MSM323-R Integrated Services Access Point Quickstart

MSM323-R Integrated Services Access Point Quickstart
The MSM323-R (MSC-3300R) is a Wi-Fi Alliance authorized Wi-Fi CERTIFIED
802.11a/b/g product. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Logo is a certification mark of the Wi-Fi
Alliance. The MSM323-R is certified under the SpectraLink Voice Interoperability for
Enterprise Wireless (VIEW) Certification Program.
MSM323-R Integrated Services Access Point Quickstart
This Quickstart introduces the MSM323-R (US J9342A, WW J9345A) Integrated Services Access Point (formerly the MSC-3300R MultiService Controller) and
shows you how to get started using it. After following the directions in this Quickstart, see the MSC-3000 Series Admin Guide available at:
Hardware overview
MSM323-R Integrated Services Access Point Quickstart
HP ProCurve Networking
Package contents
MSM323-R featuring a die-cast aluminum enclosure with three-point silicone gasket, two
2.4-GHz (5.5-dBi) 802.11b/g omnidirectional antennas, weatherproof quick-disconnect
RJ-45 Ethernet connector, wall-mount bracket, pole-mount bracket assembly, grounding lug.
The MSM323-R ships fully assembled and ready to operate.
Take note of the following safety information during installation:
Radios and antennas
The MSM323-R has two radios each with a single antenna. The antenna connectors are
weatherproof straight-polarity N-type female bulkhead antenna connectors.
Ethernet port
The MSM323-R has a single 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with weatherproof RJ-45 connector.
The MSM323-R is a ruggedized version of the MSM323 and shares the same
feature set. However, due to its weather-proof enclosure: the LAN port, the serial
port, the reset button, and the status lights are not available. The MSM323-R
provides access to the Internet port only and this port has been configured to
support PoE. When using the management tool, ignore references to the LAN port.
For details on resetting the MSM323-R to its factory defaults, see “Resetting to
factory defaults” in the MSC-3000 Series Admin Guide.
• If your network covers an area served by more than one power distribution system, be
sure all safety grounds are securely interconnected.
• Network cables may occasionally be subject to hazardous transient voltages (caused by
lightning or disturbances in the electrical power grid).
• Handle exposed metal components of the network with caution.
• This product does not have a power switch. It is powered-on when it is connected to a
PoE power source.
Protection equipment needed
In addition to the items supplied with the MSM323-R, protection equipment will be required
according to your electrical code. For example:
• Antenna surge suppressor: HP ProCurve Antenna Lightning Arrester, part number
• Ethernet surge suppressor: Weatherproof PoE compatible 10/100 base-T CAT5
Lightning Protector.
Installation guidelines
The MSM323-R is typically interconnected with other equipment as follows (only the
antennas and weatherproof RJ-45 connector are supplied with the MSM323-R):
device, consult with a professional installer trained in RF installation and
knowledgeable in local regulations including building and wiring codes,
safety, channel, power, indoor/outdoor restrictions, and license
requirements for the intended country. It is the responsibility of the end
user to ensure that installation and use comply with local safety and radio
• Surge protection and grounding: When connecting an outdoor antenna to the unit make
sure that proper lightning surge protection and grounding precautions are taken
according to local electrical code. Failure to do so may result in personal injury, fire,
equipment damage, or a voided warranty. The HP ProCurve hardware warranty provides
no protection against damage caused by static discharge or a lightning strike.
• Cabling: You must use the appropriate cables, and where applicable, surge protection,
for your given region. For compliance with EN55022 Class-B emissions requirements
use shielded Ethernet cables.
• Country of use: Some versions of the unit require the installer to select the appropriate
country during the initial set up. Once the country has been set, the unit will
automatically limit the available channels, ensuring compliant operation in the selected
country. Incorrectly entering the country may result in illegal operation and may cause
harmful interference to other systems.
Installation procedure
WARNING: This is a general procedure. It is the installer’s responsibility to perform
all installation according to local electrical code and regulations.
WARNING: Corrosive damage caused by salt fog is not covered by the warranty.
MSM323-R Integrated Services Access Point Quickstart
HP ProCurve Networking
WARNING: The MSM323-R must be installed with the antennas pointing straight up.
2. If your Cat5 Ethernet cable already has an RJ-45 connector on the end that will connect
Damage caused by water ingress through the RJ-45 connector as a result
of the MSM323-R being improperly installed or the improper assembly
or attachment of the weatherproof RJ-45 connector, is not covered by the
to the HP ProCurve equipment, remove the RJ-45 connector by cutting the cable at least
half an inch (1.2 cm) before the RJ-45 connector.
Plan the installation
Identify a suitable install location. The MSM323-R has a NEMA 4 rating and is unsuitable for
installation in a salt fog environment. Local electrical and building codes and regional
regulations will dictate many aspects of your installation. You may also wish to perform
transmission and reception tests at a proposed location before installing. In some cases it
may be desirable to install remote antennas, off the body of the MSM323-R.
You will have to provide an effective earth ground for the MSM323-R, at least one of its
antenna surge suppressors, and the Ethernet surge suppressor. It is rarely sufficient to use a
metal pole for any equipment grounding.
Be sure to make a clean cut with a pair of sharp angle cutters. The complete cut
(through both the cable sheath and all wires) must occur in a single cutting motion.
3. Hold Clamp Ring (C) horizontally, with its fingers to the left. Insert the Seal (B) into the
fingers on the left end so that it is flush with the end of the fingers. Insert the Gasket (D)
into the right end, pushing it against the ridge at the end of the threads. The Gasket is
beveled on one side. The beveled side should face inwards away from the Screw Nut.
4. Thread the Sealing Nut (A) onto the left end of the Clamp Ring (C). Tighten it only
enough for it to stay attached.
5. Hold the Screw Nut (E) vertically, with the open threads facing up, and drop the Body (f)
into it, with the RJ-45 connector opening facing up.
6. Hold the Clamp Ring (C) vertically below the Screw Nut/Body items and screw the Body
You will also need to decide how to route the Ethernet cable from the building to the
into the threads on the Clamp Ring (C). Tighten it only enough to stay attached. Note
that the Screw Nut (E) remains loose on the Body (F).
Install Cabling
According to your needs and local electrical codes and regulations, run grounding wires and
Ethernet cable to where the MSM323-R will be installed.
Ensure that the other end of the grounding wires connect to a true earth ground according to
the NFPA 70 National Electrical Code and/or all pertinent local codes.
For the Ethernet cable, allow for an extra two feet (.6 meters) for connector attachment and
drip loops. In addition, allow for an extra four feet (1.2 meters) of cable for the Ethernet
surge suppressor. Use outdoor-rated shielded Cat5e cable (direct-burial type recommended).
Prepare the weatherproof Ethernet cable
To provide a weatherproof seal, the Ethernet port on the MSM323-R uses a custom
weatherproof cable connector (supplied). You must terminate your Ethernet cable with this
connector as described in the following procedure. Cable length should not exceed 300 feet
(91 meters).
7. Remove the white backing paper from one of the RJ-45 Gaskets (H) and press the glued
side onto the Body (F) being very careful to align the gasket with the RJ-45 connector
shape on the Body (F).
8. Remove the backing paper from the second RJ-45 Gasket (H) and press it over the first
one, being sure to maintain alignment.
9. Tighten the threads between Body (F) and Clamp Ring (C) by hand. DO NOT tighten
between Clamp Ring (C) and Sealing Nut (A). Do not over tighten. Do not tighten with
The quick-disconnect assembly should now look like this when held horizontally, with
the Sealing Nut (A) at the left end, and the Screw Nut (E) over the Body (F) at the right
Weatherproof connector parts
10. Carefully thread the cleanly-cut end of the Cat5 Ethernet cable through the Sealing Nut
(A) end of the quick-disconnect assembly, and push through approximately 1 foot (30
cm) of cable.
Caution: Ruggedized and shielded Ethernet cables must be used for all connections.
1. Carefully unpack the nine quick-disconnect items from the plastic bag, identifying all
parts as illustrated. If any parts are missing, DO NOT proceed until you get a
replacement parts kit.
The next two steps should be performed by someone with experience building
Ethernet cables.
11. Prepare the cable and attach it to the RJ-45 Plug (G) according to the directions
included with your crimping tool.
12. Before continuing, test the cable with a portable Ethernet cable tester to ensure that the
RJ-45 plug (G) is correctly connected.
MSM323-R Integrated Services Access Point Quickstart
HP ProCurve Networking
13. Carefully pull the cable slack back through the quick-disconnect assembly until the RJ45 Plug (G) is almost touching the Body (F). Adjust the cable position so that the RJ-45
Plug (G) fits precisely into the RJ-45 cutout in the Body (F), and press down the plastic
tab so the plug fits correctly.
14. Tighten the threads between Sealing Nut (A) and Clamp Ring (C) by hand, until the cable
is firmly anchored. Do not over tighten. Do not tighten with tools.
Install the MSM323-R
1. Mount the MSM323-R on a wall or pole using the supplied brackets so that the antennas
are pointing up. Local electrical and building codes will dictate many installation
2. (Refer to photo below: “Grounded body (via grounding lug).”) Attach the supplied
grounding lug (through the bracket) to one of the lower screw holes on the MSM323-R
body, and attach a grounding wire with the set screw.
3. (Refer to the photo on the left side of page 1.) Manually screw on antenna surge
suppressors to the antenna connectors on top of the MSM323-R. Position the gas tube
covers so that they can be removed for future tube replacement.
4. (Refer to photo below: “Grounded surge suppressor.”) Attach a grounding wire to at
least one of the antenna surge suppressors. For the model shown, remove the crimp
connector, crimp it to the wire, and then screw the crimp connector back onto the surge
6. (Refer to illustration “Weatherproof connector parts” on previous page.) Mate the RJ-45
Plug (G) with the socket on the MSM323-R, hold it firmly in place, and tighten the Screw
Nut (E) by hand. Do not over tighten. Do not tighten with tools.
7. Install an Ethernet surge suppressor as close as possible to the MSM323-R, ideally
within two feet (.6 meters). This helps reduce the effects of any charge carried by the
cable to the MSM323-R. Install this Ethernet surge suppressor between the MSM323-R
and the PoE power source.
The Ethernet cable will typically need to be cut and have the cable end coming from the
PoE injector connected to the Ethernet surge suppressor input (Line) and have the cable
end coming from the MSM323-R connected to the Ethernet surge suppressor output
(Equipment). Follow the instructions included with the Ethernet surge suppressor.
Include a drip loop for both the input and output cables. Connect a grounding wire to the
Ethernet surge suppressor.
Powering the MSM323-R
The MSM323-R can be powered by:
• A PoE-enabled switch. A number of PoE-enabled switches are available from HP
• HP ProCurve PoE 1-Port Power Injector (J9407A).
Initial software configuration
This section walks you through the steps needed to configure the MSM323-R and establish a
connection through the MSM323-R to the Internet.
Surge suppressor not exactly as shown
5. Create a drip loop in the Ethernet cable below the MSM323-R. A drip loop provides
additional protection against water running down the Ethernet cable and into the
connector. Form the loop as shown here. Make sure that the distance between the loop
start and end points is at least 6 inches (15 cm), and that the cable hangs down at least
10 inches (25 cm).
The MSM323-R is managed via its web-based management tool using at least Microsoft
Internet Explorer 7.0 or Mozilla Firefox 2.0.
Do not power on the MSM323-R until directed.
MSM323-R Integrated Services Access Point Quickstart
A. Configure your computer
1. Configure your computer to use a static IP address in the range of to, and a subnet mask of
For example, in Windows XP, use Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area
Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties.
2. Disable any wireless connection.
3. Use a crossover Ethernet cable (not supplied) to connect your computer LAN port to the
PoE injector Data In port.
B. Start the MSM323-R
Connect a standard Ethernet cable from the PoE injector Data and PoE Out port to the
HP ProCurve Networking
Management tool
The management tool home page opens. The management tool is organized with menus and
sub-menus. Instructions for making menu selections, such as “select Network > Ports”
instruct you to select the Network menu and then the Ports sub-menu, as in this image:
D. Create a test user account
1. Select Users > Users.
2. Add a user, “Test” for example, specifying 0 for Idle timeout, Session timeout, and
Concurrent sessions. Select Add.
C. Perform these initial login tasks
Some prompts only appear when the MSM323-R is in its factory-default state.
1. In a web browser, open page:
2. You may be prompted to accept a security certificate. To continue, proceed as follows:
At the security certificate prompt, in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, select Continue to
this website; in Firefox 2, select Accept this certificate temporarily for this session and
For information on how you can replace the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate that
ships with the MSM323-R with one of your own, see Managing certificates in the
MSC-3000 Series Admin Guide.
3. On the Login page, enter admin for Username and Password and then select Login.
4. If the License Agreement page appears, read the agreement and select Accept License
5. The registration page may appear. It is recommended that you register later by selecting
Maintenance > Registration.
6. In some cases, a Country prompt appears. If it does, select the country in which this
product will be used and select Save.
WARNING: The country must be set accurately to the country in which the MSM323-R
will operate.
7. At the password prompt it is recommended that you change the password. Specify the
new password and select Save.
Passwords must contain at least six characters, including four different characters.
E. Configure the Internet connection
By default, the MSM323-R operates as a DHCP client to obtain its IP address from a
DHCP server.
Alternate Internet port IP addressing is possible. See Assigning an IP
address on page 6.
1. Remove the crossover Ethernet cable, and using a standard Ethernet cable connect the
PoE injector Data In port to the network on which the MSM323-R will be used. For the
purposes of this example, the network must have a DHCP server and an Internet
connection. Broadband routers typically include a DHCP server.
2. Verify that your computer wireless network interface is set to obtain an IP address
automatically from the network, and enable the interface.
For example, to obtain the IP address automatically in Windows XP, use Control Panel >
Network Connections > Local Area Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol (TCP/
IP) > Properties, and make sure that Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain a
DNS server address automatically are both checked.
MSM323-R Integrated Services Access Point Quickstart
3. Connect to the wireless network. For example, from the Windows XP Start menu, select
Settings > Network Connections > Wireless Network Connections. The list of available
wireless networks appears. By default the MSM323-R creates a wireless network named
HP ProCurve. Select this network and then Connect.
F. Test the public access interface
HP ProCurve Networking
Assigning an IP address
The Internet port of the MSM323-R defaults to being a DHCP client. If your Internet service
provider or network administrator requires a different configuration, for example static IP
address assignment, configure it as follows:
1. From the MSM323-R management tool, select Network > Ports > Bridge port and
choose another option in the Assign IP address via box.
Test the public access interface by using a wireless connection to log in.
1. In a web browser enter the address of an Internet site such as The
MSM323-R intercepts the URL and displays the public access interface Login page.
Enter the Username and Password for the test account you created earlier and select
2. Both the desired web page and the public access interface session page open.
A popup blocker may prevent the session page from being displayed.
3. When finished, close the Web browser.
G. Performing additional configuration
1. Make sure that your computer is configured to obtain an IP address and DNS Server
address automatically, as explained in step E.2 above.
2. Connect your computer to the same network as the MSM323-R.
3. Look in the DHCP server log for the Ethernet Base MAC address shown on the
MSM323-R label and take note of the corresponding IP address.
4. Relaunch the MSM323-R management tool, this time using: https://<IP address
discovered in previous step>, to continue configuring the MSM323-R.
2. Select the corresponding Configure button and configure as instructed. For more
information see Port configuration in the MSC-3000 Series Admin Guide.
Caution: WIRELESS SECURITY: HP ProCurve recommends that once the MSM323-R is
installed, you review the security information in the MSC-3000 Series Admin
Guide and adjust the security to further safeguard the wireless network from
© Copyright 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information
contained herein is subject to change without notice.
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