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Optional Accessory Speakers for LDT461V LCD Monitor
Part Number
SP-461V (designed for LDT461V)
Frequency Response
120Hz – 20kHz
7W + 7W @ 80hms with 10% THD
3.7” (W) x 26.1” (H) x 3.4” (D)
3.1 lbs (net)
Speakers (2), Speaker wire (2), Mounting brackets (4), Speaker
screws (12), Quick Start Guide
Follow these steps to connect the
speakers to your LCD monitor:
1. Turn off the power switch on the
2. Screw appropriate mounting
brackets into the appropriate
position on each speaker (2
brackets per speaker) using black
screws. Figure 1. (2 screws per
3. Screw mounting brackets /
speakers to the LCD using one (1)
black screw per bracket. Figure 2.
4. Once both speakers are attached
to the LCD, connect the speaker
wires to the terminals on the LCD
and then to the terminals on
attached speakers. Figure 3.
5. Turn the LCD power on.
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