HP CG319A Datasheet
HP Scanning Imager 1100
HP’s scanning imagers offer a reliable, HP-proven
development platform with low total cost of ownership.
For OEMs that value the advantages and convenience
of thermal inkjet technology (TIJ) and the competitive
edge of partnering with a technology leader, HP’s
scanning imagers offer unprecedented value.
Fast and reliable HP print mechanism
The HP Scanning Imager 1100 offers:
•Print mechanism up to 8.5 x 6000-inch (W x L)
scanning print zone
Based upon HP’s fast and sturdy HP OfficeJet Pro
platform, the HP Scanning Imager 1100 is built to
perform and last using proven HP technology.
The HP Scanning Imager 1100 includes:
•Fast 3.4 inches per second scanning imager speeds,
with unattended color printing using a wide 7/8-inch •Two printhead stalls
•Four ink cartridge stalls
•Customer-replaceable printheads and high-capacity
•Printhead service station
ink supplies for low total costs
•Proven path for flexible media
•A desktop printer development platform for highThe HP Scanning Imager 1100 delivers blazing speed
throughput, high-quality color printing on smaller
and high quality with its ability to use 7/8-inch high,
media such as labels and personal identification
1200 dpi printheads. Its 4,224 nozzles per imager
mean reliable, trouble-free printing.
Powerful performance, low total cost of ownership,
The HP Scanning Imager 1100, available through
unattended printing and overall ease of integration
December 2016, provides easy access to the printing
combine for the functionality you and your customers
supplies and works with most popular operating
want from a high-volume print engine.
systems, including Microsoft® Windows® XP,
Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 (pending).
Low total cost
When you’re able to print unattended jobs overnight,
your throughput increases dramatically. The HP
Scanning Imager 1100, with high-capacity ink
cartridges, lets you do just that: set up a job, hit print
and walk away. Front panel lights indicate when
supplies are low, so an operator can see printer status
from across the room, saving time.
The ink cartridges have separate, long-life HP
printheads—so you aren’t paying for extra parts before
you need them. Just replace the ink or printhead as
needed. The easy-to-use ink cartridges and printheads
simply snap in and out, adding further convenience
and value.
HP water-based inks are contained in the cartridge—
there’s no need to handle messy or dangerous solvents
or invest in VOC fume extraction hoods or HEPA filters.
HP’s advanced printing technology
The HP Scanning Imager 1100 features HP’s Scalable
Printing Technology and advanced HP dye and
pigment inks.
The sophisticated assembly of the HP Scalable Printing
Technology printhead enables a faster development
cycle at a lower cost. The printhead components
are fabricated as one unit, resulting in the precise
alignment of the chamber, nozzles and heating
element, which further improves the accuracy of the ink
placement. The Scalable Printing Technology supports
an increased nozzle density with an industry-leading
4,224 nozzles per imager. This allows higher-quality,
consistent printing at faster speeds—you’ll get the
same great results from print to print. Resolution is up
to 1200 x 1200 dpi in color.
The HP Scanning Imager 1100 features a four-color HP
ink system with precise, accurate colors using dye color
inks and a choice of pigment or dye black. Whether
your solution is dye or pigment-based, separate dye/
pigment-compatible bi-color printheads in black/
yellow and cyan/magenta, and large separate ink
cartridges keep intervention and running costs at a
The HP Scanning Imager 1100 offers a proven printer
platform that can be easily customized and integrated
by OEMs.
HP application engineers work closely with OEMs,
providing tools and guides to ensure quick and easy
integration, with firmware that can be tuned to specific
OEM applications.
Software drivers can be tailored to present a featurerich user interface (with or without OEM brand identity)
or can be simplified to offer only the functions required
for the application. Printer-driven GPIOs (general
purpose input/output) can be programmed for OEMspecific uses.
HP’s application engineers are there to help integrate
the imager into your solutions. OEMs can amortize
their development costs over a long period, since
typical product life is five years.
Why choose HP?
HP is the worldwide leader in imaging and printing
technologies. We bring innovative, reliable, clean and
easy-to-use solutions to a variety of industrial markets.
As pioneers of thermal inkjet printing, HP knows the
technology inside and out.
HP Scanning Imager 1100
Technical specifications
Print speed
Up to 3.4 inches per second
Media width
2.5" minimum and 8.5" maximum
Borderless printing
Up to 8.5 inches wide
Print resolution
Up to1200 x 1200 dpi
USB 2.0, built-in wired Ethernet, GPIO
Printer driver support
32 and 64 bit for Windows® XP, Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 (planned)
Customizable sequence and field upgradeable
Power consumption
Active: 28 watts, Standby/Ready: 6 watts, Off: (240 V): 0.6 watts; (110V): 0.4 watts
Power supply type
External universal power supply
Power requirements
Input voltage 110 to127 VAC (± 10 percent), 50/60 Hz (±2 Hz); 220 to 240 VAC (±10 percent), 50/60 Hz (±2 Hz)
Power: LwAd 6.8 (BA)
Pressure: (bystander): LpAD 61(dBA)
Operating environment
Operating temperature: 15° to 35° C; Recommended operating temperature: 20° to 30° C; Relative operating humidity: 20% to 80%
Non-operating environment
Storage temperature: -40° to 60° C; Relative humidity: 10% to 80%
19.35 x 11.81 x 8.37-inch; 496 x 300 x 212.5 mm (W x D x H)
19 lb/7.9kg (scanning imager only)
Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge
Black XL dye
Black XL pigment
Cyan XL dye
Magenta XL dye
Yellow XL dye
Average delivered ink (ccs)
69 ml
66 ml
28 ml
28 ml
28 ml
Recommended operating
15° to 35° C,
20% to 80% RH
15° to 35° C,
20% to 80% RH
15° to 35° C,
20% to 80% RH
15° to 35° C,
20% to 80% RH
15° to 35° C,
20% to 80% RH
Shipping and storage conditions
Approx. 15° to 35° C,
Approx. 15° to 35° C,
Approx. 15° to 35° C,
Approx. 15° to 35° C,
Approx. 15° to 35° C,
20% to 80% RH
20% to 80% RH
20% to 80% RH
20% to 80% RH
20% to 80% RH
Black/yellow dye
Black pigment/yellow dye
Cyan/magenta dye
1200 dpi
1200 dpi
1200 dpi
Nozzel count
Print swath
7/8-inch (22.23 mm)
7/8-inch (22.23 mm)
7/8-inch (22.23 mm)
Maximum firing frequency
24 kHz
24 kHz
24 kHz
Average drop volume
9 pl
9 pl
6 pl
Recommended operating
15° to 35° C,
20% to 80% RH
15° to 35° C,
20% to 80% RH
15° to 35° C,
20% to 80% RH
Shipping and storage conditions
Approx. 5° to 40° C,
Approx. 5° to 40° C,
Approx. 5° to 40° C,
20% to 80% RH
20% to 80% RH
20% to 80% RH
For one time only during the life of the product, cartridges and printheads can withstand a temperature profile of approximately -40°C to 60°C, with 10% to 80% RH.
HP Scanning Imager 1100
Frequently asked questions
Who are the intended users of the HP Scanning Imager 1100?
Companies that need fast, on-demand desktop printing of customized images on inkjet-printable media. ldeal for
unattended, continuous form printing on labels, postcards, personal identification products and more.
What are the key advantages of the imager?
• Powerful performance Prints up to 3.4 inches per second with large-capacity, high-quality HP Vivera Ink
print cartridges with cost-saving customer-replaceable printheads.
• Low total cost of ownership A great overall value for high-quality, professional results with low investment
costs and overall low cost per copy.
• Easy integration OEMs can quickly and easily integrate the imager into their custom applications.
What are the advantages of HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Technology?
• Cost-effective Requires no warm-up cycle and no downtime. When it's time to replace an ink cartridge or
printhead, replace only the one that needs replacing.
• Clean and easy to use. With thermal inkjet technology, there is no need for service technicians qualified
to handle volatile solvents, and no noxious fumes. No special training is required to operate and maintain
thermal inkjet printers. The ink cartridges and printheads snap in and out for easy replacement.
• Fast Thousands of tiny nozzles firing at high frequency allow high-quality printing at high speeds.
• Reliable HP TIJ is less sensitive to air bubbles in the firing chamber than other printing technologies are,
avoiding print-quality problems and delays caused by trapped air.
• Flexible Supports a wide variety of media.
• High quality HP TIJ places smaller drops more accurately, producing consistently superb image
and text quality.
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change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty
statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an
additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
To learn more, visit www.hp.com/go/oeminkjet
4AA1-9848ENA, October 2011
Ordering information
Part number
HP Scanning Imager 1100
HP Scanning Imager software license
Black XL dye ink cartridge
Black XL pigment ink cartridge
Cyan XL dye ink cartridge
Magenta XL dye ink cartridge
Yellow XL dye ink cartridge
Black/yellow dye printhead
Black pigment/yellow dye printhead
Cyan/magenta dye printhead
Contact information
To discuss inkjet technology OEM opportunities with HP
• Go to www.hp.com/go/oeminkjet and send us an
e-mail message.
• Call 858-655-3524 and leave a voice mail message.
• Mail your inquiry to:
Hewlett-Packard Company
Specialty Printing Systems
Mailstop 66-654
16399 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, CA 92127 USA
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