Use this table for your own data

Use this table for your own data
Temperatures corresponding to „A“
Wireless thermostat TP-60
Use this table for your own data
Program number
1. Monday to Friday
2. Monday to Friday
3. Monday to Friday
4. Monday to Friday
1. Saturday & Sunday
2. Saturday & Sunday
The TP-60 wireless thermostat can replace most common residential thermostats and is designed
to be used with electric, gas or oil heating. Many useful functions and operating modes have been
incorporated to provide a variety of solutions for all customer needs. In addition to all of the useful
functions, this state of the art programmable thermostat has the following advantages:
simple installation: no wires required, long working distance
7 day timer to set the ECONO mode during a prolonged absence of the user.
protection against freezing.
Air filter (cleaning) supervision.
• programmable regulation sensibility (SPAN)
Temperature span adjustment
The factory set temperature span is 1°C. For example, if the temperature set point is 20°C, the
heating system will turn on at 19.5°C and turn off at 20.5°C.
The span is programmable. You can choose between 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0°C.
To review or to change the temperature span:
1. Press PROG key while the RETURN key is pressed.
2. Release both keys.
3. Press the
buttons to select the new temperature span.
4. Press the RETURN key or wait 10 seconds for the automatic return.
Note : Choosing a small temperature span such as 0.5°C will be more comfortable (less temperature
variation in the apartment) but, the heating system will turn on and off more often.
New thermostat learning into the receiver unit
The receiver unit, which is included in the set, has been factory adjusted for the thermostat code. If you
change the thermostat for a new one, the receiver unit must be taught its code in the following way:
Remove the batteries from the thermostat
Open the upper cover from the receiver unit
Press the button inside the receiver several times until the 4th LED flashes
Place the batteries into the thermostat and all LEDs in the receiver will flash once
Reinstall the receiver cover
Note: Each receiver can work with only one thermostat. If the receiver unit was used with any other
device before, reset its memory before learning a thermostat. To reset the memory make the 4th LED
flashing and then press and hold the receiver button unit all LEDs flash rapidly for a moment.
Note: Dispose of batteries safely depending on the type of the batteries and local regulation. Although this
product does not contain any harmful materials we suggest you to return the product to the dealer or directly
to the producer after usage.
Thermostat unit :
2x AA battery (low battery indication)
Temperature Control Range
from +5°C to +27°C
Switching span
selectable from +0,5°C to +2°C
Temperature programs
4 in weekday, 2 in weekend
Working frequency
433,92 MHz
Working distance
up to 100 m (open area)
Can be operated according to
ERC REC 70-03
Comply with EN ETSI 300220, ETS 300683
Receiver unit :
Power consumption:
Operating frequency:
Output relay:
230 V AC
max. 1 W
433.92 MHz
digital, each thermostat has
a unique floating code
over switching dry contact
Fused 6 A at 250 V
Choosing a location for the thermostat unit - choose a mounting location about 1.5 meter above
the floor in an area with good air circulation and away from:
1. Drafts and “dead air” spots.
2. Radiant heat from the sun or appliances.
3. Concealed pipes and chimneys.
Pod Skalkou 33
466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 483 559 999
fax: +420 483 559 993
Hereby, Jablotron Ltd., declares that this TP-60 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other
relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
Original of the conformity assessment can be found at the web page, section Technical support.
Wireless thermostat TP-60
Mounting the thermostat unit onto the wall:
1. Remove completely the slide door of the thermostat.
2. Mark the holes position
3. Drill two holes and insert the plastic anchors carefully into the holes.
4. Fasten the thermostat to the wall with the two (2) screws - included
5. Install two "AA" size alkaline batteries into the battery compartment.
Wireless thermostat TP-60
To get into this operating mode :
Mounting the receiver unit
Locate the receiver unit in a suitable place near
the heater. Wiring of the unit to the heater should be
done by a professional electrician:
1. Release the upper cover by pressing the plastic log on
the side of housing.
2. Release the internal cover (1 screw).
3. Mount the unit onto desired location (2 screws).
4. Connect power 230VAC / 50Hz to terminals L and N.
5. Two PE terminals are available for Protective Earth
6. Terminals C (common), N.O. (normally open) and N.C.
(normally closed) are outputs of the built-in overswitching relay contact. This contact is protected by a
6.3A fuse. The contacts are galvanicaly separated.
See example of wiring in the picture.
7. When wiring is finished, install both covers back on to
the unit.
max. F6.3 A / 250 V
230 V
AC/50 Hz
Function switch
This switch selects the functions HEAT, OFF and 5°C.
HEAT : Select this position to control the heating system. In AUTO mode the thermostat refers to the
user programmed data to control the temperature.
OFF : This function switches off the heating system.
5°C : This function holds the temperature set point at 5°C (heating) in order to prevent freezing.
FILTER button : The thermostat keeps a record of the number of hours your filter has been used. It
will display the total number of hours the system has been ON. After 250 hours of system operation,
the FILTER indicator will begin flashing in order to remind you to change or clean the filter and to reset
the filter counter back to zero. The filter counter will count up to a maximum of 999 hours and stays
there until you reset it again. To reset the counter, press and hold the FILTER key until the display
shows 000.
Note: Each thermostat has its unique code. The receiver unit has been factory adjusted for this code.
There is no need to adjust anything on the receiver.
A built in indicator on the receiver unit indicates the output relay condition.
First power-up of the thermostat
Your thermostat uses two „AA“ size alkaline batteries
to operate. When the display is shows "BATT", you
should replace the two batteries.
When power is applied for the first time, the display
will show the time and day (MO 12:00) as well as the
ambient temperature.
The thermostat has an automatic return function. When a function, such as the program recording
filter review etc., has not been completed by pressing the RETURN key, the thermostat will
automatically exit those functions after five (5) seconds.
Time and day adjustment
Any time in the normal mode setting, press DAY HOUR and MIN keys to set the time and day.
Pre-recorded programs
This thermostat has four (4) pre-programmed heating programs for weekdays and two (2) for
weekends. You can modify them at your convenience.
Programming Method :
Operating modes
The thermostat has three (3) operating modes :
AUTOmatic, MANual and TIMER ECONO.
AUTO : The AUTOmatic mode keeps temperature
according the recorded programs.
• Press on the AUTO button. The "PROG" icon
and the running program will be displayed.
button displays the temperature set point of the running program for five
Press on the MAN button and a hand symbol will be displayed.
displays the MAN temperature set point.
A first pressing on
Each subsequent pressing will change the MAN temperature set point by 0.5°C
TIMER ECONO : The TIMER ECONO mode holds the ECONO temperature set point until the
user’s predetermined time and day is reached. Then, the thermostat turns to AUTOmatic mode. This
operating mode allows the user to not reprogram his thermostat for a prolonged absence (up to one
week) and allows for maximum savings.
Wireless thermostat TP-60
Place the function switch to the HEAT position
Press the PROG key. The display shows the program's starting time and temperature setpoint.
The Monday to Friday indicator will turn on indicating that this program is associated to the days
of the week. The program number 1 will flash indicating the selected program. Pressing again the
PROG key will allow you to scroll through the weekday programs 1 to 4 and weekend programs 1
and 2.
Select the program to be modified using the PROG key.
Press the HOUR and MIN keys to modify the program's starting time and the
buttons to
modify the program's temperature set point.
Press the RETURN key or wait 10 seconds for the automatic return.
Programming examples
Example „A“ use of all programs
MAN : The MANual mode allows the user to bypass the programming
press and hold MAN button for three (3) seconds.
The clock symbol, the return time and the ECONO temperature set point will be displayed.
Press DAY, HOUR and MIN keys to specify the return time.
button to specify the ECONO temperature set point.
Program number
1. Monday to Friday
2. Monday to Friday
3. Monday to Friday
4. Monday to Friday
1. Saturd. & Sunday
2. Saturd. & Sunday
Wireless thermostat TP-60
5.00 21
7.15 18
PM 2.00 23
PM 10.30 17
7.00 22
PM 11.00 17
Example „B“ use of only some programs
Program number
1. Monday to Friday
2. Monday to Friday
3. Monday to Friday
4. Monday to Friday
1. Saturd. & Sunday
2. Saturd. & Sunday
PM 5.30
PM 5.30 = previous
PM 5.30 = previous
12:00 = previous
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