HT3189 User Manual - Avantree
材质:封面封底128G双铜 + 四色双面印刷
内页臻品上质80G高白纸, 2个骑马钉
size: 135x 191mm 共12P
1. Headphones
2. Transmitter
3. Micro USB data/charging cable
4. 3.5mm audio cable
5. Audio Splitter
6. 3.5mm female to RCA male cable
7. Quick User Guide
8. User Manual
9. Contact Card
Button /Components From Status
Bluetooth Transmitter BTTC-318
1 LED indicator
any status after press and hold for 5s until LED
indicator flashes BLUE and RED
power on
any status after press and hold for 10s until LED
power on
indicator flashed BLUE and RED
Wireless Transmitter and Headphones Set for TV
Power Up:
Power up with supplied Micro USB data/charging cable via TV USB(preferred),
phone charger,PC USB or any other USB outlet with 5V/500mA~2A.
USB port of TV
BLUE LED on for 1s
BLUE LED flash once per 2s
Power OFF
RED LED on for 1s
DC Charging
SBC, BLUE LED flash once per 5s
Wall charger
Connected under Codec
Micro USB charging cable
FST, BLUE LED flash twice per 5s
APTX, WHITE LED flash once per 5s
Priva II
APTX LL, WHITE LED flash twice per 5s
USB port of computer
Analog Audio input
5 3.5mm audio socket
welcome to
power on
press and hold for 5s
power off
power off
press and hold for 8s
incoming call /
in a call
set headphones to pairing
press once
answer a call / end a call
incoming call
press and hold for 1s
reject a call
double click MFB
redial last number
press once
play music
Charging with supplied micro USB data/charging cable via phone charger,
PC USB, TV USB or any other USB outlet with 5V/500mA~2A.
3.5 hours is required to fully charge the headphones, RED LED is on during
charging process, once charging is complete, RED LED is off.
pause music
press once
volume up
music playing
press and hold for 1s
next track
In a call /
music playing
press once
in a call / music
6 Microphone
power on
music playing
4 Indicator light
Action Results / Function
press and hold for 3s
1 Volume Down / Previous
2 Multi-function button(MFB)
3 Volume Up / Next
4. Use of HT3189
power off
7 Charging Port
BLUE and RED flash alternately
No LED indication
From Status
Bluetooth Headphone BTHS-AS9S
insert Micro USB data/charging
cable, connect to PC USB output Micro USB Audio input
Power ON
Button /
reset transmitter
insert Micro USB data/charging
connect to USB outlet for
cable, connect to TV USB(preferred), power
PC USB or any other USB power
adapter(5V 500mA - 2A)
LED Indicator - Transmitter
Function Table - Headphones
set transmitter to pairing mode
Pairing Mode
power ON/OFF
plug in 3.5mm audio cable,
connect to audio source
USB in/power socket
6 Magnetic base
Action Results / Function
5 USB in / charging socket
7 3M sticker
Avantree HT3189
3 3.5mm audio jack
switch to ON/OFF
3.5mm audio jack
4 Multi-function button(MFB)
2 ON / OFF
3. Getting to know HT3189 - Headphones
Function Table - Transmitter
press once
volume down
4.2 Use for PC / Laptop
4.1 Use for TV
4.1.1. Connect Transmitter to TV ( 3 options depends on your TV)
TV with 3.5mm headphone jack: Connect the transmitter to the TV using the
included 3.5mm audio cable
warning tone
Turn on the transmitter - Plug in the
charging cable for power and switch the
button to “ON”.The Blue LED will be on
for 1s, then flashes once per 2s.
warning tone for
maximum volume
3.5 mm audio cable
Option 1 - 3.5mm
warning tone for
minimum volume
press and hold for 1s
previous track
click "+" and "-" once
voice dial
press and hold "+" and
"-" for 10s
LED Indicator - Headphones
Turn on the headphones Press and hold the MFB button for 2s until
the BLUE LED on for 1s. Then Blue LED
flashes once per 5s.
Keep the two devices close and
wait 3-15s.
3.5 mm audio cable RCA cable
Once reconnected, the
BLUE LED on both devices
will flash twice quickly per 5s.
Avantree Priva III
BLUE LED on for 1s
pairing mode
BLUE and RED flash alternately
standby and disconnected
BLUE LED flash once per 2s
BLUE LED flash twice per 5s
power OFF
RED LED on for 2s
charging complete
1. The transmitter within HT3189 set supports Micro USB audio input, its
sound quality is much greater than ANALOG audio input, you can use it
on PC / Laptop for better audio effect.
2. When used with desk top computer, it is highly recommended that
you use the USB port on the rear of computer as they tend to supply
a more consistent voltage.
low battery
when disconnected, RED LED flashes once per 2s
Notes: Included headphones can also be used as wired headphones via their
3.5mm audio socket.
TV WITHOUT RCA analog out or
headphone jack: Connect the
transmitter to the TV with a Digital
to Analog Audio Converter (please
buy separately)
Option 2 - RCA
Digital Audio Converter
(please buy separately)
Optical Cable
Option 3 - Optical
1. Connect transmitter to TV, turn on both transmitter and headphones
included in HT3189, auto-reconnected.( refer to above “ Use of HT3189”)
2. Set transmitter into pairing mode manually - press and hold MFB button for
5s until BLUE and RED LED flash alternately.
3. Set 2nd headphones (your own) into pairing mode - check their user manual.
4. Keep them close and wait until the LED on transmitter slows down.
5. Now both headphones are connected to transmitter, wear them and enjoy.
1. If 2nd headphones does not support fast stream codec, there will be an
audio delay from both headphones.
2. Only the original set will auto-reconnect each time. You will need to click
the 2nd headphones main button once and wait for it to reconnect to the
power ON
TV with RCA ANALOG* OUT: Connect
the transmitter to the TV using the
included RCA cable
5. Add 2nd headphones to HT3189
4.2.4 Set “ Avantree Priva III” as “Default Devices”.
when connected, RED LED flashes twice per 5s
Scan me for warranty registration
4.2.1 Connect the transmitter to PC / Laptop via supplied Micro USB
data/charging cable.
4.2.2 Turn on both transmitter and headphones, auto-reconnected.
4.2.3 Right-click speaker icon on the bottom-right of the PC / Laptop screen
and select “Playback devices”.
4.2.2. Turn on both transmitter and headphones, auto-reconnected.
2. Getting to know HT3189 - Transmitter
1. What’s in the box
HT3189 is ALREADY PRE-PAIRED, there is NO NEED to pair them manually.
Turn on both devices, they will AUTO-RECONNECT to each other.
6. Connect included headphones to smart
phone / tablet / PC
1. Make sure the included transmitter is turned off - switch button to "OFF" or
unplug charging table.
2. Set headphones into pairing mode manually - press and hold MFB for 8s
until BLUE and RED LED flashes alternately.
3. Pair your smart phone / tablet / PC with “AS9S”.
4. Connected. Enjoy!
1. The headphones only auto-reconnect to the transmitter, so turn off the
2. For next use, you just need to click MFB button once on headphone or
select“AS9S” on your smart phone/tablet/PC.
7. Product Specifications
Bluetooth Transmitter BTTC-318
• Bluetooth version: V4.2
• Supported profiles: A2DP
• Audio codec: aptX-LL, aptX, Fast Stream, SBC
• Operating Range: Up to 30 meters
• Product size: 48mm (L) x 48mm (W) x 15mm (H)
• Weight: Body approx. 16g, Base approx. 7g
Bluetooth Headphone BTHS-AS9S
• Bluetooth version: V4.1
• Supported profiles: headset, handsfree, A2DP, AVRCP
• Audio codec: Fast stream, SBC
• Operation range: Class 2, 10 meters
• Working time: up to 40hours music time and 20 days
standby time
• Driver size: 40mm
• Impedance: 32 ohm
• Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
• Headset size: 200mm x 180mm X 80mm
• Ear pad inner diameter: 6.3cm (length) 4cm (width)
• Ear pad Outer diameter: 10cm (length) 8.5cm (width)
• Headset weight: 200g
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