Philips HX8002/64 Datasheet

Philips HX8002/64 Datasheet
Philips Sonicare AirFloss
Sonicare replacement
w/ 2 Nozzles
An easier way to floss
Gently and effectively improves oral health
Fall in love with flossing. Switch to Philips Sonicare Airfloss.
Easy to maneuver to focus on hard-to-reach areas
• Guidance tip for easy placement
• Slim, angled nozzle for easy to even the hard-to-reach areas
Removable nozzle makes AirFloss easy to share
• Printed droplets on nozzle make it easy to share
Proven improvement of oral health
• Removes up to 99% more plaque between teeth*
Sonicare replacement nozzle
w/ 2 Nozzles
Cleaning performance
• Nozzles: Best results change every 6mos
Items included
• AirFloss Nozzle: 2
Guidance tip
Ease of use
• Nozzle system: Easily snaps on and off
Simply glide the guidance tip along the gum-line until
you feel it settle between the teeth. Provides easy
positioning even on those hard-to-reach back teeth.
Printed droplets on nozzle
In each pack of 2 nozzles, one nozzle is printed with a
solid droplet and the other with a clear droplet. This
makes it easy to identify nozzles when sharing the
device between two people.
Slim, angled nozzle
Slim, angled nozzle for easy to even the hard-to-reach
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