Lean Line for the Machine Lean Solutions Powered by SmartWire-DT

Lean Line for the Machine Lean Solutions Powered by SmartWire-DT
HMI/PLC XV102 and XV152
Lean Solutions Powered by SmartWire-DT®
Lean Line for
the Machine
HMI/PLC XV102 and XV152 with
Integrated SmartWire-DT® Master
Eaton’s new XV102/XV152 touch display PLCs are high-performance
HMI/PLCs with an integrated SmartWire-DT master. SmartWire-DT is the
seamless connection and communication technology from Eaton. The
uniformly designed and open system replaces the control wiring to control
circuit devices, contactors, motor starters, circuit-breakers, soft starters
and frequency inverters. The system is completed with a full range of I/O
The large data transparency of SmartWire-DT offers a host of options
for evaluating and assessing the states of devices, thus enabling plants/
machines to be more reliable and effective. Both device series stand
out on account of their small dimensions and high performance. The
integrated PLC enables the implementation of demanding applications.
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Direct, lean communication
The XV102 and XV152 with SmartWire-DT are ideal for the visualization and
control of compact to large machines and plants. SmartWire-DT enables the
switching devices to be connected simply to the HMI/PLC. Gateways are no
longer needed. The SmartWire-DT I/O modules enable the acquisition and
output of additional signals and the control of actuators. Depending on type,
an RS485 and Profibus DP/MPI interface or CANopen/easyNet interface are
provided in addition to the integrated Ethernet interface. Other devices with a
standard fieldbus can be connected easily.
Product features
• XV102 in 3.5”, 5.7” and
7” versions. Housing/
front plate in plastic
• XV152 in 5.7”, 8.4” and
10.4” versions. Housing/
front plate in metal
• High performance thanks
to a 400 MHz RISC processor, onboard memory
• Integrated 64 MB memory, if required expandable
with an SD memory card
• The SmartWire-DT line
can be configured easily
via CODESYS or SWDAssist
• SmartWire-DT master
with up to 99 slaves
• GALILEO visualization
software or CODESYS
from 5.7“
1. Slot for SD card
2. USB device
3. USB host (from 5.7”)
4. Ethernet
5. POW and AUX 24 V power supply
6. SmartWire-DT interface
7. Onboard interfaces: RS485 and CANopen or
Profibus DP/MPI, depending on type
8. Power supply XV
Programming and visualization with CODESYS and
• XSoft-CODESYS-2/3
programming system
for PLC programming to
Like all Eaton HMI/PLCs, the
PLC function of the XV102
and XV152 panels can be
programmed with the xSoft
CODESYS programming system to IEC61131-3.
• Easy to install even in
confined spaces thanks
to the small mounting
Eaton’s GALILEO visualization
software is used for visualization, and CODESYS visualization can also be used.
• Scalable TFT displays
The free SWD-Assist is used
for the configuration of the
SmartWire-DT line.
The parts list function integrated in SWD-Assist also
allows simple and convenient
order processing.
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From Lean Connectivity to Lean Automation
with HMI/PLC and SmartWire-DT®
Benefits for the user thanks to the integrated SmartWire-DT master
The integrated SmartWire-DT master offers users a host of
benefits. The SmartWire-DT line can be configured easily and
conveniently via CODESYS/SWD-Assist. The technical data
of the SmartWire-DT interface is also the same as that of the
previous SmartWire-DT gateways so that users can access
the full range of functions and connect up to 99 slaves to one
SmartWire-DT master. Following the principle of “Connecting
instead of wiring” the SmartWire-DT interfaces goes directly
into the PLC – without any intermediate circuitry.
Lean Solution powered by SmartWire-DT
SmartWire-DT connects all areas of the machine: From the
operator level to the visualization and control devices, the main
switch, right through to the sensors, motors and actuators. With
SmartWire-DT the PLC I/O level is integrated in the switching
devices. Gateways and I/O level are no longer needed. This
allows you to create flexible, straightline automation solutions
with fewer components and little engineering outlay. This benefit of a streamlined automation solution is what we call Lean
SmartWire-DT replaces the previous time consuming and errorprone control wiring. A time saving of up to 85% for wiring, testing and commissioning can be achieved. We call this innovative
connection technology Lean Connectivity.
Via SmartWire-DT, the XV HMI/PLC can access the digital and
analog data from control circuit devices right through to the
circuit-breaker. The data transparency helps the analysis and
optimization of energy consumption. It also supports maintenance and diagnostics. Failures can be prevented and availability
can be considerably increased through the signaling of motor
data and warnings prior to an overload. We call these benefits
Lean Power.
The Lean Solution drastically reduces the wastage of material,
work time and thus considerably increases the profitability of
machines and plants.
EATON BR05003001Z-EN
Lean Connectivity –
SmartWire-DT forms the basis
for Lean Connectivity and
• Replaces the control wiring
for all components
• Enables standard
communication to all
• Offers one user software
for all variants (multiple
• Enables remote intelligence in the components
• Works with standard
• Reduces engineering costs
by up to 70%
• Reduces the time required
for wiring, testing and
commissioning by up
to 85%
• Offers an open concept
and business model
(partner companies can
offer their own products)
Lean Automation HMI/PLC
The HMI/PLC forms the basis for
Lean Automation and
• Enables open communication
via Ethernet, fieldbus,
SmartWire-DT (up to 100
• Offers one software package
for control and visualization
• Enables customized design of
the operator console. This can
be designed as the calling
card for your machine
• Offers operation, control and
communication in a single
• The I/O level of a PLC is not
needed since the switching
devices can supply analog and
digital data via SmartWire-DT
directly to the HMI/PLC.
EATON BR05003001Z-EN
An XV102 and XV152 HMI/PLC can connect up to 99 slaves on a SmartWire-DT line over a
maximum length of 600 meters. The connection cable starts at the integrated SmartWire-DT
Ready for use in a few simple steps
A standard motor starter
combination, consisting of a
PKZ motor-protective circuitbreaker or PKE electronic
motor-protective circuitbreaker, mechanical links and
a DIL M contactor, can be
turned into a communicationenabled SmartWire-DT motor
starter in a few simple steps.
Simple communication
PKE motor-protective circuitbreaker on SmartWire-DT
Signal current values/
overload warning
Status messages
Diagnostics data with
differentiated fault
indication: overload,
short-circuit, phase loss
Overload relay function
Simply ingenious
Plug connect pilot devices
Different I/O modules are available to integrate conventional
actuators and sensors.
A SmartWire-DT interface is
provided for the frequency
inverter for simple and flexible
data transfer.
The conventional wiring of
pilot devices is very complex
and costly, each contact or
indicator light is individually
wired and assigned to the
I/O modules of the controller.
This is very time consuming
and harbors several sources
for potential wiring faults.
SmartWire-DT is simply
ingenious – the green ribbon
cable connects up pilot
devices with a simple click.
This saves time and keeps
fault sources to a minimum.
SmartWire-DT options
All NZM 2/3/4 circuit-breakers
with an electronic release can be
connected directly to
SmartWire-DT via the NZM module. Currents up to 1600 A in the
power distribution system can
thus be accessed via
EATON BR05003001Z-EN
The DS7 soft starter with a
SmartWire-DT interface perfectly
rounds off the Eaton starters.
HMI/PLC XV102 and XV152
Performance data and ordering information
The XV102 and XV152 offer maximum performance in a highly
compact design. Thanks to the small mounting depth, the panels can be installed wherever space is limited.
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PLC function integrated
Processor: RISC, 32-bit, 400 MHz
OS, program and data memory: 64 MB
Display sizes: 3.5”, 5.7”, 7” widescreen, 8.4” and 10.4”
Vertical and horizontal mounting possible
Resistive TFT touch
Plastic housing and front plate for XV102
Metal housing and front plate for XV152
Onboard interfaces: Ethernet, SmartWire-DT
Optional interfaces depending on type: RS485, Profibus/MPI
or Can/easyNet
USB device with 3.5”, USB host with 5.7” to 10.4”
External memory: 1 x SD card
Long lifespan thanks to LED backlight
Front IP 65
Moeller® series
Article no.
800 x 480
480 x 800 with
upright mounting
640 x 480
480 x 640 with
upright mounting
1 x USB-Host
1 x CAN
320 x 240
240 x 320 with
upright mounting
640 x 480
480 x 640 with
upright mounting
1 x RS485
1 x SmartWire-DT
Part no.
1 x USB-Device
integrated interfaces
1 x Ethernet 100BaseTX/10Base-T
SmartWire-DT touch panel
HMI-PLC (PLC integrated)
Resistive touch with TFT display, 64 k colors
Standard front with standard membrane (fully closed)
Plastic housing and front plate
Metal housing and front plate
EATON BR05003001Z-EN
Eaton is dedicated to ensuring that reliable, efficient and safe
power is available when it’s needed most. With unparalleled
knowledge of electrical power management across industries,
experts at Eaton deliver customized, integrated solutions to
solve our customers’ most critical challenges.
Our focus is on delivering the right solution for the application.
But, decision makers demand more than just innovative products.
They turn to Eaton for an unwavering commitment to personal
support that makes customer success a top priority. For more
information, visit www.eaton.eu.
To contact an Eaton salesperson or
local distributor/agent, please visit
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