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Assembly Instructions
Model 15218
Deep Drawer Work Center
1. You have purchased model 15218.
2. Should you need assistance or need to replace a damaged or missing part simply give us a call M-F at
607-652-7321 from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm EST and we’ll send you the prepaid part via UPS usually that same day!
You may also email us info@catskillcraftsmen.com.
3. Read the assembly instructions and the enclosed brochure before beginning assembly. Assembly is easy if
you read and follow the instructions step by step. See our website for assembly tips and videos: www.catskillcraftsmen.com
4. The only tools needed are a hammer and a screwdriver. A power screwdriver is recommended. Where possible we have packaged some of the screws in seperate labeled packages. A friend is recommended to assist
with the assembly. Some parts are large and awkward to hold in place.
5. Glides are sometimes pre-packed with screws. These are not used.
6. Instructions (left/right, top/bottom) are given as you face an assembled unit.
Parts List Model 15218
Top Right Drawer Side (1)
P/N Top DS-15218/R
Not used on this model
Top Left Drawer Side (1)
P/N Top DS-15218/L
Back Panel (1)
P/N BP-15218
Lower Left Drawer Side (2)
P/N Low DS-15218/L
Drop Leaf (1)
P/N DL-15218
Lower Right Drawer Side (2)
P/N Low DS-15218/R
Table Top (1)
P/N TT-15218
Top Drawer Front (1)
P/N DF-15218
Top Drawer Back (1)
P/N DBK-15218
Bottom Shelf (1)
P/N BS-15218
Middle Shelf (1)
P/N MS-15218
Top Drawer Bottom (1)
P/N TDB-15218
Side Panels (2)
P/N SP/HDL-15216
Glide Support (2)
P/N GLDSUP-15218
Lower Drawer Back (2)
P/N Low DBK-15218
Lower Drawer Bottom (2)
P/N LBS-15218
Center Divider (1)
P/N DIV-15218
Left Side View
Door (1)
P/N Dr-15218
Middle Drawer Front (1)
P/N Mid DF-15218
Bottom Drawer Front (1)
P/N Bot DF-15218
Top & Bottom Front Braces (2)
P/N B34 1/4 / 2 1/2 /BOT-15218
Hardware List Model 15218
To ease assembly, sort and count the hardware before getting started.
(Cabinet Assembly)
1 3/4” Phillips Flat Head Bolt (8)
Nickel Handle (5)
10-24 Hex Nut (8)
3/16” Flat Washer (13)
(Drawer Backs
Table Top Sticks)
1 1/4” Phillips Flat Head #8 Screw (20)
5/8 Wooden Disk (8)
(Attaches Hinges
Drop Leaf Supports)
5/8” Phillips Flat Head #8 Screw (20)
(Top Drawer Glides That
Attach to Table Top Sticks)
Bastion Set Screw (10)
5/8” Phillips Flat Head #7 Screw (4)
Bundled and labeled separately.
Bastion Post (10)
Drawer Glide (1 Set )
Bastion Barrel Nut (10)
(Used to Attach L Brackets / Top
Drawer Glides to the Drawer Sides)
5/8” Phillips Flat Head #6 Screw (12)
(used to attach
towel bars)
1” Phillips Flat Head #8 Screw (4)
L-Bracket (4)
Full Extention
Drawer Glide (2 Sets)
(Full Extention Glide Screws)
Polished Nickel Towel Bar (2)
3/8” Phillips Pan Head #8 Screw (20)
(Attaches Handles
to Door / Top Drawer)
Hinge (2)
Towel Bar Post (4)
1” Truss Head Machine Screw (6)
(Attaches Handles
to Large Drawers)
Metal Middle Shelf Pin (2)
Caster Socket (4)
P/N Drop Leaf Support (2)
1/2” Truss Head M4x10 screw (4)
(Door Pin)
1 1/2” Long 3/16” DIA. Steel Pin (2)
Magnet (1)
(Shelf Pin)
1” Long 3/16” DIA. Steel Pin (8)
(Brace Pin)
3/4” Long 3/16” DIA. Steel Pin (8)
Magnet Plate (1)
Bundled with screws used
for attaching to cart.
Locking Wheel
Casters (2)
Casters (2)
A. Attach a Glide Support Stick to the top of each Side Panel using 1 1/4” #8 screws. The
countersunk holes (reamed out) in the stick are positioned as in illustration below so that the glide
holes are toward the lower edge. Sticks should be flush with top of panel.
B. Attach the cabinet glide of the Drawer Glides to the Glide Support Stick using 5/8” #7 flat head
screws. The glides look almost alike however, the right glide (as you face the cart) has a rolled lip at
the top of the glide that keeps the drawer glide wheel in place. The wheel on the glide goes toward
the front of the cart, determining your left and right sides. Line up the holes in the glides so that the
end with the wheel comes flush with the front edge of the Glide Support Stick. Only 2 pilot holes are
used in the glide support sticks.
C. Attach the “L” brackets to the top of the glide supports using 5/8” #6 screws. Use the hole rather
than the slot. The slot will be used to attach the table top. The “L” brackets should be flush with the
top of the glide support sticks.
Note: Cabinet drawer glides usually have an imprint “CL” or “CR” inside near the wheel. CR=Right /
5/8” #7 Screw
1 1/4” #8 Screw
Left Side Panel
1 1/4” #8 Screw
5/8” #7 Screw
Right Side Panel
Important - Please Read These Instructions Carefully!
Attach Glides to
Side Panels
1. Remove the drawer
side section of the glide
by pushing the black lever
down and sliding the steel
inner glide section all
the way out of the glide
assembly. Set this inner
section aside as it will
be used later on the lower
drawer sides.
2. Next, identify the holes
to be used for attaching
each glide to the side panel.
IMPORTANT as shown
below, the full extension
glides are only attached to
the right side panel and to
the center divider as shown
in Step 6.
Push this lever down, then
slide the inner glide section
. glide assembly
out of the
Face of
Use these three (3) holes to attach the glide to the side panel.
of Glide
5/8” #6 Screw
Leg Slot
Wheel Faces Right
3/8” #8 Pan Head
This edge will attach to back
panel in the next step.
Attach glides using three (3)
3/8” #6 pan head screws.
When attached, this
edge will be 1/4 inch
behind the leg slot
3/8” #8 Pan Head
Right Side Panel
PLEASE NOTE - Some pieces are interchangeable with other units we manufacture, and thus some
pilot holes may not be used. It is important to note the proper holes required for assembly in each step.
1. The Bastion fastening system consists of a steel post (threaded on one end with a hole
through the shaft on the other end); a Barrel Nut (cylindrical barrel-shaped with threaded
open end & holes through the sides); and a Set Screw (Phillips slot on one end, pointed on
the other)
2. To attach Posts: A) Dip threads of Post in vegetable oil. B) Align threaded end of Post
with hole in wood, tap on slotted end with hard hammer until threads enter, then tighten
down using a flat head screw driver or the provided allen wrench (See the Illus. Bas. 3 for
alternate seating methods). DO NOT TRY TO HAMMER THE POST ALL THE WAY IN AS IT
WILL STRIP THE POST HOLE. C) When solid shaft of Post hits wood, back out
approximately ½ turn until the hole in the posts is properly aligned as per step by step
directions. For example: the holes in the posts on the inside of the drawer front will be
parallel with the long length of the drawer front when properly seated.
Illustration Bas. 1
Post needs to be screwed deeper.
3. A) Place a Barrel Nut into the nut access hole, so that the threads in the nut face out.
The small notches on either side of the nut opening, indicate the location of the holes
through the sides of the nut. B) Insert the posts through the end of the braces (or drawer
sides); through the holes in the sides of the nut. When properly aligned, you will see the hole
in the post inside the barrel nut. Post hole should be slightly off-center toward the wood.
Post needs to be backed out.
4. Insert the Set Screw into the threaded end of the nut and tighten down. The tip of the Set
Screw will seek the center of the hole in the Post as it is tightened down, forcing the Nut
toward the main shaft of the Post. This is what tightens the wooden parts together. Set
screws should thread easily – DON’T CROSS THREAD! If Set Screw doesn’t thread easily,
check position of the hole in Post.
Set screw secures post properly.
5. If the wooden parts are not tight against each other, the Post needs to be screwed a half
turn at a time until wood joints are tight.
Illustration Bas. 3
Illustration Bas. 2
Step 1
Step 2
Allen Wrench Provided
See video on our website!
If you have any questions regarding assembly or missing or damage
parts, call our customer support number:
607-652-7321 or 888-732-7321.
Customer Support Hours are 8am-5pm Mon. - Fri. Eastern Time zone.
A. Attach the Top Drawer Back to the Drawer Sides with four 1 1/4” #8 screws. There are left and right
sides. Make sure the slots that run the length of the Sides are aligned with the slot in the Drawer Back
to accept the Drawer Bottom.
B. Slide in Drawer Bottom, best side up, to inside of drawer.
C. Take the 2 bastion posts, align the threaded end of the posts with the post holes located near the
ends of the inside of the Drawer Front. Tighten posts down until the solid shaft of the posts hits the
wood. Back post out one full turn until the hole/screwdriver slot in end of post is parallel and in direct
line with the long edges of the Drawer Front.
D. Insert the barrel nuts into the nut access holes on the inside of the Drawer Sides with the threaded
ends of the nuts facing out. Take the Drawer Front and carefully insert the posts into the ends of
the Drawer Sides, through the sides of the nuts until seated. Push nut snug up against the wood in
the nut access hole toward the inside of Drawer Front. Hole should be slightly off-center toward the
Drawer Front. Insert the set screw and tighten down. The ends of the sides should be tight against the
inside Drawer Front.
E. Attach the drawer handles with 1” Truss head machine screws.
F. Attach the drawer glides (left and right) to the Drawer Sides using two 5/8” #6 screws per side
(packaged seperately). Wheels go toward Drawer Back and are up. The end with no wheels should
touch the Drawer Front.
4 Used
in this step
1-1/4” #8 Screw
1-1/4” Phillips Flat Head #8 Screw
4 Used
in this step
1” Truss Head Machine Screw
4 Used
in this step
3/16” Flat Washer
5/8” #5 Screw
4 Used
in this step
1” Truss Head Machine Screw
Use flat washers if necessary to tighten
5/8” Phillips Flat Head #5 Screw
1. Screw Bastion post into drawer front. Screw until all threads are hidden, then back
out a full turn such that the hole in the post will face left to right.
2. Place the barrel nut into the side brace hole.
3. Slide the side brace onto the post such that the post also slides into the barrel nut.
4. Screw the set screw into place, tightening such that the side brace and drawer
front pull together tightly.
perform a similar drawer assembly as Step 2 for the lower drawers.
A. Using 1-1/4” #8 screws, attach the drawer back to the drawer sides as shown below
B. Slide the drawer bottom into the slots.
C. Insert Bastion Posts into the drawer front and tighten into position.
D. Insert Barrel Nuts into the holes on the drawer sides, and slide the drawer front into place. Tighten
with the set screws. Use hand screwdriver or hex wrench.
E. Attach the full extention glides to the drawer sides. See step 1B to locate the correct part of the
glide for this step.
F. Using 1/2” Truss head screws with two washers each, attach the handle to the drawer front.
8 Used
in this step
1-1/4” Phillips Flat Head #8 Screw
8 Used
in this step
3/8” Phillips Pan Head #8 Screw
This end goes flush against
the drawer front.
Use these holes to attach to
the drawer side.
3/8” #8 Pan Head
Note: On one side the black lever is up and
on the other side the lever is down.
Barrel Nut &
Set Screw
1-1/4” #8 Screw
Bastion Post
4 Used
in this step
3/16” Flat Washer
4 Used
in this step
1/2” Truss Head M4x10 Screw
1/2” Truss Head M4x10 Screw
A. Tap/insert ONE 1 1/2” pin into each end of the door. DON’T OVERDRIVE PINS! Pins should stick
up about 1/2” when seated. OK if loose.
B. Attach the magnet plate (may be stuck to magnet in the hardware pack!) with a 1/2” #4 screw to
the top of the door. Bumps go toward the wood, and the plate should be vertical.
C. Attach door handle with 1” truss head machine screws. Use washers if necessary to tighten.
2 Used
in this step
1” Truss Head Machine Screw
2 Used
in this step
1 1/2” Long 3/16” DIA. Steel Pin
* Use flat washers to tighten handle if necessary.
A. Take the 2 front braces and tap/insert one 3/4” steel pin into each end of both braces until seated.
About 3/8” will stick out when seated. OK if loose.
4 Used
in this step
3/4” Long 3/16” DIA. Steel Pin
A. Tap/insert 3/4” pin into each long edge of the center divider. DON’T OVERDRIVE PINS! Pins
should stick up about 1/4” when seated. OK if loose.
B. Attach the magnet with 1/2” #4 screws to the top of the door.
C.Attach full extension glides to the center divider as shown. Note that the glides should slide out
towards the same edge with the attached magnet.
D. Tap 1” steel pins into the left side of the center divider to be used as shelf supports in a later step.
4 Used
in this step
3/4” Long 3/16” DIA. Steel Pin
4 Used
in this step
1” Long 3/16” DIA. Steel Pin
Left Side View
3/4” Pin
Right Side View
Glides should be
flush to front.
This side forms the right
inside of the door cavity.
The finished
edge faces the
front of the cart
This side is the left inside
of the door cavity
1” Pin
Note: Look ahead to Step 8
6 Used
in this step
3/8” Phillips Pan Head #6 Screw
A. Lay Back Panel flat on a smooth surface with holes up.
B. Attach Side Panels with 1 3/4” machine screws (bolts) and hex nuts. After inserting bolt(s) through
the holes in the Side Panels, through the holes in the long edges of the Back Panel, place a hex nut
on the tip of your finger, align nut with bolt and tighten.
C. Look ahead to step 8 which shows side panels attached to back panel.
4 Used
in this step
1 3/4” Phillips Flat Head Bolt
4 Used
in this step
10-24 Hex Nut
Not used if present
Not used if present
A. Upright the unit. Place the
center divider pins into the holes
in the back panel.
B. Take the Bottom Front Brace
and insert the pin in the right end
of the brace into the slot in the
top of the right front leg and
slide down as in the illustration.
The pin in the left end of the
brace will be outside the slot at
this time. Loosely secure the
right side of the brace with 1 3/4
in. machine screw/ nut. Align the
bottom pin in the divider with
the hole (closest to the left side)
on the inside of the bottom front
brace. Spread the left side panel
until the pin in the left end of the
brace can enter the slot and
secure brace with 1 3/4 in.
machine screw/nut. Tighten
right side bolt/nut.
2 Used
in this step
2 Used
in this step
10-24 Hex Nut
1 3/4” Phillips Flat Head Bolt
A. Fit a washer onto the bottom door pin and slide
the pin into the bottom front brace.
B. Loosely secure the left side of the Top Front
Brace with a 1 3/4” machine screw/nut after inserting
the top door pin into the hole in the bottom edge of
the brace. With the right side of the brace/pin still
outside the opposite leg slot, insert the top pin in the
divider into the hole on the inside face of the brace.
Secure right side of brace by spreading the (top)
right side and inserting the brace pin into the slot.
Secure brace with 1 3/4” machine screw/nut.
C. Tap two Metal Shelf Pins into Side Panel as
in illustration 9B. These will hold the shelves.
IMPORTANT! - To guarantee proper positioning,
loosen the screws holding in the full extension
drawer glides, and shift the glides back as far as
possible. Retighten the screws.
2 Used
in this step
1 3/4” Phillips Flat Head Bolt
2 Used
in this step
Metal Middle Shelf Pin
2 Used
in this step
10-24 Hex Nut
Invert unit, or lay the unit on its back to insert the
wheels. Have a friend help with this step as the
unit can be heavy and awkward to move.
A. Insert and tap caster sockets with hammer until
the teeth grab the wood. DON’T POUND SOCKET
B. Insert casters and seat by pushing straight
downward with heel of your hand, or tap into place
with a hammer. Don’t be afraid to give them a
good downward whack on the solid metal part of
the caster!
C. Locking wheels usually go on front.
Attach Towel Bars to
the Side Panels with 1”
#8 screws from inside
each Side Panel. Place a
washer over the screws.
A. Assemble top by placing the top and the drop leaf upside down on a smooth flat surface. Install
hinges using 5/8 #8 screws. The longer part of the hinge goes on the drop leaf with the short part on
the cart top. Fasten the drop leaf supports using 5/8 #8 screws. Attach Drop Leaf Supports with 5/8
inch #8 screws. See illustration 12A.
B. Make a large ( X ) mark over each of the 4 pilot holes in the bottom. Make marks about 1/2-1” long.
These marks will help you align the cabinet with the pilot holes in the bottom of the Top.
C. Place the Cart Top on the cabinet. Open the outside doors. Maneuver the Cart Top so that the (X)
marks/pilot holes in the bottom of the Top align with the slots in the “L” brackets. Secure top to “L”
brackets with 5/8” #6 screws.
A. Upright the unit.
B. Slide the lower drawers into place.
In initially seating the glides the
drawer will stop about 2/3 of the way
in when the glides hit the plastic tabs.
At this point just shove the drawer in
with a little force. Once the glides are
properly seated, the drawers should
pull out and slide in with ease.
A. Tilt the bottom shelf and set
down onto the pins.
B. Fit the middle shelf into the
cart and rest it on the pins.
Edge banding should face out.
A. Slide the top drawer into the front of the cart.
B. Retighten all 1 3/4 in. machine screws and nuts. Tap in the 5/8 wooden plugs into the holes on the
For continued beauty and long life
of your Catskill Craftsmen cart, we
Butcher Block Oil. Our Butcher Block
Oil is available directly from Catskill
Craftsmen’s factory. For one eight
ounce (8 fl. oz.) bottle, which is
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send $7.95 along with the completed
coupon to the address below. Visit
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butcher block care products. Visa and
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Please send me______ # of bottle(s) of the
Catskill Craftsmen Butcher Block Oil at $7.95
per bottle. My check or money order is
enclosed for a total of $_______________.
Item code: 15218
City_ ________________________________
State_ ________________ Zip_ ___________
Catskill Craftsmen, Inc.
15 West End Ave.
Stamford, NY 12167-1296
Please make checks payable to Catskill Craftsmen Inc.
15 West End Ave., Stamford, NY 12167-1296
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