1 RASEBORGSVÄGEN 9 1 Waste room 2 Parking space 3

1 RASEBORGSVÄGEN 9 1 Waste room 2 Parking space 3
Waste room
Parking space
Mail boxes
Storage room
Fastighets Ab Kustregionens utbildningsfastigheter
Housing office
Laundry room
Storage room
10 Storage room
To school
Contact information
Presentation of apartments
Applying for an apartment
Moving in
Saving energy
Mini Manual
Moving out
Cleaning guide
Weekly cleaning
Window cleaning
Bathroom area
Moving out cleaning
Waste management
Map of the area
Britt-Marie Rehn
Raseborgsvägen 9
10600 EKENÄS
Phone +358 (0)44 739 7358
André Sjöblom, janitor
Raseborgsvägen 9
10600 EKENÄS
Phone +358 (0)44 739 7862
Notice that contact information may change during the year.
To school
Waste room
Waste room
Storage room
Storage room
Your key goes to the storage
room that is on the same
side of the building as your
apartment is
Laundry room
Pool room
Baby food jars
Glass bottles
Glass jars
Light bulbs
Porcelain, ceramics
Drinking glass
Window glass
Coffee pans
Glass moulds
Metal tubes
Beer tins
Aluminium foil
Iron thread
Empty paint jars
Aluminium lids from e.g.
yoghurt and cottage cheese
Sauce– and frying pans
Nails, needles and pins
Empty spray bottles
Electronic waste
Paint jars filled with paint
Gas bottles
Everything else goes into the grey waste bins. Batteries go
into the red container on the wall. Do not leave any garbage
in the corridors or outside your apartment. Bigger waste that
does not fit in the waste bins you have to take care of
Welcome to our student housing!
In your hand you have got our
FAB Kustregionens utbildningsfastigheter has student housing
in two buildings at a close distance from the Novia Campus.
Applications, rental agreements and other information about
the housing are handled at the student housing office.
Application and other forms are also found on our website,
www.novia.fi —> Campus Raseborg —> studentbostäder
If you intend to start your studies at Novia University of
Applied Sciences and need student housing, you need to fill
in an application that you will find on the website and return
it to the student housing office. The application is valid for
two months. We will do our best to find an apartment for
Please remember to also read both enclosures to the lease
You will now live in an apartment of your own. This is not a
boarding school and your mom will not clean up after you.
We hope you will keep your apartment and the surroundings
tidy for most enjoyment of everyday living.
Welcome to your new home!
Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!
Raseborgsvägen 9
There are several bins for different kinds of waste at both
Ladugårdsgatan 9 and Raseborgsvägen 9.
One-room apartment 24 m²
Two-room apartment 35 m²
Three-room shared apartment 61 m²
The rent includes
Internet access
free laundry
Eggshells, fruit and
vegetable peels
Coffee and tea grounds
Filter paper
Used kitchen paper
Food scraps
Old and dry food
Fish trimmings
decomposable diapers
or other sanitary
Ashes or chalk
The tenant pays a fixed rate for water.
The building is provided with a central antenna for TV.
The apartments are furnished with a bed (two beds in the
two-room apartments), a desk, a kitchen table with two
chairs and a small bookshelf. There is a refrigerator in the
kitchenette and a cooker with oven. The window is provided
with venetian blinds. Note that there are no bedspreads,
curtains or kitchen supplies. You can bring your own furniture
if they fit in without removing any of the original furniture.
sauna twice a week
There is a parking lot next to the building where you can also
rent a plug-in pole for your car heater.
Clean and dry paper
White paper bags
Newspaper and tabloids
Flyers and catalogues
Phone books
Beer cartons
Cardboard boxes
Milk and juice cartons
Kitchen and toilet paper rolls
Egg cartons
Brown paper
Empty and clean food cartons
Gift wrapping paper
Dirty or wet paper
Wet and dirty
The apartment is checked when the tenancy ends. If it is discovered that the cleaning of the apartment has been neglected, or that surfaces or furnishings have been damaged, the
tenant is responsible for the expenses this causes .
Ladugårdsgatan 9
You are not allowed to leave anything in the apartment apart
from the fixed furniture. When leaving the apartment there
should not be any rubbish, stains or ingrained dirt in the
Two-room apartment 42 m²
When moving out, the cleaning should include the
the surfaces are wiped with a damp cloth
the stains are removed from all the surfaces
the doors are wiped with a damp cloth
cupboards and drawers are vacuumed and wiped with a
damp cloth
the toilet and the bathroom are cleaned
all rubbish is taken out
the oven, cooker and cooker hood are cleaned
the underside and the back of the cooker are wiped
the fridge/freezer is cleaned and defrosted
the electricity is switched off and the doors of the fridge
and the freezer are left open
the floor is vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth
the radiator is vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth
the mattress is vacuumed
the walls around the bed are wiped with a damp cloth
The filter in the cooker hood is washed up and free from
The following is not included in the moving out cleaning:
cleaning the windows
waxing the floors
One-room apartment 24 m²
Three-room shared apartment 65 m²
In this building there is also an apartment totally wheelchair
adapted (two rooms + kitchenette).
The rent includes
Internet access
free laundry
sauna twice a week
The tenant pays a fixed rate for water.
The building is provided with cable TV.
The apartments are furnished with a bed (two beds in the
two-room apartments), a desk, a kitchentable with two chairs
and a low bookshelf. The two-room apartments also have
two sofas. There is a refrigerator/freezer in the kitchenette, a
microwave and a cooker with oven. The window is provided
with venetian blinds. Note that there are no bedspreads,
curtains or kitchen supplies. You can bring your own furniture
if they fit in without removing any of the original furniture.
Our student housing is primarily for full-time students at
Yrkeshögskolan Novia. All the rental agreements are for a
fixed term (1 August—31 July) and can be renewed at the
tenant’s request. This is how we can guarantee housing for a
student during the entire study time. Notice that you can not
terminate a lease before 31 July.
Cleaning materials:
oven cleaning agent
scrubbing brush
- Pull the cooker out from its recess.
You will get instructions on how to pay the guarantee deposit
in connection with a notice that you are offered an apartment.
The deposit has to be made like an reservation at your own
bank account, and the advice of rent security you will get
from your bank you have to leave to housing office. The
advice of deposit is returned within a month after you have
moved out, unless you have unpaid rents and if the key is
If the applicant does not get an apartment, the application is
put in a queue (in the same order as we receive them) for
vacant apartments. The application is valid for two months
and the applicant has to report to the student housing office if
he/she wants it to be valid for another two months. You also
have to report if you do not need an apartment so that we
can cancel the application.
The availability of housing is limited and therefore we give
priority to the following applicants:
1) Foreign students
2) New students (students who have not lived in our
student housing before) have priority over students who
have not renewed their agreements
3) Students who live far from Ekenäs
4) Draw, if there are many applicants fulfilling the same
- Cover the floor in front of the oven with a floor-cloth.
- Spread oven cleaning agent on the surfaces of the oven,
the inside of the oven door and if necessary, also on the
cooker. Follow the instructions on the package. Let the cleaning agent have its effect.
- Mix water and detergent in the sink. Dampen the cloth with
the solution and wipe the walls, the sides of the cupboards
and the floor in the recess where the cooker usually stands.
At this point it would also be advisable to wipe the surfaces
of the cooker hood.
- When the oven cleaning agent has had its effect, it is removed from the oven and the cooker according to the instructions. Wipe the surfaces with a cloth dampened with
clean water. Wipe the sides of the cooker, the surfaces in
front of it as well as the temperature knobs for the hot
plates. Push the cooker back to where it was.
The tenant is responsible for the state of the apartment during the tenancy. He or she is also responsible for leaving the
apartment in a good condition. The tenant takes care of the
cleaning when he or she moves out and the apartment is vacated.
- Pour some cleaning agent in the toilet.
- Clean the shower corner.
You will get the keys to your new home at the starting date
of your agreement. The keys can be collected at the student
housing office upon agreement. The key is personal and
cannot be copied. Report to the landlord if you have lost your
- Wipe the mirror and the glass shelf.
- Clean the wash-basin, the tap and the
- Clean the bottom of the wash-basin, the adjoining walls and
the hand shower by using a cloth dampened with cleaning
- Clean the inside of the toilet by using the toilet brush and
then flush the toilet. At the same time clean the toilet brush.
Start by wiping the top of the toilet and continue downwards.
Remember to wipe the base of the toilet and also the walls
where there might be some splashes.
- Wash the floor. Remember to also clean the floor drain and
the grill (use an old washing-up brush).
Condition of the apartment
Complaints about the condition of the apartment (e.g. broken
furniture, possible water leakage or construction defects)
have to be reported without delay (within 3 weeks from
moving in) to the landlord or housing office. Remarks about
the cleaning have to be made immediately.
All remarks are to be filled in in a ’notice of defect’ form and
handed to the student housing office. The defects will be
marked down in the room card.
The apartment is to be kept tidy and clean. You are not
responsible for normal wear and tear, but you are obliged to
compensate the landlord if you cause any damage.
Cleaning the oven and the cooker
Clean the oven immediately when it has cooled down after
you have been using it. If the dirt is ingrained you need a
special oven cleaning agent in order to get it properly
TIP: use oven paper, roasting bags and baking plates when
you cook so that the oven does not get dirty. Prepare the
food in ovenware which is large enough so that the food does
not boil over.
Checklist for moving in
Fix the advice of rent security
to confirm your stay
Read the enclosures and sign
the lease agreement
Collect your key
Report to the housing office if you notice any defects in
the apartment
Read through the housing guide!
Make a ’change of address notice’ to the post office
and/or Local Register Office. Make sure that the address
has a legible apartment number!
Also check these things when you move in:
- Has someone smoked in the apartment?
- Are all the sockets functioning and intact?
- Do all the lamps function?
- Do the fridge, cooker, oven and microwave (if there is
one) work?
- Are there any bigger scratches, spots or dents on the
walls, ceiling, floor or doors?
- Is the handbasin ok?
- Is there a leakage in the toilet or any of the taps?
- Make sure all the furniture is intact
- Clear the area in front of the window so that it is easy to
open it. Cover the floor and the radiator under the window
with a floor-cloth.
- Mix some washing-up liquid (NOT TOO MUCH) into a bucket
of water. Wipe the window frames with a damp cloth.
Wet the window cleaner and start cleaning the window panes.
Start with the lower-most ones. Wipe the window panes with
the squeegee. You can use horizontal or vertical movements
across the window pane. Continue by washing the following
window panes. Every now and then wipe the rubber part of
the squeegee with a towel.
- Let the windows dry before you close them.
- Remove the covers from the radiator and the floor and, if
necessary, wipe them. Remember also to check that water
has not trickled on the walls.
You must not:
do any repairs, paint the walls or make any other
nail things to or drill the walls. If you want to make your
room more cosy you can hang e.g. pictures from the
wooden list. Fishing line is good for this purpose.
smoke in the apartment
Cleaning materials:
mild disinfectant
dust brush and dustpan or vacuum cleaner
dust cloth
toilet brush
- When cleaning, make sure that no electronic devices in the
wet facilities are connected to electric outlets.
- Put the towels and, when needed, the shower curtain (if it is
machine washable) in the laundry basket.
- Vacuum.
- Start cleaning by taking the rugs out. Beat or vacuum them
and let them hang outdoors to give them an airing while you
clean. Also take your bedclothes outdoors.
- Vacuum the floor, all the corners and the baseboards. Also
vacuum your mattress.
- Wipe all plane surfaces with a dust cloth which has been
dampened with cleaning agent. Wipe also knick-knacks, the
TV screen, etc. The cloth should not be too damp when you
wipe electronic appliances.
Saving energy is not only sustainable and eco-friendly living,
it is also about saving money. Unnecessary consumption and
increasing energy costs have an effect on the rents. To make
noticeable improvements you do not have to lower your
standard of living, only change your habits.
Energy saving tips for your home:
- Mop the floors with a damp mop or floor-cloth.
- Throw away old food from the fridge and wipe the surfaces.
- Dust or vacuum the radiators.
- Clean the waste bin and the area around it.
Cleaning the windows
Turn off the lights and turn off electrical
equipment when they are not in use.
Replace old light bulbs with energy saving lights.
Do not let the water run unnecessarily. Take a
quick shower or turn off the tap while shampooing
your hair.
Immediately report if you notice a leaking toilet or
Do laundry only when you can fill the entire
wash ing machine
Open the windows for ventilation only for short
peiods of time
Sort your waste and recycle (more on page 24)
Take your recyclable bottles back to the shop
As to the weather, choose a suitable day when
cleaning the windows. If the day is too hot and sunny,
the cleaning agent dries and gets stuck to the window
pane before you can wipe it off. If the temperature is below
zero, it will get cold inside and in addition to this you will need
anti-freeze agents (sinol) when cleaning the windows. The
most suitable weather is mild or warm, but not too windy.
Cleaning materials:
washing-up liquid (two drops), bucket
window opener
clean cloth or window cleaner
Squeegee cloth
Apartment interior
It is up to you how you decorate your own apartment, but
there are still some rules you have to follow. No bigger
changes are to be done without the landlord’s permission,
such as painting and repairs. To avoid damage to the walls
there is a wooden frame on the wall from wich you can hang
e.g. pictures. Do not move out any of the original furniture.
Balconies and windows
Balconies are to be kept tidy and during the winter the snow
is to be swept away. Do not wash the balcony with running
water. Grilling is unfortunately prohibited. You may not dust
rugs or have e.g. bedclothes hanging from the rail. Do not
throw garbage from the balcony. You are responsible for
adjusting the window ventilation in the window frame
according to season (winter-closed/summer-open)
Bikes are not to be stored in the corridors for safety reasons.
Leave them in the bike stand or in the storage room.
Car heaters
You are not allowed to warm up your car by having a cable
plugged in from your apartment. There are some poles for
car heaters at Raseborgsvägen 9 for rent.
Common facilities
The common facilities should be used only for their purpose.
Remember to leave the room in the same condition as when
you arrived.
This also applies to the laundry room. Clean up spilled
detergent, empty the water containers in the driers and
empty the dust filter after use.
The tenants are coresponsible for conducting the common
facilities, furniture as well as the equipment. They are obliged
The purpose of the cleaning is to maintain a good level of
cleanliness in the apartment and to prevent the surfaces from
becoming ingrained. The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the apartment in accordance with the lease agreement.
If you do not take care of the cleaning of the apartment, this
can cause you expenses at the latest when you move out
from the apartment and the condition of the apartment is
checked. If the apartment is not in a good state, the cost of
cleaning and repair will be covered by the tenant. The apartment is checked by qualified personnel, and the condition of
the apartment is documented, if needed also by taking pictures.
Weekly cleaning
It is easier to do the move out cleaning if you clean your
apartment weekly!
The kitchen and rooms
Cleaning materials:
washing-up liquid
washing-up brush
dust cloth
dustpan and brush or vacuum cleaner
mop and cloth
- Wipe the cooker, oven and cutting boards in the kitchen immediately after use. Wash the dishes often enough and take
out the rubbish when needed. Clean the cooker hood.
- Take old newspapers and magazines to the waste paper collection. Also remove empty bottles.
to compensate for any damage, and thus are to inform the
landlord about any changes or damages on any of the
facilities or equipment
Defrosting refrigerator and freezer
The refrigerator and freezer are to be defrosted yearly. You
will find directions in the ”cleaning guide” at the end of this
booklet. Please note that we will charge you an extra fee if
defrosting has not been done when you move out.
Dusting rugs/ airing
Dusting rugs and airing bedclothes are only allowed in places
reserved for this purpose
Fire safety
The door to the apartment and the entrance
doors are to be kept closed for fire safety. There
are automatic fire alarms in all rooms in both buildings,
reacting to smoke, temperature, dust and steam. You must
not touch the fire alarm.
Fire alarms
Remember to use the fan when e.g. cooking, because the fire
department is automatically alarmed if the fire alarm goes off.
At the same time you will hear an alarm in the building. If you
bring about a false alarm you will be liable for paying
damages. As you hear the fire alarm you must evacuate the
building immediately. Familiarize yourself with the evacuation
plan for your building. You will find more information about
fire safety on the notice boards. Keep the filter in the cooking
hood clean, because grease will make the fan ineffective.
Front doors
All front doors are locked. Use your own key to move around
in the building. If there is anything wrong with your key,
contact the housing office.
Furniture in common facilities
The furniture in the common facilites should not be moved
without permission of the landlord.
In every apartment at Ladugårdsgatan 9 there is a fuse box
on the wall. If a fuse blows you can replace it yourself. There
is also a fuse box in every apartment at Raseborgsvägen 9.
You will find it behind the hangers in the hallway. Remove
the shelf to open the box.
Housing supplement
If you are granted housing supplement, remember that one
month of housing supplement (e.g. during summer) equals
one month of study grants as you calculate the maximum
time for study grants. Get more information from FPA/KELA
(the social welfare office).
You should get a householder’s comprehensive insurance to
insure your personal property. The landlord is not responsible
for e.g. a lost bike, not even if it has been in one of the
storage rooms.
Period of notice
Agreements that have been made before 1 August 2010 have
a notice of one month. The notice has to be made in written
form and submitted to the housing secretary. You can find
notice forms on the website or collect one from the housing
All fixed term agreements end without special notice as the
lease agreements expire. You should still fill in a form with a
notification of change of address to the housing secretary.
This applies to all tenants
Five days at the latest before planning on returning the key,
you have to book a cleaning check. At the cleaning check the
apartment is carefully gone through and if it is not sufficiently
clean the tenant has to either clean it himself/herself or pay
our cleaners to do the cleaning according to our price list.
Moving out
When moving out - check the following:
By connecting a network cable to the socket, the Internet
should work. Note that only one of the sockets work.
Laundry room
The machines in the laundry room are free of charge but you
have to have your own detergents. Inform the housing office
if the machines do not work properly. The landlord is not
responsible for clothes that have disappeared from the
laundry room.
Booking lists and guides for use can be found in the laundry
Book a cleaning check five days at the latest before
planning on returning the key!
Take ALL your things with you from the apartment and
the store rooms!
Check that your mailbox is empty!
Clean your apartment thoroughly to avoid costs for our
cleaners to do the cleaning.
There is a cleaning checklist in this guide on page 23
Return the keys to the housing secretary after the
cleaning check.
Make a change of address.
Weekdays between 10 pm and 6 am as well as weekends and
holidays between 11 pm and 8 am silence prevails. Loud
music, singing and playing are allowed only if agreed with the
The stove - child safe lock (Ladugårdsgatan 9)
The cooker has a child safe lock. Pull out the oven button and
turn to lock or lock up. When the lock is on the cooker does
not work.
You have the right to have a subtenant in your apartment.
Note that you are the main tenant and you are responsible
for the subtenant, his or her living, paying of rents and
possible damage he or she may cause.
TV fee
If you have a television in your apartment, you have to pay
your own TV fee
rooms. In the folder for reservations you can book a time for
you in advance. Do not book the washing machines for a
longer time than you actually need. Remember that your
neighbours also want to wash their clothes and you probably
do not need five machines at the same time. Also remember
to cancel the reservation if you are not going to use it. Your
time will be cancelled if you have not shown up within 15
minutes after your time starts.
Empty the machines as soon as possible when the program is
finished! If you use the tumble dryer you have to clean the
filter and empty the water after every use. Turn off the machine and turn off the water tap when you
finish washing.
Lease agreement
All lease agreements are fixed-term. They can only be
cancelled if you end your studies or graduate. You will find
more information in the enclosures to the lease agreement.
Locked out?
Weekdays 8 am - 4 pm the janitor will open the door for you,
call 044 739 7862.
Other hours you will be charged an extra fee for having the
door opened. Call key service 0440 3636 16
Mail to the apartment
It is important that your apartment number is shown in the
address. Otherwise the mail will be sent back to the post
Notice of defect
Report to the service personnel if you notice something is
broken. It is your responsibility to make a notice of defect if
anything breaks down or you notice any defects in your
apartment. If you fail to do so you may be liable for paying
the damages. Our personnel does not replace broken lamps.
You will find a ’notice of defect’ form on our website. Please
try to specify the problem as accurately as possible. If the
defect is in the apartment, the janitor will use his/her own
key to get in if you are not at home, and will leave a message
when leaving. Defects are taken care of weekdays 8 am - 4
Always report if you notice any of the following
It is too hot or too cold in the apartment
The doors or windows can not be closed properly
You notice any defects in the air-conditioning
If you notice formation of frost or ice on the
Some device is broken
E.g. the toilet or a tap is leaking
The drain does not work properly
You feel a bad odour in the apartment
If you are the slightest unsure of something not
being as it should
It is strictly forbidden to keep any pets in the apartments or
in the other facilities, even temporarily.
There is a pool table in the TV room at Ladugårdsgatan 9. It
is available for all the tenants. You get into the room with
your own key if you live at Ladugårdsgatan. Tenants at
Raseborgsvägen 9 can collect a key from the student housing
The rent, and all the other expenses, are to be paid monthly
in advance to the landlord’s account. The due date is the 5th.
Checking and collecting of rents not paid start on the 15th
the same month. The tenant gets a reference number that is
to be used with every payment.
Room card
For every apartment there is a room card. All damages and
marks that existed in the apartment before you moved in are
registered in the card. Ensure that you mark the condition of
the apartment as you move in, to avoid being charged for
damages you have not caused.
For the tenants’ use there is a sauna in both buildings. Both
saunas have separate sections for men and women. The
saunas are open according to the signs on the notice boards,
nevertheless, on a holiday or day before holiday the saunas
are closed. During the summer, 1 June—31 August the
saunas are closed. You must not drink alcohol in the saunas
or dressing rooms.
Security deposit
The advice of security deposit is returned within a month
after the expiry of the agreement. This is done if the tenant
does not have any unpaid rent, the apartment is in proper
condition and the key has been returned to the housing
Shower curtains
All shower curtains are provided with cleaning advice and
should be washed every now and then to keep fresh and
hygienic. All shower curtains can be washed in delicate wash
40˚, except for a few plastic ones left at Ladugårdsgatan 9.
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