Philips HU4102
Humidification filter
Healthy air, always
Filters for safe & clean humidifiers
The Philips superior air humidification filter prevents the release of scale, bacteria, germs
and mould into the air.
Healthy Air
• Superior humidification filter retains all bacteria & calc
Humidification filter
Design specifications
• Product dimensions (W x D x H):
445x20x132 mm
• Product weight: 0.041 kg
• Color(s): white
Logistic data
• Country of Origin: China
Issue date 2012-07-31
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Superior humidification filter
Philips superior humidification filter retains all
bacteria, germs, viruses & calc from the water before
it is added to the dry air, enruing your humidifier
always delivers purely humidified air to you and your
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