stronghold on tiles - International Combustion (Building Material

stronghold on tiles - International Combustion (Building Material
Tile Fixing with Precision
Tile Fixing with Precision
“IC PRECIFIX” is a high performance cement-based, polymer modified, flexible tile adhesive. It is fast setting, specially
formulated and designed to suit Indian environmental conditions complying with the EN 12004:2014, Type C2F S1
standards. It is suitable for a bed thickness of 3 mm – 6 mm, interior and exterior floor and wall applications. While it is
mainly used for a bed thickness of up to 6 mm, it can also be suitably used for a thickness up to 12mm.
“IC PRECIFIX” can be used for areas which are totally immersed in water e.g. swimming pools, wet rooms etc. The
product is recommended for fixing ceramic & vitrified tiles, marble, granite, natural stone and mosaics to a variety of
cementitious substrates including those subject to minor movement/vibration.
“IC PRECIFIX” uses the thin bed tile fixing method for a faster, professional and lasting tile installation.
and Benefits
Suitable over concrete, cement renders / plasters, screeds, fibrous cement sheeting, plasterboard & IC approved
waterproofing membranes. “IC PRECIFIX” confirms to EN 12004:2007, ISO 13007-1: 2014, ANSI A118.4 and IS
• “IC PRECIFIX” is premixed and ready to use. Only water is to be added at site
• It can be used for both Interior and Exterior application
• High Tensile Adhesion strength results in higher grab and durability
• Self-Curing and Sag Resistant
• Effortless Mixing & Ease of Spreading result in higher output
• Greater workability due to long pot life and extended open time
• Ease of workability & higher coverage leads to higher productivity
of Application
• The surface should be clean and free from dirt,
loose material, chemical, oil, grease and other
contaminants before application of “IC PRECIFIX”.
• Pre-wet the cementitious substrate and ensure that
the substrate is in saturated and surface dry (SSD)
state prior to the application of “IC PRECIFIX”.
• Concrete screeds, plastered surfaces, block work
and renders should be sufficiently cured to avoid
shrinkage cracks. Substrates should be in plumb
and or in slope before application of adhesive.
• Roughen the surface or provide mechanical
support for higher span tiles or very high grade of
concrete to ensure proper bonding, if required.
• Clean the tile to remove any contaminant that may
reduce the bond strength.
• Pour sufficient amount (as appropriate to be used
within the pot life) of “IC PRECIFIX” into a plastic or
metal pan containing clean and potable tap water.
• Water demand is typically 27~30%, depending on
the surface and application conditions.
• Take 15-20% water initially and wet the sides of the
pan to reduce the chances of material sticking to
the pan. Mix and add remaining quantity of water
gradually to ensure a lump free creamy paste.
• Let the paste stand for 1 minute to mature and
remix to ensure proper dispersion of the mix.
• 25 kg of “IC PRECIFIX” needs approximately 7~7.5 liters of water. Use of mechanical stirrer is preferred for a lump
free and homogenous mix. Take smaller quantity of “IC PRECIFIX” to ensure a lump free paste in case of manual
• Mix as much quantity as can be consumed in 2 hours.
• Apply “IC PRECIFIX” adhesive paste
on the substrate with the plain side
of the notch trowel. Comb with the
notch trowel. The notch trowel is to
be selected as per the required bed
thickness. The notch size depends
on the thickness of the adhesive to
be spread over the application area
for optimum bonding between the tile
and the substrate.
• Firmly press the tile into the adhesive
to ensure good initial bonding.
• Spread as much adhesive paste as
can be tiled within 20 minutes.
• Start placing/fixing of tiles & tap using
beating wooden block or rubber
• For large format tiles & stone it is advisable to butter the back of the tile along with the substrate with the adhesive
covering the whole of the tile for firm bonding.
• Ensure 100% contact of tile and the substrate. Carry out random checks to determine whether the back of the tile
is fully covered with adhesive or not.
• Check if the tile adhesive mortar still adheres to the finger if moved on the application area. This is to avoid bonding
failure and to ensure that the open time has not lapsed.
• Discard the mixed material if the open time has been elapsed.
• Do not mix fresh and discarded material under any circumstances.
• The tiles once fixed, are advised not to be disturbed till the material has gained sufficient strength. The tiling is ready
for grouting within 24 hours of application.
For a bed thickness of 3 mm, the coverage with notch trowel application will be approximately 2-2.5 kg/sqm. The
coverage however may vary depending on the surface & working conditions.
• Remove excess mortar on tools and tiles using clean water before it hardens and becomes difficult to dislodge.
• “IC PRECIFIX” is non- toxic, however, as with any cementitious material, avoid prolonged contact with skin and dust
“IC PRECIFIX” is available in 25 kg
and 40 kg packaging.
& Shelf Life
• Store in a cool and dry place.
Ensure that the bags do not burst or
tear while handling. There should
be a gap of 0.5 metre between the
walls and the stacks.
• “IC PRECIFIX” will remain usable
for a period of six months (6 months)
from the date of manufacture,
when stored as per the standard
recommended conditions.
(in compliance with EN 12004 and ISO 13007-1)
Typical Value
Bulk density
Hours (approx.)
Water demand
Pot life
Open time
Coverage (using 3 mm notched trowel)
kg/ m2
2.0~ 2.5
Ready for grouting (on walls)
Ready for grouting (on floors) & light traffic
Pull off Adhesion Strength
in 07 Days
in 14 Days
in 28 Days
Compressive Strength in
07 Days
in 28 Days
Specifications are subjected to change in our pursuit of product improvement. Kindly contact the technical personnel for any clarification.
Please contact us for more information on our products
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Disclaimer: Please read carefully the guidelines given in this leaflet to achieve optimum results. The procedure mentioned here are for ideal conditions.
Technical advice should be sought for different conditions. Specific instructions for various site conditions can be provided by us on demand.
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