Philips HU4112
Humidification filter
Healthy air, always
Anti-bacterial agent for safe & clean humidifiers
The unique anti-bacterial agent effectively prevents the growth of bacteria and other
organisms inside the water tank of Philips humidifiers, ensuring extra safety for you and
your family.
Healthy Air
• Anti-bacterial agent for your humidifier
Humidification filter
Design specifications
• Product dimensions (W x D x H): 70x20x18 mm
• Product weight: 0.015 kg
• Color(s): green and white
Logistic data
• Country of Origin: China
Issue date 2012-07-31
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Anti-bacterial agent
Philips humidifer comes with an addition to the
advanced humificiation filtering system: an antibacterial agent that prevents bacteria of growing
inside the water tank. Add it to the water regularly
to ensure your water tank is extra safe.
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