Philips 872790080745500 Datasheet

Philips 872790080745500 Datasheet
Philips EcoClassic50
Halogen candle bulb
13 W (23 W)
Small cap Warm white
All the sparkle, half the energy
Halogen sparkling light with energy class B
Philips EcoClassic50 are the only halogen light bulbs giving all the sparkle while having
energy efficiency class B.
Innovation meets design
• Award winning design with a unique technology
Instant start
• Immediate light when switching on
Create a cosy atmosphere
• Fully dimmable, down to a warm glow
• 3 years lifetime for less hassle
Halogen candle bulb
13 W (23 W) Small cap Warm white
Technical specifications
Mercury content: 0 mg
Power factor: 1
Lifetime of lamp: 3 year(s)
Rated lifetime: 3 year(s)
Rated power: 13 W
Wattage: 13 W
Wattage equivalent: 25 W
Lamp dimension (width): 41 mm
Lamp current: 60 mA
Color rendering index (CRI): 100
Lamp dimension (height): 108,5 mm
Lumen: 192
Rated luminous flux: 192 lm
Voltage: 230 V
Color temperature: 2800 K
Lifetime of lamp: 3000 hour(s)
Rated lifetime: 3000 hour(s)
Number of switch cycles: 12000
Warm up time 60% light output: <0.2 s
Starting time: <1 s
Lumen maintenance factor: 0.85 (at the end of the
nominal lifetime) %
Shape: Bulb
Energy efficiency label: C
Light effect / finish: Clear
Fitting/Cap: E14
Color: Warm White
Wattage standard bulb: 25 W
Winning design and technology
The technology behind EcoClassic50 halogen
lightbulbs is surprisingly clever. Coated with an infrared reflecting material, the inside reflects radiated
back to the filament, just like a mirror. While
standard bulbs waste energy due to their high losses
of heat, EcoClassic50 lightbulbs reflect this heat back
to the filament and use it again. By using the heat
twice, they reduce the energy consumption by half.
Immediate light when switch
Just by turning the switch your room is at full
brightness. No slow starting, No waiting but
immediately light.
Fully dimmable, down to glow
Dimmable with all dimmers, these lamps are able to
dim down to all the spectrums, from a bright halogen
light to a warm orange glow with just a bit of light.
3 years lifetime
With EcoClassic50 lamps having 3 years lifetime, you
change lamps less often. One EcoClassic50 with 3
years/3000 hrs lifetime replaces 3 standard bulbs.
The lifetime is based on the average usage of 2,7 hrs
per day or 1.000 hrs a year. This average is
influenced by the season (dark winter vs light
summer), the weather conditions (sunny vs rainy
dark day) and on the room where the lamp is used
(short usage in bathroom vs long usage in living
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