wpeak per channel. The amp´s
rear panel includes Neutrik XLR and powerCON connectors, status LEDS to facilitate setup and D.A.S.’s Easy-DSPTM interface which simplifies preset selection for the
number of units and throw depth.
The Event series includes a twin 18inch companion subwoofer which employs
D.A.S. LX series long-excursion loudspeakers for solid bass response. Designed for optimum coupling with the Event 208A and
Event 210A tops, the front-loaded system is
powered by an efficient 3200 Wpeak Class
D amplifier.
The amplifier has a cardioid preset mode switch, which offers specific
signal treatment for easy set-up of pairs of
systems in cardioid subwoofer applications.
$ D.A.S. Audio (dasaudio.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
AKG’s New WMS420 Brings Pro
Features to Single-Channel Market
AKG’s WMS420 is a versatile and highperformance single-channel wireless system designed for smaller venues such as
schools, town halls and houses of worship.
Customers can select from four specialized product packages: Vocal Set with AKG
D5 handheld microphone, Presenter Set
with AKG C555L, Lavalier Set with AKG
C417 and Instrument Set with AKG MKG
L cable.
“This microphone family enables smaller venues to get just the right system they
need at the right price they’re prepared to
pay without having to compromise on performance, quality or reliability,” said Stephan
Scherthan, AKG’s product line manager of
wireless systems. “I am certain it will advance
the quality of sound in smaller venues where
only one channel is required.”
WMS420 is designed for ease-of-use,
following in the footsteps of the AKG
WMS470, an eight-channel system with automatic frequency setup and the ability to
immediately find and display all available
channels. With WMS420, rack installation
is quick and easy, especially with its detachable extended antennae that attaches to the
back of the receiver.
WMS420 includes the SR420 UHF stationary receiver with two external, detachable
antennae on the rear side and BNC connectors at standard 50 ohms.
The HT420 handheld transmitter’s and
PT420 pocket transmitter’s charging contacts, like the AKG WMS470, are compatible
with the AKG CU400 charging station and
include a rechargeable battery.
“AKG’s WMS420 is a high-quality wireless system, with a rugged and reliable Austrian-built D5 microphone to ensure performance quality for on-stage users,” Scherthan
said. “The WMS420 addresses the quality
void in small-venue wireless systems, with a
price point all users will find very appealing.”
$ AKG (akg.com)
New Triad-Orbit IO
Saves Time
Triad-Orbit has unveiled the IO and IO-R
Quick-Change Couplers for mounting microphones and microphone stand hardware
and components.
“Our exclusive IO Quick-Change Coupler is standard equipment on all Triad
stands, Orbit booms and T-O stand components,” said Marty Harrison of Access Products Group, parent company of Triad-Orbit.
“IO effortlessly captures mics, booms and
stand accessories with ease and assurance.
On-the-fly hardware swaps are now a reality,
replacing the tedious task of threading mic
clips and booms on and off.”
Conventional microphone stands can
also benefit from IO-R Retrofit components.
Equipping existing stand and boom inventories with IO-R couplers provides an upgrade
in functionality. Sound professionals recoup
their investment by realizing instant savings
from reduced setup and teardown times.
$ Triad-Orbit (triad-orbit.com)
Grow Your
Business With
This week, you have total access to the
biggest ideas in music retail — for free.
NAMM U offers more than 45 sessions
during the 2014 NAMM Show to help grow
your business. The session are held before the
show floor opens at the Breakfast Sessions
(Hilton Anaheim Hotel, Pacific Ballrooms)
and every half-hour throughout the show at
the NAMM Idea Center (Booth 5501).
Among this year’s topics, technology
takes top billing. Fifteen Idea Center sessions
focus on everything from improving your social media and website to using technology
to bolster store operations. A few highlights
include “Facebook Rebooted,” “Simple Ways
to Get Found on Google” and “What Do I
Do About My Website?” These sessions aren’t
theoretical. They feature practical, hands-on
ideas by music retailers, for music retailers.
Music lessons are another featured topic, with seven Idea Center sessions devoted
to helping retailers consider adding lessons,
boost their lesson sign-ups and enhance
their programs.
On Saturday morning, Jeffrey Hayzlett,
global business celebrity and star of Bloomberg Television’s “C-Suite,” hosts “The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Staying Relevant?”
This Breakfast Session explores ways to keep
your business relevant and focused with rising economic pressures and e-commerce
i NAMM (namm.org)
PigHog Vintage Cable Line Fattens Up Profit
PigHog has expanded its Vintage series
of woven instruments cables with three new
Following the release of the Orange
Cream 20-foot instrument cable, the series now includes the vintage-inspired Tartan Plaid, Rasta Stripes and Seafoam Green
cables. These cables deliver a feast of color
and bold daredevil looks that are sure to turn
heads while hamming it up on stage or in
the studio.
PigHog’s tour-grade cables are strategically overbuilt to withstand even the harshest conditions. PigHog Vintage series cables
feature a 7 mm-thick woven jacket for durability, proprietary 20AWG OFC conductor technology and robust spiral shielding
with 90-percent coverage for noise-free
And, like all PigHog cables, the Vintage
series includes a lifetime warranty.
$ Strukture (strukturemusic.com)
Tymphany Launches Into Professional
Branded Transducer Market
Tymphany has launched the FSL Series
of woofers, the TC Series full-range column
transducers and the BC and H series tweeter
line of professional audio transducers. Tymphany’s international team of acoustic design
experts leveraged the latest FEA multi-physics techniques to create transducers that reset the performance to price relationship for
professional branded transducers.
“Tymphany is already designing and
manufacturing professional transducers
for the world’s leading loudspeaker brands,
and having a high-performance branded
transducer offering is a natural extension
of Tymphany’s complete ODM professional
system solutions,” said George Bullimore,
head of the transducer business unit for
$ Tymphany (tymphany.com)
WaveDNA Updates Liquid Rhythm
WaveDNA has updated the full version of
Liquid Rhythm beat generation software to
include powerful MIDI sequencing and editing tools to create and remix drum patterns.
With a redesigned user interface and a
bevy of new features, Liquid Rhythm analyzes MIDI data and suggests complementary beats, letting users go in new directions
without changing the entire structure and
notation of the piece. The update also lets users quickly access more than ten quadrillion
rhythmic patterns, import pre-existing MIDI
tracks created using their DAW of choice or
mine their library of loops and kits.
WaveDNA has also released Liquid
Rhythm Intro, a condensed version of Liquid Rhythm to increase accessibility for electronic musicians.
$ WaveDNA (wavedna.com)
Westone’s UM Pro Series Headphones
Designed for Live Music
Westone has launched the UM
Pro Series 10, 20 and 30 in-ear headphones. The UM Pro 10 is ideal for
onstage monitoring and features a
single balanced armature that delivers detail and clarity. Ideal for onstage
monitoring for drummers, vocalists and bassists, the UM Pro 20 has
a dual driver balanced armature design with passive crossover that has
the range and raw output. Lastly, the
UM Pro 30 is the reference product
for onstage monitoring and home
or studio recording and features a
three-way crossover that’s matched to individual low-, mid- and high-frequency drivers. MSRP: UM Pro 10, $179.99; UM Pro 20,
$299.99; UM Pro 30, $399.99.
$ Westone (westoneaudio.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
DigiTech Brings Back DOD Pedals
DigiTech has announced the rebirth of
DOD guitar pedals.
DOD has reintroduced the Overdrive
Preamp 250 and Phasor 201. Both models retain all the sonic qualities of
the originals while incorporating
improvements like true bypass,
9-volt power adapter jack and
other refinements.
“Legions of musicians
worldwide still treasure
their DOD pedals and
still use them regularly,”
said Scott Klimt, marketing
manager at DigiTech. “Now, guitar players everywhere will be able to enjoy
DOD pedals once again and hear why some
players won’t part with their DOD pedals for
any reason.”
The new Overdrive Preamp 250 captures
the sound of the original yet is even better
than before with true bypass, a blue LED
indicator, clearer tone and a modern 9-volt
DC power supply input. The Overdrive Preamp 250’s output is significantly higher and
cleaner than the original, giving the new 250
a polished sound. The familiar yellow finish has been upgraded to a striking two-tone
metallic flake and matte black paint job.
The Overdrive Preamp 250 offers gain
and level controls. Gain controls the amount
of distortion, from just a touch of grit to allout grind, and level dials in anything from
a subtle enhancement of body and girth to
huge amounts of boost for standout soloing.
While the original would color the sound
even when off, the new pedal’s true bypass
makes the Overdrive Preamp 250 more performance- and pedalboard-friendly.
The DOD Phasor 201 was one of the first
phaser pedals ever made, and the new Phasor 201 brings back that classic analog phaser “swoosh.” The new pedal features true
bypass, a crisp blue LED indicator, 9-volt
power supply input and sleek two-tone metallic flake and matte black finish. Like the
original, it’s simple to operate — just one
knob to control the speed of the phasing effect, with stellar sounds at any range.
MSRP: $149.95.
$ DigiTech (digitech.com)
Lightweight Power
Peavey Electronics’ MiniMax bass amplifier head delivers 400 watts of rich low end
in a lightweight package.
The MiniMax is capable of an array of
tones and is adaptable to any live or studio
A three-band EQ with punch, mid-shift
and bright controls provide tone-shaping
options, while the built-in chromatic tuner
allows for easy tuning. The MiniMax pregain control with TransTube gain boost adds
a tube-like crunch to the sound. It also features DDT speaker protection.
$ Peavey Electronics (peavey.com)
Digital Audio Labs
Ships Livemix
Digital Audio Labs’ Livemix personal
monitoring system is designed to be simple
enough for volunteer and non-professional
users. It also offers professional users all the
tools they need to make great mixes.
“One of the things we hear a lot about personal monitor mixes is that they can be complicated to use, especially for the volunteer or
non-technical user,” said Andy Swanson, marketing director for Digital Audio Labs. “Ease of
use is a big thing for us, so we built Livemix
to be simple to use and added innovative features that make it easy to get the mix that allows you to perform your best.”
Each rugged aluminum control surface
allows for two completely separate mixes.
Custom channel names and overview of the
named channels, as well as easy navigation,
are possible via a touch-screen display.
Also included is a remote mixing feature
that permits any user in the system to adjust the mix of another control surface, letting more experienced musicians or sound
techs assist novice users. While the professional and experienced user will love the
built-in digital signal processing and routing
options, they will also appreciate the ability
to access presets based on instrument type.
Hands-free volume controls via a plug-in
pedal allow users to make adjustments while
$ Digital Audio Labs (digitalaudiolabs.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Big Artists, Venues Relying
on Soundcraft Vi Series
With recent additions to its Vi series
mixing consoles, Soundcraft is riding a
wave of momentum as a number of highprofile tours and venues are relying on Vi
End-users cite proprietary features such
as the Vistonics user interface, FaderGlow
color-coded illuminated faders, offline editing and a range of connectivity and network
options as keys to their successful experiences with the series.
Indie pop band Fitz and the Tantrums
recently toured across the United States,
headlining its own bills as well as opening many shows for Bruno Mars. For each
show, monitor engineer Aaron Glas relied
on a Soundcraft Vi1 featuring the patented
widescreen Vistonics user interface as his
monitor console.
Although Glas has a wealth of experience
working with the Vi1 and other Soundcraft
Vi series consoles, his work with Fitz and the
Tantrums marks the first instance in which
he has used the cue/snapshot feature of the
Vi1 — something he has found to be a tremendous advantage.
“Using the snapshots with the Vi1 has
been a great learning experience,” Glas said.
“We’ll always have the full band at sound
check, and it’s nice that I can recall what
we’ve done the previous night and tweak
the mixes based on the band’s requests.
With the snapshot feature, I’m able to finetune the sound more specifically with each
successive performance.”
Additionally, the Arctic Monkeys also recently took the Soundcraft Vi1 monitor console on tour with them.
“The Vi1 was a great choice, especially
for a massive and spectacular venue like the
Gorge,” said monitor engineer Will Doyle.
“It has a small footprint, meaning it’s easy
to travel with and there is no hassle fitting
it anywhere, but it still has nearly all the features of my usual Vi6.”
i Soundcraft (soundcraft.com)
Follow Me Smartphone App for NAMM
Trying to find a booth? Want to know
which artists are appearing at the show?
Download the free NAMM Show App on
your mobile device.
The app helps you navigate your way
around the NAMM Show floor, discover
concerts and events, and see the schedules
for NAMM U, the H.O.T. Zone and NAMM
Foundation Lounge. You can also learn more
about companies exhibiting at the show and
even download their e-brochures.
Just search for NAMM in your mobile device’s app store.
i NAMM (namm.org)
Latin Percussion is commemorating 50
years with its 50th Anniversary congas and
bongos, made with North American hickory. The plantation-grown hickory produces
warm tones with resonant lows and mids
in a standard tuning. When tuned high,
the dense wood generates crisp and cutting slaps. The Anniversary drums are fitted with natural rawhide heads, gold hardware, Comfort Curve II rims and exclusive
badges. Rubber gaskets are installed on the
side mounting plates to prevent metal-towood contact.
The drums are available in 11-inch quinto, 11 3/4-inch conga and 12 1/2-inch tumbadora. The Anniversary bongos are fitted
with 7 1/4-inch and 8 5/8-inch heads.
$ Latin Percussion (lpmusic.com)
Korg Named U.S. Distributor for Sakae Drums
Korg USA has taken on exclusive distribution for Sakae drum products in the United States. Initially, Korg USA will distribute
Sakae’s Celestial, Trilogy, Almighty and PacD drum kits, as well as a selection of snares
and hardware.
Sakae Rhythm is a high-end drum manufacturer located in Osaka, Japan. Since
1925, Sakae Rhythm has devoted its passion and craftsmanship to creating the best
drums and percussion instruments in the
world. For 40 years, the company has built
drums for Yamaha, and currently it builds
under its own brand, Sakae Drums.
“Sakae has a rich heritage in the art of
drum-making, and we are proud to be associated with this brand,” said Korg USA President Joe Castronovo. “Likewise, Korg USA
has a long-standing reputation of building
brands, and we are poised to raise awareness
for the Sakae name here in the U.S.
“With this new distribution agreement,
we can now truly say we offer our dealers
a one-stop solution for all their customer’s
needs –– from keys and technology products, to guitar products, to P.A., bass and
now drums.”
Korg USA (korgusa.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
D’Addario Rebranding Effort Results
in Personnel, Facilities Changes
D’Addario has continued its five-year
rebranding plan by expanding its creative
marketing staff, remodeling its Farmingdale,
N.Y., offices and opening a satellite creative
office in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Using 12,000 square feet of second-floor
loft space in the company’s Farmingdale
headquarters, D’Addario has created a modern, open collaborative home for the marketing, artist relations and product management teams. The new space offers colleagues
a place to comfortably collaborate, as well as
private phone and conference areas, and a
lounge and café for informal meetings.
“In 2012, we made a commitment to
completely new and bold approaches to our
marketing and branding,” said CEO Jim
D’Addario. “After visiting many creative ad
agencies and media companies, it was clear we
had to open up our office areas, get our colleagues out of private offices and acoustically
insulated cubicles and create an atmosphere
that inspires creativity and collaboration.”
The same look and feel was applied to
the company’s new Williamsburg, Brooklyn,
office located in the building where Gretsch
guitars and drums were manufactured until
the late 1960s.
D’Addario has also been building a
strong, dynamic marketing team. Many new
hires have been made, including Jeffrey Kaye
as director of artist relations. Among new
Alfred To Distribute
CME XKey Computer Accessory
hires, existing D’Addario marketing team
members have taken on new roles and responsibilities. Jennifer Cohen, a 13-year
D’Addario employee, has assumed the role
of marketing operations manager. A MarCom member for six years, Angela Zammit
has been made media planner/PR specialist.
i D’Addario (daddario.com)
Alfred Music has announced that it will
distribute the CME XKey, a computer accessory for music enthusiasts of all levels who are
on the go. The CME XKey lets music be created anywhere at any time — at home, on the
road, in the park or at your local coffee shop.
The CME XKey contains 25 professional standard-sized, ultra-sensitive piano keys
that move in a sense of unified touch for
seamless play. It contains professional features such as high-resolution pitch bend
and modulation controls with real-time response speed manipulation, in addition to
octave shift and sustain. Its polyphonic aftertouch feature has previously been found on
products at a much higher price point. The
elegantly designed CME XKey is externally
housed by a thin piece of molded aluminum
that is durable and lightweight. It has compatibility with virtually all devices, including
iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android and Linux.
Additionally, the XKey is USB MIDI compliant, does not require a driver and has low
power consumption.
“Alfred Music is thrilled to offer the CME
XKey to music makers throughout the world,”
said Steve Harder, Alfred Music’s director of
business development. “We know our dealers will appreciate the innovative features this
compact computer accessory offers to musicians, and we know consumers will appreciate the freedom and mobility it offers, all at an
extremely affordable price tag.”
MSRP: $129.99.
$ Alfred (alfred.com)
Superior Valve
Schilke has released the Schilke ST21. A
fixed large bore tenor trombone, the ST21
features a Schilke-designed oversized rotor
valve. The valve was designed for superior
tone, efficiency and response. The trombone ST21 is built with a choice of two lightweight, hand-crafted bells that offer musicians a variety of sound colors perfect for any
playing situation.
$ Schilke (schilkemusic.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Bass Strings
FlexSteels are D’Addario’s most advanced
strings, delivering a combination of flexible
feel coupled with a deep, round tone and
just the right amount of punch and bite for
slap and fingerstyle playing.
“Jaws drop when bassists hear the sound
of this new bass string line,” said D’Addario
Product Specialist Brian Johnson. “These
strings were designed for bass players who
prefer a more
flexible feel to
while retaining
the fast response
slap playing.”
mixes a harmonic-rich steel
alloy with precisely
formulated core-towrap diameters
wound to exact specifications.
The result is singular deep, punchy tone
and a touch-sensitive, responsive feel with
unsurpassed consistency, quality and extralong string life.
FlexSteels are available for four-, five- and
six-string basses.
MSRP: $44.90–$63.90.
$ D’Addario (daddario.com)
Córdoba Unveils Acero
Steel-String Series
Córdoba Guitars
has launched the
Acero series, a
steel-string line
consisting of six
Córdoba approached these guitars
from a classical guitar-building perspective,
using a Spanish heel neck joint along with
a hybrid Spanish fan and X-bracing pattern.
These design features offer a more lightweight and stable heel joint that increases
resonance. The hybrid fan/X-bracing pattern
allows the top to move freely with an explosive attack and warm tone reminiscent of a
nylon string guitar.
Each model is built with either a solid Sitka
spruce or solid Engelmann spruce top, with the
options of solid mahogany, solid rosewood or
solid acacia back and sides. Select models feature the Acoustic Fidelity System (AFS), Córdoba’s new proprietary pickup that offers both
piezo and mic blending capabilities.
The Acero series lineup includes the D9,
D9-CE, D10, D10-CE, D11 and D11-CE.
$ Córdoba Guitars (cordobaguitars.com)
Recording King Banjos
Sparkle Like Starlight
Recording King’s Starlight
series banjos are available in vibrant colors that add a personalized flair and visual appeal.
Starlight series resonator
banjos have all the specs expected in a traditional banjo, including multi-ply rim, tone
ring, 24 brackets for precise head-tensioning and
a 26 1/4-inch scale — all
deliver the traditional
banjo “snap” today’s players want.
Players can choose from three color
The Sky option is a light blue with white
binding, reminiscent of a cloudless day.
The Midnight combination is a deep grey
with ivory binding, like a foggy Blueridge
mountain morning. And the Sunbeam color a
pale yellow with tortoise binding, like the last
moments of an Appalachian sunset.
Recording King Starlight banjos let players express themselves at first glance. They
are also available in open-back styles with 16
$ Recording King (recordingking.com)
Fishman Gets
Techie With
Fluence Pickups
Fishman’s Fluence pickups incorporate
a combination of new technologies, including Fluence Core “coils” and true dual-voice
electronics to consistently create the idealized versions of classic sounds guitarists demand. Fluence pickups are not susceptible
to the manufacturing tolerances and tonal
inconsistencies of outdated pickup technology –– spurious noise, hum, cable capacitance
problems, loss in tonal response and clarity
due to small volume changes and other inductive issues. As a result, Fishman Fluence
pickups deliver the pure tone and unparalleled dynamics players love, and leave the
baggage behind.
The unique “dual-voice” feature in every
Fluence pickup lets players transform their individual pickups from Vintage, to Hot, “linein” Clean or Death Defying (depending on
the model), with the right level and gain for
each voice. Fluence will be introduced in Single Coil, Classic and Modern Humbucker designs, in a variety of finishes, with more models to follow in the coming year.
The Fluence battery pack uses a standard
USB charger and offers more than 200 hours
of actual playing time. Fluence pickups can
also be powered by a standard 9-volt battery.
$ Fishman (fishman.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Bad Cat Announces
New Ownership,
Personnel Changes
Bad Cat Holdings has acquired the assets
of Bad Cat Amplifier Co.
“We are moving forward with a new focus, while maintaining the foundation of providing quality products that has already been
established in the market,” said John Thompson, new owner and president of Bad Cat.
Bad Cat has also announced some personnel changes in the last few months.
“With change comes a strong focus on
sales for Bad Cat,” Thompson said. “That is
why we have brought on an experienced industry veteran, Fred Coyner, as our new directory of sales.”
Coyner has had the opportunity of
Hammond Organ Celebrates 80th
Anniversary With Xk-1c
working with retailers while acting as national sales manager with Guild Guitars, Matchless Amplifiers and Bogner Amplification,
and now Bad Cat.
“I am also glad to announce that we have
hired Mike Franceschini, also known as
‘The Wizard,’ as the head of engineering,”
Thompson said.
Franceschini brings 20-plus years of experience working with tube amplification to
Bad Cat.
i Bad Cat (badcatamps.com)
In 1934 Chicago inventor Laurens Hammond searched for further uses of his invention, a synchronous electric motor that
spawned the first reliable electric clock. Always experimenting, Mr. Hammond envisioned his motor to be a factor in a musical
instrument, and the Hammond Organ was
When Don Leslie invented his speaker
intended for the Hammond in 1941, the
Hammond sound spread to pop, jazz and
gospel. In effect, Mr. Hammond became the
unwitting father of the modern electronic
In 2012, Hammond launched the first
“ultra-light” keyboard, the 15-pound Sk-1,
which features high-quality piano, electric
piano and other keyboard, synth and orchestral voices with the traditional Hammond sound.
Kicking off the 80th anniversary celebration, Hammond released the 16-pound Xk1c, which brings the best aspects of the SK
series at a budget price. Hammond has also
re-imagined its popular “classic” instrument,
the self-contained A-100 model. The new
A-162 has a high-quality, onboard sound
system and all the elements expected in a
genuine Hammond.
Leslie also has new product offerings, including the 300-watt model 981 speaker.
i Hammond Organ (hammondorganco.com)
Vandoren ‘Grows’
Sax Harness
Since its release
last year, saxophonists have been lauding the Vandoren
Universal Saxophone
Support System. Its even
distribution of the instrument’s weight and multiple comfort and security
adjustments have made it a
hit among sax players at all levels.
Now the company has released the
FNH101 Vandoren “Long” Universal Support System.
“When the harness came out, we were
surprised by the number of questions from
bass clarinetists and bassoonists on adapting it for their instruments,” said Andy
Blanco, Vandoren brand manager. “We
took those requests to heart and now offer a ‘long’ model that will work with those
Berklee College of Music baritone sax
professor Danny Harrington added, “This
harness is by far the best one I’ve ever tried
and believe me, I’ve tried them all.”
$ Dansr (dansr.com)
Adds White
On-Stage Stands has added a
white variation of its quarter-turn
round base microphone stand.
The stand uses the same quarterturn technology found on the OnStage Stand’s hex base stands which
reduce set up and tear down times
while still being weighted. The
white finish makes the stand ideal
for houses of worship.
The 10-inch round base is constructed from sand-cast steel and six
rubber feet on its underside keep the
stand stable.
A die-cast steel clutch allows
height adjustments from 34 to 60
$ On-Stage Stands
Audiofly AF180
IEM Features Quad
Balanced Armature
Audiofly continues to advance detailed,
full-spectrum sound technology with the addition of the AF180 to the Audiofly Performance series of in-ear monitors (IEMs). The
AF180 offers the combined sound of four
tuned balanced armature drivers and adds
crossover circuitry.
“We pride ourselves on the detailed reproduction of music, and with the new
AF180 we have pushed the boundary of inear audio technology,” said Dave Thompson, CEO of Audiofly. “The AF180 features
four balanced armature drivers geared to
deliver ultimate separation in sound at an
affordable price to all musicians within the
pro audio market. Audiofly listened to user
feedback and included the most requested in-ear monitor features: noise isolation,
long-term comfort, on-the-road durability
and, most importantly, incredible sound
reproduction. We have given musicians an
essential tool to help master their craft and
music aficionados the chance to experience
music like never before.”
Featuring a quartet of balanced armature
drivers in each ear, the AF180 is carefully
tuned to deliver a natural, highly detailed
sound. Designed for performing musicians
or music lovers, the AF180 is equipped with
a comfortable, noise-isolating fit and a choice
of ear tips for long-term listening comfort.
The Audioflex SL cable is geared for stage use
with a super light twisted cable near the performer’s head and durable cordura fabric reinforcing the remainder of its length. The cable
is detachable via Audiofly’s Soundpatch connection, with a streamlined finish and practical, lightweight design. MSRP: $549.95.
$ Audiofly (audiofly.com)
MOD Kits DIY Persuader
Deluxe Pushes Into Overdrive
The Persuader Deluxe from MOD Kits
DIY uses a Darlington preamp to push cascaded triode vacuum tubes into distortion.
Four dual triode vacuum tubes are included with each kit (JJ 5751,
12AX7B China, JJ 12AU7 and NOS
U.S.-made 12AT7) and can be
swapped to create a wide range
of tones. The tones range from
just a hint of breakup with the
JJ 5751 to over-the-top crunchy
distortion with the NOS U.S.-made
12AT7. You can easily switch out the
different tubes, choosing your own tone.
A boost switch provides an additional layer of flexibility with added gain and a little
extra bottom end. An LED indicator lights
up when the Persuader Deluxe is engaged
and not in true bypass mode.
MOD Kits and Assemblies are designed to give novice and experienced musicians the opportunity
to build or modify their own
amps, effects pedals and guitars. All kits come with easyto-follow instructions and use
point-to-point wiring. All effects
pedals and amplifiers come with a predrilled enclosure, and all necessary parts are
included. All you need to provide are hand
tools, a soldering iron and solder.
$ MOD Kits DIY (modkitsdiy.com)
Kahuna Expands Uke Catalog
With Variety of Styles
Kahuna has expanded
its line of ukuleles. The catalog now contains concert,
soprano and tenor ukes in a
variety of styles, finishes and
price points.
On the concert ukulele front,
Kahuna has introduced the fully
mahogany KUC-21M, the KUC36NC single-cutaway spruce ukulele with maple binding and the
KUC48MA with Manchurian ash
body and mahogany neck as well as
striped ABS ivory/fish bone binding.
Kahuna’s new models of soprano ukuleles, pitched an octave above standard concert ukuleles, will appear in a vibrant selection, in addition to mellow natural finishes,
such as mahogany. The KUS-66G, with a
spruce top and neck, will feature three styles
of bright, colorful body graphics that almost
jump off of the instrument. In a more subtle, minimalist fashion, the KUS-03LE, with
a mahogany top and neck, features a natural
finish with unique, laser-etched sound holes
in styles juxtaposed with beautifully etched
animal graphics. The KUS-38BBP is a striking bamboo soprano ukulele with rosewood
fretboard and laser-etched panda graphic on
the body.
The KUT-34BC is Kahuna’s new tenor
ukulele, pitched an octave below standard
concert ukuleles, with a more hearty sound
set in a lower range. This ukulele has a bubinga body with a stunning natural finish to
complement its warmer, deeper tone and
sturdier feel.
All new Kahuna ukes come ready to play
with Aquila strings.
$ AP International (apintl.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
AP International
To Distribute
Babicz Hardware
AP International is the exclusive distributor of Babicz Full Contact Hardware.
Babicz hardware is designed to maximize
and keep consistent contact between the vibrating guitar string and the guitar body as a
resonator. Most conventional guitar bridges,
especially after making adjustments for intonation and action, leave air gaps between
the saddle and bridge, which greatly reduces
the sonic integrity of the string. With Babicz
hardware, you can adjust your action as high
or low as desired without ever reducing contact of the string to the body, for maximum
tone and resonance.
The patented “eCam,” or encapsulated
cam saddle design also allows for precise,
instantaneous adjustments to your action
that will stay
whatever position you leave
will never shift
out of place or
sink while you
thanks to the
string height
lock feature.
Precise intonation adjustments are just as seamless, with most
bridges also featuring the saddle housing
lock feature.
$ AP International (apintl.com)
Vandoren AL5 Optimum Alto
Mouthpiece Has Wider Tip
Vandoren has added another option to
the Optimum line of alto saxophone mouthpieces with the new AL5.
Like Vandoren’s AL3 mouthpiece, the
AL5 offers even intonation and ease of response. Its more open tip and subtle interior
changes provide a different color in the saxophonist’s palette.
“When the AL3 was introduced, it quickly became the go-to mouthpiece for alto saxophonists and band directors around the
world,” said Andy Blanco, Vandoren brand
manager for Dansr. “The AL5 builds on that
success, combining what players love about
the AL3 with a little added projection and tone color.”
James Bunte of the University of Cincinnati College
Conservatory of Music added,
“I am honestly going to be recommending that my students
check out the AL5. It seems to
have that great, dark core that
the AL3 has, but the slightly wider tip opening makes
it more dynamic, and able to
take more air.”
$ Dansr (dansr.com)
Yamaha Reinvents Xeno Trumpets
Yamaha’s new lineup of Custom Xeno Bb
Trumpets was inspired by insights gained
during the development of Artist Model Xeno trumpets, helping to create instruments with tonal flexibility.
The reinvented Custom Xeno trumpets
feature a revamped bell, which provides a
powerful tonal core and more precise slotting
in the upper register, and a newly designed
leadpipe. A lighter valve casing and pistons
deliver enhanced response and optimal tone
control. Both models offer outstanding power and projection, when necessary, but are
also characterized by refined resistance and
response for softer notes. MSRP: $3,238.
$ Yamaha (usa.yamaha.com)
Crafter Dragon
Rose Model Boasts
Striking Features
The Dragon Rose celebrates 42 years of
quality guitar building from Crafter.
A striking feature of the Dragon Rose is
the dragon inlay on the neck. Hand-crafted from mother-of-pearl and abalone, the
dragon slithers up from the 19th fret to the
seventh fret. A ring-of-fire soundhole design complements the dragon on the rosewood neck.
The guitar has a grand auditorium body,
with a solid Engelmann spruce top, solid rosewood back and rosewood sides.
Deluxe 18:1 Gold Bean button tuners and
a chromatic tuner in the preamp ensure that
while the guitar looks sharp, you’ll always be
in tune.
The Dragon Rose also features an LR
Baggs element pickup under the saddle.
The pickup is controlled by Crafter’s LR-T
DX preamp, which offers guitarists control
over their sound when plugged into a PA
system or amplifier.
A deluxe arched-top Crafter case is included with the Dragon Rose.
$ Crafter Guitars (crafterusa.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Ashdown Rolls out
Rootmaster Range
Ashdown Engineering has announced
the Rootmaster range of solid-state bass
heads, speakers and combo amplifiers.
With its affordable price and professional
features, the Rootmaster line is ideal for players of all levels in addition to schools, churches, nightclubs and backline companies.
The Rootmaster line consists of two powered amplifier heads, three full-range combo amplifiers and five speaker cabinets, all
moderately priced and capable of producing
sound pressure levels to satisfy almost any
live performance situation. Housed in a sturdy steel chassis, all Rootmaster electronics
Kala’s New Makala
Packages Pop
Kala recently debuted new packaging for
the company’s Makala bundle packages.
The packages are enhanced with graphics that promote a lifestyle theme that has
become recognizable in Kala’s marketing
The Makala bundles are available either with an MK-S soprano or MK-C concert ukulele. The bundles include a quality
gig bag, electronic tuner and a quick-start
instruction pamphlet. When stacked, the
packages instantly create a colorful P.O.P.
floor display.
$ Kala (kalabrand.com)
The H.O.T. Zone
Boasts Star Power
include classic Ashdown attributes like variable overdrive, variable compression and an
Ashdown sub-harmonic generator in addition to a comprehensive five-band EQ, variable input gain, master volume and an external input blend control that allows the user
to mix in external audio sources alongside
the amplified instrument.
The amplifiers all feature front-panel
push-button switches that activate EQ in/
out, drive in/out and a global “shape” feature
that re-voices the amplifier.
$ Ashdown (ashdownmusic.com)
Griffin Technology Shows StudioConnect HD, Guitar Sidekick
Griffin Technology now offers musicians more options to record and perform
with new Apple iOS and Mac OS
X accessories. The company’s new
StudioConnect HD and Guitar
Sidekick tap into the power of
Apple’s iOS and computer platforms to help enhance musical creativity.
“As mobile devices
continue to impact the
music world, we raised the
bar for portable recording interfaces that
let musicians and producers work on projects whenever and wherever inspiration
strikes,” said Ethan Opelt, audio line manager at Griffin Technology.
StudioConnect HD is an all-in-one audio interface for multitrack recording using iOS or Mac OS X.
Constructed of rugged, weighted
metal, StudioConnect HD
also serves as a charging
platform. StudioConnect HD is
compatible with Lightning and 30pin iPad models and also includes a
USB Type A cable for connecting to Mac
OS X. The model also accommodates Core
Audio recording apps for iPad.
$ Griffin Technology (griffintechnology.com)
The H.O.T. (Hands-On Training) Zone
returns to The NAMM Show with even more
star power. Located on Level 2 of the Anaheim Convention Center, the H.O.T. Zone
will feature more than 50 live educational
sessions throughout the show for professionals in pro-audio, recording, live sound, DJ,
lighting and entertainment technologies.
On Thursday, legendary producer and
keynote speaker Bob Ezrin will explore turning points in the evolution of the music industry. The session starts at 11:30 a.m. in
The Forum, 203 A-B.
The biggest thought leaders in the music industry come together at 12 p.m. in The
Forum, 203 A-B to discuss trends and opportunities. Speakers include Ezrin, Peavey’s
Hartley Peavey, Gibson’s Henry Juszkiewicz,
Guitar Center’s Gene Joly, and more.
On Friday, Famed producer and mixer
Carmen Rizzo will be featured in “The Art
of Producing in 2014.” Rizzo has worked
with such artists as Seal and Coldplay, and
will offer up-close-and-personal viewpoints
on how to get the most out of a recording
studio. The session will take place at 2 p.m.
in Master Class, 202 A.
Saturday is Guitar Day at The H.O.T.
Zone, boasting several sessions devoted to
the sound, science and romance of the guitar. The session is held in Tech Lab, 202 B.
Also on Saturday, producer and remixer
Vincent di Pasquale, discusses his techniques
for preparing music for the dance floor at
4:30 p.m. in Master Class, 202 A.
i NAMM (namm.org)
UBD January 23, 2014
5000 Harnesses
Wind Power
Akai Professional’s EWI 5000 is a wind
instrument that includes an array of advanced features, such as digital 2.4 GHz
ultra-low-latency wireless connectivity, a
built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up
to 12 hours, and more than 3GB of builtin traditional and progressive sounds from
“We’ve created EWI 5000 to address the
needs of today’s modern wind players, and
we’re especially excited to see what modern
musicians can do with it to push the boundaries of wind instrument performance,” said
Dan Gill, Akai Professional product manager.
“Calibration is automatic and setup is easy.
EWI 5000 is a smart instrument. It automatically adjusts to your playing style and offers
authentic sounds, wireless convenience, rechargeability, and the expressive freedom
EWI is known for.”
EWI 5000 comes loaded with more than
3GB of top-quality sounds, including traditional horn, brass, woodwind, and string
sounds, plus progressive synths, leads, and
other non-traditional sounds. EWI 5000 includes 12 touch-sensitive metal keys on its
top and an eight-wheel thumb-controlled
octave roller on the bottom.
An EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument)
Mode is included for brass players, and EWI
5000 also includes eight control knobs for
tweaking filter, reverb, chorus, LFO, breath
amount, bite amount, semitone tuning and
fine tuning.
$ Akai Professional (akaipro.com)
Mio M8 Sterling Silver
Flute Plays Effortlessly
Cannonball recently introduced Mio M8
professional sterling silver flutes.
The hand craftsmanship of each instrument ensures consistency and will deliver the player’s voice without interference.
The sterling silver tubes are manufactured
in the United States, and the handcrafted
headjoints are fit and customized for optimum airflow and resonance in Salt Lake
City, Utah.
Pointed arms come standard as well
as options for inline or offset G. Offset G
models can also be paired with a split E
design if desired.
The Mio M8 flute merges old-world
sound with modern workmanship to create
an effortless experience. Paired with the titanium Royal Crown, the Mio M8 professional
flute produces depth of sound, exceptional
clarity, remarkable color, crisp attack and increased range of volume.
$ Cannonball (cannonballmusic.com)
RHC Holdings Builds RAT Pedal Off Original
RAT, an RHC Holdings Brand, has unveiled the new RAT Pedal. Building off the
foundation of the original RAT Pedals, this
new model is entirely built in the United
States and features complete tonal flexibility through a choice of original or MOSFET
clipping circuits.
The MOSFET clipping section in the
new pedal provides a subtle smoothing in
the upper mids and a more amp-like tone
throughout the range of the RAT, without
loss of the basic feel of the classic pedal.
The new RAT Pedal also features a bass
enhancement that increases the bass response, which is perfect for bassists and
guitar players who tune down their instruments. The new pedal will now run on 9to 18-volts of DC power, for users looking
for the best headroom and audio fidelity.
The new RAT also includes a socketed opamp, which lets users easily change between the stock OP07DP and other popular chips.
$ RHC Holdings (rapcohorizon.com)
Option Knob
Debuts VKnob
Option Knob has introduced the latest
edition to its line of advanced controllers with
the new VKnob, which provides advanced
dynamic volume control for electric guitars.
It’s an alternative for the volume knob on
an electric guitar, which enables any player to
instantly execute fine-tuned volume control
and lightning fast volume swells with ease.
Pull off the factory volume knob, push on the
VKnob, and you’re ready to go. The “arm” design extends the volume control closer to the
strumming area, so it’s quicker and easier to
adjust volume on the fly. MSRP: $12.95.
$ Option Knob (vknob.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
DJ-Tech Cube
Mini BT Streams
Offers Half Size
ChordBuddy Jr., a new half-sized guitar
for the 4–8 age group, is now shipping.
The guitar comes with a specially designed version of the ChordBuddy device attached. It allows young players to work on
strumming, rhythm and timing skills, finger
strength, dexterity and ear training without
worrying about how to make chords.
ChordBuddy Jr. is a miniature dreadnaught guitar from the Perry’s Guitar line
that comes with a DVD, songbook and digital tuner.
“Little kids need instant gratification and
some beginning skills to help them adapt
to the guitar,” said Travis Perry, managing
partner, ChordBuddy LLC. “The ChordBuddy Jr. is the first real playable guitar
sized for this age group that takes full advantage of the ChordBuddy Learning System to help kids not only learn to play the
guitar, but stick with it and love it for a lifetime.” MSRP: $169.
$ ChordBuddy (chordbuddy.com)
The Cube Mini BT from DJ-Tech lets users stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device, including iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
The compact unit features a two-way
speaker, complete with woofer and tweeter,
so music can be heard loud and clear.
A 1/4-inch input lets users connect microphones and instruments, and a USB
port lets users charge their mobile devices
when Cube Mini BT is plugged into wall
The unit is the ideal sound system to
keep around and can be used in tons of different ways, like making announcements at
parties or keeping guitar skills sharp by practicing while on the go.
K&M Gives
iPads a
Musical Air
K&M has introduced the iPad Air, a durable iPad holder designed for use on stage,
in the studio or in the practice room.
The iPad Air line is available as a clampon holder, mic stand mount or tabletop
Cube Mini BT is an all-in-one system.
A built-in cradle lets users leave their
iPad, iPhone or other device right on top of
Cube Mini BT for easy access.
$ DJ-Tech (djtechpro.com)
Fret-King Partners with Queensryche
on New Axe
Fret-King designer Trev Wilkinson and
Queensryche guitarist Parker Lundgren
have cooperated to design a new Fret-King
Black Label artist model, the Exige.
The new guitar features a double cutaway body, three humbucking Fret-King
pickups — with the Fret-King Vari-coil,
which lets them all be rolled progressively down to single coils — and top
quality Wilkinson hardware.
i Fret-King (jhs.com.uk)
It can clip effortlessly in and out of the
holder, be switched between vertical and
horizontal and be secured in any position
throughout the 90-degree range.
K&M eco-friendly stands are made in
Germany, resulting in maximum durability
and functionality. They come with a five-year
MSRP: iPad Air clamp-on holder, $92.99;
iPad Air mic stand mount, $59.99; iPad Air
tabletop stand, $89.99.
$ K&M (km-america.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
DigiTech Vocalist Live FX Empowers Singers
DigiTech’s Vocalist Live FX features more
than 65 studio-quality effects designed to
empower singers.
“We designed the Vocalist
Live FX to help support
singers by producing amazing studio quality vocal
effects right out of
the box,” said Scott
manager for DigiTech.
“Vocalists will immediately benefit from Lexicon reverb,
dbx compression and anti-feedback
The Vocalist Live FX features a new Live
Adapt technology that utilizes a built-in microphone and adapts the noise gate threshold,
the pitch effect key, and the modulation and
delay effect tempo settings with the music
as it is being performed.
A “sound check” button automatically tests the presets for current room acoustics, and the
built-in Mic Pre+ lets the
singer engage their channel strip with the press of
a button.
The unit also offers phantom power for the addition of condenser microphones.
MSRP: $349.95.
$ DigiTech (digitech.com)
Ibanez Retools Prestige Series
The Ibanez Prestige series has become synonymous with the company’s
“Made in Japan” pride.
Now Ibanez will be offering more guitarists an opportunity to own a Prestige.
Beginning this year, the company will offer Prestige models at lower price points.
As a result, Ibanez has expanded the
Prestige family, offering more than 25
new models crafted in Japan in
new finishes, configurations and
For instance the RG 752LWFXHAB, a 7-string that features
an African limba wood top
with a hazelnut finish, a basswood body and the exclusive
Ibanez 5-pc maple/wenge Wizard 7 neck for
smooth, fast performance and outfitted with
a pair of DiMarzio PAF-7 pickups that offer
the best of the late ’50s-style humbuckers,
providing a bright, clean sound on the lower
strings. The chrome hardware consists of a
Gibraltar Standard II-7 bridge, designed for
precise intonation adjustment, playing comfort and great sustain, and Gotoh locking
tuners for tuning stability.
Another new model is the S5521QNGB.
This six-string is one of the first hard-tail
designs for the S Prestige series. It features
a sleek, lightweight mahogany body with a
Nebura green burst quilted maple top and
contoured front and back.
$ Hoshino USA (hoshinousa.com)
Superlux Delivers E10F
Subminiature Earset
Superlux has launched the E10F, a professional subminiature earset microphone
ideal for speech and other applications.
It offers higher gain before feedback than
lavaliere microphones. Delivering speech
clarity, the E10F is ideal for corporate presentations, houses of worship, A/V conferencing and live sound reinforcement.
Available in two color options and different connectivity to accommodate a variety of
body packs, the E10F provides larity in an
comfortable, over-the-ear design.
$ Superlux (superlux.com.tw)
Crossrock UpGrades
06 Series Gig Bags
Crossrock has inaugurated the improved
06 Series of gig bags with four levels of padding. Offering five, 10, 20 or even 30 millimeters of high-density foam, musicians can
choose how much protection they want.
Each tier adds useful features, such as additional pockets, security reflective strip and
a neck block at the 306 level. Black fabric
with gray accents gives a stylish look, and is
a great alternative to “basic black.”
Crossrock has added improved-quality
touches, including anti-snag panels in the
lining at headstock and bridge, and reinforced strap-peg area at every level. Hard-tofind sizes for half-size and three-quarter size
guitars are available.
To recognize the continued popularity of
ukuleles, Crossrock has also created a hardshell ukulele case, which is offered in both
the 500 series of wooden cases, with reptiletextured, black tolex covering, the 901 series
of injection molded cases and the 1000 series of stylish glossy fiberglass cases.
$ Crossrock (kingstarintl.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
K Models
Portable Korg Kross Offers
Workstation Features
Korg’s Kross is a mobile, affordable keyboard workstation with audio/MIDI recording capabilities, AC or battery operation and
a selection of cutting-edge sounds. Available
with 61 keys or 88 fully-weighted keys, it’s
the first battery-powered, full-featured
Korg keyboard workstation.
A complete package
of performance-ready
sounds is provided.
The piano, electric piano and drum sounds have
been taken from some of Korg’s
flagship instruments. The grand piano features intricately sampled decays
with three levels of velocity and reproduces
the noises made by the damper pedal, ensuring that every nuance is reflected in the
sound. The distinctive sounds from Korg’s
SG-1D Sampling Grand and
M1 Music Workstation are
also included, as well as an
upright piano. The five classic electric piano sounds are as
expressive as the acoustic piano
sounds and also include effect settings. In addition, careful attention has
been paid to the drum sounds.
Kross contains PCM data approximately
twice as large as preceding Korg models such
as the X50 and the PS60.
$ Korg (korg.com)
D’Addario Gets Inside
Track on OEM Sales
D’Addario has retained Inside Track International to facilitate sales of its fretted instrument products. Inside Track is an OEM
sales rep firm started in 2012 by long-time
Seymour Duncan sales and marketing executive Evan Skopp, together with Doreen
Daley Skopp.
Inside Track will manage D’Addario’s
global sales of both fretted instrument strings
— bulk-packaged and private label — and
D’Addario’s Planet Waves brand.
“We are investing in our OEM business,
and we see it as an area
of growth for our company over the next several years,” said Peter
D’Addario, D’Addario’s U.S. sales manager.
“And personally, I am thrilled to be working
with someone with such a rich knowledge of
our industry and guitar-building.”
Prior to co-founding Inside Track International, Skopp spent 20 years managing Seymour Duncan’s sales, marketing and
product development efforts.
i D’Addario (daddario.com)
Limited Edition
on Birch Infinite
Sonor recently rolled out its Birch Infinite
shell drum set, a limited-edition set handmade in Germany.
The drum kit is available in a trio of vintage finishes — vintage amber, vintage azure
and vintage onyx.
The birch shells provide projection and
solid, distinctive tone featuring smooth, balanced midrange which complements the
clarity of the highs and lows.
The bass drum is 22 by 18 inches, with
10- by 8-inch and 12- by 9-inch rack toms.
A 16- by 16-inch floor tom rounds out the
standard kit and an optional 14- by 14-inch
floor tom and 14- by 6-inch snare will be offered as upgrade components.
Master craftsmen build the kits and they
feature Sonor’s top-of-the-line fittings, the
T.A.R. mounting system, tuning lugs with
TuneSafe, Optimum Shell Measurement
(OSM), Remo USA heads and the new Dual
Glide system on the snare.
“Sonor has created a very special series of
shells that sound amazing and look striking,”
said Larry Nelson, product manager.
$ Sonor (sonor.com)
Zildjian has unveiled two oversized K models
at The NAMM
The new
Light HiHats
offer the dark,
light blend
of overtones
with the classic 14-inch K
Light Hats but
now with more volume and a lot more wash.
These versatile hats are good for most
musical applications including rock, pop,
country and jazz. In response to drummers’
requests for larger models, Zildjian is also introducing a 20-inch version of its classic K
Dark Thin Crash, known for its complex,
full-bodied, and very musical sound quality.
Finally, Zildjian is releasing a 10-inch A
Custom EFX model with paper thin weight
and laser generated “cut outs” that lets it produce quick, trashy, white noise effects that
are great for accenting and punctuating.
The new, small size makes it a great addition to any kit, played alone or stacked.
$ Avedis Zildjian Co. (zildjian.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Takamine Redesigns G Series in Tonewoods
Takamine has redesigned its G series
line of both acoustic and acoustic-electric
guitar models.
The G series guitars are available in a variety of tonewood combinations. Most models feature select solid spruce or solid cedar
tops with quartersawn X bracing. Back and
side materials comprise fine tonewoods such
as mahogany, figured maple and rosewood,
with some models featuring a three-piece
rosewood and quilt maple back.
Acoustic-electric models feature acclaimed Takamine electronics such as the
TK-40D and TP-4TD preamp systems,
which feature built-in electronic tuners and
a host of tone-shaping controls.
MSRP: $259.99–$859.99.
$ Takamine (takamine.com)
JBL Powers LSR310S Studio Subwoofer
With Extended Low Frequency
JBL has rolled out the LSR310S powered
studio subwoofer. The LSR310S works with
any third-party monitor pairing
but is optimized to round out
the JBL 3 series.
The LSR310S subwoofer features a 10-inch downfiring high-excursion woofer, built-in 200-watt Class-D
power amplifier and a patented low-frequency port for
bass response accuracy at all
playback levels.
“The new JBL LSR310S subwoofer makes every recording richer, every room better-sounding and every engineer more effective,” said Peter Chaikin, JBL
Professional’s senior manager of recording
and broadcast marketing. “We accomplish
this via the acoustic design of
the new double-flared low-frequency port coupled with the
3 series woofer that, together,
deliver highly accurate bass response at all playback levels.”
The LSR310S features three
crossover settings: 80 Hz, XLF
and external. The 80 Hz setting is recommended for use
with 3 series studio monitors
or third-party/legacy monitors.
The external setting lets producers use an
external crossover of their choice.
$ JBL Professional (jblpro.com)
Alfred DiY Series Teaches Digital-Agers
Alfred has announced a new series designed for the digital-age generation: The
DiY Ukulele, DiY Rock Guitar, DiY Guitar,
DiY Keyboard and DiY Drum
With this series, there are
no limitations on how, when
or where a musician learns
their instrument. This series
is the first of its kind, offering interactive streaming content to complement each lesson in the book. No teacher
is necessary since lessons are
simple to follow, with corresponding video lessons and
accompaniments available to stream or download. Students are able to watch video lessons,
hear examples and play along virtually anywhere a computer or mobile
device is present.
“People are no longer
learning solely in classrooms
or studios,” said Link Harnsberger, co-author of the DiY
guitar and ukulele books. “As
a society, we can now do virtually anything using a tablet
or mobile device and a Wi-Fi
MSRP: $9.99.
$ Alfred (alfred.com)
Meet NAMM’s Friends of Music Making
NAMM supports and collaborates with a
variety of associations that support our mutual success — many of which are attending
the show.
Drop by the Member Center in Lobby B/C
today between 5–6 p.m. for a special NAMM
Foundation Partner Reception, where you
can learn more about the organizations that
share our industry’s mission to increase opportunities for people to learn and make music, including: Coalition for Music Education
in Canada, CHOC Children’s Foundation,
Covenant House California, Guitars in the
Classroom, Guitars for Vets, Hearing Health
Foundation, JEN (Jazz Education Network),
Keys Program, Little Kids Rock, Museum of
Making Music (NAMM Foundation), Music
For All, Music Teachers National Association, Musical Instrument Museum, National
Association for Music Education (NAFME),
National Guitar Museum, National Piano
Foundation, Percussion Marketing Council, Percussive Arts Society, Inc., San Diego
Youth Symphony & Conservatory, TERI,
Inc., The Charis Charitable Foundation, The
Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, The National GUITAR Museum, The Starving Musicians Program, TI:ME Technology Institute
for Music Educators, VH1 Save The Music
Foundation, Warrior Cry Music Project
NAMM thanks these organizations for
their dedication to enriching people’s lives
through music and music making.
i NAMM (namm.org)
UBD January 23, 2014
D’Addario, Rico Cater to the Woodwind
Genelec Gets
Energy Efficient
Genelec’s energy-efficient M series bi-amplified active monitors take a new approach
to monitor design as part of Genelec’s ongoing sustainable initiatives known as GES
(Genelec Embedded Sustainability). The primary focus in developing the new M series
was to proceed with a sustainable mindset
without sacrificing accuracy and reliability,
while also offering something new and innovative for project studio customers.
The first two models recently introduced are the M030 and the M040 Bi-amplified Active Monitors, which employ a
Natural Composite Enclosure manufactured for Genelec from wood fiber and recyclable material. The M030 and M040 use
Genelec enclosure design heritage, featuring
rounded edges and gently curved front and
sides to provide minimized cabinet edge diffraction and superb imaging.
The M030 uses a 5-inch woofer and
0.75-inch metal dome tweeter, powered by
a 50-watt and 30-watt amplifier, respectively.
The M040 employs a 6.5-inch woofer with a
1-inch metal dome tweeter, powered by an
80-watt and 50-watt amplifier, respectively.
$ Genelec (genelecusa.com)
Since D’Addario’s acquisition of Rico
Reeds in 2004, it has been the company’s
goal to respect and improve upon the legacy
of the Rico brand.
To ensure that the more advanced player has a brand that he
or she feels is a greater
reflection of their ability, D’Addario has introduced its digitally
generated, professionalquality reeds and mouthpieces as D’Addario
branded woodwind products.
Moving forward, there will be two
brands to cater to the woodwind world’s diversified needs. Rico will continue to stand
as a brand for new and young players. The
D’Addario brand will serve intermediate
and professional players.
“We are committed to systematically reinventing our current range of products,”
said Robert Polan, D’Addario Woodwinds
product manager. “Furthermore, we’re
dedicated to developing
exciting new product
The company’s Reserve mouthpiece has
been rebranded as a
D’Adddario product. Coming soon, digitally re-mastered Reserve Classic B-flat clarinet reeds will be the first production series
made exclusively with D’Addario’s new proprietary digital process and will also bear the
D’Addario brand name.
D’Addario (daddario.com/woodwinds)
G7th Marks
First Decade
G7th is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with the release of two new models in its
Newport Capo series.
Cool Black is an advanced, low-reflectivity finish that complements the Newport
Capo’s sleek lines and low profile. Gold Plate
is a specially-applied 14 Karat gold coating.
“Bob Minner used his G7th Newport with Tim McGraw in front of over
1,100,000 fans in 2012 alone,” said Nick
Campling, G7th Founder. “Despite our lifetime warranty, players aren’t just settling for
one G7th Capo. We wanted to meet their
desire for something that looks breath-taking and takes care of your tuning.”
$ G7th (g7th.com)
The Music People
Continue Muza-S
The Music People, parent company of
On-Stage Stands, has signed Moscow-based
Muza-S for an additional three years as its
exclusive distributor in Russia, Belarus and
Kazakhstan. The agreement extends a relationship started in 2011, granting MuzaS continued access to the entire On-Stage
family of brands.
“We are excited to extend our relationship with Muza-S,” said Tom Tedesco,
TMP’s director of business development.
“We look forward to continued growth in
the coming years.”
i On-Stage Stands (onstagestands.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Yamaha’s Color-Coded Accessories
Program Eases Drum Set Configuration
Hybrid drum sets, which
combine acoustic and electronic elements, are becoming the standard for professional drummers. Sometimes,
however, the many possibilities for creating personalized
drum sets can confuse both
drummers and retailers.
Yamaha’s DTX Accessories Program features colored
boxes with product photos
and specification icons to
clearly identify the product
and its applications. The new system makes
it easier to configure drum pads, cymbal
pads, sound modules and other electronic offerings. The new merchandising effort
helps retailers and consumers navigate Yamaha’s expanded product line and includes
new signage and display options.
“First and foremost, this is pure additional business for retailers and Yamaha understands that retailers want return and add-on
purchases from electronic drum customers,”
said Steven Fisher, Yamaha’s marketing manager of Electronic Drums.
i Yamaha (usa.yamaha.com)
Daisy Rock Unveils
Butterfly Guitar
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars has introduced the
Sophomore Butterfly in Purple Flight finish.
“To be able to make a guitar that has
butterflies that actually fly up the neck of
a guitar makes me feel so happy,” said Tish
Ciravolo, president and founder of Daisy
Rock Girl Guitars.
“As if that’s not enough, it’s also purple,”
Ciravolo added.
The Sophomore Butterfly is constructed
with Daisy Rock’s trademark Slim & Narrow
neck, a lightweight design and mahogany
back and sides. It includes die-cast chrome
tuners to ensure solid tuning.
A mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard with butterfly-in-flight inlay round
out the guitar’s features. MSRP: $319.99.
$ Daisy Rock (daisyrock.com)
Washburn Offers
New Mandolin
The M117SW, a 2-point double cutaway mandolin from Washburn Guitars,
has a broken-in and well-played feel that
matches its distressed look.
The instrument features a distressed,
Allen-style tailpiece, ebonite tuner buttons,
a hand-carved solid spruce top with rope
purfling and book and matched carved solid
flamed maple back and sides.
The flamed maple neck supports a slightly wider (31 mm at the nut) ebony fingerboard with wider string spacing. MSRP:
$ Washburn (washburn.com)
Arriba Rolls Out
Seven New
Lighting Cases
Arriba Products has introduced seven
new lighting bag and case designs.
The new bags accommodate more lights
per unit and fit a wider variety of lighting
product brands such as ADJ, Blizzard and Chauvet.
“These new designs address the
need and desire
for one bag or
case to accommodate
said Scott Davies, director of Arriba
The new bags and cases also come with
more dividers than previous models.
Since 2005, Arriba has specialized in
cases for lighting products. The company
has designed the cases to be both affordable for the consumer and profitable for
the dealer.
$ Arriba Products (arribacases.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Córdoba C9, C10 Focus
on Crossover Appeal
Due to the success of Córdoba’s Luthier series, an affordable line of all-solid,
concert-level instruments, Córdoba has
introduced the C9
Crossover and C10 Crossover guitars
Córdoba’s C9 and C10 serve as the heart
of the Luthier series. Both are offered with
the choice of a solid European spruce or solid Canadian cedar top, paired with either solid mahogany (C9) or solid Indian rosewood
(C10) back and sides. The Crossover models
feature a 48-mm nut width, radiused fingerboard and hand-carved mahogany neck with
a thinner profile.
The foundation of the Luthier series rests
upon building methods such as the Spanish heel, hand-carved necks and braces, and
domed soundboards that are built on a traditional solera. All models in the Luthier series
feature a mother-of-pearl hand-inlaid rosette
inspired by a 1920s Domingo Esteso rosette
and include a humidified hardshell case.
$ Córdoba Guitars (cordobaguitars.com)
Hal Leonard Keeps It Real
The Real Jazz Solos Book offers spot-on
transcriptions of nearly 150 of the greatest
solos in jazz history – exactly as recorded by
legendary players – perfect for performance
and study. The book includes:
“Autumn Leaves” (Chet Baker),
“Blue in Green” (Toots Thielemans), “Blue Train” (John Coltrane) “Bright Size Life” (Jaco
Pastorius) and many others,
plus a complete discography.
The Real Latin Book marks
the first time this genre’s been
represented in Real Book format.
The collection features more
than 350 A-list standards, such as: “Água De
Beber,” “Bésame Mucho,” “Cherry Pink and
Apple Blossom White,” “The Girl from Ipanema” and many others.
The Trane Book pays tribute to one of
the most influential jazz players of all time,
showcasing more than 125 of John Coltrane’s most memorable works. It includes
“Afro Blue,” “Body and Soul,”
“Giant Steps” and many more.
The Real Vocal Book, Vol. 3 is
a collection of more than 300
songs selected especially for vocalists, including “Almost like Being in Love,” “Bridge over Troubled Water,” “Luck Be a Lady,”
“Puttin’ On the Ritz,” “Smooth
Operator” and more, all with lyrics. The book is available in both
a High Voice and a Low Voice version and
there is no song duplication between Vols. 1
and 2.
$ Hal Leonard (halleonard.com)
JodyJazz Expands HR* Series
with New Bari Mouthpiece
JodyJazz has announced the introduction of
a new Baritone model to its best-selling HR* series. Already offering a comprehensive
selection of Soprano, Alto and Tenor
models, the new HR* Baritone now
completes this very popular range.
The HR* (pronounced “HR star”) is
a hard rubber saxophone mouthpiece
aimed at professionals and students
looking for a traditional but versatile
“My goal in creating the HR*
series mouthpieces was to make a
traditional hard rubber sax mouthpiece that can sound beautiful, but
also give good strong projection
when necessary,” said Jody Espina,
founder and president. “The differences in
my design come from the particular facing
curve, the exact size and shape of the chamber and our commitment to quality control.
Like the other HR* models the new HR*
Baritone model is very free blowing with an
even sound from low to high.”
The new HR* Baritone mouthpiece is
suited for traditional jazz, big band, straightahead and bebop, but also has enough power for more modem styles. The HR* Baritone
is sure to become a favorite of band directors
for its ability to blend in with a section.
The JodyJazz HR* series mouthpieces are
constructed from specially sourced hard rubber that has the look, feel and sound of vintage hard rubber sax mouthpieces. The HR*
Baritone mouthpiece is available in 5, 6, 7, 8
and 9 tip opening sizes. It comes with a
Rico H ligature and cap.
$ JodyJazz (jodyjazz.com)
Kala Ukadelics Offer Good Vibrations With Eclectic New Designs
Kala has reintroduced its
popular Ukadelic series of ukuleles. Kala is offering the most popular Ukadelic models along with
eclectic new designs, Steampunk
and Camouflage. Other models
include Tiedye, USA, Peacelove, Black Paisley, Sskulls, Tropical Day, and Tropical Night.
Ukadelics are available in soprano size. The
designs of these colorful ukes incorporate
art, culture and humor to capture all that is
fun about ukulele. Design features include
durable injection-molded back and sides,
wood top, rosewood fingerboard, mahogany
neck and geared tuners. MSRP $84.99.
$ Kala (kalabrand.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Peavey Electronics
Introduces Sub
Powered Speaker
BSS Audio Establishes
BLU Link to Soundcraft Si
BSS Audio has introduced the BLU-Si
BLU link Card, which enables Soundcraft
Si Expression, Si Performer and Si Compact
mixing consoles to be connected to Harman
components equipped with a BLU link interface to provide expanded audio distribution,
mixing and control capabilities. The BLU-Si
card is a 32- x 32-channel interface that connects to a BLU link digital audio bus via a
standard Cat 5e cable.
The BSS BLU-Si card works with these
Soundcraft mixing consoles and a variety of
Harman products equipped with BLU link,
including the dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller, BLU link-enabled BSS Audio
Soundweb London devices and Crown PIPBLU Programmable Input Processor (PIP)
amplifier input/control module.
“The BLU-Si provides an easy way to
greatly expand the capabilities of a Soundcraft
Si Expression, Si Performer or Si Compact
console, without the need to connect the console to a network,” said Noel Larson, market
manager for portable P.A., tour and recording
at Harman Signal Processing. “For example,
a Soundcraft Si Expression or Si Compact 16
can be connected to a dbx PMC16 Personal
Monitor Controller to create a highly costeffective mixing and monitoring system that
gives the sound person up to 32 channels to
work with and enables everyone in the band
to dial in their own personal onstage monitor mix using any combination of up to 16 of
these available 32 channels.”
The BSS BLU link is a low-latency, faulttolerant digital audio bus of 256 channels
that can be connected to compatible BLU
link-enabled devices. The BLU-Si can select
sequential banks of 32 BLU link channels
and transmits and receives from any BLU
link-enabled product.
$ Harman (harman.com)
Peavey Electronics has debuted the RBN
Sub powered speaker enclosure, a 1500watt enclosure that combines audio quality
and reliability. The Black Widow-equipped
dual 15-inch enclosure maintains full output down to 36 Hz. Constructed of heavily
braced 18-mm birch plywood, the RBN Sub
is designed for years of low end reliability.
The RBN Sub features two XLR 1/4-inch
combination inputs, a 3.5-mm input and a
mic/line level selection. Each input features
digital infrasonic high-pass filters, a nineband graphic EQ and delay. Each output features a sophisticated compressor/limiter and
fourth order high-pass/low-pass filters.
$ Peavey Electronics (peavey.com)
Mic Stands
Triad-Orbit Advanced Microphone Stand
Systems represent an evolution in microphone stand design. Every industry-standard component, from stand bases to mic
clips, was analyzed and reinvented to realize
a singular objective: precise mic placement
without compromise. Triad-Orbit mic stands
offer an accurate, adjustable and secure platform for microphones.
The T-O system consists of four concepts: Triad Weighted, Articulating Tripod
Mic Stands; Orbit Orbital Booms; Micro Orbital Mic Adaptors; and IO Quick-Change
$ Triad-Orbit (triad-orbit.com)
Universal Audio’s Apollo Twin is a highresolution desktop interface with real-time
UAD processing.
The 2- by 6-inch Thunderbolt audio interface for Mac combines the same 24/192
kHz audio conversion of the Apollo series
with onboard Realtime UAD SOLO or DUO
processing. Apollo Twin lets users record
in real-time through the full range of UAD
powered plug-ins available in the UA online
Apollo Twin also introduces new Unison
technology which is built on a proprietary
integration between Apollo’s mic preamps
and its onboard UAD plug-in processing.
$ Universal Audio (uaudio.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Krutz Expands String Instrument Line
Krutz string instruments has been known
for professional level and advanced student
orchestral instruments. Now, the company is
launching a line of step-up and rental violins,
violas, cellos and basses.
“The knowledge used in creating our
upper level instruments is now being used
within our lower level lines,” said Anton
Krutz, master luthier for Krutz. “Also, every
instrument is professionally set up in our
Kansas City workshop by craftsmen who
have a collective 300 years of experience in
the field. Essentially we have an exclusive
brand, and we feel it’s the finest brand on
the market.”
Krutz is seeking dealers nationally, and
encourages them to stop by at NAMM.
$ Krutz Strings (krutzstrings.com)
Lâg Debuts Occitania Classical Guitars
Los Cabos
Jazz Series
Los Cabos Drumsticks has announced
two new additions to its maple series drumsticks. The Jive and the Swing were both designed with jazz musicians in mind.
The Swing model features an elongated
oval or olive tip that delivers great depth
and tone from drums and cymbals. The Jive
model features a ball tip for a more focused,
bright sound and highly responsive feel.
The Swing is 16.29-inches long by .566
inches in diameter. The Jive is 16.25 inches by . 566 inches. MSRP: $13.50 for both
$ Los Cabos (loscabosdrumsticks.com)
Lâg Guitars recently launched the Occitania range of classical nylon string guitars.
The OC300 series models feature a solid
red cedar top, while the OC400 series models feature a solid Englemann spruce top.
Both feature rosewood back and sides. The
streamlined OC66 series models feature a
spruce top and mahogany back and sides.
Each series features a mahogany neck finished in high gloss, with an Indonesian rosewood fingerboard.
The saddle and nut are made of black
graphite. In keeping with Lâg’s attention
to aesthetic detail, the guitars feature radial edge binding, ornate chrome tuning machines with black tuning pegs and a detailed
rosette pattern.
True to classical guitar tradition, all models
feature a 2-inch nut width. The classical body
shape with fan bracing provides rich, warm
tone, complemented by Savarez strings.
The OC300 and OC400 series offer
models with an optional cutaway plus electronics. Occitania guitars are outfitted with a
StudioLâg Plus Nylon preamp featuring an
onboard tuner (OC300 and OC400) or DirectLâg Plus Nylon preamp (OC66), providing the convenience of an acoustic/electric
guitar without sacrificing tonality.
$ Lâg (lagguitars.com)
Boss Pedals
Ramp Up
Boss has turned up the volume with
the OD-1X Overdrive and DS-1X Distortion, two special edition compact pedals
for guitarists with an ear for premium tone.
The pedals draw on Boss’ years of expertise
and will help players rethink overdrive and
The special edition
pedals bring together decades of Boss’ innovation
in pedal design.
With advanced tone
technologies, the OD-1X
and DS-1X offer next-generation performance that
opens up a modern era of
expression for guitarists.
Featuring all-new designs powered by Boss’
multi-dimensional processing, the pedals provide superior sound, feel
and response characteristics that are impossible to achieve with traditional analog designs.
The OD-1X and DS-1X both offer a striking appearance to match their premium tone.
Each model is equipped with exclusive
chrome knobs and a chrome control plate,
plus a vintage silver knob for battery compartment access.
$ Roland (rolandus.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Korg Makes Pitchblack Pro
Rack Tuner Easy to See
In response to consumer and artist demand, Korg has unveiled its latest rackmounted tuner, the Pitchblack Pro.
The Pitchblack Pro is easy to see, even
from a distance. The newly developed 3Dstyle tuning meter offers exceptional visibility with illuminated color LEDs. The special
design with treated acrylic allows a multidimensional view of the display — from
the surface of the screen all the way into its
depths — so that from any distance or angle, discrepancies or changes in pitch will be
equally visible.
The large meter provides three display
modes. Regular meter mode is similar to using a needle-type tuner, the illuminated LED
will move to the right if the string is
sharp, toward the left if the string is flat, or in
the center if the string is in tune.
In strobe meter mode, the LED meter illumination stops flowing when the string is
in in tune. The illumination will flow from
left to right if the string is sharp or from right
to left if the string is flat.
In half strobe meter mode, the LED meter illumination stops flowing and only the
center LED is lit up when the string is in
tune. The right side of the LED meter strobes
if the string is sharp; the left side strobes if
the string is flat.
A convenient Cable Checker function
is built into the Pitchblack Pro. Simply
connect the ends of
a mono 1/4-inch cable to input 1
and the Cable Check jack, and the display
will indicate whether the cable is broken
and/or shorted.
The Pitchblack Pro’s body is lightweight
and slim. The left and right rack ears can be
attached or detached with ease, and they can
also be mounted to the bottom of the tuner
to serve as a tilt-back stand for tabletop use.
The Pitchblack Pro is designed with a
buffered output to minimize any additional
noise in the audio signal.
$ Korg (korg.com)
Demos Camp
Musicians Institute will be previewing,
demonstrating and promoting its latest programs and courses at NAMM. Musicians Institute will preview Summer Shot 2014, a
one-week music camp that offers a sneak
peak into a variety of its programs. There
will also be a simulation of the Guitar Craft
Academy, where students learn to build guitars from scratch. The workstation will feature pro tools of the trade, blueprints and
handmade guitars made by alumni. Donny
Gruendler, vice president of instruction and
curricular development at Musicians Institute, will demonstrate his new book, Dubstep Drumming.
i Musicians Institute (mi.edu)
MXL Unveils
Mobile Mics
MXL Microphones’ Mobile Media series
is a line of cell phone and tablet-compatible
microphones designed to work with any 3.5mm jack.
The Mobile Videographer’s Essentials Kit
is an audio for mobile video solution that
consists of the FR-310 shotgun microphone,
an impedance-matching cable with 3.5-mm
plug and a fully adjustable bracket mount.
The kit will be followed by four microphones: the MM-130 handheld electret mic,
the MM-110 boundary mic, the MM-120
desktop electret condenser mic and the MM140 battery-powered condenser mic.
They are agnostic in design and work
with iPhones, iPads, Androids and most
other mobile devices. MSRP: Essentials Kit,
$189.95; MM-110 and MM-120, $89.95;
MM-130, $99.95; MM-140, $199.95.
$ MXL Microphones (mxlmics.com)
Visit NAMM’s
Website for
Show Info
Whether you’re trying to find a booth,
hear some great live music or network
with your peers, find all the latest show
coverage, updates and schedules online at
namm.org. You can also access the info on
the 2014 NAMM Show App, available for
free download by visiting your mobile devices’s app store.
i NAMM (namm.org)
UBD January 23, 2014
JBL VTX Series Line
Arrays Set New Live
Sound Standard
Enters Compact
P.A. Market
Studiomaster has launched Venture series, an ultra-light, high power, high performance P.A. series, comprising 12-inch and
15-inch, two-way cabinets and a matched
18-inch subwoofer.
Venture is available in both 1,000 watt
active and passive models. The industrial
grade, nine-ply cabinets are internally braced
and finished in wear-resistant black textured
coating, with a steel front grille. A 60-degree
rear bevel enables the 12- and 15-inch cabinets to also be used as stage monitors.
“We are delighted with the new Venture
Series and, like Horizon and Starlight, it goes
to show our design intentions moving forward, with truly outstanding quality product,” said Paul Brewis, international business
development, sales and marketing director
at Studiomaster. “With the prevalence of homogeneous plastic product in the powered
mixer category, Horizon really sets itself apart
in terms of appearance — with its aluminum
and bamboo construction-design, build and
sound quality, power rating and truly useable
onboard effects.”
$ Studiomaster (studiomaster.com)
JBL Professional’s VTX series line arrays
have established themselves as the tour and
installed-sound standard for top sound companies, venues and artists worldwide. The
VTX V25 full-size line array element, G28
ground-stack subwoofer and S28 arrayable
subwoofer are designed to deliver new levels of performance in demanding live sound
“Our design brief for the VTX series was
nothing less than to build the best sound reinforcement system that JBL has ever created, and considering the success of the JBL
Vertec series, we knew that we had our work
cut out for us,” said Paul Bauman, associate director, tour sound, JBL Professional.
Zildjian Unveils
Gen16 Buffed
Bronze Cymbals
“The response from industry pros and the
extent of worldwide VTX adoption are confirming that we have achieved our goal and
then some.”
JBL’s D2 dual-diaphragm, dual-voice-coil
high-frequency compression driver provides more than double the power handling
than conventional designs, providing higher sound pressure level output, increased
high frequency extension and significantly
reduced distortion. The D2 driver operates
into a RBI Radiation Boundary Integrator
Waveguide to deliver improved horizontal
coverage and vertical coupling.
JBL Professional (jblpro.com)
MyMix Install Expands Simply and Quickly
MyMix is debuting myMix Install, a decentralized networked audio mixing and
monitoring device with a permanent installation that offers an efficient and cost effective
way to transport HD audio wherever quality
audio is needed.
Using a 24-bit/48 kHz, low latency IP
protocol, myMix Install meets the high demands of pro-audio which makes it well
suited for room combining, listening and intercom systems, overflow rooms in houses of
worship and many other applications.
Each myMix has two mic/line inputs
with switchable phantom power and a stereo
mic output as balanced line levels which allow signals to come in and out of the audio
network on any device. The user interface is
intuitive to operate.
$ MyMix Audio (mymixaudio.com)
The Zildjian Sound Lab has recently
created the next generation of reducedvolume cymbals, the Gen16 Buffed Bronze
U s i n g
from the
nickelplated cymbal
d r e w
upon the
design history
to make subtle but
important changes to the bell profiles of the
original cymbals.
Additional lathing has also been applied
on the larger models to increase the lower
fundamental overtone structure.
Also, the rich buffed bronze finish of
the new line enhances its appearance and
produces a warmer tone than the original
Gen16 models.
With the original Gen16 nickel-plated
models and the new Gen16 Buffed Bronze
series, drummers now have more cymbal
setup options.
$ Zildjian (zildjian.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
DPA Microphones Unveils MMP-F Modular Active Boom
DPA Microphones has introduced the
d:dicate series MMP-F modular active boom.
Intended for use with the d:dicate MMC4011
cardioid and MMC4018 supercardioid mics
for podium, floor stand or hanging applications, the MMP-F relies on the same technology as the company’s MMP-E active cable.
Equipped with an active boom pole preamp, the MMP-F is available in a variety of
lengths and gooseneck options. It fits to any
modular d:dicate capsule and offers excellent
radio frequency rejection, which is obtained
through the DPA-designed impedance balancing with active drive.
“We’re excited to introduce this new
MMP-F modular boom, which further enhances the options of uses for our d:dicate
recording microphone series,” said Christian
Poulsen, CEO of DPA Microphones. “The
d:dicate line combines the company’s best
new and existing capsules and preamplifiers,
which deliver superior sound across many
applications where the microphones have
not been widely used before, such as live
sound applications for touring and installation purposes.”
The MMP-F booms are available in 15-,
30- and 45-cm hanging/table/podium options and as 75- and 120-cm floor stand
choices. In addition to the MMC4011 and
MMC4018, the d:dicate range also includes
the MMC4007 high-SPL omnidirectional
capsule and microphones from the DPA Reference Standard series, including the modular 4000 and 2000 series.
$ DPA Microphones (dpamicrophones.com)
The Loar Crafts
New LH-280
Archtop Electric
The Loar has introduced the LH-280, an
archtop cutaway with dual humbuckers and
a 16-inch lower bout.
Based on a classic Florentine cutaway design, the LH-280 offers players classic archtop style in a versatile electric guitar.
With a maple top, maple back and sides
and two custom-wound Loar humbuckers, the LH-280 is suitable for jazz, blues
and rock. The 24 3/4-inch scale will be familiar to players of vintage electrics, and
the 1 3/4-inch bone nut and tune-o-matic
floating bridge give it powerful punch and
singing sustain.
The LH-280 is also available in vintage
sunburst finish and comes with The Loar’s
lifetime warranty.
$ The Loar (theloar.com)
D&A Headlock
Secures Guitars
D&A Guitar Gear has added the Headlock, a sleek and secure guitar hanger, to its
line of guitar accessories.
Designed to display any guitar while keeping it safe and protected, this rock-solid hanger cradles instruments away from the wall and
off the floor, turning your instrument into a
secure, wall-mounted piece of art.
Designed with the musician in mind, the
Headlock is always ready to rock. Its polycarbonate see-through gates permit one-handed
removal and return in just one second. Plastic TPE covers all points of contact between
the Headlock and your instrument, ensuring
that the guitar’s finish is not damaged.
The Headlock features sleek, minimalist
design, ensuring every instrument is showcased without the hanger getting in the way.
It fits most guitars and basses, from classical
to electric, and mounts easily.
$ D&A (heydna.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Prophet ’08 Synth
Continue to Climb
Roland RD-800
Rings in a New
Keyboard Era
Prophet ’08 marked a turning point for Dave
Smith Instruments in more ways than one —
not least that its introduction coincided with
Smith hiring his first two employees to help
move the company and its increasing line of
instruments forward.
“In 1978, I never envisioned people
playing my instruments 35 years later,” said
Dave Smith, company founder and designer.
“I just wanted to make great synths. But the
reality is, if an instrument sounds good and
invites interaction with the player, it will continue to inspire creativity and be useful.”
$ Dave Smith Instruments (davesmithinstruments.com)
Roland has introduced the RD-800 Stage
Piano, a powerful and intuitive instrument
designed for fast, effortless operation while
Featuring an enhanced collection of
world-class pianos, the latest weighted-action
keyboard technology, a streamlined interface
and a unique Tone Color function, the sleek
RD-800 brings the respected RD series into
a new era of sound, feel and versatility.
The RD-800’s logically organized panel
provides an inviting color LCD and many
dedicated controls, and it’s simple to execute
essential tasks such as selecting and layering tones, setting split points and adjusting
Live Sets let users store their favorite
setups and recall them instantly with dedicated buttons, and all the panel knobs have
LED indicators for easy visibility in dark
Outfitted with Roland’s new flagship
PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement
and Ebony/Ivory Feel, the RD-800 offers one
of the finest keyboard actions available in a
stage piano.
Featuring the latest touch-detection technology, the PHA-4 delivers high-resolution
sensing and lightning-fast response for unmatched expression. Additionally, the keys
are finished with specially developed materials that provide the natural texture and tactile sensation of real ivory and ebony keys on
a fine acoustic grand.
Powered by the acclaimed SuperNatural
Piano sound engine, the RD-800 features
a large selection of authentic grand piano
sounds designed for the stage.
$ Roland (rolandus.com)
2013, sales
of Dave Smith
Prophet ’08
eight-voice analog
synthesizer were
greater than all previous years, with the exception
of its inaugural year. As an eight-voice synthesizer keyboard with a 100-percent analog
signal path, four-on-four splits and layers,
16-by-four gated step sequencer and a fullsize, 61-note, semi-weighted keyboard, the
Surf’s Up with Hohner’s New AirBoard
Hohner has released the AirBoard, a
portable, air-powered keyboard instrument.
AirBoard will be unveiled today at the Hohner
“Hohner invented the melodica decades
ago, and it became a featured instrument
in so many genres including funk, dubstep,
reggae, jazz, pop and folk, etc., that it demanded a new personality,” said Drew Lewis,
product manager.
With its cool, new appearance, padded
travel bag and redesigned BlowFlow mouthpiece, the AirBoard is designed for a new
generation of musicians.
“The AirBoard requires no computer, no
cables, and no power source,” said Scott
Emmerman, director of marketing and sales.
“At its affordable price, anyone can grab
an AirBoard and jam with ukulele players,
guitarists and other acoustic musicians in
any location. The AirBoard enables musicians to add a unique look and sound to their
AirBoard will be available in 32- and
37-key versions. Launching along with the
AirBoard is Hohner’s AirBoard app for iPhone
and Android, providing a virtual version of
the instrument for tablets and smart phones.
Dealers will receive free in-store point-of-purchase displays featuring disposable mouthpieces, allowing customer demos without
sanitary concerns. MSRP: AirBoard 32-key,
$79; Airboard 37-key, $99.
$ Hohner (playhohner.com)
Kurzweil Debuts
MPG200 Piano
Young Chang/Kurzweil has introduced the
MPG200 digital grand piano.
The first Kurzweil digital grand to be released in over eight years, the MPG200 combines an elegant, compact grand piano design with Kurzweil sound technology. It has
an all-wood rim and high-quality polyester
finish, combined with a digital amplification
system and VAST sound architecture.
The MPG200 includes 200 Kurzweil
sounds, including pianos, strings, organs and
orchestral instruments from the company’s
flagship PC3 professional model instruments.
The MPG200 is enhanced with an allnew 88-note, fully weighted and graded
hammer action keybed. Additional features
include a 140-watt digital bi-amplified sound
system, 100 authentic Kurzweil rhythm
styles, dual ambience and effect processors,
and an elegant 3-foot mini-grand cabinet
with acoustic detailing.
$ Kurzweil (youngchang.com)
Korg Unveils Taktile, TRITON Taktile
Korg has introduced the Taktile and TRITON Taktile USB controller keyboards.
The small, lightweight USB/MIDI controller keyboards provide a variety of functions
for song production and are
available in either 25- or
TON Taktile
takes the full functionality of the Taktile series and adds 512 sought-after programs
from Korg’s TRITON music workstation. This enables musicians to use their
controller as a standalone hardware synth
or as a sound source in combination with
existing plug-ins. This feature also provides
users with the ability to immediately play
back MIDI data from their DAW without the
need for additional software.
A variety of knobs and sliders control the
parameters of software synthesizers. Onboard
controllers include touch-sensitive, illuminated drum trigger pads (eight for the 25-key
models, 16 for 49-key models); pitch bend
and mod wheel controls, a KAOSS-style X–Y
touch pad that provides CC, note and track
pad input; a ribbon for fast parameter selection or right/left click when in track pad
mode; assignable controllers (eight sliders,
eight knobs, eight switches); and dedicated
DAW transport switches.
$ Korg (korg.com)
Novation Showcases Launch Products
Novation is exhibiting several products
from its Launch family of products, including the Launchkey Mini, the Launchpad Mini
and the Launch Control, which can all work
independently or together to give users a
high level of control and functionality.
The Launchkey Mini features 16 velocity
sensitive, three-color launch pads. They can
be used to trigger sounds and effects, transport controls, and more. Launchkey Mini
works immediately with the new Novation
Launchpad and Launchkey iPad apps, and
delivers hands-on control of major Mac and
Windows-based music software including
Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase,
Reason and Logic.
The Launchpad Mini is a compact version
of the Novation Launchpad and features 64
three-color Launch pads and 16 performance
buttons that enable users to produce and
perform music with their iPad — as well as
PC or Mac — by playing loops and effects.
Musicians can also use Launchpad Mini with
the free Launchpad iPad app to play loops
and control DJ-style effects.
$ Novation (novationmusic.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Sony Introduces Camcorder Designed
for Musicians
Sony has announced its new HDR-MV1
music video recorder, designed and engineered specifically for musicians with HD
image quality and studio-quality sound.
Ideal for band rehearsals, practice sessions and live gigs, the camcorder records
CD-quality audio in uncompressed linear
PCM or internet-ready AAC. Its 120-degree X-Y stereo microphone can be tuned
for clear, undistorted recordings and external microphones or instruments can be directly connected to the device. The camera
also offers manual or auto audio level control with an on-screen meter to monitor the
input levels. To complement its audio capabilities, the HDR-MV1 offers full 1920 by
1080/30p HD video.
Lastly, built-in wi-fi works with Sony’s
free PlayMemories mobile application that
allows users to instantly share their content
to a smartphone or tablet for easy uploading.
MSRP: $299.
$ Sony (sony.com)
Hal Leonard Rolls Out Rock Band Camp
Many programs and schools have recently sprung up to organize players into rock
bands. Hal Leonard has contributed to the
new trending programs with its new Rock
Band Camp series.
Rock Band Camp is designed
for first-time performers and
weekend warriors who are learning to make music in a group setting. Each book includes beginning- to intermediate-level parts
and playing tips for the entire
band: two guitars, bass, drums,
and a singer. The two accompanying CDs contain full-band
tracks for each song, plus “minus-one” playalong tracks for every instrument on all of
the songs, so players can practice on their
own between band rehearsals.
“As popular as the concept of assembling
bands is, it’s surprising how little is available to assist with bringing people together
to play for the first time,” said Jeff
Schroedl, Hal Leonard vice-president of Pop & Standard Publications. “We’ve had Rock Band
Camp on the drawing board for
a long time, because we really
wanted to be sure to get it right.
We got feedback from lots of dealers and educators about the format
they’d prefer – one band book vs.
separate ones for each player – and
we’re providing a useful resource with this new
$ Hal Leonard (halleonard.com)
Swing Bass Strings
Celebrates 50 Years
Since Rotosound Swing Bass strings were
introduced fifty years ago, they’ve been used
by many of music’s most respected bassists.
Developed at the request of The Who’s
John Entwistle, the strings have been used
by bassists including Duff McKagan on Guns
N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction, Krist Novoselic on Nirvana’s Nevermind and Geddy
Lee on the Rush’s 2112.
The strings are still produced today using the same process and a unique form
of steel.
$ Rotosound (rotosound.com)
M-Audio Enhances
Monitor Line With
BX Carbon Series
M-Audio has announced the BX Carbon
Series, which feature optimized Class AB
amplifiers and offer flatter response for truer
and more accurate monitoring. The BX Carbon Series includes three models: BX8 Carbon, BX6 Carbon and BX5 Carbon, which
include eight-inch, six-inch, and five-inch
woofers, respectively.
“The tweeter’s waveguide has also been
enhanced for superior imaging and has been
tailored to the new, superior frequency response curve,” said JC Sutherland, M-Audio
product manager.
“That translates into a wider mix position — both the frequencies and the stereo
information are translated reliably, which is
of utmost importance given the many ways
musicians use studio monitors,” Sutherland
added. “It’s about professional monitoring
for any caliber studio.”
With BX6 Carbon, M-Audio is offering a
six-inch BX monitor for the first time, providing a solution for musicians who want
more bass than a five-inch can provide but
also don’t have room for an eight-inch.
$ M-Audio (m-audio.com )
UBD January 23, 2014
Planet Waves
Gets a Grip
on New
Planet Waves
has unveiled the NS Artist Capo, the
NS Banjo/Mandolin Capo Pro and the NS
Ukulele Capo Pro.
“Planet Waves is continuously determined to answer the needs of performers,”
said Planet Waves Product Manager Rob
Cunningham. “That’s why we’ve added these
new capos, which round out our line. The
new NS Artist Capo is designed for minimal
interference with fretting hand while solving the tuning issues associated with triggerstyle capos. The NS Banjo/Mandolin Capo
Pro and NS Ukulele Capo Pro are optimized
for those particular instruments, providing a
gratifying, in-tune playing experience.”
Designed with the performing guitarist in
mind, the NS Artist Capo clamps to the front
of the instrument in order to avoid obstruction of the performer’s fretting hand while
The new capos assure buzz-free, in-tune
performance at any fret as they are equipped
with a micrometer adjustment mechanism.
MSRP: NS Artist Capo, $31.99; NS Banjo/Mandolin Capo Pro and NS Ukulele Capo
Pro, $26.99.
$ Planet Waves (planetwaves.com)
GAMA Joins Music Education Group
The members of the Guitar and Accessories Manufacturing Association (GAMA)
took another step toward guaranteeing a
robust future for music education by joining the Music Education Policy Roundtable
(MEPR), which advocates for making music
education a key focal point and discussion
topic among elected officials and government agencies.
“GAMA has invested heavily in building
classroom guitar programs in schools across
the U.S.,” said Robert Sulkow, executive director of GAMA. “GAMA’s affiliation with the
Music Education Policy Roundtable is a strategic move through which we seek to protect
those programs from budget cuts. Right
now, all music programs can be undone by
the stroke of a lawmaker’s pen; we want to
change that.”
Under the direction of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME), the
MEPR is a group of music education organizations that have come together to institute
a music advocacy infrastructure dedicated to
ensuring the presence and perseverance of
music education programs in schools. The
MEPR unites numerous music organizations
under a single banner and provides opportunities for participating in advocacy initiatives
i GAMA (discoverguitar.com)
DeMars Adds Long Trail
Mag 2 Electric Bass
DeMars Guitars has introduced Long
Trail Mag 2 electric bass guitars.
“Our original chambered solid-body
acoustic/electric Long Trail Bass has been a
solid hit since they were launched in 2006,”
said Dan DeMars, company head. “Dealers
and players really responded to a high-end
U.S.-made acoustic-electric instrument, and
we are fortunate to have Phil Lesh of the
Grateful Dead, among others, as one of our
players. Several bassists then asked about a
magnetic pickup version, and we answered
in 2008 with the original single-pickup Long
Trail Mag. Now it’s time for the next step.”
The original fretted or fretless Long Trail
Mag bass sports a single passive pickup
(choice of Bartolini, Basslines
or EMG) in the
treble position
between the signature
F-clefshaped soundhole and bridge. The new Long Trail Mag
2 adds a passive J-style pickup between the
neck and soundhole, adding a low yet rich
and resonant bass response. Each pickup has
independent stacked volume and tone pots
to sculpt the player’s ideal tone. The Long
Trail Mag 2 is priced the same as the original
one-pickup Long Trail Mag.
$ DeMars Guitars (demarsguitars.com)
On-Stage Stands
Debuts Classical
Guitar Capo
The GA300 joins the GA100 guitar capo
and GA200 uke capo, allowing musicians
to play open strings and chords in whatever
key they want.
Like all On-Stage capos, the GA300 features an elongated handle that fits comfortably in the player’s hand. The quick-squeeze
trigger design allows players to simply
squeeze and remove instantly. Thus, classical
guitar players can reposition the capo midmeasure for key changes with no problem
at all. This convenience is not possible with
thumb- or screw-style designs. The lightweight and durable GA300 is constructed
from zinc alloy and offers a scratch-resistant
anodized finish. Silicone padding offers true
string fretting, will not scratch your guitar
and gently applies pressure to nylon strings
found on most classical guitars.
The GA300 capo provides ample coverage for six- and 12-string guitars. It is available in a black finish.
MSRP: $23.99.
$ On-Stage Stands (onstagestands.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Vic Firth Partners With
Vinnie Colaiuta
Vic Firth is rolling out the new Vinnie Colaiuta Signature Stick.
“You can have the best gear, but if the
sticks aren’t good, the chain is broken,”
said Colaiuta.
The Vinnie Colaiuta signature sticks are
an evolution of the immensely popular Vic
Firth 5B model.
Crafted in hickory, the proportionately
thick neck and blunt, bold teardrop tip provide an enhanced sound on drums and cymbals. MSRP: $17.35.
$ Vic Firth (vicfirth.com)
Yamaha Rolls Out New Absolute Hybrid Maple Drum Sets
Yamaha has pioneered the Absolute
Hybrid Maple drum set to combine a core
ply of harder wenge wood with outer plies
of North American maple. This configuration produces a drum with an expressive
tone and a wide dynamic range. The drum
sets feature a hook lug originally designed
for the PHX Series, which brings out the
drum’s natural tone by creating a small
footprint on the shell. Other features include a new piston-drive snare strainer,
hinged floor tom leg brackets and a lowmass bass drum bracket.
“Hybrid shell technology gives these
drums a remarkable sound that has to be
heard to be believed,” said Dave Jewell, marketing manager of Yamaha Drums.
$ Yamaha (usa.yamaha.com)
Mapex Armory Series Focuses on Bearing Edge
Gretsch Drums Marquee Series Includes Free Tom
Gretsch Drums’ new Marquee Series
drum set was designed to have open tones
and professional features. The seven-ply
North American maple shell includes the
classic 30-degree bearing edge with 2.3-mm
triple-flanged hoops and tinted-shell interiors
for clear articulation.
Offered in a three-up, one-down configuration, the new Gretsch Marquee set includes
an 18- by 22-inch non-drilled bass drum, a
7- by 10-inch mounted tom, an 8- by 12inch mounted tom, a 14- by 16-inch floor
tom and a free 7- by 8-inch mounted tom.
The multi-step, poly-finish on the Gretsch
Marquee shell is available in Satin Indigo,
Satin Bright Red, Satin Walnut and Satin
$ Gretsch Drums (gretschdrums.com)
Remo Designs Modern Gospel Church Tambourine
The tambourine has been an essential
part of worship for centuries. Remo’s new
Gospel Church Tambourine is designed for
the modern and diverse playing styles heard
Mapex has continued to help players customize their rigs with the release of the new
Armory series.
The series features the SONIClear bearing edge, which increases the contact between the drumhead and shell and lets the
head sit flat on the edge. This produces a
stronger and more centered pitch and makes
throughout the world in recordings and church
Remo’s Gospel Church Tambourine is
manufactured with a lightweight Acousticon drum shell and is available with
double and single row jingles.
The tambourine is tuned to a midrange pitch using Remo’s drumhead
film technologies that capture the
look, feel and sound of rawhide skin
without being affected by weather.
With crystal-clear projection you
can be heard through any choir or music
ensemble and inspire your congregation’s
Special features are the Skyndeep
Natural fixed graphic drumhead, plus added
durability by securing jingle nails from backing out. Available in 10-inch diameter with
double row or single row of jingles.
$ Remo (remo.com)
the drums easy to tune.
The increased contact also enhances
shell vibration, making the tonal nuances
produced by different shell materials more
prominent. The effect of the Armory hybrid
shell, which uses a blend of maple and
birch, is increased brilliance and projection
on the rack toms and a fatter and darker
punch from the floor toms and bass drum.
“The drum manufacturing community
hasn’t paid a lot of attention to the importance of bearing edges over the years,” said
Mike Robinson, director of marketing for
KHS America. “Specifically, players have had
a difficult time tuning their drums and making them sound good because the apex of
the edge is too far to the outside of the shell
and they can’t get the drumhead to
sit flat. That frustration can lead to
a lack of enjoyment and less time
playing. The SONIClear bearing edge
solves those issues and enables players to get a great sound even without
much tuning experience.”
Mapex took design innovations
found on its line of Saturn IV drums
and brought them into the mid-range
to enhance the performance of the
Armory series. The SONIClear rack
tom suspension system and floor
tom feet increase overall resonance by preserving vibration in the shell and drumheads
and preventing the loss of energy that can
make drums sound choked.
Mapex has also introduced the Armory
Snare Drum series, which includes five
drums, each with its own sonic personality
and look.
$ Mapex (mapexdrums.com)
Glow in the Drum Lifts Off
Glow in the Drum is a new band, percussion instrument and drum technique rolled
into one.
The culturally creative marriage of West
African shaker balls with American drumset/
mallet instruments is visually captivating and
sonically uplifting.
$ Glow in the Drum (glowinthedrum.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
TC-Helicon Announces
VoiceLive 3
TC-Helicon is introducing VoiceLive 3, a flagship vocal processor and 3-in-1 professional performance system for vocals, guitar and looping.
VoiceLive 3 includes a complete selection of
guitar effects with stomp-box styles taken directly from TC Electronic’s range of TonePrint
pedals. It also features
11 independent effects blocks, over
180 different styles
and 250 factory presets plus over 1,000
more available for free
download. New Harmony modes (pedal,
fixed and mixed-mode) expand voicing and musical possibilities.
An authentic vocoder with voice-controlled polyphonic synth and robot modes
allow singers to play their voice like an
$ TC-Helicon (tc-helicon.com)
BelAir Rocks
All Styles
The latest addition to the AXL USA line is
the USA BelAir, a hand-assembled guitar that
covers tonal ground from surf to country. The
USA BelAir extends the theme of AXL’s single
cutaway Bulldog platform. Like all AXL USA
instruments, it’s assembled by hand. Each
BelAir guitar goes through a rigorous setup
process from hand pressing and gluing the
frets to hand-soldering the electronics.
Each BelAir delivers the stage-ready marriage of hand-assembly and top-of-the-line
components players expect from AXL USA.
The BelAir is assembled with a single TV
Jones Power ’Tron pickup and USA B5 Bigsby
vibrato. Other under-the-hood components
include TonePros Kluson tuners, CTS pots,
Orange Drop Capacitor and Switchcraft jack.
The TonePros locking roller TOM bridge and
GraphTech Tusq XL nut deliver spot-on intonation and singing sustain even after stretching the Bigsby to its swampy limits. A coil tap
gives players equally powerful single-coil tone
with a push-pull pot. The guitar features a solid-mahogany single-cutaway slab body with
one-piece mahogany neck.
The USA BelAir is available in a pearlescent orange sparkle or light blue.
$ AXL USA (axlguitars.com)
Solid State Logic
Launches Live
Solid State Logic has introduced Live, the
company’s first console for live sound production. Live is suited for touring or installation,
front-of-house or monitor systems for venues,
arenas, houses of worship and concert halls.
Based on SSL’s new Tempest processing platform, Live features 976 inputs and outputs
and 192 full processing audio paths at 96
kHz. A full range of Stagebox I/O connects to
the console via MADI, with the potential for
larger systems to make use of SSL’s Blacklight
technology that carries up to 256 channels of
bi-directional audio and control via a single fibre connection. Live combines a tablet-style
multi-gesture touch screen with hardware ergonomics and visual feedback.
$ Solid State Logic (solidstatelogic.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Ibanez Debuts
New SR
Premium Bass
Ibanez has introduced the
SR1800ENTF, the latest addition to
the Premium SR bass series.
“When we introduced the Premium SR series a few years ago, we
said it was the SR that had grown up
and gone pro,” said Yuichi Hirayama,
Ibanez USA bass product manager.
“Now with the SR1800ENTF, it’s like
the pro that hit the big time. I think
anyone who appreciates the
art of woodworking will be
impressed with these new additions to the series.”
Offered in four-string
(SR1800ENTF), five-string
(SR1805ENTF) and sixstring (SR1806ENTF) versions, the SR’s mahogany
body is layered, adding up to
a pleasing aesthetic. Inside the rosewood
“wings,” a layer of walnut emerges, complemented by center strips of flamed maple and
wenge. The instrument has a vintage natural
flat finish that showcases the wood, as well
as adding the easy-playing feel to the 5-piece
wenge/bubinga neck. Abalone fretboard inlays complete the visuals. This Premium bass
is surprisingly light in weight — a noticeable contrast to the instrument’s thick sonic
$ Hoshino (hoshinousa.com)
Soundcraft Digital
Console Selling Fast
Since its introduction last year, the Harman Soundcraft Si Expression digital audio
console has set records for Soundcraft, becoming its fastest-selling digital console of all
The range of three frame sizes has been
adopted by a variety of sound rental companies, musicians, houses of worship and
schools all over the world. Soundcraft Si Expression consoles come with features that
make them easy to use and convenient to set
up, which is appealing to sound engineers
managing multiple events.
There is never any layering of controls.
The One Touch Easy Mix (TOTEM) allows
a single key to mix to an aux, FX or matrix
bus. The Si Expression also features FaderGlow color-coded illuminated faders and a
range of connectivity and network cards. It
combines the utility of a digital console with
the simplicity of an analog one.
Rob Bernstein, owner of Hob Sound, recently purchased a Soundcraft Si Expression
2 to accommodate his production and mixing needs.
“Its versatility blows anything else out of
the water,” Bernstein said.
$ Harman (harman.com)
Superlux Unveils
WirelessPal 40
Superlux’s WirelessPal 40 includes four
wireless systems and comes with an industrial standard V-mount battery installation.
It takes just five seconds to replace a new
battery for maintaining a long performance
A built-in battery power tester for monitoring the battery power keeps everything
in control.
The WirelessPal 40 can be used as a
sub-mixer, a four-channel wireless system
or as a floor monitor. This is the first portable PA with a V-mount battery, according to Superlux executives. The WirelessPal 40 features stereo sound, light weight
and ease-of-use.
$ Superlux (superlux.com.tw)
Alfred Supplements Premier Piano Course
Alfred has released additions to its Premier
Piano Course method. Premier Piano Course
Technique Book 6 and Premier Piano Course
Jazz, Rags, and Blues 2A, 2B, 3 and 4 have
been released as supplementary materials to
be used in conjunction with
the corresponding Premier Piano Course Lesson Books.
Premier Piano Course Technique Book 6 continues and
expands on the technical and
artistic tools learned in Technique Books 1A–5.
Four new technique concepts are clearly presented
through appealing and descriptive exercises, including
slur gestures, voicing the melody, the soft pedal and trills.
Artistic Etudes showcase a
student’s technique in an expressive musical setting, and Masterwork Etudes provide
Levy’s Proves
Less is More
Blanket, chevrons and stripe. Super-soft
garment leather top with a comfortable slip
resistant suede backing make these bold,
nail-head studded guitar straps bear witness
to the power of understatement.
Available in black only, because these
straps will complement any colored guitar
you play or style of clothing you wear.
$ Levy’s Leathers (levysleathers.com)
training to play standard masterworks. Each
page in Technique Book 6 correlates with
a specific page in the corresponding lesson
Jazz, Rags & Blues Books 2A, 2B, 3 and
4 include original pieces
that reinforce concepts introduced in the curriculummatching lesson books.
These titles have become
Alfred Music’s number-one
selling supplemental series.
Popular composer Martha
Mier has composed new
music in a variety of styles,
including ragtime, boogie
and jazz.
Each piece has a duet accompaniment that adds harmonic interest and rhythmic
$ Alfred (alfred.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
MXL Captures
Clear Sound
MXL Microphones’ CR77 Live Stage Dynamic Vocal Microphone is the latest addition to the CR Series microphones with
matte black bodies with black chrome
The MXL CR77 grill has smaller holes
to eliminate feedback onstage while capturing clear vocals. Behind the grill, a foam
windscreen is built in to filter out plosives
and background noise. In addition, the cardioid polar pattern rejects periphery noise
while capturing clear vocals. The mic also
features a built-in shockmount to reduce
handling noise, allowing the singer to come
in close to the mic.
$ MXL (mxlmics.com)
Hosa Technology
Offers Edge
Series Cables
Ben Folds
Hosa Technology has introduced the
Edge Series cable products. The cables feature genuine Neutrik connectors and Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors. Because Hosa Edge consists of microphone,
guitar and speaker cables, it can be used
along the entire signal chain, ensuring one’s
music will retain all the clarity and punch of
the original sound.
Hosa Edge Microphone Cables use Neutrik XX-series connectors. They are manufactured with gold-plated contacts for corrosion resistance, a Zinc die-cast housing
for rock-solid reliability, chuck-type strain
relief for maximum cable retention, a boot
with a polyurethane gland to prevent cable kinking, and an ergonomic design that
ensures easy handling. The cables employ 20 AWG OFC conductors along with
This morning singer-songwriter and record producer Ben Folds will provide the
keynote address for The NAMM Show’s
gathering of GenNext students.
Folds first found mainstream success as
the leader of the critically acclaimed, platinum-selling band Ben Folds Five. He’s continued onto a successful solo career, recording multiple studio albums, a pair of records
documenting his renowned live performances, a remix record and music for film and TV,
as well as numerous collaborations with artists from Sara Bareilles to William Shatner.
By reaching out to college students who
are music majors, NAMM makes it possible
for future leaders to attend the trade show
and learn more about the industry. GenerationNext is a unique NAMM initiative providing college students with the chance to
see the inner workings of the world’s most
important music products trade show.
“These young professionals are our industry’s future, and our goal in inviting them
to The NAMM Show is to provide them with
educational tools, trade insight and networking opportunities to support their success,”
said NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond.
GenerationNext students will be wearing
gold ribbons and are ready to network with
companies seeking out ambitious young talent. The event begins at 9 a.m. in the NAMM
Foundation Lounge in California Ballroom
A/B on Level 2 of the Hilton Anaheim.
polyethylene dielectrics and a 95-percent
OFC braided shield. This reduces resistance
and capacitance for maximum signal transfer and crystal-clear high-frequency transmission, while providing maximum noise
Hosa Edge Guitar Cables use genuine
Neutrik X-series plugs, which employ precision machined, one-piece contacts for signal integrity and structural rigidity. Like the
Edge Microphone Cables, these guitar cables
feature gold-plated contacts, a Zinc die-cast
housing, chuck-type strain relief, a boot with
a polyurethane gland, and an ergonomic design that ensures easy handling.
$ Hosa Tech (hosatech.com)
PG Music Upgrades Band-in-a-Box
Accompaniment Software
PG Music has released the 2014 version
of its Band-in-a-Box intelligent music accompaniment software for Windows.
The upgrade includes over 50 new features including 101 more RealTracks, 54
new MIDI SuperTracks, 8 new Hi-Q MIDI
sounds and 36 artist performances.
Users can now make their own
RealTracks using the new UserTracks feature
and loops now support acidized loops. A Legato Strings feature automatically optimizes
MIDI string parts to prevent retriggering the
same notes and a new master volume lets users to boost volumes of all songs with one
setting. MSRP: $129–$699.
$ PG Music Inc. (pgmusic.com)
NAMM (namm.org)
UBD January 23, 2014
Protection Racket Turns 20
Washburn Guitars has introduced an exact replica of Nuno Bettencourt’s iconic N4
guitar. The instrument has been inseparably
associated with Bettencourt since its 1990
introduction. The N4 Authentic was painstakingly recreated from Bettencourt’s original
by Washburn’s luthiers and replicates every
dent, ding and nuance of personality contained in his original.
The N4 Authentic features an alder body
with a Seymour Duncan ’59 neck pickup
and a Bill Lawrence L-500 bridge pickup. It’s
complemented by a Floyd Rose bridge and
locking nut system with a D-Tuna for instant
drop from E to D tuning. An ebony fretboard
with dot inlays makes for comfort and playability. MSRP: $3,999.
$ Washburn (washburn.com)
Protection Racket is celebrating its 20th
anniversary this year. Two decades of experience and development that have seen the
transformation of a humble local surfboard
case manufacturer into a global phenomenon.
Founded in Cornwall,
U.K., by Dean Bowdery and
Nick Nethercot, their early
beginnings saw them making surfboard and windsurfing board bags. However,
being keen musicians the
company soon expanded
out into the music world.
They won the very first Rhythm Magazine
Readers Award for Best Drum Cases in 2000
and won The Mike Dolbear online poll Best
Drum Cases award from its inception in
2003 until it ended in 2007.
Now sold in over 28 countries the company has legions of fans worldwide. Their list of
endorsees includes the greatest and most respected drummers, such as Pink Floyd’s Nick
Mason, Deep Purple’s Ian Paice, Peter Erskine,
Sheila E, Queen’s Roger Taylor, Korn’s Ray Luzier and
The Killers’ Ronnie Vannucci.
Protection Rackets winning formula is simple:
Their cases are constructed
using only the finest quality
materials, rigorously tested,
designed to protect, built
to last and are lightweight and hardwearing. For reliability, quality, choice and confidence — nothing else comes close. Accept
no compromise.
i Protection Racket (protectionracket.co.uk)
Waves Audio, DiGiCo Offer
DiGiGrid Studio Solutions
Waves has collaborated with DiGiCo
to offer DiGiGrid. Following implementation of Waves SoundGrid for the DiGiCo
SD consoles, DiGiCo recognized the potential and created SoundGrid-based studio hardware. In addition to integrated
networking capabilities, upcoming DiGiGrid studio solutions will include a full
line of I/Os with converters, pre-amps,
headphone amplification, built-in DSP
Servers and network switches.
$ Waves (waves.com; digigrid.net)
Isolation for
Auralex Acoustics’ HoverMat Isolation
Platform and HoverDeck Isolation Riser can
be used together or separately. These two
products isolate a drum set from the floor
or a hollow stage, reducing coloration from
floor resonance by decoupling the drum
kit, thereby resulting in a tighter, more pure
sound for both studio and live applications.
The HoverMat is a sturdy, slip-resistant
drummers’ mat that improves acoustical isolation and clarifies drum tone. The HoverMat comes as a 4- by 6-foot section of Auralex’s sound-deadening SheetBlok sound
barrier material, covered with charcoal gray
Ozite-type, commercial-grade, road-ready
carpet. It is ideal for musicians on the go,
worship groups, live performance venues
or anywhere a drum kit needs additional
The HoverMat can be rolled up after any
performance or session, and the included
heavy-duty cinch sack makes transport a
The more substantial HoverDeck’s rugged MDF laminate core and IsoPuck modular risers minimize structure-borne sound
transmission and sympathetic vibrations between drums and hardware.
$ Auralex (auralex.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Recording King
RK-R15 Banjo
Born to Ramble
Recording King has introduced the Rambler banjo.
Priced within reach of any
player, the Rambler (RK-R15) delivers traditional banjo sound and
playing comfort.
The entry-level banjo offers
players standout specs like a steelrod tone ring for that unmistakable
banjo “snap” and a hexagonal plate
The Rambler is finished with 24
brackets for precise head tensioning, dual coordinator
rods, presto-style tailpiece
and maple/ebony bridge.
The brown satin finish
gives it a vintage vibe.
$ Recording King
ADAM Audio Sub15
Extends Frequency Ranges
The new Sub15
from ADAM Audio
is a powerful subwoofer capable of
extending the frequency range of
main and midfield monitors down to 20 Hz.
The rugged, 15-inch woofer is made of an
exceptionally rigid aluminum membrane
and driven by two powerful magnets and a
100-mm voice coil.
The Sub15 combines exceptional transient response with an efficient low frequency performance. A high-powered and undistorted sound pressure output of 112 dB
maximum SPL at 1 meter makes it suitable
for mid-sized and larger control rooms.
With 1,000 watts (RMS) of power, the
Sub15’s PWM amplifier has an efficiency factor of nearly 90 percent, which allows it to
handle critical musical passages with sudden peaks without signs of distortion or
The downward-firing bass port has been
designed with generous dimensions and
rounded edges to cancel port noise.
The Sub15 is equipped with a volume
control (–60 dB to +6 dB) and crossover frequency control (50–150 Hz) to adjust the
sound for different room situations and individual tastes.
$ ADAM Audio (adam-audio.com)
Amptweaker Gives
Twice the Boost
After the release of its TightMetal Pro distortion pedal last summer, Amptweaker received many requests for a rock version.
Unlike most distortion pedals with a single boost, the new BigRock Pro includes two
boost knobs — one before and one after the
distortion — so it’s easy to boost the gain and
the volume for the perfect solo tone. Patch
your favorite delay into the boost effects
loop, and you’ll have one-stomp control of
your rhythm and lead.
Additional switches on this pedal provide
tones from Amptweaker’s TightRock and
FatRock distortion pedals. These include the
cuts the high-end sizzle for
a warmer
edge, and two Fat switches that allow either the normal or boosted tones to have a
thicker attack with a bit more compression.
A three-band EQ allows for tonal variation,
and a PlexEQ button gives a traditional stack
tone. The standard noise gate from the original TightRock is also included.
$ Amptweaker (amptweaker.com)
D&A Starfish
Stands on 5
Sturdy Legs
D&A Guitar Gear has launched
the D&A Starfish and Starfish Plus,
five-legged guitar stands that are
stable and safe for all instrument
While other stands fall
over with only 15 degrees of tilt, the D&A
Starfish and Starfish
Plus stand strong at a full 30 degrees of tilt,
giving guitarists fewer reasons to worry.
The D&A Starfish and the Starfish Plus
are designed with the Grip Neck System,
which virtually eliminates the possibility
of instrument slippage, utilizing optimally spaced teeth that maximize grip without
adding bulk and weight.
The D&A Starfish Plus is equipped with
see-through polycarbonate Headlock gates
that actively surround the guitar head, keeping it secure at all times.
Fabricated to the specifications of elite
collectors, the D&A Starfish is designed to
keep guitars in pristine condition. It utilizes
TPE plastic and archival grade fabric to cover
all points of contact between the stand and
the guitar.
The D&A Starfish is designed to be taken
on the road with ease. Able to fold in half in
seconds, it brings security, speed and portability together into one simple package.
The D&A Starfish and the Starfish Plus
work with electric, acoustic, bass, classical
and 12-strings guitars, as well as many other
stringed instruments.
$ D&A (heydna.com)
ProMark Changes
Balance of Power
ProMark by D’Addario has introduced
the Select Balance line of drumsticks. Drummers can now choose forward or rebound
balance from five diameters to fit all playing
“Now the balance of power is in drummers’ hands,” said Product Specialist Rob
“ProMark has changed the process,
changed the design, and in turn, changed
the game for drummers,” added D’Addario
President Rick Drumm.
In order to create the Select Balance line,
ProMark identified the key elements of drum
sticks in order of priority: diameter, taper, tip
shape and tip material. They then took the
five most popular diameters and made them
the core of the Select Balance line. Because
drummers essentially prefer two types of
stick balance—forward or rebound—the Select Balance line was designed to give drummers the option of both in five diameters:
.535-inch, .550-inch, .565-inch, .580-inch
and .595-inch.
Select Balanced sticks utilize quartersawn hickory for straightest grain, most
consistency and durability. The sticks are
weight-sorted within 1.5 grams and are also
tone-sorted within 6 Hz. The sticks utilize a
modified teardrop tip shape for more versatility. MSRP: $15.25.
$ D’Addario (promark.com)
Line 6, Earthworks Partner to
Create V75-40V Wireless Mic
Line 6 has launched the V75-40V, a new
wireless microphone that combines Line 6
digital wireless technology with the Earthworks WL40V premium hyper-cardioid
Designed for use with Line 6 XD-V75
systems, V75-40V delivers performance and
sound quality, aimed to create a new standard in digital wireless performance.
“We’re pleased to partner with Earthworks,
an industry leader in high-definition microphones,” said Max Gutnik, vice president of
products at Line 6. “Together we’ve created a
digital wireless microphone that delivers performance previously found only in the highest
quality wired studio microphones.”
“Line 6’s expertise and experience in
digital wireless coupled with Earthworks’
precision microphone technology — stemming from our measurement background — lends itself to a superior product for the
live sound and worship markets,”
said Heidi Robichaud, Earthworks
president and CEO. Designed
to deliver studio-quality performance to the wireless world, the
premium hand-tuned and tested
capsule from Earthworks features
lightning-fast impulse response,
high SPL handling and a wide frequency range. A textbook hypercardioid polar pattern conveys detail and nuance. The result is vocals
that require little to no EQ.
$ Line 6 (line6.com)
Heller Straps In
Henry Heller recently
its Amalfi leather
straps. Available in
2-inch and 2.5-inch
widths, the straps are
made from premium tobacco glove leather. These soft straps are ready for any strap
The strap texture and tone is especially
ideal for the acoustic player.
$ Henry Heller (omgmusic.com)
Boss Floors Multi Effects with ME-80
Boss has launched the ME-80 Guitar
Multiple Effects, a floor-based tone processor with a knob-driven interface for intuitive, stomp box-style control.
Featuring a large selection of flagshipquality effects and
COSM amps, eight
multifunction foot
operation and
more, the compact ME-80 is
geared for performing guitarists of all levels.
Using the Boss Tone Studio editor application, ME-80 users can customize
sounds and enjoy direct access to free
patches at the newly launched Boss Tone
Central website.
Boss Tone Central is a destination for
all players that use Boss guitar and bass
gear. The initial focus of this powerful
web portal is on
the ME-80, but
compact pedals
and other Boss
will be included as the
site evolves.
ME-80 extras available now include demo
videos and free patches created by famous
guitarists, touring pros, and session players.
$ Roland (rolandus.com)
Zoom Introduces TAC-2
Thunderbolt Interface
Zoom North America has released the
TAC-2 Thunderbolt Audio Interface.
The two-in/two-out TAC-2 uses the latest
Thunderbolt technology and supports up to
24-bit/192 kHz audio.
It permits vocals and instruments to be
recorded into DAWs such as the included
Cubase LE, as well as enabling audio playback during live performance and easy connection to editing software. The TAC-2 can
also be used to enhance the listening experience of users, allowing high-resolution
streaming audio to be enjoyed in full fidelity.
The lightweight and portable TAC-2
has a simple user interface, with a single,
large rotary knob controlling all parameters.
Two combo XLR/TRS input jacks allow the
connection of mic- and line-level signals,
and a handy front-panel 1/4-inch high impedance input is provided for the direct connection of instruments.
$ Zoom (zoom-na.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Graph Tech Picks Feature Built-in Tone
Graph Tech Guitar Labs has announced
expansions to its line of harmonically-rich
TUSQ Picks.
TUSQ Picks are made of the same highly
resonant man-made ivory material found in
Graph Tech’s renowned TUSQ nuts, saddles
and bridge pins. TUSQ Picks impart harmonic content right from the first attack. “As
with all TUSQ products, you can hear the
harmonic qualities by dropping a TUSQ pick
on a hard surface and hearing the discernible ‘tinkle’ it makes,” said Dave Dunwoodie,
Graph Tech founder and president.
Graph Tech’s mission is to improve guitar tone and vibration transfer for optimal
Response to the initial launch of TUSQ
Picks has been strong, with unit sales
exceeding 700,000 in the first six months.
The successful launch of a tone-enhancing
pick prompted Graph Tech to test the tonal range of their TUSQ material and create
picks with distinctive tones: Bright, Warm
and Deep.
“Guitarists understand that every component of a guitar that is chosen brings out certain
characteristics, creating their sound and their
tone. Picks are an important link in the tone
and how you actually play,” said Dunwoodie.
“There are not a lot of times something comes
along in a pick that is truly different, but this is
one of those times. The tone, the feel, the stiffness, the weight, the thinness; the articulation
is unlike anything out on the market now. It is
truly something you just have to try.”
$ Graph Tech (graphtech.com)
Jupiter Horn Responds in
All Registers
The Jupiter 1150L double horn with
Geyer wrap is the result of years of research
by the Jupiter design team along with a council of worldwide consultants. The goal was to
create a double horn that responds well in all
registers with tonal warmth and brilliance.
The 1150L double horn features a specially designed yellow brass bell. Its rose brass
mouthpipe utilizes a manufacturing technique that ensures uniform thickness. Enhanced bracing throughout the instrument
increases tonal resonance, provides more
strength for better alignment and offers greater durability. Double-lapped rotor valves with
newly designed stainless steel mechanical
nickel-silver rotor casing ensure
and agility. An adjustable thumb rest repositioned on the second
valve casing centralizes the
fourth rotor.
The Geyer wrap configuration places the
change valve on the side of the valve cluster
farthest from the player, which means less
severe tube bending.
$ Jupiter (jupitermusic.com)
‘Play Like’ Books
Contain Full
Clapton Songs
Hal Leonard has unveiled the first two
titles in its new educational series: Play Like
Eric Clapton and Play Like Chet Atkins.
The Play Like series examines the styles
of musical giants, dissecting every aspect of
tone, technique, and magic they impart on
their instruments. More titles are planned for
release later in the year.
Chad Johnson authored Play Like Eric
Clapton, and Andrew DuBrock wrote Play
Like Chet Atkins.
Through helpful text and lots of photos
and diagrams, these acclaimed educators examine the trademark songs, licks and riffs of
these two distinct masters, in notes and tab.
They even delve into details of their gear, and
provide essential discographies and “mustsee” videographies. Each book includes a
unique code that provides access to online
audio samples of all of the music in the book.
Play Like Eric Clapton celebrates Slowhand’s copious accomplishments throughout
the past five decades.
Users will learn everything about his legendary guitar playing, from his ’60s bluesrock period, through his solo career, to Unplugged and beyond. Songs covered include:
“Badge,” “White Room,” “Bell Bottom Blues,”
“Change The World,” “Cocaine,” “Cross
Road Blues (Crossroads),” “Lay Down Sally,”
“Layla,” “Sunshine Of Your Love,” “Tears In
Heaven” and more.
$ Hal Leonard (halleonard.com)
Monoprice Shows
New Categories at
Low Prices
E-commerce company Monoprice is
introducing new categories of guitars,
P.A. speakers, lighting and DJ equipment
at NAMM. Monoprice offers pro-audio
equipment on its site at prices that are 50
to 60 percent less than retail competitors.
The new Monoprice products being showcased include a new line of guitars, new DJ
products including mixers and CD players, and P.A. speakers including 20 and 40
watt models. The new stage lighting products include lights, fog, lasers, DMX cables
and DMX controllers.
$ Monoprice (monoprice.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
EVO Gipsy
Built With
Mature Woods
The EVO Gipsy guitar focuses on the close
relationship between musician and instrument.
The use of three different stages of maturation of the wood and open-pore finish
make the instrument extremely lightweight
and resonant.
The width of the nut on the EVO Gipsy has been increased to 45 mm to better
support fingerings for
solo and rhythm performances. The guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top for tonal
characteristics matching
with the other models
of the EVO series.
The oval-shaped rosette inspired by the EKO
models of the ’60s and
the bridge, a single piece
of rosewood, blends the
typical gipsy jazz sound
with an acoustic taste.
Other features include: mahogany back
and sides; selected mahogany neck material;
rosewood fingerboard;
premium open tuners for
slotted headstock; special thin body of 82–102
mm; and maple body binding.
$ Eko Guitars (ekoguitars.it)
Reloop Rolls Out Keyfadr, Keypad Additional
Versatile Controller
The Reloop Studio Keyfadr combines the
most useful control functions for music production into a compact and versatile DAW
controller for producers using Ableton. Its
compact dimensions let the controller fit into
almost any laptop bag. The Keyfadr offers
users a variety of intuitive possibilities; from
being a control station for studio projects
through to being a creative tool for a live gig.
The Keyfadr is made up of 25 velocitysensitive keys, eight faders, 16 rotary knobs
and eight endless encoders with push function. The internal arpeggiator can build
vivid sequences with flexible quantization
possibilities that give subtle nuance, while
the chord mode punches out different combinations at the strike of a key.
The Keypad additional is made up of
25 velocity-sensitive keys, eight faders, 16
rotary knobs and eight endless encoders
with push function.
$ Reloop (reloop.com)
ESP Guitars Opens First U.S. Factory
The ESP Guitar Company has opened
its first-ever U.S.-based factory. The new
ESP USA factory is located in North Hollywood, Calif., a short distance from the
company’s U.S. headquarters.
“This is a significant milestone for ESP,”
said Matt Masciandaro, ESP president.
“For years, there has been a demand for a
domestic factory, allowing us to create guitars that are 100 percent made in the USA.
We’re very excited about the new opportunities for ESP dealers and new choices for
our customers.”
The factory will be producing a new
line of ESP USA guitars. The new brand
will be added to ESP’s existing worldwide
brands, including ESP, LTD and the new
E-II series. The ESP custom shop will remain in its current location in Tokyo. The
U.S. facility will be crafting a series of production models on a limited basis during
its first year of operation, ramping up as
demand for the new line increases. ESP
USA instruments will initially be available
through a select group of ESP dealers.
Since its founding in 1975, ESP Guitars
has done all of its manufacturing outside
the United States. The ESP premier brand
is made in the ESP-owned and -operated
Japan facility, with the more affordable
LTD line made in Asia.
ESP Guitars (espguitars.com)
Gator Expands
Selection of
Gator Cases has expanded its selection
of guitar effects pedalboards with a series of
lightweight aluminum boards made in the
U.S. With this new addition, Gator’s pedalboard roster now boasts a variety of sizes and
styles including wood, molded plastic and
aluminum boards.
The U.S.-made lightweight pedalboards
feature an all-aluminum frame with angled
platform for easy access to each pedal. The
unique ‘C’ shape provides a stable footprint
and maximizes space with an included universal bracket to mount most common power supplies beneath the board.
The pedal surface includes angled cutouts for signal and power routing. No-slip
rubber feet can be adjusted for board leveling. The aluminum pedalboard includes a
deluxe padded carry bag. The pedalboards
will be available in two sizes. The small model holds roughly four to five standard-size
pedals, and the large holds up to eight pedals.
$ Gator Cases (gatorcases.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Finale 2014
Finally Arrives
ReedGeek Designs
Universal Tool for All
The ReedGeek “Universal” Tool is designed to help all woodwind players — both
students and professionals — adjust single
and double reeds to achieve better reed performance more simply and accurately.
With its compact, portable design and
no sharpening required, the ReedGeek
tool is used by the world’s top woodwind
$ ReedGeek (reedgeek.com)
PreSonus Debuts AudioBox Stereo Kit
PreSonus’ AudioBox Stereo recording
kit combines a USB interface with Studio
One Artist music-production software, HD7
monitoring headphones, a pair of small-diaphragm condenser microphones, and all
necessary cables. It’s ideal for capturing live
performances and rehearsals, songwriting,
song production, podcasting, and a variety
of educational applications.
AudioBox Stereo includes an AudioBox buspowered USB audio/MIDI interface with cable.
Ideal for musicians, students, school
music labs, churches and classrooms, the ultra-mobile 2-channel AudioBox USB boasts
high-performance microphone preamplifiers
and professional-quality, 24-bit converters.
USB bus-powered is compact, easy to use,
ruggedly built and designed to work with
Studio One recording software along with
other audio software that supports ASIO or
Core Audio.
Studio One Artist lets users work quickly
and stay focused on your inspiration while
offering features rarely found in entry-level
DAWs. It boasts an elegant single-window
work environment and powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
PreSonus’ high-definition HD7 headphones take advantage of a patented, semiopen sound chamber to deliver exceptionally deep low frequencies with a balanced and
yet powerful bass punch.
Alfred Music and MakeMusic have
strengthened their partnership with the
worldwide release of Finale 2014.
For 25 years, musicians around the world
have relied on Finale to create, edit, audition,
print and publish sheet music. Now more
flexible and easier to use, Finale 2014 offers
backward and forward compatibility, letting
users save files that can be opened directly in
the previous version. Improved Apple OS X
support produces a new look and time-saving workflow features like pinch zoom and
native full screen support. Enhancements in
Linked Parts gives users more control in the
way the music appears visually in the score
versus the way the music appears as parts.
Keyless scores can be quickly created for all
instruments or applied on a per-instrument
basis. Rests and accidentals in layers now
automatically combine, removing the need
to manually apply each change. Educators
will enjoy more than 1,500 music education
resources, including worksheets and flashcards. Dozens of new instruments have been
added to Finale 2014. These instruments
join the Garritan library that is already included with previous versions of Finale.
“We are thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of Finale 2014, the gold standard in
music notation software,” said Ron Manus,
Alfred Music CEO.
$ Alfred (alfred.com)
$ PreSonus (presonus.com)
Sponsors Kid’s
In support of music awareness among
young children, Anthem Musical Instruments
co-sponsored a Children’s Chamber Music
Concert at David French Music on Nov. 3.
The concert featured flutist Bonnie Cochran
and harpist Piper Runnion-Bareford.
Cochran conceptualized the concert series to bring high-caliber chamber music
to the Metrowest Boston community and
to build new audiences for classical music
through creative programming. The series
targets those in the local community who
may not otherwise have access to chamber
music, like children, the elderly and lowerincome families.
The concert, entitled “Which Animal Are
You, A Children’s Adventure,” was targeted
3- to 6-year-olds and featured many interactive pieces for the children, who discovered
the elements of music via animal-inspired
pieces for flute and harp.
“It’s very rewarding to see the children’s
faces light up and for them to see and hear
something new,” Cochran said.
Anthem Music Instruments (anthemmu
UBD January 23, 2014
Harman’s dbx Optimizes Loudspeaker Systems
Harman’s dbx recently introduced the
DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management
System, which optimizes a loudspeaker system for the best possible sound quality. The
PA2 is suitable for bands, musicians and artists who carry their own P.A. and for a range
of installed sound applications.
The Original DriveRack PA revolutionized audio for bands by providing all of the
processing you needed between your mixer
and amplifiers to optimize and protect your
loudspeakers. The DriveRack PA2 takes this
to a new level. A new Wizard allows for faster
and easier setup. New AutoEQ and AFS give
you professional, touring-quality room EQ
and accurate Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS). All can now be controlled on the
fly with your mobile device or laptop using
ethernet control via an Android, iOS, Mac or
Windows devices.
The DriveRack PA2 can be set up and
operated from a compatible tablet or smartphone. Users have access to a host of configuration menus on their mobile devices, with
full-color graphical displays that give visual
indications of the parameters being adjusted.
The DriveRack PA2 can also be operated via
its front-panel controls and display.
The DriveRack PA2 provides a comprehensive suite of system tuning and
optimization tools. Its improved AutoEQ
enables automatic and precise equalization
of the loudspeakers to the venue in which
they’re installed to achieve smoother, more
accurate in-room frequency response. The
new AFS feature automatically finds and dials out any problematic feedback-producing
The PA2 offers additional system tuning
and sonic optimization capabilities, including dbx compression, graphic and eightband parametric EQ, and dbx’s exclusive
Subharmonic Synthesis for enhanced lowfrequency response.
$ Harman (harman.com)
Los Cabos Breaks
in Richie Ramone
Signature Model
Los Cabos Drumsticks has launched the
Richie Ramone Signature Model drumstick.
Designed by Ramone and the Los Cabos
team, this new addition to the company’s catalog is available in white hickory only and
features an elongated oval tip — perfect for
that rock ’n’ roll punch.
The sticks are 16.25-inches long with a
diameter of .580 inches.
Ramone was a member of The Ramones
from 1982 until 1987 and has remained an
active musician since, both as a composer and performer working in several genres
from punk rock to big band. He will return
to the stage in 2014 in support of his first
solo album called Entitled.
$ Los Cabos Drumsticks
Compact Mix
Peavey Electronics has unveiled its XR-S
mixer. The new XR-S incorporates an eightchannel mixer and 1,000 watts of power —
1,500 watts peak — portable package.
The XR-S comes equipped with specifications that are only available from Peavey,
such as Mid Morph and FLS, Peavey’s patented Feedback Locating System.
The mixer also includes Bluetooth wireless connectivity for audio playback, USB
jump drive MP3 playback and multiple
digital effects.
The unit also features a 9-band graphic
EQ and monitor send.
$ Peavey Electronics (peavey.com)
Network With
Calling all industry professionals under the age of 40: Come and network with
other emerging leaders at this free NAMM
Show event.
This afternoon from 4–6 p.m. in the
NAMM Member Center, located in Lobby
B/C, join the best and brightest young professionals in our industry as they learn from
each other.
Highlights will include a keynote speech
from Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc.
magazine, roundtable discussions and a lively networking hour.
i NAMM (namm.org)
UBD January 23, 2014
GITC Teams With
JamPlay, TERI
Fargen Amps
Product Line
Fargen Amplification has expanded its
product line to include a series of high-end
guitar accessories.
Fargen has designed many amplifiers over
the past 15 years, based on the company’s experience with vintage gear design and expertise with the capabilities of modern technology.
These designs offer vast improvements over the
original circuits.
The new line includes power cords, speaker cables and instrument cables. All products
are built with Evidence Audio cable and, where
applicable, heavy-duty Neutrik connectors.
“These upgrades make a huge improvement to your existing amp, in terms of sustain,
note balance and overall frequency response
while reducing distortions caused by inferior
materials,” said Ben Fargen, company founder. “This is top-of-the-line for those players in
search of the best tone they can achieve.”
$ Fargen Amps (fargenamps.com)
Orange Amplification’s
OB1-K is the company’s first
rack-mountable, 1000-watt
solid-state bass amplifier.
The OB1-K splits the signal
into two separate paths. One side produces a tight, clean bass sound with thunderous low end. The second side features
two stages of controllable gain rich in upper harmonics. The two components can be
combined using the amplifier’s foot-switchable blend control which gives players a
range of options. The result enables the bass
to cut through the mix in any situation.
The OB1-K also features a fully responsive, active three-band EQ and a DI with
ground lift.
$ Orange Amplification (orangeamps.com)
Randall is rolling out four models in its new
Thrasher series.
The 120-watt head and deeply tuned cabinet range is set to be the standard for over-thetop gain, tight focused attack and crushing tone
for rhythm, lead and everything in between. All
four models feature speakers with metal grills
and corner edging for heavy-duty use.
$ Randall (randalllamplifiers.com)
Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) has
announced an industry collaboration with
JamPlay.com and TERI Inc. to create the
first free iTunes University channel empowering anyone interested in guitar education
to learn to play and to lead music classes
for students, including those with autism
and special needs. Channel viewers could
include teachers, therapists and caregivers.
The new channel, called “Guitars in the
Classroom: Songs for Learning,” is now live,
and the first videos from JamPlay are available. These are appropriate for anyone interested in playing guitar.
GITC will be adding classroom instruction videos to the public early this year on
the new channel, accessible through the
iTunes University app on any Mac, iPad,
iPod or iPhone. Within the app, search for
JamPlay, Guitars in the Classroom or TERI
Inc. to find these lessons. TERI Inc. is also
working closely with Remo to assist in the
creation and application of new drums for
people with sound sensitivity and special
“Providing free instruction in music
leadership has always been our goal,” said
Jessica Baron, founder of Guitars in the
Classroom. “With support from JamPlay
and TERI Inc., we can make this training
accessible to every kind of teacher and student. Now with the addition of technology,
we can supply quality content to those who
are eager to make a difference.”
i Guitars in the Classroom
UBD January 23, 2014
Ibanez Creates
Bass Workshop
Ibanez has introduced a new product
group, Bass Workshop, which combines
unusual instrument concepts with the bassproduction virtuosity.
“We think of these instruments as nontraditional but inspirational tools for the
working bass player,” said Yuichi Hirayama, Hoshino USA bass product manager.
“Some of the basses draw on ideas we’ve
all seen before. For instance, the Crossover
SRC6WNF, a six-string, guitar/bass hybrid.
Since our SR body style is well-known for
player comfort, even in the hands of musicians whose first instrument is guitar, the
idea of adapting the SR to serve as a guitar/
bass hybrid seemed a natural.”
Response to players’ aspirations motivated other product development.
“The SR Portamento is a fretless bass
designed for the musician who wishes
to access the voice
of an upright bass,”
Hirayama said of the
SRF700BBF (or fivestring SRF705BBF).
“The electronics we
worked with provide a
surprising amount of
the ‘air’ one hears
in a large acoustic
instrument. Yet
the Portamento
still offers the flexibility of covering
the musical terrain one
typically associates with the electric basses.”
$ Hoshino USA (hoshinousa.com)
Oxygen Audio’s Amp Cuts
Unwanted Noise
Oxygen Audio has launched its 18-watt
product line (head, 1- by 12-inch combo,
2- by 12-inch combo and extension cabs),
which uses ground plane circuit design.
The line uses proprietary technology to
create the quietest amp possible that’s free
of unwanted noise. Instead of using eyelet
or turret boards, which introduce unwanted impedances into the grounding design,
the amp utilizes a copper ground plane to
eliminate feedback and ghost notes. It also
features third-generation power scaling
which lets players vary the power from 18
watts all the way down to 1 watt. The power
levels are reduced so the amp can be played
at a comfortable volume in smaller venues
without losing the saturation, gain and order harmonics that characterize the amp at
higher outputs.
$ Oxygen Audio (oxygenaudio.com)
Gretsch Offers Weathered Look
Gretsch Drums now offers a new finish
on its Gold series of snare drums with the
new barn board stave snare drum. Each barn
board snare drum is assembled with 7/8inch thick vertical, interlocking maple staves
and finished in weathered brown or weathered white wash.
Chrome 3-mm triple-flanged hoops sit
on a 45-degree bearing edge, with a fully
adjustable side-pull throw-off with classic
Gretsch drum lugs to round out the appointments on the shell. MSRP: $920.99.
$ Gretsch (gretschdrums.com)
Lexicon Showcases Complete Plug-In Lineup
Lexicon’s complete lineup of plug-in
bundles includes the PCM Total Bundle,
PCM Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle, PCM
Native Effects Bundle, LXP Native Reverb
Bundle and MXP Native Reverb Bundle.
“As the recording industry evolves from
using racks of outboard effects to using DAWbased plug-ins, we have stepped up to meet
users’ needs with plug-ins that faithfully capture the legendary Lexicon reverbs and timebased effects that have been heard on thousands of recordings,” said Noel Larson, market
manager, portable P.A., tour and recording at
Harman Signal Processing. “Because the plugins seamlessly interface with a DAW environment, they offer never-before-available
flexibility when recording and mixing vocals,
instruments, percussion, you name it, with
the ability to precisely tailor every sonic parameter and save and recall favorite and newly
created sounds.”
The plug-ins offer a variety of Lexicon reverbs like vintage plate, hall, room and concert hall and effects that run the gamut from
pitch shift, chorus, dual delay and resonant
chords to other completely unique sounds.
All the plug-ins are designed to work with
popular DAWs like Pro Tools and Logic, as
well as with any other VST, Audio Unit or
RTAS-compatible platform and with Windows and Mac computers.
$ Lexicon (lexiconpro.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
UBD January 23, 2014
UBD January 23, 2014
UBD January 23, 2014
UBD January 23, 2014
UBD January 23, 2014
Tycoon Showcases a Mix of New
Products, Introduces Brazilian Category
Tycoon Percussion is introducing 25 new
products at the 2014 NAMM Show. The mix
covers drums, hand percussion, stands and
accessories. Brazilian Percussion, a new category of products for Tycoon, will also be introduced at the show. Some of the highlights
include the DOHC Cajon and the Robert
Vilera Signature Series Timbales.
Another highlight is the Figure 8 Hand
Drum. Renowned designer Jimmy Lento
helped Tycoon develop the drum, a patentpending product that features an range of
sounds in a small, portable drum.
Tycoon’s Seated Cajon Stand raises the
cajon about two feet and the angle of the
stand naturally tilts the cajon’s playing surface to the optimal playing position.
The Shaker Crash solves the problem
of having to stop playing a
drum to play a shekere. The mounted instrument is constructed of premium steel
to deliver a short, bright crash similar to a
Finally, Tycoon’s Brazilian instruments
include pandeiros, tamborims, surdos and
more to make up a first foray with over 20
instruments, sizes and colors to choose from.
$ Tycoon Percussion
High-Def Loudspeakers
Mackie’s new additions to its SRM powered loudspeaker line include three 1600watt models featuring professional-grade allwood designs, two high-output full-range
models — the 12-inch SRM550 and 15inch SRM650 — plus the SRM1850 18-inch
powered subwoofer.
The SRM 1600-watt High-Definition Powered Loudspeakers are built for
durability with system power that’s paired
with custom transducers within internally-braced all-wood cabinets. SRM features
Mackie High Definition Audio Processing including patented acoustic correction
DSP. The integrated two-channel mixer with
Mackie Wide-Z inputs can handle any signal.
MSRP: $749.99–$1,149.99.
$ Mackie (mackie.com)
For acoustic players tired of being tied
to their guitar cables when performing live,
Shadow has developed a wireless soundhole pickup system for acoustic and classical guitar.
The PanaFlex Wireless system includes
a transmitter with the pickup and EQ fitted into the sound hole, receiver with stereo/mono and optical digital output, AC/DC
power supply adaptor, USB power charge
cables and thin foam sticker adhesive to
properly fit the pickup to the guitar’s soundhole. The wireless signal transmits up to 160
The PanaFlex Wireless acoustic and classical guitar wireless pickup systems require
installation of the Shadow Stereo NFX under
saddle pickup beneath the bridge.
The wireless system offers a range of tonetweaking options including volume control,
panorama control, tone control for bass
strings and tone control for treble strings.
$ Shadow (shadow-electronics.com)
Levy’s Debuts
Cheetah Print
Guitar Straps
Levy’s Leathers’ MV17CH was designed
by Danica Levy and is made from veg-tan
leather. The guitar straps are lined with
supple royal blue garment leather and deep
embossed with a cheetah print. They are 2
1/2-inches wide and are adjustable from 41
to 54 inches, and are also available in XL,
which adds 12 inches to the length of the
strap. The MV17CH is available in black,
natural and cranberry.
$ Levy’s Leathers (levysleathers.com/music)
UBD January 23, 2014
Kaltman Creations Produces Innovative Wireless Technology
Kaltman Creations uses its experience in
live sound, RF, software and electronics design to create tools for wireless analysis and
Kaltman Creations was established in
2006 by Mark Kaltman, a musician, studio/
touring engineer. Though its core expertise
is RF and EMC test and measurement, the
company’s first product was the Kaltman Cable Coiler — a device that speeds the coiling
of mic cables after a performance.
From this base, Kaltman saw the necessity
for a variety of wireless solutions for touring
audio and events planning. Currently, Kaltman sells RF test and measurement equipment to major public safety, governmental and industrial entities throughout North
America, serving the pro-audio industry
Try New Ohana
Model, Receive
Free Gift
Visit the Ohana Ukuleles booth 1101 in
Hall E and receive a gift for trying out the
Ohana CKP-70R. With its larger-than-life
sound, Ohana’s vita-style soprano ukulele
features a solid spruce soundboard and either rosewood or mahogany back and sides.
Also stop by the booth to enter for a chance
to win this instrument for your store.
$ Ohana (ohanaukuleles.com)
LD Mixes it Up
LD Systems has presented a new version
of its Maui 28 Mix P.A. system. Comprehensive connection options for a microphone,
instruments such as keyboards and guitars,
laptops, MP3 players and mixers make the
Maui 28 Mix version a versatile, complete
system for solo artists, disc jockeys and multimedia applications.
The input channels of the LD Maui 28
Mix can be simultaneously used and mixed
together using a volume knob. The system
volume and subwoofer level can also be separately adjusted. A five-way class AB amplifier individually drives the frequency ranges
for balanced sound with powerful dynamics.
The integrated protective circuit and a dual
limiter also ensure reliable functioning and
distortion-free reproduction.
$ LD Systems (ld-systems.com)
with such products as the Invisible Waves
RF Command Center, the RF-id SOLO and
Station, and RF IntermodPro.
All Kaltman products are geared to make
performances run smoothly in a complex
wireless world. At any significant concert,
sports broadcast, or theatrical event, dozens
of wireless microphones, in-ear-monitors
and intercom belt packs are deployed in critical positions — and they’re competing with DTV, smartphones, and other
wireless devices for the available wireless spectrum.
With this finite resource already
overcrowded, having powerful, intuitive tools to visualize the wireless landscape can make all the difference.
In response, Kaltman’s Invisible
Waves RF Command Center provides a total
solution for wireless coordination and show
planning. RF-id SOLO is a handheld device
for your road kit that instantly reads the frequency of any wireless transmitter. The CPA
circular polarization antenna extends the
range and reliability of your wireless systems.
$ Kaltman Creations
UBD January 23, 2014
Gon Bops Adds
Gon Bops has introduced
cymbals to its product offerings. The addition addresses
ongoing feedback from customers and sales partners expressing a desire for a line of
Latin-inspired cymbals.
Gon Bops cymbals are
crafted from premium B20
bronze. The 16- and 18-inch
Gon Bops Hand Crashes feature three distinct playing surfaces — two for playing by stick,
one for playing by hand. The raw
bell is ideal for playing clave, projecting with loudness and clarity, while the unlathed, medium-weight center is well-suited
for playing dry ride patterns. The lathed, extra thin outer half is the cymbal’s sensitive
sweet spot, designed for making explosively
bright, dirt-tinged sounds by hand.
Gon Bops has introduced 10- and 12-inch
Sakae Now Offers Birch
Option for Almighty Series
Splash Cymbals.
The splashes are ideal for timbaleros and
other percussionists who typically prefer robust-sounding splash cymbals that respond
quickly and solidly.
$ Gon Bops (gonbops.com)
Sakae is bringing a birch option to its
popular Almighty Maple series.
The Sakae Almighty Birch series features
eight-ply bass drum shells that are crafted for a minimal seam. Each shell features
a sharp bearing edge for clear attack and
tone. Heavier lugs help to focus vibration
and sound transmission to the shell edge. All
toms achieve tone isolation thanks to Sakae’s
cradle mounting toms, floor tom leg mounts,
and rubber padded bass drum spurs.
Almighty kits are offered in a full complement of drum diameters, and with a choice
of finishes.
Wood types can be mixed within the Almighty series, and Sakae’s attention to detail
when matching wood grains will ensure a
visually-striking, complementary appearance
throughout the kit. Each drum in the kit ships
with high-quality U.S. Remo drumheads.
Also, to complement the 2014 Almighty
Birch, Sakae is launching the Spectrum series
snare featuring black brass, seamless aluminum and steel. These snares will be available
in 5.5- by 14-inch and 6.5- by 14-inch sizes.
The Sakae Almighty all-Japanese Birch
drum kit will be available in March.
$ Sakae (korgusa.com)
MiPro Goes Compact With
Personal Wireless P.A.
MiPro has unveiled the compact, lightweight MA-505 portable wireless P.A. system.
The rugged, one-piece speaker cabinet houses a highly
efficient, class-D amplifier driving high-sensitivity,
two-way loudspeakers and
limiter circuitry that reduces distortion and increases
intelligibility for guaranteed
powerful and clear sound.
It offers an ideal public
address solution for medium-sized crowds.
The MA-505 features
up to a 4 diversity receiver
with a wireless interlinking
transmitter option for extended transmission range and expanded coverage area.
A built-in Bluetooth music receiver will
play music via iPod Touches, iPhones or
other Bluetooth-devices through the
MA-505 speakers — wirelessly. Other CD/USB audio
players and recorders can
also be connected.
Other notable features
include Voice Over Music
Priority — which automatically mutes the music when
wireless microphone is used,
tone control for bass/treble
adjustment, and an alarm siren that provides emergency
A built-in rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 8
hours of standby time per charge.
$ MiPro (ipro.com.tw)
Breedlove Adds
12-String Model
The Breedlove Pursuit 12 String is the
entry point for Breedlove’s 12-string guitars.
It features the Breedlove Bridge Truss which
relieves stress on the instrument’s top while
providing additional sustain, balance, and
clarity. Plus, a comfortable neck and a pinless
bridge make it easy to play and to re-string.
The Concert is the most popular body
shape and works well when played fingerstyle, as vocal accompaniment or at a full
The Fishman ISYS+ USB onboard preamp system provides maximum value in a
small footprint and features a micro-USB
interface for easy recording. The system includes a side-mounted preamp with lowprofile rotary controls for tuner, volume,
bass, treble, and phase. Other features include a Fishman Sonicore pickup and onboard 7-segment LED tuner.
$ Breedlove Guitars (breedlovemusic.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Schecter Raises Some Hell
Schecter Guitar Research’s new
Hellraiser Stage Depth Charge powered 4- by 12-inch cabinet is the latest
addition to the company’s new amplification division. Joining the Hellraiser USA 100-watt head and combo
amps and the Hellwin USA 100, the
Hellraiser Stage Depth Charge cabinet is designed to sonically enhance
sub-A440 tunings and 7- and 8-string
The internal 200-watt power module and crossover amplify and focus
the low frequency. An onboard volume control lets users blend how
much sub-lows they need from the
specially designed 12-inch speaker,
while the three Celestion speakers add
the traditional cut and tone.
Samson Meteorite Condenser
Microphone Stays Ultra-Portable
Samson’s Meteorite USB condenser microphone is a universal solution for capturing high-quality vocals on computers.
The Meteorite produces rich audio recordings and
a 14-
mm diaphragm. Its smooth, flat frequency
response and CD-quality 16-bit, 44.1/48
kHz resolution gives users professional
sound reproduction features in a portable
design. The Meteorite mounts to a removable magnetic base that gives it a full range
of motion.
Ideal for Skype, FaceTime and voice recognition software, Meteorite is suitable for
podcasting, creating YouTube videos and recording music. There’s no need for drivers,
as the mic can be directly connected to any
computer via its integrated USB cable and is
compatible with most computer-based digital audio software.
$ Samson Technologies (samsontech.com)
$ Schecter Guitar Research
Shubb Celebrates 40th Anniversary
Shubb Capos is celebrating its 40th
In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned the
presidency, Muhammad Ali defeated George
Foreman to regain the heavyweight championship and Shubb Capos introduced its first
product — the Shubb Fifth String Capo for
It would be another five years before
the company introduced its best known
product, the Shubb Capo for guitar.
Shubb was formed on a handshake between founders Rick Shubb and Dave
Coontz, and the two partners still run the
company today.
They continue to build the company on
a daily, hands-on basis. In each of the company’s 40 years, sales have increased over the
previous year.
i Shubb Capos (shubb.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
Tycoon Percussion Kicks Off
Brazilian Percussion Line
Tycoon Percussion has introduced two
new lines of instruments into its selection of world percussion — Pandeiros and
Often considered the unofficial drum
of Brazil, the Pandeiro is a versatile instrument used in Samba, Choro, Coco, and has
even transitioned over to Jazz. A wood version is offered in a 10-inch size, while two
high-strength ABS versions are offered in a
10-inch and 12-inch size. All three versions
of the Pandeiro are tunable.
Adding to the Pandeiro line is Tycoon’s
new series of Tamborims. These instruments
give a high, sharp timbre with little sustain
and are best used in Samba, Pagode, and
Bossa Nova. These Tamborims are available in a 6-inch size and are constructed of
a hardwood shell or ABS. Both models include a beater.
$ Tycoon Percussion (tycoonpercussion.com)
Ampeg Reissues the V-4B All-Tube
Bass Head as More Portable Option
The new V-4B still appeals to fans of the
original, but it’s also ideal for bassists who
want the tone of the Ampeg SVT head but
don’t need that level of power
or who want a more portable
option. The V-4B fits securely
onto any Classic Series Ampeg cabinet.
The design process involved sampling a wide range
of vintage V-4Bs to achieve
preamp, power section circuits
and overall tone that are undeniably V-4B. Modern features include an integrated DI with ground lift, a -15 dB input for
active basses and a range of speaker outputs at
different impedances. MSRP: $1819.99.
$ Ampeg (ampeg.com)
Tama Turns 40
Tama is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a year-long rollout of the greatest
hits limited edition commemorative snare
drums. Designed to recapture the sound and
feel of the decade they were first produced
in, the series will attract collectors and will be
issued with a certificate of authenticity and
hard case.
The series begins with the original
The all birch snare
that embodied the
feel of ’70s fusion
and rock comes in
three classic finishes. The 1970s centerpieces will then continue with the re-release of both Super Maple
and Super Mahogany snare drums.
The series then transitions into the 1980s
with a reissued selection of Rosewood and
Bell Brass models and the ’90s with the GMaple models. Finally, Tama steps into the
new millennium with the Starphonic Steel
snare drum.
$ Tama (tama.com)
Sexton Joins
Chad Sexton of 311 is now endorsing
SABIAN Cymbals. Chad founded 311 in
1988 with his bandmates in Omaha, Neb.
He began his career using the Sabian cymbals that can be heard on the band’s first
three records. Their 1995 self-titled breakout album won the band huge success with
the singles “Down” and “All Mixed Up,” and
introduced the world to Chad’s distinctive
drumming style.
“I began my career on Sabian Cymbals
and I’m happy to be back. I’ve been impressed
with their innovation for a long time, particularly the O-Zone cymbals,” said Sexton.
i Sabian (sabian.com)
UBD January 23, 2014
All Day
12:30–1:30 p.m.
Eminence Speaker LLC
4:00 p.m.
Wayne Cobham, Skinny Williams,
Zdany Chisholm, Leilani Vidal,
Edddie Berg, Hayan Charlston,
Deon Yates
Jam session with Rozanna and
other guest artists.
Booth 4334
Michel “Labex” Labaki and Dennis
Creative Concept Instruments LLC
Gruv Gear
Booth 3424
Booth 4192
1:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
Toni Aleman
Metalachi performs.
10:00 a.m.
Rock-N-Roll GangStar, Inc.
Peavey Electronics
Luca Francioso
Booth 4196
Booth 201
PJLA Music Sales/Marketing
Booth 3414
Engler Innovations, LLC
Booth 1534
Ariel Rechtshaid
1:00 p.m.
Andy Babiuk
2:00–3:00 p.m.
10:30 a.m.
Hal Leonard
Ariel Rechtshaid
Philip Bardowell
Booth 5720
Grand Illusion Piano Shells
Booth 5011
4:00 p.m.
Metal Masters 5 signing with
Frank Bello, Charlie Benante,
Scott Ian, David Ellefson, Rex
Brown, Gary Holt, Kerry King, Mike
Portnoy, Billy Sheehan
Booth 6400
1:00 p.m.
Chris Brightwell
2:00 p.m.
Samson Technologies
10:30 a.m.
Studio Devil
Booth 4828
Marco Mendoza
Booth 6721
Steve Stephens and BrokenToiz
band members
Axis Percussion
4:00 p.m.
Booth 3478
More Like Me
Samson Technologies
Booth 4828
1:00 p.m.
Ethan Brosh
CAD Audio
10:45–11:15 a.m.
ISP Technologies, LLC
James Lomenzo performs for Ashdown Engineering.
Booth 5863
1:00 p.m.
Bumblefoot and Divinity Roxx
Booth 6440A
Bob Fazio
TC Electronic
Music Group Services
Booth 5932
11:00 a.m.
4:30 p.m.
Booth 5244
Common Kings
4:30 p.m.
Gruv Gear
1:00 p.m.
Booth 4192
John Souki
11:00 a.m.
Booth 6632
Sean Callero
Engler Innovations, LLC
Vision Musical Instruments
2:00 p.m.
Booth 1018
Peter Einhorn (also at 2:00 p.m.)
Booth 1534
Music Group Services
4:00 p.m.
Booth 5244
Derek Roddy
1:00–1:30 p.m.
Booth 1079
Meet and greet with T.M. Stevens.
2:00 p.m.
11:00 a.m.
Klotz Audio Interface Systems A.I.S.
Rob Balducci
Booth 210C
Paul Reed Smith Guitars
5:00 p.m.
Booth 210B
Roscoe Beck and Greg Koch
Studio Devil
Booth 6721
Axis Percussion
Booth 3478
Demonstration with Emil Werstler.
1:00 p.m.
TC Electronic
Meet and greet with Mark Wood.
3:00 p.m.
11:00 a.m.
Wood Violins
Rob Balducci
PT Gazell performs. (also at 11:00
a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.)
Booth 3404
Studio Devil
5:00 p.m.
Booth 6721
Stu Hamm
Seydel Harmonicas
1:15–1:45 p.m.
Booth 3028
Wojtek Pilichowski performs.
3:00 p.m.
Q&A with Damian Erskine
Booth 6440A
Gruv Gear
5:00 p.m.
Booth 4192
T.M. Stevens and friends perform.
11:00 a.m.
Martin Taylor
Booth 5932
Samson Technologies
Booth 4828
OnBoard Research Corporation
1:30 p.m.
Booth 4131
Demonstration from Zach Myers.
3:00 p.m.
Klotz Audio Interface Systems A.I.S.
Booth 210C
Paul Reed Smith Guitars
John Pisano performs.
12:00 p.m.
Booth 210B
Eastman Guitars
Signing with Guthrie Govan and
Paul Gilbert.
2:00 p.m.
Booth 4900
Anthony Crawford, Bruno Valverde,
Leonardo Guzman
3:00 p.m.
Gruv Gear
Music Group Services
Booth 4192
Booth 5244
Engler Innovations, LLC
2:00 p.m.
3:00 p.m.
Booth 1534
Blue Oyster Cult performs.
Peavey Electronics
Signing with Neil Zaza,
Dave Amato, Sean McNabb.
Booth 201
Dean Markley USA, Inc
6:00 p.m.
Booth 5766
Johnny Lang
TC Electronic
Booth 5932
12:00 p.m.
Andy Vargas
Henry Nam
12:00 p.m.
Pascal Vigne
Johnny Lang
Peavey Electronics
2:00 p.m.
Booth 201
Signing with Bruce Kulick.
3:45–4:15 p.m.
NAMM Show Grand Plaza
David Allen Pickups
Toni Aleman, Lâg Guitars & Blackstar Amplification Artist
Matt Schofield and Joe Berger
Booth 6440A
JJ Guitars
12:00 p.m.
Booth 3395
Saul Zonona
2:00 p.m.
Booth 1176
Gary Morse demo.
Booth 4773
Unless otherwise noted, the following events will be held in NAMM’s Idea Center, booth 5501 in Hall B.
Billy Cuthrell on making your
store tech-savvy, 1 p.m.
Failla looks at ways to take advantage of the
simple tools available to music retailers that
amp up your social media’s effectiveness.
3:30 P.M.
Get PR That Money Can’t Buy
Myrna Sislen, Middle C Music;
Liz Reisman, Creative Music Center
Sislen and Reisman reveal their secrets
for scoring impactful PR that money can’t
buy. The duo team up to provide examples
of newsworthy store events, tips for writing effective press releases, do’s and don’ts
for social media, and ideas for strategic
4:00 P.M.
Make More Money With Rentals
Alan Friedman and Daniel Jobe,
Kannenberg & Co.
Friedman and Jobe, accountants from Friedman, Kannenberg & Co., highlight the benefits of a well-run rental program, along with
the costs and dangers of a misquided rental
program. Discover new way to make rentals
more profitable and ensure that you’re not
using improper accounting and tax methods.
4:30 P.M.
How to Turn Facebook ‘Likes’
Into Sales
Rick Camino, Hello Music
In just three years, Hello Music has built a
Facebook musician community of more than
480,000, which drives 25 percent of the
company’s sales daily. Camino shares proven
and practical tips, tricks and tactics to turn
Facebook “likes” into sales.
Pete Gamber on offering programs
for all your students, 5 p.m.
5:00 P.M.
Successful Summer Programs for
All Your Students
Pete Gamber,
Music Inc. columist
You have a summer rock camp. But what
about the non-rock musicians in your lesson
program? You can offer all kinds of programs
to keep them engaged in lessons, including
summer concert bands, orchestras and singer
spotlights. Gamber explains how to develop a
summer program for all students.
6:00 P.M.
Opening Night Concert
Concert will be held throughout
the show on the main stage.
NAMM GoPro Stage on the Grand Plaza
Relax after a busy first day and take in some
live music by guitarist Jonny Lang.
7:00 P.M.
5th Annual Night of Worship @
Hilton Hotel Pacific Ballroom
Join in on a night of inspirational modern
worship music. Artist Matt Maher headlines
with popular worship artists Rita Springer
and Casey Corum opening. Admission is free.
No NAMM badges needed.
UBD January 23, 2014
Unless otherwise noted, the following events will be held in NAMM’s Idea Center, booth 5501 in Hall B.
Breakfast of Champions,
8:30 a.m.
Jonny Lang, 6 p.m.
Gayle Beacock on revamping
lesson programs, 11 a.m.
8:30 A.M.
Breakfast of Champions
Moderator: Joe Lamond, NAMM
President and CEO
Hilton Anaheim Hotel,Pacific Ballrooms
Joe Lamond will explore the recent breakthroughs that are changing music retail and
supply. Listen while he sits down with industry leaders who are changing the way we
think about selling, marketing and producing
musical products. Free breakfast served from
8–8:30 a.m. on a first-come, first-served
10:30 A.M.
5 Strategies for Retail Growth
Donovan Bankhead,
Springfield Music
This past year Springfield Music has acquired Fazio’s Frets & Friends and Funky
Munky Music. Springfield’s Vice President
Bankhead will reveal five key strategies that
have kept the company healthy. Walk away
with ideas you can apply right away to build
a stronger business, while evolving with the
next phase of retail.
11:00 A.M.
How We Multiplied Our Lesson
Gayle Beacock, Beacock Music
Join Beacock, company co-owner of NAMM’s
2013 Top 100 Dealer of the Year, as she
shares her store’s strategy for revamping its
lesson program to ensure profitability and
consistent growth.
Donovan Bankhead on retail
growth strategies, 10:30 a.m.
Facebook tools and advertising features to
drive users back to the retail store’s website.
overcame them to become a NAMM Top 100
dealer in her third year in business.
12:00 P.M.
1:00 P.M.
40 (More) Tips From Music Professionals 40 and Under
5 Easy, Low-Cost Ways to Make
Your Store Tech-Smart
Cris Behrens, Summerhays Music
Center; Ryan West, West Music; CJ
Averwater, Amro Music
Billy Cuthrell,
Progressive Music Center and Music
Inc. columnist
Join NAMM Young Professionals’ Behrens,
West and Averwater as they deliver 40 tips
you can put to use in your store as soon as
next week. The team of experts will discuss
tips, online resources and book suggestions
that will keep you on the front line of music
retail. (The session is presented by NAMM
Young Professionals, a networking group of
NAMM members under the age of 40.)
Are you using retail-friendly technologies
such as mobile payment platforms, automation and social commerce to their full
potential? Cuthrell will discuss easy ways to
make your store tech-savvy with software and
hardware. He will also walk you through various way to put tomorrow’s technology to use
1:30 P.M.
11:30 A.M.
12:30 P.M.
Facebook Rebooted
The Top 5 Challenges of Rookie
Store Owners
Michael Newman,
Michael Newman Consulting
This session will cover all the latest tools,
tips and strategies for Facebook. Listen in
as marketing guru Newman discusses new
Amy Ball Braswell, Capo’s Music Store
Amy Ball Braswell looks at the top five biggest challenges she dealt with since opening
her shop, Capo’s Music Store, and how she
Proven Promotions to Fill Your
James Harding, Gist Piano Center
Join James Harding, director of marketing
for Gist Piano Center, as he reveals three
proven promotions that will flood your store
with customers for $500 or less. Learn how
to leverage these low-cost events on social
media, via email and in the local press for a
powerful PR and sales advantage.
2:00 P.M.
The Dirty Dozen: This Year’s Best
Ideas (Double Session)
Danny Rocks,
The Company Rocks with panel
Rocks and his team scour all corners of
music retail to bring the 12 best businessbuilding ideas that are working right now.
The double session features retailers Mitch
Brashers of Springfield Music and Jessica
Duarte of Bertrand’s Music.
3:00 P.M.
How to Create YouTube Videos
That Drive Sales
Nick Failla, Collected Concepts
Learn how to create powerful, inexpensive
YouTube videos and also how to use those
videos to convert your social media efforts
into sales. Marketing and retail expert Nick
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