Xerox ConnectKey for SharePoint Server, inc 12 mth support & 1 MFP connection Datasheet

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Xerox® ConnectKey™
for SharePoint
Overview Brochure
Xerox ConnectKey™
for SharePoint
Making work simple, smart
and flexible.
Automate, simplify and improve the
way you work with documents.
Even in today’s digital age, many companies are still drowning in a sea
of paper. One reason may be because some businesses still believe that document
workflow automation is too costly, complicated and time consuming. Xerox®
ConnectKey™ for Microsoft® SharePoint®, powered by Autostore, changes all that,
providing a highly productive workflow solution that’s easy to set up and use –
and even easier on your budget.
Easy to set up, use and maintain
Simplify your workflow –
and make your office more
productive every day.
Say goodbye to the costly multi-step process
of manually converting paper files to digital.
With Xerox® ConnectKey for SharePoint you
can directly route your documents to existing
SharePoint libraries and Windows folders for
greater simplicity.
In addition, a user can scan directly to
a server. If that isn’t simple enough,
when authentication is enabled on your
multifunction system, a ‘Scan To My Site’
button can be added to automatically route
the scanned document to the user’s My Site
in SharePoint.
Automatic workflow updates
Route to both SharePoint and
Microsoft Windows® folders
The smart way to get more
work done.
A flexible approach to
managing your data.
With ConnectKey’s powerful Optical
Character Recognition (OCR) engine, you
can quickly convert paper documents into
electronic files – including MS Word® and
Excel® files that can be easily updated.
ConnectKey also enables the creation of
fully text-searchable PDF documents with
meaningful file names – so you can quickly
find information when needed. ConnectKey
even knows when you make changes to
your SharePoint libraries and updates the
workflows on your multifunction system
through our “Ready Now” technology. Now
that’s smart!
As it’s designed to take full advantage of
your EIP-enabled Xerox® multifunction
systems and network servers, ConnectKey
will seamlessly integrate with your
infrastructure. ConnectKey can handle all
the file types you need to create when you
capture your paper documents including
searchable PDF, PDF/A (for archiving), TIFF,
JPEG, Word and Excel. Never before has
such an affordable and simple solution
provided so much flexibility.
See how the ConnectKey™ streamlined workflow can enhance your
office productivity.
Current Multi-Step Workflow for Uploading Documents to SharePoint®
Use multifunction
system to email
document to
Open document
document with
meaningful file
Upload to
Add indexing
Faster and More Efficient Workflow with ConnectKey
Choose workflow
at multifunction
Add meaningful
name and
indexing data
The flexible way to connect.
Use your Xerox multifunction system to:
• Capture and route documents into
SharePoint libraries and/or
Windows® folders
• Convert paper documents to flexible
digital content for easy repurposing
• Instantly create structured data with
file naming and indexing at the
multifunction system user interface
• Intuitively designed configurations get you
up and running quickly
Point-and-click easy. IT friendly.
Setting up the workflows on your
multifunction system to scan to your
repositories is configurator-based and
extremely intuitive so you’ll be scanning the
same day you install the solution. And your
IT staff won’t need to update the workflows
on your Xerox® multifunction system since
changes made to the associated destinations
are updated automatically. ConnectKey™
supports multiple versions of SharePoint, even
integrates with Microsoft® Active Directory®
so you can easily maintain access control
without additional tools or investments.
So Smart It Won’t Stretch
Your IT Resources
• Point and click install requires
minimal IT intervention
• Easy workflow automation setup
with a wizard tool
• Auto multifunction system
workflow updates require no IT
• Setup for scanning to your
preferred Windows folders is
simpler than ever
• Works with your existing
multifunction system and network
security for seamless integration
Security and peace of mind
come standard.
Xerox understands that your critical business information needs to stay
within your organisation. You can have peace of mind knowing that Xerox®
ConnectKey™ for SharePoint® is based on the secure scanning architecture built
into every Xerox® multifunction system. Scans sent from your Xerox® multifunction
system can be encrypted using the most up-to-date industry standard protocols so
you know your information is safe.
ConnectKey gives you full
security integration.
• Secure scanning technology is built
into Xerox® multifunction systems –
encryption and secure connections offer
you peace of mind when routing your
• Both swipe/proximity cards and
password login can be used for
stronger security; support is provided
through the Xerox Secure Access
Unified ID System® solution
• Works with Microsoft® Active
Directory® so users see only their
specific workflows
• Integrates with the Xerox Secure
Access Unified ID System so you can
maintain your existing investment
For more information, please contact your Xerox sales representative or visit
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ConnectKey™ are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. 11/12 BR3360 SO1BR-77EA
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